The Professional Approach

If you wish to develop your hobby into a part or full time occupation then this seminar day will provide invaluable advice and assistance. All genealogists, whether practising or not, are invited to join in discussion of research and business practices.

The course timetable is as follows:-

10.15    Registration
10.30    Education & Qualification
11.00    Acquiring clients
11.45    Websites
12.30    Buffet luncheon
1.15     Presentation
2.00     What to charge
2.30     Using agents and public services
3.00     Tea
3.15     Keeping records
3.45     Keeping accounts
4.30     Assessment and depart

The price for the course is £40.00, or £35.00 for IHGS Members and correspondence course students.
The closing date for bookings is 5th March 2015.

Click here to book online with your credit card.

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