Family History: Beyond the Internet
21st May 2016

This day school will introduce students to records commonly encountered prior to the early nineteenth century - many of which are not available on the internet. Many people progress quickly with their ancestry through the records of General Registration and the census but do not know what earlier sources are available and how to get the most from them. This day school aims to introduce students to the wealth of parochial and local material available. Topics covered include Parish Registers, Wills and Probate Records, The Parish Chest and Census Substitutes

The course timetable is as follows:

10.15    Registration
10.30    Parish Registers
11.45    Wills and Probate Records
1.00     Buffet luncheon
1.45     The Parish Chest
3.15     Census Substitutes
4.30     Assessment and Depart

The price for the course is £40.00, or £35.00 for IHGS Members and correspondence course students.
The closing date for bookings is 12th May 2016.

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