Reference Title County Description
1.9 Abstract of title Kent 1695. Title of Rev Thomas Flesher to an estate at Mersham and Aldington.
115.1525 Certificate Kent 1898 29 January of death of Mary A. Joad at Ramsgate
115.1524 Receipt Kent 1920 10 December for estate duty re Edward Gibbens deceased of Ramsgate
117.1643 Agreement Kent 1807 10 October John Marsh (1) William Hammond (2) re sale of farms and land at Nonington
120.1707 Will Kent 1833 6 April of Rebecca Wyborn of Sholden
128.1823 Agreement Kent 1739 Samuel Feake (1) Mr & Mrs James (2) re land in Isle of Oxney
125.1744 Assignment Kent 1771 4 December Thomas Andrews (1) Robert Tournay (2) re land at Hinxhill
128.1818 Indenture Kent 1737 9 August William Barker (1) John Paramor (2) re lands at Nonington
130.1880 Agreement Kent 1773 12 November Solomon Ferrier (1) John & Mary Matson (2) re 'lands in Kent'
134.1972 Agreement Kent 1771 July John Bond (1) Robert Sharpe & Others (2) re land at Davington
130.1881 Agreement Kent 1745 11 January John Hood (1) Henry Crispe & Others (2) re land in Thanet
89.1489 Receipt Kent 1799 31 May of Land Tax registration Office to Grace Whitfield of Ashford
93.1578 Certificate Kent 1760 23 May granting the freedom of the City of Canterbury to Thomas Hardin, Cordwainer
93.1583 Bond Kent 1811 15 October Henry Waterman of Ashford (1) Mary Peek of Rainham(2)
93.1584 Bond Kent 1828 5 April William Whitfield of Ashford (1) Margaret E. Maude of Essex (2)
93.1593 Declaration Kent 1856 28 March of John Elliott of Ashford re William Pope deceased
94.1601 Certificate Kent 1800 6 January of Redemption of Land Tax by Thomas Williams and Elizabeth Simmonds re land at Sutton at Hone
112.1273 Mortgage Kent 1891 24 February Deptford Conservative Club Ltd (1)Stephen Winn & Others (2) re premises in Deptford
112.1338 Certificate Kent 1798 26 June re the burial of Margaret Benson at St Margaret's Canterbury
112.1339 Receipt Kent 1829 26 November for £25 on account of mortgage money due to B. Horton from James Tate re land at Smeeth
113.1348 Account Kent 1783 13 September of Geroge Higgins for work done at Tenterden for Mr Lyne
113.1352 Notice Kent 1896 9 November by Spencer R. Lewin as to the deeds of 15 Adrian Square Westgate
112.1301 Indenture Kent 1682 20 September Mary & John Stevens (1) Nicholas Hamon (2) re lands at Longham
112.1305 Will Kent of John Figg of New Romney
112.1317 Bond Kent 1698 John Tookeys (1) Richard Mastall (2) both of New Romney
112.1289 Notice Kent 1833 1st October E.D. Brockman of Hythe (1) Sarah Breton of Kennington (2) as to reversion of lands at Ashford
112.1291 Will Kent 1744 25 May extract from the Will of William Smith deceased of Stanford
112.1293 Will Kent 1721 31 January of Edward Vincer of Ashford
112.1324 P/Attorney Kent 1868 27 March Samuel Foat of Deal (1) Miss F.S. Foat & Another (2) "on leaving England for foreign parts"
103.1763 Probate Kent 1842 14 May of William Smith of Smeeth
113.1391 Release Kent 1814 5 November Edward T. Thompson (1) Charles Bicknell (2) re lands in Kent
113.1392 Certificate Kent 1801 20 March Redemption of Land Tax George Gunning & Another (1) Reverend James Bond (2) re land at Ashfprd
113.1383 Lease Kent 1814 4 November Edward T.Thompson (1) Charles Bicknell (2) re manor of Petham
113.1382 Abstract Kent 1829 26 November Janes Tutt (1) Elizabeth Marshall (2) re land at Smeeth
117.1660 Agreement Kent 1765 1st January John Grove (1) Charles Mitchell (2) RE LAND AT Headcorn
118.1675 Assignment Kent 1914 14 August Herbert A. Roberts (1) Joseph G. Reidy (2) re 59 Creek Road Deptford
112.1283 Assignment Kent 1896 1st July Caroline Watkins (1) Evan Williams (2) re 196 Evelyn Street Deptford
112.1286 Abstract Kent 1823 of title of John B. Turner to land at Brabourne Lees
134.1971 Appointment Kent 1928 21 November of Frederick G. Wright as a Trustee re 1 & 3 Paradise Cottages Sandwich
113.1368 Indenture Kent 1720 28 April John & Sarah Tilden (1) John Penny (2) re land at Stockbury and Hartlip
113.1375 Assignment Kent 1874 29 May Globe Permanant Benefit Building Society (1) Henry Adams (2) houses in Brockley Road Deptford
71.1243 Bond Kent 1761 16 February John & Anthony Groves of Headcorn (1) John Pomfrett of Biddenden (2)
71.1245 Bond Kent 1755 17 May Thomas Andrews of Hinxhill and Francis Whitfield of Bethersden
71.1246 Bond Kent 1786 4 September Charles Mitchell of Staplehurst (1) John Brenchley & Others of Maidstone (2)
71.1247 Bond Kent 1734 14 October Edward Howell of Smeeth, Stephen Bradley of Brabourne and Thomas Fagg of Binholt (1) Abraham Flint of Ashford (2)
85.1416 Certificate Kent 1876 20 April Redemption of Land Tax re land in Jewry Lane Canterbury by John E. Wiltshier
85.1418 Bond Kent 1812 11 October William Harrison of Leeds (1) William Children of Headcorn (2)
84.1411 Mortgage Kent 1866 24 February James Saxby (1) Elizabeth Read (2) re land at Cliffs End Thanet
109.1931 Assignment Kent 1871 9 May Robert Kersey and Others (1) Charles Warren (2) re premises in Brockley Road Deptford
104.1783 Assignment Kent 1806 27 September George Belsey and Charles Roots (1)John Stone (2) re premises in Canterbury
135.1977 Indenture Somerset 1720 12 October. Mary Holsboy (1) Frances Atkins (2) Elizabeth Ruddock (3) Joseph Guppy (4) John Roode (5) re land at Sutton Montaigne
106.1803 Certificate Kent 1879 6 February Redemption of Land Tax by John E.Wiltshier of Canterbury
106.1802 Certificate Kent 1876 25 May Redemption of Land Tax by John E. Wiltshier of Canterbury
106.1801 Bill of Sale Kent 1778 21 May John Wiltshier the Younger (1) John Wiltshier the Elder (2) re trading premises in Canterbury
106.1806 Mortgage Kent 1770 19 March Elizabeth Heritage (1) John Gill (2) re one third of premises in Ashford
101.1737 Will Kent 1714 2nd March of John Cooper of Rolvenden
1021750 Certificate Kent 1824 30 April of allotment of land at Brabourne to John Mathie
109.1939 Order Kent 1799 of Court of Common Pleas re Edwin Dawson (1) Abraham and Mary Chambers )2) and "land in Kent"
109.1944 Abstract Kent 1768 of Title of Richard Curteis to land at Tenterden
102.1742 Will Kent 1772 27 August of Daniel Stoddard of Ash next Sandwich
110.1955 Agreement Kent 1744 November Robert Sutton (1) Francis Larkin & Others (2) land at Wikhambreaux
109.1947 Abstract Kent 1838 of Title of Baker Austin to land at Ashford
110.1948 Abstract Kent 1860 of title of George Fagg to land atSmeeth
110.1949 Abstract Kent 1800 June of title of Thomas Fisher to land at Ivychurch
110.1950 Release Kent 1793 22nd May John Neve of Tenterden (1) Margaret Butler of Ivychurch (2)
110.1993 Agreement Kent 1873 13 October Richard B. Berens of Kennington (1) Thomas Richardson of Downham Essex (2) re leases of Castledon Farm Downham
110.1990 Agreement Kent 1896 March Richard B. Berens (1) Hugh G. Lightwell (2) land at St Pauls Cray
110.1991 Agreement Kent 1899 Richard B. Berens (1) Charles F. Jackson of Mortlake (2) land at St Mary Cray
110.1992 Agreement Kent 1881 29 September Richard B. Berens (1) George Cawston of Kemsing (2) land at Kemsing
111.1236 Indenture Kent 1734 14 October Edward & Elizabeth Howell of Smeeth (1) Stephen and Jane Bradley of Brabourne (2) Thomas Holt of Binholt (3) re land at Ashford
110.1960 Abstract Kent 1859 of Title of Trustees of James Lewis deceased cottage in Marsh Street Ashford
110.1961 Abstract Kent 1834 of Title of Executors of Thomas Bourne deceased lands at Ashford
135.1978 Release Suffolk 1670 27 October Henry West (1) Thomas Dennett (2) re land at Woodmancote
110.1959 Abstract Kent 1844 of title of executors of George Hughes deceased to lands at Newnham and Addington
111.1257 Abstract Kent 1860 of title of the Devisees of Francis Tress deceased to woodland at Sandhurst on sale to Bishop
111.1254 Abstract Kent 1854 of title of the Devisees of Robert Andrews deceased to lands at Smeeth
111.1229 Discharge Kent 1783 27 December of legacy executed by Mary Mitchell following payment by executors of Charles Mitchell deceased of Staplehurst
111.1230 Indenture Kent 1731 20 July John Prashal of Brabourne (1) William Don & Anorther (2)
111.1223 Bond Kent Valentine Revell of Postling (1) John Brice of Folkestone (2)
111.1224 Writ Kent 1772 12 February re dispute as to land on Romney Marsh between Henry Waterman (1) and Thomas Gregory (2)
111.1225 Abstract Kent 1840 of title of Eleanor Joy deceased to lands etc in Ashford
111.1227 Abstract Kent 1850 of title of John Moore deceased to premises in Marsh Lane Ashford
111.1221 Writ Kent 1795 21 May Lewis Whitfield & Charles Fagg (1) Richard Flint & Others (2) re lands at Ashford & Folkestone
111.1207 Will Kent 1744 20 June of Thomas Waterman of Ashford
111.1213 Bond Kent 1792 14 December Thomas Price of Headcorn (1)John Boslaw of Frittenden (2)
111.1215 Contract Kent 1896 27 March Richard B. Berens (1) John Wood (2) land at Eynsford
111.1217 Notice Kent 1777 3 November Carter Blechynden of New Romney as to revocation of uses
111.1218 Abstract Kent 1850 of the title of the executors of Thomas Filmer deceased to lands at Ashford
115.1509 Correspondenc Kent 1865 re the estate of Mary Chittenden deceased of Brabourne
115.1508 Bills of Costs Kent 1865 re the estate of Mary Chittenden deceased of Brabourne
115.1507 Account Kent 1839 27 December re duty payable on the estate of Mary Chittenden deceased
115.1506 Release Kent 1865 Thomas W, Hudson & Others (1) Thomas Spencer (2) re estate of Mary Chittenden
115.1531 Inventory Kent 1794 25 November of the goods of Thomas Clark deceased of Stanford
115.1528 Account Kent 1839 October of William H. Pilcher Solicitor to his client Cook re sale of property at Chatham Place Ramsgate
115.1527 Certificate Kent as to burial of Thomas Bourn on 26 November 1750 at Mersham
115.1526 Certificate Kent as to burial of Ann Bourn on 19 January 1728 at Willesborough
115.1520 Administration Kent 1828 18 December granted to Jane Foat widow of Jesse Foat grocer of Deal
115.1519 Will Kent 1770 26 May of Thomas Clarke of Wye, yeoman proved on the 18 June 1777
115.1537 Will Kent 1833 13 December of Mary Chittenden of Brabourne proved on the 12 April 1838
115.1559 Probate Kent 1812 26 May of the will of John Venner of Kingsnorth
115.1562 Bond Kent 1802 9 January William Whitfield of Ashford (1)Francis Whitfield & Another (2)
115.1563 Bond Kent 1803 20 December Thomas Clarke & Another of Challock (1)John Mace of Tenterden (2)
115.1564 Bond Kent 1685 Norcott of Hollingbourne (1) Elizabeth Mills of Ightham (2)
115.1565 Bond Kent 1710 November William Verrier of Mersham (1)John Norwood of Ashford (2)+
115.1566 Bond Kent 1731 17 May Ann Brown of Ashford (1) Elizabeth Haffenden of Bethersden (2)
134.1970 Order Kent 1793 11 October of the Court in re Willliam Jemmett 91) Thomas Pickering (2) re lands at Headcorn, Woodchurch etc.
114.1457 Mortgage Kent 1868 27 August William P. Turner (1) Glope permanent Building Society (2) re 4-7 Harefield Terrace Deptford
114.1459 Mortgage Kent 1874 30 May Henry Adams (1) Globe Permanent Building Society (2) re 4-7 Harefield Terrace Deptford
114.1450 Mortgage Kent 1732 16 May Esther Boddis of Deal (1)Thomas Boxley (2) re Capstone Ground Lower Deal
134.1969 Order Kent 1752 April John Hammersley (1) Richard Westbrook and Another (2) re land at Deptford
115.1582 Conveyance Kent 1865 Thomas Spencer of Warningcamp Sussex (1) Silas Kingswill of Brook(2)George Cooper of Canterbury (3) re land etc at Brook
115.1588 Correspondenc Kent Kent 1874 APRIL OF Frederick Barnard etc re legacy from estate of Edward Creed deceased
115.1587 Will Kent 1878 ist September of Edward Creed the Elder of Charing
87.1457 Orders Kent 1838 April-June of Chancery Court in re Marianne Kent and John O.Burgess and Others re properties in Ramsgate
115.1589 Abstract Kent Undated of title to the estate of Thomas Cook deceased to land in Old Romney
116.1591 Release Kent 1789 15 October Jeremiah Carter of Rye and William Reynolds of Folkestone (1) George Monk of Snave in Romney(2) re lands on the Marsh
116.1600 Certificate Kent 1882 7 July of burial of William Hurst of Ramsgate on 30 August 1880 in the Independent Chapel Burial Ground
116.1599 Certificate Kent 1882 8 July of burial of Mary Read of Ramsgate in 1851 at Ash next Sandwich
116.1598 Certificate Kent 1882 8 July of burial of Jane Foat of Ramsgate in 1866 at St Lawrence
116.1597 Certificate Kent 1882 13 July of burial of John Cramp brewer of Ramsgate on 30 August 1875 at St Lawrence
115.1576 ReConveyance Kent 1901 18 October Herbert D. Clarke & Another (1)John C. Payne & Another (2) re plots at Alexandra Park Building Estate Margate
115.1578 Will Kent 1840 22 July of John Clark of Challock, Farmer proved on the 25 August 1843
115.1579 Abstract Kent 1747 4 August of title of Elizabeth & Evelyn Chadwick to lands in Old Romney and Lydd
114.1430 Bond Kent 1755 1st January John Card of Milton next Sittingbourne (1) Thomas Argan of Faversham (2)
114.1427 Bond Kent 1827 10 May Thomas Barnes, Stonemason of Dover (1) George Pearne of Dover (2)
114.1436 Bond Kent 1826 31 January Thomas Back of Ashford (1) John C. Knott & Another of Ashford (2)
114.1435 Bond Kent 1829 24 October George Back of Ashford (1) Edward Stoddart & Another (2)
114.1434 Bond Kent 1832 6 November Thomas Back of Ashford (1) Sarah Breton of Kennington (2)
114.1433 Notice Kent 1824 April of allotment to Executors of Reverend David Ball in Brabourne Lees Enclosure, Smeeth
114.1418 Order Kent 1790 February John Vincer (1) John Sankey & Others (2) re lands at Ashford and elsewhere
114.1417 Assignment Kent 1793 2 February John Vincer (1) John Ransley (2) re lands at Smeeth and Brabourne
114.1416 Memorandum Kent 1830 10 April of John Vincer, Bricklayer of Mersham giving land at the Brick Kiln Smeeth to his son James
114.1415 Certificate Kent 1861 9 November Redemption of Land Tax by James Vincer re the Brick Kiln, Smeeth
114.1414 Declaration Kent 1886 28 October of Charles Vincer as to title to lands etc. at Smeeth
130.1871 Declaration Kent 1874 21 September of Frank Barnard of Sheerness re his family
130.1873 Charge Kent 1913 4 December Mary E. Croft (1) Catherine W. Croudace (2) re an interest in a reversionary settlement
129.1849 Abstract Middlesex 1929 of the title of Harry Coyne to 105/107 Talbot Road Kensington
88.1465 Probate Middlesex 1903 28 September to the estate of Isabella Kirkcaldy of Poplar
88.1466 Certificate Middlesex 1913 30 October as to extinguishment of rentcharge on land at Ealing owned by John Winter
129.1850 Notice Middlesex 1898 8 January as to repair of properties in Amoy place Limehouse given by John Russ & Others to the Pers Reps of John H. Bond deceased & Another
88.1467 Abstract Middlesex 1904 of title of Executors of John Cary deceased to leasehold premises in York Row Paddington
88.1469 Abstract Middlesex 1926 of title of Kenneth D. MacLaine to 10 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
86.1437 Mortgage Midlesex 1894 28 May Henry Spurge (1) Charrington & Co.(2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
86.1436 Mortgage Middlesex 1893 16 October Elizabeth Grindley (1) Charrington & Co (2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
86.1435 Mortgage Middlesex 1891 1st July Charles Harmer (1) Charrington & Co (2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
86.1434 Mortgage Middlesex 1892 8 December John J. Birch (1) Charringtoin 7 Co (2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
86.1433 Lease Middlesex 1919 19 June Alliance Economic Investment Co (1) Charles C.V. Roebuck (2) re 15 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
85.1432 Assignment Middlesex 1893 15 July George Jacob & Another (1) John M. Barclay & Another(2) re properties in Inderwick Road Hornsey
88.1468 Abstract Middlesex 1928 of title of Joseph Brisacher to 58 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
87.1451 Appointment Middlesex 1916 23 June Henry J. Liggins (1) Harold D. Clayton (2) re 6 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
87.1450 Abstract Middlesex 1922 of the title of Henry J. Liggins to 6 Cambridge Terrace and 9 Junction Mews Paddington
116.1638 Lease Middlesex 1852 8 November A.H.Hall (1) J. Jordan (2) re 30 Westbourne Park Paddington
116.1640 Lease Middlesex 1853 29 August Charles Henman (1)Miss J. Hughes & Another (2) RE 15 Maldon Road St Pancras
116.1642 Lease Middlesex 1882 8 November Trustees of Rugby Charity (1) The Misses Yorath (2) re 34 Great Ormond Street
118.1666 Agreement Middlesex 1759 Richard Halsey (1) Francis Peat & Another (2) John Tupper & Another (3) re land at St Pancras
125.1748 Will Middlesex 1865 8 June of George Griesull of Grundy Street Poplar
126.1764 Lease Middlesex 1853 19 January James Campbell (1) William Gibbons (2) re property in Lower Edmonton
112.1323 Declaration Middlesex 1848 6 August of James C. Gomme re land at Goldhawk Road Hammersmith
130.1875 Charge Middlesex 1830 26 January John Finney (1) Thomas Leman (2) re land in Devonshire Street
125.1746 Licence Middlesex 1885 3 March of Mrs S.E. Bower to demise of land at Hampstead
123.1721 Lease Middlesex 1838 7 August Miss C. Saunders (1)Jonathan Peel (2) land at Arlington Street St Pancras
133.1941 Letters Middlesex 1835 30 May to Hutchings re lease of 16, High Street, Shoreditch
124.1735 Assignment Middlesex 1846 12 March Thomas Hardy (1) George Holmes (2) re land in Spitalfields
124.1734 Assignment Middlesex 1932 20 January E. Downing (1 A.C.Keen (2) re 29 Upper Park Place St Marylebone
123.1733 Assignment Middlesex 1929 25 November Pers Reps of Sir Hedworth Meux & Another(1) C.O. Gallimore (2) re 18 Portman Square
123.1730 Assignment Middlesex 1863 18 March John East (1) Thomas Halstead (2) re the Fountain P.H. High Street Shoreditch
123.1725 Assignment Middlesex 1890 3 November Executors of Sophia Glaskin deceased & Others (1) Mrs A.S. Pattinson (2) re properties in Winslade Road Upper Clapton
134.1968 Affidavit Middlesex 1859 10 November 0f Henry H. Barnes (Solicitor) as to identity of signatories to deeds dated November 1858
128.1829 Account Middlesex 1864 August of Henry Bridge (Solicitor) to Charles H.Baskett
89.1505 Lease Middlesex 1870 25 March Amelia Mackley (1) John Barnard (2) re 3 Kinsland Court Hackney
89.1500 Letter Middlesex 1901 30 August Joseph Wadland of 292 Old Road to R.J.Dickins re non payment of rent
89.1496 Memorandum Middlesex 1854 13 March Alexander H.Hall (1) James Jordan (2) as to lease of 20 Alexander Street Paddington
89.1495 Notice Middlesex 1824 July Charles & George Dolton to Henry C. Sturt re lease of land at Hoxton to Robert Butler
128.1828 Letters Middlesex 1939 re proposed purchase of 48/50 Tottenham Street by Sir Duncan Watson from R.N.Lee
89.1493 Memorandum Middlesex 1844 19 April Thomas A.Whittier (1) John Pilling (2) re proposed lease of 2-4 Harris Place Holloway
93.1582 Memorandum Middlesex 1884 31March re transfer of mortgage on 2-10 Rockley Road Shepherds Bush to Sir Hickman B. Bacon
134.1967 Notice Middlesex 1896 1st July of Second Mortgage by John Brett of the Royal Music Hall to Bass Ratcliff & Co.
94.1595 Lease Middlesex 1899 15 March Albert Court Estate Co (1) Teresa Garden (2) re 1 Albert Court Mansions Kensington Gore
94.1604 Assignment Middlesex 1922 25 August Executors of O.F.Viola deceased & Another (1) T.L.Jones (2) RE 48-50 Tottenham Street
128.1838 Covenant Middlesex 1898 6 May Isabel Walsh & Others (1) Langton P. Walsh (2) re land at Ealing
94.1608 Mortgae Middlesex 1897 11 May John A. Grice (1) Harry Dobbin (2) "White Horse" High Holborn
94.1614 Mortgage Middlesex 1889 3 January James M. Dixon (1) Ann S. Cleggett (2) re land at Greencroft Gardens Hampstead
95.1620 Mortgage Middlesex 1834 15 March James Ponsford (1) Reverend John Sergeant (2) re 12-16 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
95.1625 Assignment Middlesex 1871 21 August Francis Dowd (1) James Harraway (2) re 2 Wenlock Place City Road
95.1626 Contract Middlesex 1847 9 November Stephen Gomme (1) Thomas Wells (2) re land at Goldhawk Road Hammersmith
95.1628 Notice Middlesex 1882 20 July of assignment of equity of redemption re 142 Alexander Road from David Tildersley to Francis W.A. Copey
98.1657 Mortgage Middlesex 1907 14 June Herbert G. Smith (1) Jane Gibbs (2) re land at Third Cross Road Twickenham
98.1660 Mortgage Middlesex 1907 14 June Herbert G. Smith (1) Jane Gibbs (2) re land at Second Cross Road Twickenham
97.1654 Mortgage Middlesex 1911 22 November Frank K. Cockram (1) Herbert H. Walton & Others (2) re land etc at Hendon
97.1652 Mortgage Middlesex 1920 26 June Elsie Marshall (1) Mary A. Kemsley & Another (2) re 14 Kenplay Road Hampstead
97.1651 Lease Middlesex 1925 18 December William Haynes & Others (1) Bewley & Co. Ltd (2) re 60 Sothampton Row
97.1650 Lease Middlesex 1920 25 March Viscount Portman (1) Charles S. Myers (2) re 30 Montagu Square and 4 Montagu Mews Marylebone
97.1649 Mortgage Middlesex 1910 7 October Frederick J. Johnson (1) London City & Midland Bank Ltd (2) re 139 Fenchurch Street
96.1645 Mortgage Middlesex 1894 25 April Richard Marsh (1) George Jeffreys (2) re 29 Culford Road Hackney
96.1644 Charge Middlesex 1892 9 January Francesco Vanoni (1) Western Suburban and Notting Hill Building Society (2) re 114 Edgware Road
96.1643 Mortgage Middlesex 1893 31 August Francesco Vanoni (1) James Calcutt (2) re 114 Edgware Road
96.1634 Mortgage Middlesex 1882 6 March Ernest Preston (1) Thomas F. Campbell (2) re 23 Albemarle Street
96.1633 Mortgage Middlesex 1869 18 November Elisha & Charles Bannister (1) Thomas Yeo & Another (2) re land etc. at Kilburn
96.1641 Mortgage Middlesex 1882 6 March Ernest Preston (1) John F. Corscaden & Others (2) re 23 Albemarle Street
96.1637 Mortgage Middlesex 1897 27 August Mary C. Millar (1) Jane L. Armstrong (2) re 14-16 Bouverie Street Paddington
96.1638 Mortgage Middlesex 1898 28 September Mary C. Millar (1) Robert Broomfield (2) re 14-16 Bouverie Street Paddington
96.1639 Mortgage Middlesex 1889 27 August Charles T. Barham (1) Charles S. Newton & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
111.1262 Mortgage Middlesex 1891 20 July Walter Barker (1) Newton-Wroughton (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
111.1260 Mortgage Middlesex 1896 28 September Benjamin J. Hart (1) Watney & Co.(2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
112.1266 Conveyance Middlesex 1875 16 September United Land Co. Ltd (1) P.S. Amery (2) re land at Teddington
134.1966 Lease Middlesex 1904 11 March Viscount Portman (1) Janet Whitelaw (2) re 30 Montagu Square Marylebone
112.1267 Assignment Middlesex 1920 11 February Mary E. Lulham (1) Joseph G. Foster & Another (2) re 138 Fenchurch Street
112.1270 Lease Middlesex 1904 9 December Mary Jane & Kate Matthews (1) Frank J. Norris (2) re 170 High Street Stoke Newington
112.1275 Mortgage Middlesex 1902 2 April Edward Young (1) Frederick S. Peall (2) re 112 Edgware Road
112.1279 Mortgage Middlesex 1875 30 June Joseph N. Ward (1) Arthur T Andrews (2) re land etc at Gutters Edge Lane Hendon
111.1258 Transfer Middlesex 1895 9 April Newton & Wroughton (1) Cannon Brewery Co (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
129.1869 Mortgage Middlesex 1867 30 August John Rogers (1) Joseph Rogers (2) re "Queens Head" 52 Piccadilly and land at Waterloo Place Tonbridge Kent
112.1297 Agreement Middlesex 1844 10 September Joseph & William Carey (1) Joseph Jessop (2) re land at Hendon
127.1809 Declaration Middlesex Undated of James C. Gomme of Hammersmith
112.1330 Agreement Middlesex 1897 25 August Mrs S.A.Martin (1) John Berry (2) re 204 New North Road Islington
112.1333 Will Middlesex 1782 6 February of William Morgan of Kentish Town
112.1336 Manorial Middlesex 1825 10 September W.Weedon (1) Andrew Reid & Others (2) re St Abbotts Kensington
102.1754 Will Midlesex 1802 8 February of John Gomme of Hammersmith
102.1756 Agreement Middlesex 1808 30 July George W. D'Aeth (1) Henry Vansittart (2) re a house in Bruton Street
102.1760 Assignment Middlesex 1867 8 November Revd H.G.Munro & Another (1) John Taylor as Exor of Aaron Morritt deceased re land at Grove End Road St Johns Wood
102.1762 Assignment Middlesex 1924 20 March Tunbridge Wells Benefit Building Society (1) John Matthews & Another (2) re 10 houses in Plevna Road Tottenham
103.1765 Assignment Middlesex 1923 25 June J.W.C.Hughes (1) W.G.C.Wylde (2) re proceeds of sale of 54 Pall Mall
103.1767 Assignment Middlesex 1910 29 September Alfred B. Walker & Another (1)Boots Cash Chemists (2) re premises in Edgware Road
103.1768 Notice Middlesex 1867 7 January Robert Kenyon (1) James Rymer (2) re premises in Camden Road Holloway
103.1769 Assignment Middlesex 1907 28 June Henry J.Hack & Others (1) Jean A. Philippe (2) re 18 South Wharf Road Paddington
113.1389 Assignment Middlesex 1909 23 November H.B.Blackton (1) S. Parker (2) re 5/6 South Wharf Road Paddington
113.1386 Agreement Middlesex 1938 19 October Coopers Company (1) Tenement Dwellings Co. Ltd (2) re premises in Stepney
113.1385 Indenture Middlesex 1766 7 November John & Elizabeth Scarr (1)John Little (2) re land at Hoxton
113.1378 Appointment Middlesex 1891 10 August O. La Touche (1)Miss F.C.La Touche (2) re 23 Albemarle Street
118.1672 Assignment Middlesex 1919 30 June Carl Steinke (1)Henry Curtis (2) re 39 Watson Street Stoke Newington
112.1285 Assignment Middlesex 1920 10 November John Wells (1) Frederick W. Garnham (2) re 19 Maddox Street
103.1773 Certificate Middlesex 1924 17 November Land Certificate of title of Colville Estates Ltd to premises in Talbot Road Paddington
103.1774 Conveyance Middlesex 1936 Pers Reps of Sir Arthur Dawson deceased (1) George A. Smalley (2) re land at Edgware
103.1775 Lease Middlesex 1912 19 September Joseph A.Crook (1) Sanders Bros (2) re 27 Broadway Dalston
103.1776 Agreement Middlesex 1852 27 December Anne Rowe (1) Joseph Gibb (2) re land etc in Grays Inn Road
71.1237 Assignment Middlesex 1919 30 January Exors of Mrs C. Browich deceased (1) Miss D.N.Rawley Cross (2) re 58 Star Street Paddington
71.1238 Assignment Middlesex 1908 26 February C. Hodgkinson & Others (1) Boots Ltd (2) re 118 Edgware Road
71.1239 Assignment Middlesex 1922 3 April Francis Pain (1)Arthur Clayton (2) re 42 Southwick Street Paddington
71.1240 Assignment Middlesex 1905 19 June J. Ashton Coombs & Another (1)E.G.Stray & Others(2) re 96 Star Street Paddington
71.1241 Assignment Middlesex 1915 20 November Edwin G. Stray (1) Edwin Stray (2) re 96 Star Street Paddington
71.1246 Mortgage Middlesex 1884 31 July Frank Whiting (1) James Greig (2) re 18-22 Douglas Street Westminster
71.1250 Mortgage Middlesex 1880 18 May Henry Wooster (1) Consolidated Bank (2) re207-209 Hoxton Street Shoreditch & 27 Great James Street Hoxton
71.1252 Mortgage Middlesex 1878 6 June John Vass (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
71.1253 Mortgage Middlesex 1881 13 April George Humphries (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
71.1254 Mortgage Middlesex 1880 15 March William Gilmour & Another (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
71.1255 Mortgage Middlesex 1877 30 October James Batsford (1) Charles Richards & Another (2) re 112 Edgware Road
85.1421 Assignment Middlesex 1921 18 August Frederick Moore (1) Thomas Cleaveley & Another (2) re 35 Southwick Street Padington
85.1417 Mortgage Middlesex 1864 17 October Frederick Faker of Hoxton (1) Whitbread & Martineau (2) re "Duke of York" Wenlock Street Hoxton
85.1420 Notice Middlesex 1888 15 March William R. Sewell of Paddington (1) Mary Sewell of Richmond & Another (2) re assignment of mortgage 49 Praed Street Paddington
85.1415 Assignment Middlesex 1824 29 December George Bush of Hampstead (1)Adolphus P.Johnson (2) of a contract re land at Hendon
84.1414 Notice Middlesex 1878 31 May of assignment between Alfred Keast and Bevans J. Keast re the "Earl Amhurst" at Hackney
84.1403 Agreement Middlesex 1888 25 July John C. Brooke (1) Revd S. Quilter (2) re mortgage of land at Kentish Town
84.1402 Mortgage Middlesex 1925 24 March Robert D. Whitt (1) Eagle Star Insurance Co. (2) re 2 Church Road Heston
84.1409 Mortgage Middlesex 1879 30 April James E.Potts (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "north Pole" New North Road Islington
109.1921 Mortgage Middlesex 1887 21 February Harry Jordan (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
109.1920 Mortgage Middlesex 1883 24 October Frederick Bull (1) Sandeman & Others (2) re "North Pole" New North Road Islington
109.1919 Mortgage Middlesex 1921 15 August William J. Tett (1) Walter E. Carty (2) re 1 Milton Avenue Hornsey
134.1965 Assignment Middlesex 1775 25 February George Goodwin of London (1) Joseph Garth (2) re 3 leasehold premises in London
109.1923 Assignment Middlesex 1852 2 April Thomas Young & Others (1) Revd J.S.Winter (2) re 124 New Bond Street
109.1934 Assignment Middlesex 1925 30 December William J. Harris & Others (1) Laura Newman (2) RE 30/31 Oxford Terrace and 15 Cambridge Terrace Hyde Park
109.1933 Assignment Middlesex 1906 1st March Charles Hodgkinson & Others (1) Boots Ltd (2) re 116 Edgware Road
109.1930 Assignment Middlesex 1882 27 May Trustees of Thomas Meredith (1) Arthur Horne (2) re 85-93 Princes Road Notting Hill
109.1929 Assignment Middlesex 1868 5 February Charles Boyle & Others (1) Henry J. Peachey (2) re 85-93 Princes Road Notting Hill
109.1928 Assignment Middlesex 1922 25 July Elizabeth G. Evans and Public Trustee (1) George H. Powe (2) re 138 Fenchurch Street
109.1927 Assignment Middlesex 1921 24 June Joseph G.Foster & Others (1) Hector Powe (2) re 138 Fenchurch Street
104.1786 Assignment Middlesex 1912 31 December Rginald H. Russen (1) Jane Waine (2)William H. Aves (3) re 35 Southwick Street Paddington
104.1785 Assignment Middlesex 1905 18 February Jacob Nagel (1) Jacob Wickert (2) re 91 Star Street Paddington
104.1784 Assignment Middlesex 1905 24 March John W. Simmonds & Another(1) Jacob Wickert (2) re 91 Star Street Paddington
105.1788 Assignment Middlesex 1915 1st June Jacob Wickert (1) Frank Sheppard (2) re 91 Star Street Paddington
105.1789 Assignment Middlesex 1918 23 February Frank Sheppard (1) Frederick Moys (2) re 91 Star Street Paddington
105.1790 Assignment Middlesex 1879 8 December Benjamin Franklin (1) Thomas Steel (2) re land at Southwick Street Paddington
105.1791 Assignment Middlesex 1922 28 March Thomas Cleaveley & Another (1)Henry Poplett (2) re 35 Southwick Street Paddington
105.1792 Assignment Middlesex 1924 28 February Emma J. Spiers (1) William F. Walker (2) re 26 Great Quebec Street Portman Square
105.1793 Assignment Middlesex 1851 25 March James Maslin (1) Richard R. Corner (2) re 7 Newcastle Street, Farringdon Street
105.1794 Assignment Middlesex 1829 20 July John Lowe (1) Thomas Preston (2) re one half of proceeds of sale of premises in New Bond Street
105.1795 Assignment Middlesex 1922 6 June Arthur Clayton (1) Alfred j. Smith (2) re 42 Southwick Road Paddington
105.1796 Assignment Middlesex 1876 15 July Philipp Graff (1) Charles Kaemaer (2) re 50 Tottenham Street St Pancras
105.1799 Assignment Middlesex 1921 4 July Charles Wood (1) Frederick Moore (2) re 35 Southwick Street Paddington
129.1860 Letters Middlesex 1848 June re purchase of tobacco by Officers of Royal Scots Greys in Ireland from John Yerbury of Bishopsgate
101.1728 Licence Middlesex 1830 25 March to Clothworkers Company to demise land at Islington to William Fitze
98.1668 Manorial Middlesex 1738 12 June Surrender of land at Hampstead by Robert Ashton and admission of John Vincent
98.1667 Manorial Middlesex 1841 15 January Licence to Charles H.Pilgrim to demise land at Hampstead for 21 years
99.1697 Manorial Middlesex 1889 23 August Admission of Lord Rothschild & Others to land at Ealing surrendered by Henry Atkinson & Another
100.1701 Manorial Middlesex 1862 9 October Admission of Tom Fell on death of Frederick Fell to land at Hampton Court
99.1689 Manorial Middlesex 1822 16 March Surrender of land at Tottenham by Robert Bradbury & Another and admission of David Nicols of Notingham
99.1688 Manorial Middlesex 1880 31 March Licence to Alfred Jupp of Maidenhead to dem ise land at Ealing for 21 years
99.1683 Licence Middlesex 1853 17 March to Joseph S. Woodin of Petersham Surrey to demise 16 Hamilton Row Clerkenwell for 21 years
99.1682 Letters Middlesex 1893 re title deeds to 19 Milton Road Stoke Newington and proposed sale by A.C.Hogwood
99.1677 Schedule Middlesex Undated of Deeds re 14 Fair Street South Stepney owned by J.A.Garaway and mortgaged to the Fifth London Building Society
110.1969 Notice Middlesex 1873 12 March I. Barnard to Mrs Amelia Markby re renewal of lease of 3 Kingsland Crescent Hackney
102.1751 Schedule Middlesex 1850 April of the Deeds to 5, Church Street Marylebone owned by Thomas Wells
130.1885 Prom. Note Middlesex 1853 14 June of Thomas Wells of Porchester Terrace Paddington to David Budden of Clapham Road
134.1964 Notice Middlesex 1847 29 January of transfer of interest in Court Funds from William R. Trudgett & Another of Commercial Road to Jeremiah Long of Shoreditch
134.1963 Manorial Middlesex 1859 18 April Licence to Joseph Pearson of 7, London Place Hackney to demise the property to Charles Stewart
134.1962 Schedule Middlesex 1886 of the Deeds to 2-5 Tollitt Street the poperty of Mr Tillman
134.1961 Notice Middlesex 1853 9 April by Thomas Wells of Bayswater of transfer to him of a legacy due to Edward Wells of 11 Castle Terrace Kentish Town on death of Mary Ann Wells
100.1712 Manorial Middlesex 1812 1st April Admission of David Clark to lands in Islington & Paddington
100.1713 Manorial Middlesex 1787 17 May Admission of Thomas Skinner to land at Newington Barrow Islington
100.1718 Manorial Middlesex 1821 29 June Surrender by Spencer Percival of Elm Grove Ealing and admission of Dame Jane Carr
110.1957 Abstract Middlesex 1905 of title of Charles Hodgkinson to 116 Edgware Road
110.1958 Abstract Middlesex 1885 of title of the Exors of Charlotte L. Cripps deceased for sale at auction of 13-23 Campden Gardens Shephers Bush
109.1937 Abstract Middlesex 1907 of the title of Charles Hodkinson to 118 Edgware Road
109.1938 Abstract Middlesex 1905 of the title of Francesco Vanoni to 114 Edgware Road
111.1252 Agreement Middlesex 1802 12 May James Dashwood (1) Melmoth Guy (2) re 46 Gloucester Place
111.1204 Valuation Middlesex 1824 14 August of 106 Gloucester Place
111.1205 Account Middlesex 1850 for repairs to premises in Duke Street Bloomsbury owned by Winsland & Holland
111.1209 Account Middlesex 1850 April of John Dillon to Robert P. Brown re 3 Montagu Place
111.1253 Notice Middlesex 1859 9 May Acknowledgment by John & Margaret Duncan of Mile End as to receipt of monies to redeem mortgage paid by John J.Wilkinson
110.1996 Abstract Middlesex 1852 of the title of the Trustees of Thomas Wright deceased to 17 South Wharf Road
1101997 Abstract Middlesex 1884 as to leases of premises in Paddington & Marylebone
110.1998 Abstract Middlesex 1825 of the title of John Robinson of Half Moon Street Piccadilly to premises in South Wharf Road
115.1500 Assignment Middlesex 1886 1st July of a share in mortgage securities re the "North Pole" Islington
115.1496 Assignment Middlesex 1895 30 July Cannon Brewery (1) William P.Beach (2) re the "North Pole" Islington
115.1548 Assignment Middlesex 1910 21 April Exors of Robert Bassett deceased (1) Jacob Rubenstein (2) re 258 Oxford Street Stepney
134.1960 Assignment Middlesex 1896 4 July Frederic Hunt (1) Percy H.G. Powell Cotton (2) re Manor Farm Harmondsworth
115.1552 Notice Middlesex 1830 1st March to Clothworkers Company from Robert Temple of Tothill Street as to his interest in land owned by William Fitze in Islington
115.1511 Notice Middlesex 1878 15 March of the assignment of a lease of 85 Onslow Gardens South Kensington by Charles J. Freake to Henry J. Hodgson
115.1518 Notice Middlesex 1862 1st September of a charge by Samuel B. Smith of Pimlico to Alexander McClymont re properties in Sutherland Street Pimlico
115.1534 Notice Middlesex 1883 21 May of assignment of 4 Haydn Park Road Shepherds Bush by Alfred C. Joy to Jonathan Hollingworth
115.1532 Notice Middlesex 1878 May of mortgage by Frederick Viennois of 65 Huntingdon Steet Shoreditch to Robert J. Garrard
134.1959 Receipt Middlesex 1872 9 August of E. Standen of Wimbledon for £250 paid by John Standen re May Cottage St Johns Road
134.1958 Authority Middlesex 1877 27 April of Jane Wix of Reigate to Frederick Jaques to pay her Solicitors monies due from Felix Court re 38 Clarges Street Piccadilly
115.1536 Account Middlesex 1922 28 June for estate duty purposes on death of Annie M. Jones of West Kensington
134.1957 Licence Middlesex 1925 4 April of Lady Shelley Rolls to assignment of lease of 98/100 Newington Causeway by Fanny E. Hampton toWilliam J. Rolf of Hove
135.1981 Indenture Bedfordshire 1771 ist February Sarah Gregory (1) Thomas Birt (2) Thomas Bedford (3) William Beford (4) re marriage of Sarah Gregory and Thomas Birt
134.1956 Memorandum Middlesex 1839 11 February re mortgage security 190 Piccadilly Joseph Boyd (1) Thomas Hodgkinson (2)
115.1554 Policy Middlesex 1902 29 April Mary E. Howe of St Johns Wood (1) Law Fire Insurance Society (2) re 23 Southdown Road Wimbledon
115.1541 Acknowledgt Middlesex 1910 13 June re title deeds to 12 York Row Paddington by Richard Chappell
115.1542 Letters Middlesex 1896 re 4 Margaret Street and rights to light and air
128.1846 Memorandum Middlesex 1903 23 July Charles Frisby (1) William J. Dale (2) re 19a Hertford Road
116.1624 Assignment Middlesex 1875 24 July John Staines (1) Frederick Freeson (2) re 6 Union Street Kensington
116.1623 Assignment Midlesex 1845 24 June Sarah & Charlotte Saunders (1)William Freney (2) re 76 Arlington Street Camden Town
116.1628 Assignment Middlesex 1848 18 November Sarah Silley (1) Abraham Silley & Others (2) re 19/21 Robert Street Cumberland Market
116.1627 Assignment Middlesex 1877 19 September Andrew King (1) John Lordan (2) re 10 Worship Street Finsbury
116.1625 Assignment Middlesex 1857 31 December Legatees of John Abbott deceased (1) Lewis E. Dowell (2) re property in Devonshire Street Marylebone
116.1635 D/Covenant Middlesex 1914 31 March Ernest Read (1)Edwin Evans (2) Margaret Toy (3) Alfred C. Toy (4) re development of Owls Estate Ealing
116.1636 Land Cert. Middlesex 1924 17 November re 55/57 Talbot Road Paddington
116.1637 Lease Middlesex 1931 7 November Amy E. Crook (1) Robert B. Gunner (2) re 11 Broadway Dalston
116.1635 Mortgage Middlesex 1936 George A. Smalley (1) Sir Hugh Dawson Bt (2) re lands at Edgware
116.1634 Conveyance Middlesex 1936 24 January Henry F. Browell (1) Colville Estates Ltd (2) re properties in Colville Terrace Portobello Road Kensington
116.1633 Lease Middlesex 1939 19 July ColvilleEstates Ltd (1) Frederick H. Carter Ruck (2) re 36 Powis Square Talbot Road Kensington
116.1630 Manorial Middlesex 1715 9 November Cox deceased to Thomas Symonds re land at Fulham
114.1456 Lease Middlesex 1886 22 May Robert S. Foreman )1) James C. Dewar (2) re Brook Dale Teddington Lock
114.1458 Lease Middlesex 1863 19 September William Corbett & Another (1) Benjamin J. Hardson (2) re 69 Ifield Road West Brompton
114.1460 Assignment Middlesex 1865 13 March William Druce (1) Charlotte Gordon (2) re 30 Westbourne Park Paddington
114.1462 Conveyance Middlesex 1809 25 September John Howell (1) John Moore & Another (2) re land at St Pancras
114.1461 Manorial Middlesex 1852 7 December Admission of Joseph Pearson under will of Philip Pearson deceased re land at Duncan Place Hackney
114.1452 Assignment Middlesex 1954 10 May William G. Taylor (1) Henriette C. Tuke (2) re 38 Lower Sloane Street Chelsea
114.1453 Assignment Middlesex 1930 4 September Hugh Capenhurst (1) Thomas Pocklington (2) re properties in Camden Gardens Hammersmith
114.1454 Asignment Middlesex 1901 28 October John M. Andrew & Another (1)Arthur F. Evans & Another (2) re 9 Evelyn Gardens Kensington
116.1594 Letters Middlesex 1876-1905 Samuel Willson (1) W. Johnson (2) re 48/50 Tottenham Street
116.1602 Valuations Middlesex 1914 31 August by Inland Revenue re 8-11 South Wharf Road Paddington sent to C. Venning of Old Broad Street
116.1601 Certificates Middlesex 1868 12 March of burial of James J. Wade of Upper Kensington Gore in South Metropolitan Cemetery
116.1603 Acknowledgt Middlesex 1888 17 November of Clara Droop as to repayment of mortgage by the Hon. Charles H.Strutt & Others re 1-8 Roseford Gardens Hammersmith
116.1604 Notice Middlesex 1862 1st September by Samuel B. Smith of Gloster Street Pimlico re mortgage to Alexander McClymont of Pimlico re 30-48 Sutherland Street
134.1955 Release Middlesex 1906 4 May Alicde Kemp (1) Harold E. Ivatts (2) of residuary estate of Emma Jordan deceased late of Hackney
114.1444 Licence Middlesex 1878 1st June John Taplin & Another to William Human to assign lease of 26 Berkeley Square tp Carolyn Symonds
115.1573 Will Middlesex 1838 25 July of Lawrence B. Cobb 13 Jubilee Place Commercial Road
115.1574 Declaration Middlesex 1840 31 July of Elizabeth Cobb widow of Henry Cobb deceased as to death of Lawrence B. Cobb
115.1577 Certificate Middlesex 1883 22 November of death of Alice Chown of Regents Park on27 December 1878
115.1580 Assignment Middlesex 1897 3 May Charles Catt & Others of Tenterden (1) Herbert H. Woodbridge & Another (2) re "The Little Western" Bouverie Street Paddington
114.1429 Will Middlesex 1754 1st August of Andrew Parsons of Westminster
114.1426 Policy Middlesex 1864 15 January of Guardian Assurance Co. and Revewrend Charles Barham & Others re 19 Wilton Street Belgrave Square
114.1431 Certificate Middlesex 1888 9 April of death of George J.P.Smith of Paddington on1st April 1886
114.1441 Licence Middlesex 1877 7 April to assign lease of 26 Berkeley Square executed by John Taplin & Another
114.1440 Lease Middlesex 1907 7 February Sir Edwin Galsworthy (1) Mary L.Reeve (2) re 5 Cambridge Terrace Edgware Road
114.1439 Lease Middlesex 1917 7 April Sir Edwin Galsworthy (1) Martha Munro (2) re 5 Cambridge Terrace Edgware Road
114.1438 Surrender Middlesex 1923 18 April Exors of Sir Edwin Galsworthy deceased (1) Grand Junction Canal Co (2) re 5 Cambridge Terrace Edgware Road
134.1954 Charge Middlesex 1911 19 december George Taylor (1) Mary K. Butcher (2) re 1-13 Portland Road South Norwood
114.1423 Licence Middlesex 1922 1st June Alliance Economic Investment Co (1) Charles C.V. Roebuck (2) re assignment of lease of 15 Cambridge Terrace Paddington to Mrs E.A.Humes
114.1424 Assignment Middlesex 1922 1st June Charles C.V.Roebuck (1)Evelyn A.Humes (2) re 15 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
114.1425 Assignment Middlesex 1928 10 January Alliance Economic Investment Co (1) Laura Newman (2) re 15 Cambridge Terrace Paddington
114.1409 Assignment Middlesex 1904 14 April Exors of John C. Dennis deceased (1) Jane Chappell (2) re 12 York Row Paddington
114.1408 Surrender Middlesex 1922 31 July Exors of Richard Chappell deceased (1) Grand Junction Canal Co (2) re 12 York Row Paddington
114.1407 Assignment Middlesex 1904 2 August Jane Chappell (1) Richard Chappell (2) re 12 York Row Paddington
114.1406 Assignment Middlesex 1883 11 October John C. Dennis (1) Jane Chappell (2) re 12 York Row Paddington
114.1405 P/Attorney Middlesex 1886 20 October John D. Charrington (1) George C. Croft (2) re "red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
114.1404 Assignment Middlesex 1892 8 December Charrington & Co & Another(1) John J. Birch (2) re "RedLion" South Wharf Road Paddington
114.1403 Assignment Middlesex 1893 16 October Charrington & Co & Another (1) Elizabeth Grindley (2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
114.1402 P/Attorney Midlesex 1894 4 January Ernest Charrington (1) Arthur F. Charrington (2) re "Red Lion" South Wharf Road Paddington
114.1401 Notice Middlesex 1894 28 May of assignment and mortgage of the Red Lion South Wharf Road Paddington by Elizabeth Grindley to Henry Spurge
114.1393 Lease Middlesex 1890 22 October William G. Stoneman & Others (1) Frederick Fuller (2) re 5 Junction Mews Cambridge Terrace
114.1394 Agreement Middlesex 1910 19 August James Alford (1) Ellen Newton (2) re tenancy of 5 Junction Mews Cambridge Terrace
114.1395 Lease Middlesex 1898 4 February Henry J. Liggins (1) Hannah Trott (2) re 6 Cambridge Terrace Hyde Park
112.1277 Surrender iddlesex 1922 1st May Harold D. Clayton (1)Grand Junction Canal Co (2) re 6 Cambridge Terrace and 9 Junction Mews
114.1400 Assignment Middlesex 1926 19 November Winifred Morgan (1) Kenneth D. McLaine (2) re 10 Cambridge Terrace
114.1399 Mortgage Middlesex 1926 19 November Kenneth D.Maclaine (1) Katherine M. Seaton (2) re 10 Cambridge Terrace
114.1398 Surrender Middlesex 1927 28 February Kenneth D. MacLaine (1) Grand Junction Canal Co (2) re 10 Cambridge Terrace
114.1396 Lease Middlesex 1902 21 November Mary Price & Others (1) Joseph Sturmer (2) re 129 Upper Street Islington
88.1470 Assignment Cambridgeshire 1764 18 May Bryant Barrett & Others (1) Revd Charles Parkin (2) re Manor of Kneesworth etc
90.1513 Notice Cambridgeshire 1878 14 November of 2nd Mortgage Martin Hunnybun of Chester & Others (1) Thomas U. Dorrington (2) re land at Cambridge
112.1299 Assignment Cambridgeshire 1772 21 December Thomas Alderson (1) Edward Stanford (2) of Nightingale's mortgage re lands in Cambridge & Essex
112.1300 Mortgage Cambridgeshire 1771 18 May Christopher Adamson & Others (1) Thomas Alderson (2) re lands in Cambridge & Essex
85.1428 Abstract Warwickshire 1859 of the title of the Pers Reps of John T. Coleman to land at Grendon
133.1953 Summons Warwickshire 1722 11 O ctober to Decanarus Moreton of Stoneleigh
130.1876 Will Warwickshire 1858 7 May of George Beale of Monks Kirby
128.1836 Commission Warwickshire 1821 9 October appointing John Q. Wall as a Lieutenant in the Warwickshire Regiment
95.1616 Mortgage Warwickshire 1898 25 May Edward S. Bond (1) Harriet Parkes (2) re 16/17 Lower Hurst Street Birmingham
112.1346 Agreement Warwickshire 1854 1st June John Beard (1) Washington Hibbert (2) re lands at Rugby
102.1757 Agreement Warwickshire 1861 5 April H. Adkins & Another (1) Mellor Hetherington & Another (2) re land in St Martin's Birmingham
99.1672 Discharge Warwickshire 1755 27 May Elizabeth Strafford of Aston re a legacy from the estate of William Strafford deceased
110.1972 P/Attorney Warwickshire 1747 17 September Francis Miles of Aston to Thomas Howard of Birmingham
87.1460 Declaration Unknown 1902 16 May of Sarah Clark and Robert Scobell re \William Barrett deceased
87.1458 Account Unknown Not dated of the Executors of Edward Creed deceased
129.1848 Order Unknown 1838 31 May of Chancery Court re Marianne Kent and John O. Burgess & Others
87.1452 Opinion Unknown 1894 11 January of C. Browne of Counsel re property at Clifton Hill
133.1952 Prom. Note Unknown 1707 3 May Thomas Rivett & Another (1) William Harvard (2)
86.1441 Notice Unknown 1905 3 January of assignment by Harold Danvers to E.S. Halford
133.1951 Abstract Unknown 1879 14 July of agreement between Alfred V. Edwards & Others (1) Hannah Vincer (2) re estates of John & James Vincer deceased
85.1425 Mortgage Unknown 1896 1st January Beresford Tottenham (1)rustees of the Beauchamp Hamborough Settlement (2) re benefit of an invention
116.1639 Release Unknown 1811 9 October Sir Joseph Brooke Bt (1) Revd J. Barton & others (2)
116.1641 Release Unknown 1811 9 October Richard Jebb & Others (1) Sir Joseph Brooke Bt (2)
134.1976 Bond Unknown 1741 9 January John Godsell & James Archer (1) Robert Howard (2)
125.1751 Bond Unknown 1712 Henry Sparry (1) John Boyes (2)
125.1750 Account Unknown 1819 18 March James Wainwright in account with Robert Wilson
125.1752 Declaration Unknown 1919 9 August of Mrs E.C.M. Green re Mrs F.E.L. Houghton nee Hely
125.1754 Articles Unknown 1690 October Francis Brown (1) Thomas Smithson (2) Martha Shorrington (3)
125.1756 Bond Unknown 1713 Henry Sparry (1) John Lawrence (2)
126.1758 Letters Unknown 1925 July re Ernest Read and Bernard Evans deceased
126.1759 Bond Unknown 1750 27 April John Bennett (1) John Loy (2)
1261761 Bond Unknown 1730 Robert Cowan (1) JohnWoodley (2)
126.1762 Account Unknown 1876 April Desborough & Sons to the Misses Blundell
126.1765 Declaration Unknown 1852 12 June of Henry M. Watts re John Rossiter & Samuel Belben
126.1766 Bond Unknown 1674 11 May John Thomas (1) Richard Hall (2)
134.1975 Letter Unknown 1915 19 January Jessie R. Mitchell to Messrs Tweedie
126.1767 Award Unknown 1891 28 September of William Radford re dispute between Rosetta & Thomas Holford
126.1768 Bond Unknown 1741 28 May Bezabell Bridge, James Pollett and James bridge (1) Thomas Bridge (2)
126.1777 Bond Unknown 1723 29 January John Bennett & John Harrall (1)Edward Hilban (2)
126.1778 Bond Unknown 1737 Mary Baily (1) Elizabeth Parkin (2)
126.1779 Surrender Unknown 1666 4 November William Bishoip (1) Thomas Mellor (2) re lamd in Manor of Kirling Hall
126.1781 Bond Unknown 1783 4 September Anne & Mary Feake (1) Henry Cranmer (2)
126.1783 Bond Unknown 1729 13 May William Bealmiss (1) W./ Dillingham (2)
128.1824 Account Unknown 1817 30 August Messrs M. & J. Probert to F.E.Barker
120.1708 Will Unknown 1816 31 January extract from will of Isaac Spooner
120.1706 Bond Unknown 1731 15 July John Beadel (1) John Fielding & Another (2) to perform covenants in a feoffment
128.1821 Account Unknown Undated of monies die to Joseph Purslove & John Boulton re estate of John Purslove deceased
127.1786 Letters Unknown 1852 20 March to Josiah Lane from William Murray. Solicitor re estate of John Chapman 7 Mr & Mrs Grainger
127.1792 Indenture Unknown 1845 21 February Sir John Fagge Bt (1) Sarah Ann Fagge (2) to secure £900
127.1788 Receipt Unknown 1715 8 January of Charles Probert foir monies paid by Richard Hoskins
127.1789 Notice Unknown 1888 15 March from Charles Webster as mortgagor to Lewis F. Hill (mortgagee) re sale of land to Goeorge Webster and Thomas Chapman
127.1790 Agreement Unknown 1748 19 July Robert Milner (1) Joseph Cranmer (2)
127.1791 Abstract Unknown 1749 12 April of title of Robert Milner to lands being sold to Philip Martin
127.1793 Abstract Unknown 1749 12 April of copyhold entries re land being sold by Robert Milner to Philip Martin
127.1797 Account Unknown 1817 19 May John Roberts to Mr Bennett
127.1799 Receipt Unknown 1684 6 November T. Nightingale (1) Edward Minhull (2) re purchase of land
127.1814 Lease Unknown 1570 (no other legible detail)
125.1742 Lease Unknown 1737 26 March Mary Hutchings & Mary Hody (1)John Abbott (2) re declaration of lives for a fine
126.1771 Agreement Unknown 1651 November John Dennett (1) John & Elizabeth Dennett (2)
127.1816 Letter Unknown 1872 16 November to the Trustees in reversion to Benjamin Tyzack
127.1817 Letter Unknown 1892 1st December to C.F.Dickins from Markby Wilde & Johnson Solicitors
128.1819 Declaration Unknown 1872 9 December of Benjamin Tyzack re his reversion
128.1820 Notice Unknown 1874 17 January to the Trustees in reversion to Benjamin Tyzack
123.1723 Settlement Unknown 1783 April on the intended marraiage of Williams &Miss Marsh
123.1722 Assignment Unknown 1790 20 February of a lagacy from Cuthbert Fenwick to Henry Mills
135.1983 Indenture Derby 1742 20 May Elizabeth Milnes (1) Cyril Jackson (2)Robert Milnes (3) re Coates Park Alfreton
128.1826 Declaration Kent 1759 4 December John Ramsay (1) James Kenny (2)
127.1802 Receipts Unknown re the e3state of Henry Dummnell deceased
127.1803 Bond Unknown 1739 27 March Samual Drake (1) Simon Mothersole (2)
127.1804 Receipt Unknown 1872 13 December of Henry Paner for money held by Mr Clark
124.1738 Settlement Unknown 1848 21 November on the marriage of Edward Vicars and Anne Elizabeth Foster
123.1720 Settlement Unknown 1870 16 August of £6000 by Alexander Garnett on Thomas & Philip Garnett
122.1719 Release Unknown 1782 6 June John Marsh (1) Joseph Sabine (2)
122.1718 Will Unknown 1836 of John Mercer
122.1717 Settlement Unknown 1861 24 September by Joseph J. Hagan on daughter Agnes of shares in Arica and Tacoma Railway
122.1716 Settlement Unknown 1838 21 August on the intended marriage of Jospeh J. Hagan & Mrs Edwards
127.1807 Release Unknown 1827 5 January Mary A. Penfold (1) Stephen & John Penfold (2) re a legacy
123.1728 Assignment Unknown 1865 6 January Samuel C. Whitbread & Anor (1)William Whitbread & Anor (2) rte mortgages
123.1726 Agreement Unknown 1883 14 November Great Eastern Railway Co (1) Richard B. Berens (2) withdrawal of petition from Parliament
123.1724 Charge Unknown 1884 10 February Nunn Chandler (1) H.J.Hartup (2)
120.1710 Assignment Unknown 1850 15 February Benjamin Saunders (1) Robert Youngalle (2) r an insurance policy
120.1711 Assignment Unknown 1763 2 June John Stanford & Others (1)Exors of John Ashton (2) to secure £600 and interest
121.1712 Assignment Unknown 1831 30 August John Knowles (1) John Scott & Anor (2) of wines and spirits to secure £23000 and interest
89.1506 Direction Unknown 1873 18 December of Dr J. Blundell to the Trustees of a Settlement dated 17 May 1864 to pay annual income to Sarah H. Noyes
135.1984 Indenture Lancashire 1909 27 November Percy Ashton (1) Ellen Dixon (2) re land at Clitheroe
89.1499 Transfer Unknown 1904 14 April of 2 1/2 % Consols from John H. Hagger to William Baddeley
89.1497 Agreement Unknown 1854 1st April Thomas M. Rowlatt & Anor (1) John L. Kettle & Anor (2) to extend mortgage term
129.1861 Recept Unknown 1738 17 January by Manor of Horton of quit rent from Sarah Wise
133.1947 Grant Unknown 1808 6 January of Administration to William Tilley re Peter Tilley deceased
128.1832 Recept Unknown 1900 of Solicitors for J.O.Poulton for monies paid by Joshua Tod
128.1831 Certificate Unknown 1816 re transfer pf 3% Consols to Elizabeth Child & Others
1281830 Warrant Unknown 1797 1st November of Robert Prescot Governor of Canada for payment of his salary etc
133.1948 Account Unknown 1901 16 August re estate duty on estate of Baroness Juliana de Rothschild payable by her Exor Arthur Lucas
133.1949 Certificate Unknown 1859 18 July of the Commissioners confirming Jane Wilkinson competent to execute a deed
93.1576 Receipt Unknown 1896 29 April for West Ham Corporation Stock purchased by Arthur J. Jekyll and Another
90.1514 Schedule Unknown 1882 of documents re a moretgage by C.W. Isdell to Trustees of James Theobald deceased
90.1512 Order Unknown 1874 20 March of Chancery Court on petition of Frederick J. Simpson re Emma Gordon deceased
128.1833 Release Unknown 1858 14 December Martha Clark (1) Thomas Wells (2) as to discharge by the residuary legatee of David Budden deceased
128.1834 Appointment Unknown 1905 28 April Edward E. Pinches (1) Richard O. Yeats & Anor (2) re William B. Pinches deceased
128.1837 Release Unknown 1922 27 June Sarah G. Evered (1) Stanley Evered & Others (2) re an interest in the shares of Evered & Co. Ltd
113.1384 Agreement Unknown 1907 15 January Lawrence W. Grayson (1) Robert H. Boyns (2) to form a company to develop mineral leases in Tasmania
133.1950 Release Unknown 1803 26 November Francis Webb (1) John Horsford (2) of part of land to pay expenses of inclosure
94.1599 Indemnity Unknown 1923 27 March Sydney H. Haynes (1) Ethel M. Haynes (2) Stewart M. Massey & Anor (3) re funds released from marriage settlement
94.1596 Indemnity Unknown 1887 7 June Louisa Burvill (1) Robert Strickland & Anor (2) re funds due to Mrs Burvill from an estate
94.1594 Release Unknown 1861 24 October William A. Page (1) His Creditors (2) re a composition and discharge
94.1600 Policy Unknown 1861 21 February International Life Assurance Society (1) Edward Flower (2) on the life of Eliza Haddock
94.1606 Mortgage Unknown 1887 3 May Mary la Touche (1) William Pound (2) re funds due to Miss la Touche
94.1607 Mortgage Unknown 1903 27 April Clement Dormer (1) Miss A.L. Ledsam (2) re a policy on the life of Mr Dormer
94.1613 Charge Unknown 1887 24 January Frederick F. Wintour (1) Reversionary Interest Society Ltd (2) re a share in the funds due to Mr Wintour
95.1617 Mortgage Unknown 1924 11 December Stanley Harris (1) Christopher Codman & Anor (2) of an interest in the estate of John H. Wolton deceased
95.1618 P?Attorney Unknown 1914 24 August of Emily M.M. Finer of Auckland New Zealand
93.1590 Notice Unknown 1889 2 April of mortgage of funds in the marriage settlement by Charles B. Pym to Francis Leon & Anor
93.1591 Notice Unknown 1890 by Jabez McDiarmid to the Trustees of the Pym Marriage Settlement
93.1592 Letter Unknown 1897 4 January of Mary A. Pym & Anor to the Trustees of the Pym Marriage Settlement
95.1623 Discharge Unknown 1816 1st October from bankruptcy of Samuel Brown and Thopmas H. Scott
95.1622 Indenture Unknown 1877 10 March James Martin & Others (1) Eliza Reeve & Anor (2) re discharge of mortgage debt
95.1627 Letters Unknown 1883 from Coutts & Co. re the sale and transfer of stocks by the estate of Sir James Hogg deceased to George R. Taylor & Others
95.1632 Order Unknown 1874 6 October of the Chancery Court in re Geraldine H. Minet (1) Robert T. Tubbs & Others (2) and a payment into Court
98.1659 Mortgage Unknown 1889 23 April John C. Palmer (1) John S. Heron (2) re an interest in a reversion
98.1658 Charge Unknown 1896 1st May John C. Palmer (1) John C. Burke (2) re an interest in a reversion
97.1648 Assignment Unknown 1756 29 March Joseph Townsend & Anor (1) John Marvell (2) of a mortgage in trust for a Mr Woodward
96.1640 Mortgage Unknown 1889 25 April Septimus Palmer (1) John S. Heron (2) re an interest in a reversion
133.1946 Account Unknown 1888 8 June re estate duty on the estate of John T. Roumieu deceased
133.1945 ReSurrender Unknown 1818 Mortgagees of Willis Earle (1) Willis Earle (2)
129.1867 Demurrer Unknown 1748 17 May Robert Smyth & Others (1) Sir Trafford Smyth Bt & Others (2)
112.1340 Account Unknown 1889 26 March of North & Son to Mr Orme
112.1342 112.1342 Notice Unknown 1902 11 November to the Trustees of William J. Durham deceased of the appointment by Coralie L. Chamier to Henry Chamier and assignment by him to Frere
112.1343 Receipt Unknown 1832 18 April for £8 from M. Deedes to Mary Taylor re legacy from Brown deceased
113.1347 Letter Unknown 1816 24 February P Tubb to Mr Dudley re will of Morrell
113.1349 Account Unknown 1890 30 June of Blake & Heseltine of London to Mrs Burton re Miss E.R. Bland deceased
113.1350 Account Unknown 1889 8 July of Vincent & Vincent re mortgage monies due from Orme
113.1353 Cerificate Unknown 1873 25 June of Notary Public in British Guiana re marriage settlement of James M.McFarlane and Laura E. Jones
129.1868 Receipt Unknown 1858 2 February of William Matson for mortgage monies paid by George F. Cooper
112.1302 Letter Unknown 1910 27 January Trustees of Edward Yates deceased to lessor R.J. Dickins
112.1303 Receipt Unknown 1839 20 May of George Fairgarden for mortgage monies due from Mr Rust re land at Mombersley
112.1309 Letter Unknown 1874 29 July Mrs S.A Glack of 12 Crowhurst Road to her uncle
112.1308 Letter Unknown 1869 23 September Combe Wainwright of Staple Inn to Richard N. Howard re transfer of Consols
112.1311 Account Unknown 1874 15 June of S.l. Davis (broker) to A.S.Williams re the Trustees of H. Stoner
112.1314 Receipt Unknown 1805 28 October A.H. Tyzard of £5 paid by Thomas Allen
112.1316 Appointment Unknown 1902 16 October by Charles Tweedie of the Tweedie Settlement Trust
112.1288 Bond Unknown 1698 2 June John Borrett of London (1)John Dentt
133.1944 Assessment Unknown 1895 27 November by the Inland Revenue of duty payable on the estate of William R.N. Taylor deceased
133.1943 Administration Unknown 1893 4 May de bonis non re Miss M.A. Freak deceased
133.1942 Bond Unknown 1720 John Tilden (1) Francis Brooke (2)
112.1318 Abstract Unknown 1830 14 October of assignment Thomas Collon (1) Charles Bartley (2) William Heddy (3)
112.1319 Order Unknown 1845 23 July by Master of the Rolls inre Rebecca Day deceased & Another and William Croft & Others
112.1320 Declaration Unknown 1877 15 November of Greenway Robins as to execution of an indenture
112.1322 Declaration Unknown 1860 17 November of George Curteis re Tress Estates
112.1325 Certificate Unknown 1854 20 September of Mary Howard as to the production of an indenture in Court of Common Pleas
112.1326 Declaration Unknown 1825 16 June of Henry Barker as to the execution of a lease
112.1328 Agreement Unknown 1890 1st January Clement Ritchie (1) Miss Ritchie & Another (2) re the Alfred Ritchie Trust
112.1334 Appointment Unknown 1889 13 August by S.W Tuckey & Another of new Trustee of the estate of Elizabeth Warren deceased
112.1335 Appointment Unknown 1880 11 June by the Revd Charles L.Royds & Another
112.1337 Appointment Unknown 1832 9 August of a new Trustee by Ann W. Maitland and John Atkinson in a marriage settlement
103.1764 Charge Unknown 1865 8 October J. Yeoman (1) D. Malcolmson (2)
135.1979 Indenture Essex 1568 10 February John and Elizabeth Edmonds (1) Edward Madyon (2) re lands in Essex
113.1376 Bill of Costs Unknown 1870 7 August Edward Teden & Another v John D. Longmead in the Chancery Court
113.1390 Notice Unknown 1881 19 December Eliza L. Bloomfield (1) William Hartcup & Others (2) re the assignment of an insurance policy
113.1388 Indenture Unknown 1889 22 March E.G.Orme & Others (1) Mrs E.A.North & Another (2) re a collateral security
113.1387 Release Unknown 1747 16 May Gawen Bateman (1) John Wren (2) re an annuity
113.1386 Compromise Unknown 1936 27 April Mrs Lettice M. Williams (1) Capt. A. Watts Williams (2)
128.1835 Agreement Unknown 1907 15 January Gladstone Tin Development Co (1) L.W.Grayson (2) re the flotation of a company
113.1381 Answer Unknown 1869 23 February in the Chancery Court Teden v Longmead
113.1380 Appointment Unknown 1883 of a new Trustee in the Marriage Settlement of the Revd and Mrs Samuel Mountjoy Smith
113.1379 Appointment Unknown 1868 10 July by Mrs P.E.Patten of monies due under a marriage settlement
129.1870 Deed Unknown 1913 19 February Alfred C.Cole (1) Hugh Cowie and Lambert Jackson (2) as new Trustees of the H.H.Cole Will Trust
117.1650 Appointment Unknown 1910 3 October of W.T.Lucy as Trustee of the George Jennings Will Trust
117.1651 Appointment Unknown 1894 10thFebruary Kate Johnson Brown (1) Fanny Johnson Brown (2) re monies due under a settlement
117.1652 Appointment Unknown 1878 1st August Revd J.G.Bullock & Another (1)Revd C.G.Ashwin & Others (2) re appointment of A.E.Ray as a new Trustee of a marriage settlement
117.1653 Appointment Unknown 1911 20 February of James H. Thresher and Charles D.Hope as Trustees of the Richard Ramsden Will Trust
117.1654 Appointment Unknown 1893 13 June of Langton G. Bayley and Michael F. Tweedie as Trustees of the Mrs L.H.Bayley Settlement 1874
117.1655 Appointment Unknown 1901 2 April of Richard H.Tweedie as a Ytrustee of Mr & Mrs F.G.Lovell's Settlement Trust
117.1656 Notice Unknown 1902 11 November Coralie Chamier (1) Henry Chamier (2) Frere Cholmely (3) re William J.Durham deceased
117.1661 Deed Unknown 1867 3 April George A. Trotter (1) Edward S. Haines (2) William Corbett (3) as to a partnership
118.1671 Release Unknown 1830 Robert Temple (1) William Fitze (2) Clothworkers Company (3)
118.1676 Assignment Unknown 1865 28 March Maria Bennett (1) John Thompson (2) James Beaumont (3) re monies due under the Carroll Will Trust
118.1677 Assignment Unknown 1875 24 May James Cockle & Another (1)Walter Kersey (2) re the purchase of a Solicotors' practice
112.1281 Assignment Unknown 1871 11 August Nicholas C. Szerelmey (1) William Corbett (2) re sale of inventions etc.
112.1282 Assignment Unknown 1839 3 June George F. Corrall (1) John C. Bennett (2) re monies due under the Anne Corrall Will Trust
112.1284 Assignment Unknown 1903 7 October Mary B. Wellborne (1) Charles M. Owen (2) re an annuity
103.1770 Appointment Unknown 1804 29 September of new Trustees to the Jane Toovey Marriage Settlement
103.1772 Settlement Unknown 1845 4 August on the marriage of William Ford and Fanny T. Fenton
103.1771 Agreement Unknown 1823 3 June William Ham (1) William New (2) as to payment of money due
103.1778 Deed Unknown 1936 Benjamin Cloke (1)Sir Hugh Dawson (2) to guarantee a loan to George A. Smalley
103.1779 Settlement Unknown 1911 13 November on the marriage of Herwald Ramsbotham and Doris V.S. de Stein
104.1781 Settlement Unknown 1830 31 May on the marriage of William Peareth and Catherine Hodges
113.1357 Case Unknown 1872 23 March and Opinion of Counsel re Sir Richard Wallace Bt
113.1358 Appointment Unknown 1895 26 April of Francis Ravenhill as a Trustee of the Thomas Pocock Will Trust
113.1359 Appointment Unknown 1908 7 November of G.F.Troup Horne as a Trustee of the Mary Anstee Will Trust
130.1888 Settlement Unknown (part only) on the marriage of David H.Owen and Emily H. Butler
130.1887 Covenant Unknown Undated Abraham Bush (1) Bartholomew Manley (2) (part only)
133.1940 Probate Unknown 1878 29 January of the Will of James Blundell deceased
1131360 Appointment Unknown 1877 27 April of a new Trustee of the Marr Settlement by Gustan Zumsteeg and Henrietta Martin
133.1939 Probate Unknown 1863 16 September of the Will of Susannah Catlin
113.1361 Settlement Unknown 1832 25 April on the marriage of John B.Lloyd and Ellen Foster
133.1938 Probate Unknown 1856 31 May of the Will of Sophia Roberts deceased
113.1364 Assignment Unknown 1792 31 January Jeremiah Day & Another (1) Thomas Carter (2)
133.1937 Assignment Unknown 1784 10 November Robert Mitchell (10 Thomas Marshall & Others (2)
113.1366 Administration Unknown 1822 21 January limited de bonis non re Robert Clarke deceased
130.1877 Assignment Unknown 1709 1st May William Freeman (1) John Barbidge (2) reversion of trust lands
71.1236 Assignment Unknown 1741 29 September Elizabeth Willett (1) Ralph Willett & Another (2) residue of the personal estate of Willett deceased
71.1249 Mortgage Unknown 1916 3 May Colonel O.B.Gordon & Another (1) Honble R.G. Whiteley (2) funds due undr a settlement
71.1251 Mortgage Unknown 1934 18 December Charles R. Palairet (1) Richard B. Dobb (2) re stocks
71.1235 Mortgage Unknown 1927 2 June Ethel M. Nettleship (1) Peter Garton & Another (2) reversionary interest under will of Edward Nettleship deceased
71.1234 Assignment Unknown 1901 21 May Revd Walter F. Eaton (1) John C. Stead & Others (2) reversionary life interest
71.1257 Assignment Unknown 1885 6 July Henry W. Bankes (1) Emma M. Cooper (2) reversion on death of Anna M. Rutland
72.1259 Assignment Unknown 1846 30 May James K. Hawkins (1) Eliza C. Hawkins (2) reversionary interest on personal estate of Whitshed Keene deceased
72.1258 Assignment Unknown 1723 9 April Edward Harley (1) John Pigot (2) interest on an annuity
84.1413 Assignment Unknown 1757 18 January John Richards (1) aymundo Putt & Others (2) re land at Ettisham for the poor of Ettisham
84.1412 Assignmant Unknown 1749 12 May James Ffoot (1) Thomas Roode & M. Whiting (2)
109.1916 Assignment Unknown 1848 22 February Joseph Hegan of Liverpool (1) Samuel Whitehouse of Halifax (2) John P. Kennard (3) monies due by way of assurance
109.1913 Assignment Unknown 1793 31 May John Bastard (1) Henry Venables (2) stocks devised by John Collins deceased
109.1922 Assignment Unknown 1868 6 April Stephen Woodgare & Others (1)Equity Reversionary Interest Society (2) East India Stock contingent on death of Sophia M. Woodgate
109.1835 Settlement Unknown 1889 3 December Robert Tyler (1) Eli Tyler & Another (2) on marriage of Robert Tyler & Amy Hurst
132.1936 Notice Unknown 1878 31 May of assignment of a moiety in the "Earl Amhurst " P.H. by Alfred Keast to Bevans J. Keast
106.1805 Settlement Unknown 1794 4 January Calvin Winstanley of Liverpool (1) Frances Brown of Edge Hill (2) Richard Formby (3) on marriage of Winstanley and Brown
106.1804 Mortgage Unknown 1834 30 July Robert Y. Ellis (1) Joseph Ellis (2) Janet & George Ellis (3) George N.Wild (4)
72.1262 Letters Unknown 1878 From Nunn Chandler to W. Hartup re a promissory note
101.1731 Letter Unknown 1894 13 February of attorney Henry V. Remnant to Persy W. Remnant
135.1980 Deed Devon 1649 16 August Richard Denny (1) ? (2) re land at Buckfastleigh
101.1734 Opinion Unknown 1854 30 March of Counsel re Staite's Patent for Yerbury & Price
101.1735 Dividend Unknown 1847 5 May Notice of dividend by London Commercial Exchange
101.1736 Bond Unknown 1682 Philip Smith (1) John Prado (2)
101.1738 Will Unknown 1724 extract from the Will of Francis Forger re land at Golston
99.1698 Manorial Unknown 1854 16 June Admission of Scipio C. Richards to land in Manor of Byng
99.1699 Manorial Unknown 1821 4 June Admission of William Atkins to land at Abridge in the Manor of Mitchelmarsh on surrender by the devisees of Moses Long deceased
99.1693 Manorial Unknown 1800 29 July Admission of Elizabeth Horner to land in Manor of Wickham
99.1685 Manorial Unknown 1754 3 June Admission of Revd T. Cheney, John White & Elizabeth Dowse to land in Manor Mitchelmersh
99.1684 Bond Unknown 1833 7 March Thomas C. Meech of Jersey (1) James W. Weston 7 Others as Trustees of the Marriage settlement of Louisa Weston (2)
99.1681 Letters Unknown 1851 from W. Burrows re bthe estate of C.A Harris deceased
128.1842 Notices Unknown 1889 1st May re a charge on a property purchaed by Francis H. Searle & Another from Joseph Singleton
99.1679 Statement Unknown 1873 30 August of Trust Fund of J.M.Bedingfield dated 27 November 1`862
99.1678 Letter Unknown 1794 3 January J.R.Roberts to Richard Reynolds re deeds and marriage settlement of Capt. Lawrence Reynolds and Miss Cheyne
115.1557 Assignment Unknown 1853 8 July Henry Wells (1) Thomas Wells (2) funds in the estate of John Chapman deceased
99.1674 Account Unknown 1858 Exors of David Budden deceased to Miss Martha Clarke
98.1669 Account Unknown 1858 15 April of Heale & Son of London re the probate of D. Budden deceased
110.1967 Account Unknown 1857 1st December of Glazier & Sons (Undertakers) re David Budden deceased
110.1966 Account Unknown 1743 24 June re the estate of Lynn Fancourt deceased
110.1963 Account Unknown (Undated) of Geo. Brown Solicitor to Executors of David Budden deceased
102.1753 Notice Unknown 1888 30 October re charge on land purchased by Joseph Singleton from Francis H. Searle & Another
130.1884 Account Unknown 1856 13 October re decoration at Brown Street payable by executors of David Budden deceased
130.1886 Account Unknown 1857 7 February of Geo. Brown Solicitor to David Budden re a Deed of Gift
109.1940 Receipts Unknown 1887 5 November for monies due from the estate of Ann P. Barryman of 4, Pownall Gardens, Hounslow by Leonora Barryman & Charlotte Blackwell
109.1946 Notices Unknown 1884 16 October re a charge on property Searle & Another to Singleton
101.1739 Notice Unknown 1897 25 September of redemption of mortgage on insurance policies re F.H.Searle
101.1740 Notices Unknown 1885 15 July of a charge on property Searle & Another to Singleton
102.1745 Affidavit Unknown 1829 25 November of Richard B. Athill, Solicitor's Clerk
102.1746 P/Attorney Unknown 1887 24 October Leonora Bangum of Massachusetts to Charles J. March of 33, Carey Street
102.1747 P/Attorney Unknown 1866 29 November James H. Stroud of the Cape of Good Hope to Charles Nancollas 0f 50, Cornhill
102.1748 Account Unknown 1891 January of Fisher & Fisher re the Gilpin Marriage Settlement
110.1973 Advice Unknown 1884 10 October of Henry Hall of Counsel in re Harrop's Trustees v Humberstone
110.1976 Letter Unknown 1866 June Exors of David Riccardo to Osman & Mortimer Riccardo re release of monies
110.1977 Affidavit Unknown 1809 27 November of John C. Symes as to the parties to an indenture
102.1744 Affidavit Unknown 1809 3 November of James Adamson as to the parties to an indenture
102.1743 Affidavit Unknown 1809 15 December of William Braikenridge as to the parties to an indenture
110.1978 Affidavit Unknown 1816 14 May of William Giles as to the parties to an indenture
100.1703 Statement Unknown 1887 February re Trust Funds in the Marriage Settlement of Mr & Mrs Michael Impey
100.1705 Affidavit Unknown 1814 16 September of Charles Pierce as to the parties to an indenture
100.1706 Letters Unknown 1861 February re the Marriage Settlement of Captain & Mrs Meech
100.1709 Notice Unknown 1775 9 March by Robert Bond permiting Thomas Kerrick to remove timber from lands conveyed by Kerrick to Bond
110.1951 Release Unknown 1810 13 July James Fenwick (1) Orde & Winship (2) re legacy under the Will of Ann Carr deceased
110.1989 Release Unknown 1810 12 July Nicholas Fenwick (1) Orfe & Winship (2) re legacy under the Will of Ann Carr deceased
111.1249 Indenture Unknown 1726 12 November Abraham Dixon (1) James Pryor (2)
111.1237 Manorial Unknown 1760 13 October Decisions of the Court Leet at the Manor of Brampton Houlden
110.1980 Manorial Unknown 1799 7 November Admission of Charles T. Rissowe of Melton, Suffolk to lands in the Manor of Debach Burgh
111.1251 Receipt Unknown 1798 14 August of G.E.Jemmett for services rendered to John Sampson
111.1250 Notice Unknown 1912 29 March Solicitors for Lord Brabourne to Royal Insurance proposed discharge of a mortgage
111.1220 Account Unknown 1774 November Executrix of Mary Nicholas deceased to beneficiaries
111.1219 Notice Unknown 1899 21 November of the assignment of a reversionary interest addressed to the Trustees of Henry J. Godwin deceased
111.1206 Bond Unknown 1701 6 June Thomas Rivett (1) Edward Rivett (2)
111.1210 Guarantee Unknown 1887 24 December by George M. Chamberlain of the mortgage debt of James Pegg to J.B.Cooks
111.1211 Account Unknown 1891 30 January re William Gilpin deceased
111.1214 Notice Unknown 1868 20 October to the Executors of William Gilpin deceased
110.1985 Affidavit Unknown 1883 13 December of Robert Abbott Clerk to Messrs Tweedies as to the signatures on an Indenture
110.1986 Account Unknown 1891 17 February re the Gilpin Marriage Settlement
110.1988 Affidavit Unknown 1835 5 June of Henry H. Barnes as to the signature on an indenture mof himself, Joseph Street and William J. Martin
110.2000 Affidavit Unknown 1833 18 November of Henry H.Barnes re the signatures of William Fraser, Claud Neilson, Boyd Alexander and Hugh Hyndman
110.1995 Notice Unknown 1911 30 December to the Trustees of K.G.Forbes deceased as to a mortgage
115.1510 Notice Unknown 1908 27 January to the Trustees of the Price Marriage Settlement as to an assignment by Geraldine M. Currie of her interest therein to J. Wooley
115.1497 Assignment Unknown 1907 6 July of a reversionary interest in the estate of Edwin James deceased to Francis Hitchens
1151547 Assignment Unknown 1875 29 July Ann Hill (1) William J. Bruny (2) re an insurance policy
115.1546 Appointment Unknown 1935 16 January Percy C. Renny (1) Thomas A. Kirkham & Others (2) of new Trustees to the Renny Marriage Settlement
115.1545 Notice Unknown 1873 9 April to Clergy Mutual Assurance Society of assignment of life policies by Rev. Francis H. Annesley to William F. Bickmore
115.1551 Notice Unknown 1874 17 January by Equitable Reversionary Interest Society to Administratrix of estate of Benjamin Tyzack deceased re monies due
115.1550 Notice Unknown 1888 11 April of assignment by Herbert P. Hill of his reversionary interest in the estate of William Hill deceased to Alexander M. Clark & Others
115.1549 Notice Unknown 1894 26 November of assignment of stocks by Revd James R. Hughes & Another to Edwin M. Masterman
115.1515 Notice Unknown 1908 28 April of assignment by Captain Currie to National Reversionary Interest Co. of the share of Mrs S.M. Currie deceased in the Price Marr. Settlement
115.1514 Notice Unknown 1904 27 February of a mortgage by the Revd George F. Lovell of his share in the Lovell Marriage Settlement to Legal & General Life Assnce Society
115.1513 Notice Unknown 1847 16 August of assignment by Edward Bennett to Henry Lloyd of an insurance policy in Commercial & General Life Assnce Society
115.1512 Notice Unknown 1888 17 October of assignment of mortgage by James Bodiss & Another to George Bedford of Leominster
132.1935 Notice Unknown 1857 22 December of assignment of mortgage by William Cook to Robert Wheatley re land a t Elswick
115.1529 Memorandum Unknown 1838 September as to the Dukingfield Cash Account
115.1530 Letters Unknown 1877 Henry R. Arundell to John Mead re sale of bonds held by the Pigot Marriage Settlement and purchase of other stock
115.1522 Account Unknown 1934 June Re Will Trust and Marriage Settlement of Thomas H. Sparks following death of Signora Frulli
33 Letters Unknown Undated of Anne Record re the Clarke Family
115.1538 Account Unknown 1900 11 January re estate duty Emma Jordan deceased
115.1556 Memorandum Unknown 1886 25 September as to production of deeds of ' Templemore' subject to a mortgage between William Corbett (1) Thomas Ellender (2)
115.1555 Release Unknown 1746 2 April Sir Frederick Clayton & Another (1) William Petre (2)
130.1892 Grant Unknown 1898 11 August of an annuity by William H. Dunn to Ellen E. Dunn
116.1622 Assignment Unknown 1879 29 July Henry Dover (1) Equitable Reversionary Interest Society (2) re the interest of John G. Cocke in his father's estate
116.1626 Assignment Unknown 1894 21 November Alexander Patrick (1) Ingo G. Patrick (2) re shares in the estate of Thomas Patrick deceased
132.1934 Assignment Unknown 1796 4 November William & Ann West (1) William Bingley (2) (property indecipherable)
116.1634 Appointment Unknown 1918 31 December of new Trustees in Dr Blundell's 1875 Settlement Robert & Margaret Noyes (1) Bernard Arnold & Another (2) Ellen H. Noyes (3)
116.1632 Surrender Unknown 1920 26 May Gustave L. Desiran (1) Octave Desiran (2) re life interest in settlement funds
116.1631 Settlement Unknown 1860 25 January Charles E. Gibson (1) Georgina Charles (2)
132.1933 Probate Unknown 1871 26 September of the will of Joseph K. Barnes of St Christopher West Indies
114.1448 Assignment Unknown 1751 26 March Mary Cookof Edgworth Glos (1) Benjamin Saunders (2) re expectation of inheritance of Samuel Hayward
116.1607 Account Unknown 1806/7 of John Davenport to Ann Paycroft
116.1606 Bond Unknown 1801 29 September Samuel Gist of London (1) Mary Driver of Gloucester (2)
116.1621 Correspondence Unknown 1861-1872 re the Marriage Settlement of James and Elizabeth Cumming
115.1583 Account Unknown 1838 16 May of John Evans, Solicitor to R.C.Sale
115.1584 Receipt Unknown 1832 27 January of E Stoddart & Another re a mortgage instalment due from George Back to the estate of Rhoda Ross deceased
115.1586 Letter Unknown 1824 23 July from Legacy Duty Dept to Henry Schultes re Richard lloyd deceased
115.1585 Letter Unknown 1870 30 June from Josiah Stokes, Solicitor to Benjamin Sidaway of Old Hill on behalf of Ambrose Jones re land at Old Hill
116.1596 Certificate Unknown 1835/1836 of 3% Consols Thomas Mee and Samuel Martin
116.1595 Notice Unknown 1860 20 November of assignment to Charles Coupland by William H. Bousfield of an interest in the estate of Eliza Bousfield deceased
132.1932 Bond Essex 1753 26 February James Milbarne of Little Euston, Essex(1) Revd John Maryon of White Roding (2) re proposed marriage of J.M. and Jane Hooper
115.1567 Notice Unknown 1899 12 August to Norwich Union of assignment of an insurance policy by the Misses Jones to Ernest H. Coe and Another
115.1575 Receipts Unknown 1840 re 3% Consols from Richard C. Sale and Others
114.1420 Indentures Unknown 1905 2 December re the estate of William Churchill deceased and marriage settlement of Richard F. St. John and Julia C. Churchill
114.1421 Appointmenrt Unknown 1930 10 September of new Trustees to the Marriage Settlement of Major General & Mrs John Hackett being Col. Charles H. Chauncy and Eveline Lancaster
114.1422 Charge Unknown 1888 2 March Walter Johnson of London (1) Samuel Willson (2) secured by a Prudential Insurance policy
114.1413 Notice Unknown 1896 13 February by Ernest C. Price & Another to the Trustees of the Price Marriage Settlement re a reversionaqry interest in the estate
114.1412 Notice Unknown 1908 28 February to the Trustees of the Price Marriage Settlement of a charge on the reversionary interest Ralph C. Price (1) Charles S. Weir (2)
114.1410 Notice Unknown 1909 26 Julyto Trustees of the Price Marriage Settlement of transfer of securities on Capt. Price's interest in his own settled property Charlotte Herky(1) Maria Croft (2)
114.1411 Deed of Covt Unknown 1909 11 February Mina Dunlop (1) Annie Jones & Another (2) as to payment of rent by underlessee Bertha Hildenbrand
87.1455 Bond Suffolk 1765 9 January Thomas Cooke of Bungay (1) Francis Doughton
132.1931 Indenture Suffolk 1775 20 June Anne Feake & Another (1) Arnold Nesbitt & Another (2) re land etc at Horham
130.1882 Agreement Suffolk 1783 John Heigham (1) William Monk & Others re land at Stradishall
124.1737 Lease Suffolk 1839 16 July Elizabeth C. Mills (1) Thomas Wesgate (2) re land at Stowmarket
132.1930 Agreement Suffolk 1845 11 October James T. Margitson (1) William Hartcup (2) re a law partnership in Bungay
113.1362 Will Suffolk 1653 19 April of Edward Guest of Sandcroft
113.1372 Grant Suffolk 1716 28 September Mary Turner (1) Ralph Baas (2) re a cottage at Wostall
71.1244 Bond Suffolk 1765 6 July John Richards of Sylcham (1) Lorina Deye of Eye (2)
71.1248 Bond Suffolk 1832 23 October John Fisher of Athelington & Another (1) Elizabeth Frost of Ipswich (2)
85.1419 Notice Suffolk 1877 6 December of assignment of mortgage from Robert J. Moore of Fressingfield to William Hartcup of Bungay
72.1263 Statements Suffolk 1737 re the estate of David Medcalf deceased of Bungay
110.1975 Receipt Suffolk 1876 15 July re money paid into the Chancery Court by the Revd George C. White for the account of the manor of Harham Thorpe Hall
101.1730 Bond Suffolk 1768 18 January Thomas Cocke (1) Francis Doughton (2) both of Bungay
99.1700 Manorial
99.1690 Manorial Suffolk 1744 14 July Conditional Surrender of land in East Bergholt by Robert Barrett
99.1686 Manorial Suffolk 1765 12 October Surrender of land in East Bergholt by Philip & Sarah Roberts
99.1687 Manorial Suffolk 1733 11 October Surrender of land in East Bergholt by Mary Grey
99.1680 Letter Suffolk 1806 7 October from John Cordy of Warlingworth re monies due from the estate of Mrs Simpson deceased of Woodbridge
101.1732 Certificate Suffolk 1876 15 July of the Chancery Court for monies due from the Revd George C. White to the manor of Stradbroke
109.1942 Bond Suffolk 1778 10 January John Richards of Sylcham (1) James Leman of Hoxne (2)
109.1943 Agreement Suffolk 1843 22 May Samuel Smith of Bungay to hold land at Denton on trust for his sister Susanna Cuddon
135.1985 Indenture Essex 1692 7 April Peter and Anne Taylor )1) William Strother (2) re houses at Barking
100.1704 Receipt Suffolk 1789 27 October of William Catling of Maffield re mortgage monies from the Exors of John Tuthill of Halesworth
100.1708 Memorandum Suffolk 1869 22 October of James Southwell as to the conveyance of property to Martin P. Cracknell of Wilby
111.1241 Manorial Suffolk 1825 21 December Surrender of land at East Bergholt by the Revd George H. Deane
2018x Abstract Suffolk 1747 of the title of Thomas Cook of Bungay in mortgage to Jeremiah Roberts
111.1231 Notice Suffolk 1889 4 October re the Marriage Settlement of Webster Adams of Ipswich and Alice Heal
111.1201 Memorandum Suffolk 1850 1st January William Hartcup of Bungay (1) Revd Edward Barlee and Another of Warlingworth as to repayment of monies lent
111.1203 Writ Suffolk 1802 8 April Richard Dreyer v John & Lydia Barnes re land at Westhall
111.1212 Bond Suffolk 1771 5 JulyGeorge Culhem of Earsham (1) Revd Isaac Cowper of Eye (2)
110.1984 Manorial Suffolk 1786 30 June Coditional Surrender by John Tuthill of Halesworth re land in that manor
115.1568 Mortgage Suffolk 1869 19 May William Cock of Bungay (1) William Hartcup (2) re the estate of Samuel Brand deceased
87.1449 Indenture Dorset 1802 12 August per an Order of the Exchequer Court in re Wilkliam Bower of Dorchester and James Bower of Melcombe Regis
132.1929 Lease Dorset 1844 28 May John Loat & Another (1) Samuel Beswick (2) re 4 houses in Cavendish Grove Lambeth
127.1815 Lease Dorset 1622 14 August Johnae Weare (1) Thomas Bower (2) re land at Iwerne Minster
123.1727 Indenture Dorset 1725 24 December John Weeth (1) William Pidding (2) William Templeman (3) re land at Charminster
132.1928 Underlease Dorset 1817 10 February John Rogers (1) James P. Hillary (2) re 90 Strand Weymouth
132.1927 Bond Dorset 1750 16 January Solomon Margass of Weymouth & Another (1) Jonathan Furlong of St Paul's Cray (2)
93.1587 Lease Dorset 1803 25 November Francis Webb (1) Joseph Horsford & Another (2) re land at West Chickerill
112.1265 Lease Dorset 1806 31 October Samuel Weston (1) Henry Lowman (2) re land in New Street Melcombe Regis
112.1264 Release Dorset 1806 1st November Samuel Weston (1) Henry Lowman (2) re land in NewStreet Melcombe Regis
112.1263 Lease Dorset 1776 25 August William & Philadelphia Bower (1) John Kerly (2) re land at Iwerne Minster
112.1268 Lease Dorset 1839 23 February John Brockway (1) The Misses Williams (2) re land at Iwerne Minster
112.1304 Lease Dorset 1813 1st April Trustees of Sir I.L.Johnstone Bt deceased (1) James Fooks (2) re premises at Melcombe
129.1864 Letter Dorset 1870 14 April from Charles Baskett to Solicitors in Weymouth re Abbotsbury Chapel
112.1312 Memorandum Dorset 1863 21 July of Agreement James Sharpe (1) John Gidley (2) re lands at Corfe
112.1313 Will Dorset 1719 17 November of John Newman of Weymouth
128.1843 P/Attorney Dorset 1860 30 November Sarah & George Bagby of New York (1) Cdr William Prowse RN of Weymouth
71.1242 Bond Dorset 1800 15 February John Puckett of Weymouth (1) William Bower & Charles Bowles (2)
110.1965 Indenture Dorset 1760 20 March Elizabeth Young of Bristol (1) Robert Farr of Cerne Abbas (2) re land at Charminster
110.1964 Transfer Dorset 1873 26 March Exors of Ann Arden of Dorchester (1)Francis Arden (2) re 4 shares in the Dorchester Gas & Coke Co.
100.1707 Acknowledgt Dorset 1877 24 September of Francis Arden re mortgage monies advanced to Mark Carpenter of Bournemouth re land at Branksome
111.1235 Abstract Dorset 1810 of the title of the Trustees of Francis H. Lambert to land at Piddlehinton
111.1233 Memorandum Dorset 1880 22 December as to the discharge of a mortgage advance by James Fairey to William D. Dugdale re land at Fortuneswell, Portland
111.1208 Schedule Dorset 1901 21 August of dilapidations re the Household Stores at St Mary Street, Weymouth
132.1926 Memorandum Dorset 1826 7 December by William J. Silvester of London re the proposed sale of a property in St Mary's Street Melcombe
132.1925 Prom. Note Dorset 1865 18 April of William Hall of Corfe to James Russell
115.1561 Assignment Dorset 1755 14 June of a Bond to Hookey King of Blandford by William Percy of Blandford re John & William Fisher of Pimperne
115.1540 Agreement Dorset 1895 21 January Thomas Watkinson (1) Charles Pick (2) re lease of 30 St Mary Street Weymouth
115.1543 Memorandum Dorset 1877 6 December Harriet P.Cox of Melcombe (1) James E. Cockram of Newton Abbot (2) re 91 St Mary's Street Melcombe
132.1924 Bond Dorset 1800 21 November James Collins of New Sarum (1) Samuel Petty (2)
115.1572 Abstract Dorset 1796 of the title of John Collins to lands at Great Huntsmill
86.1445 Lease Surrey 1862 31 December Elizabeth Young (1) George Gray (2) reland at Chertsey
130.1874 Agreement Surrey 1752 12 November Thomas Page (1) Thomas Catling & Another (2) Richard Stevens & Another (3) re land at Newdigate
118.1667 Agreement Surrey 1748 29 September Phillip Hollingworth (1) James Collyer & Others (2) re land etc at Woking
124.1736 Assignment Surrey 1890 19 November G.W.Roberts (1) the Misses Stanton (2) re 340 Old Kent Road
123.1731 Assignment Surrey 1891 13 April Joseph Simmons & Others (1)Richard Lance (2) re 7, Huntingdon Street Barnsbury
123.1729 Assignment Surrey 1819 1st October James Pritchitt (1)Thomas W. Harland & Others (2) re the Vine Yard , Today Street. Southwark
89.1503 Agreement Surrey 1848 18 November John Mousley of Clapham (1) William S. Abbott (2) re lease of land at the OvalKennington
132.1923 Letter Surrey 1904 13 June S. Pickman of Acton to J. Dickens re 377/379 Wandsworth Road
132.1922 Memorandum Surrey 1921 14 October of assignment of lease of 11/13 Trothy Road (part of the Rolls Estate) Sarah R. Sparks & Another (1) James G. Kendall of Bermondsey (2)
89.1494 Notice Surrey 1902 7 May to Arthur Miller re termination of lease of 40 Brixton Hill
93.1575 Assent Surrey 1930 16 September by Eleanor S. Pratt of Brighton re 53/54 Pulross Road Stockwell
90.1515 Agreement Surrey 1882 Viscount Boyne (1) Henry Wilkinson (2) re land at Croydon
89.1510 Notice Surrey 1839 8 January of 2nd mortgage of the Royal Hotel Richmend Leonard W. lloyd (1) william Cash & Others (2)
94.1597 Agreement Surrey 1864 30 August Joseph Yeaman (1) James Taylor (2) re lease of land at Croydon
94.1603 Mortgage Surrey 1891 20 August Edmund Dore (1) George Ashby (2) re the White Hart Lower Kennington Lane
95.1621 Indenture Surrey 1865 19 July George Jackson & Another (1) Thomas Bellamy & Another (2) re land at Croydon
94.1612 Lease Surrey 1904 24 October Mary I. Cockle (1) Edward L. Ferris (2) re The Paddocks West Molesey
93.1589 Certificate Surrey 1888 16 February of redemption of rentcharge re a property in Brixton
95.1631 Consent Surrey 1886 13 September John A. Rolls (1) John Duck (2) re alterations to 120 Newington Causeway Southwark
96.1635 Mortgage Surrey 1880 26 January James E. Betts (1) Lion Brewery Co Ltd (2) re The White Hart Kennington Cross
96.1636 Release Surrey 1895 30 December Bass Ratcliffe & Co (1) George A. Mason (2) RE The White Hart Kennington Cross
112.1280 Mortgage Surrey 1853 22 August Henry Hubble (1) Second Kent Freehold Provident Bldg Socy (2) re 14 Tyrwhitt Terrace Lewisham Road
113.1351 Notice Surrey 1906 14 August of assignment Mrs Whitehead (nee Hankin) (1) W.H.Byers (2) re 15 Fawnbrake Avenue Herne Hill
112.1290 Bond Surrey 1742 11 November John Mason of Southwark (1) Hannah Weight Of Rotherhithe (2)
112.1321 Certificate Surrey 1878 27 November as to right of burial of Mary Gardner in Godalming
112.1329 Charge Surrey 1901 11 July Emma Ashby (1) Noakes & Co Ltd (2) re the Prince of Wales in Kennington
112.1331 Agreement Surrey 1898 18 October Henry Woodham (1) London Sports Ground Co (2) re Catford Sports Ground
102.1759 Assignment Surrey 1924 27 November J.R.Baily (1) Mrs E.C. Harvey (2) re 75 Burton Ropad Brixton
102.1758 Notice Surrey 1894 11 August Louise Beveridge (1) FraNK Ellis (2) re ThePrince of Wales, Princess Square Kennington
102.1761 Notice Surrey 1874 7 August Charles Sewell (1) James Watney (2) James Hills (3) re the White Hart at Kennington
103.1766 Assignment Surrey 1916 27 July Miss E. Meyer (1) W.J.Oliver (2) re 52 Oglander Road Peckham
117.1662 Lease Surrey 1812 30 April John F. Scott as Trustee of John Lloyd (1) John Lloyd (2) James Hammond (3) re land at Christchurch
118.1673 Assignment Surrey 1928 10 July Mrs H.E.Hill (1) Humphrey Quin & Others (2) re 321 Wandsworth Road Lambeth
118.1674 Assignment Surrey 1928 10 July Mrs A.E.Waters (1) Humphrey Quin & Others (2) re 317 Wandsworth Road Lambeth
103.1777 Release Surey 1922 26 September Nortern Assurance Co Ltd (1)John E. Humphrey & Others (2) re a mortgage on Hays Wharf
104.1780 Lease Surrey 1926 9 July Sir John Humphrey & Others (1)Herbert Swan & Co (2) re offices in New Hibernia Chambers London Bridge
72.1261 Bond Surrey 1811 16 August Thomas Halford & Another of Newington (1) David Ricardo of London
71.1256 Charge Surrey 1896 29 July James H. Lea (1) Planet Bldg Socy (2) re properies in Camberwell
84.1410 Mortgage Surrey 1898 3 March Emma Ashby (1) Noakes & Co Ltd (2) re The Prince of Wales in Kennington
84.1408 Mortgage Surrey 1882 4 April George Ashby (1) J.& W. Nicholson & Co (2) re the White Hart Kennington
84.1407 Mortgage Surrey 1891 20 August Edmund Dore (1) Bass & Co (2) re The White Hart Kennington
84.1406 Mortgage Surrey 1890 27 June Edmund Dore (1) Bass & Co (2) re The White Hart Kennington
84.1405 Mortgage Surrey 1896 8 January William J. Wright (1) Samuel Allsopp & Sons (2) re The White Hart Kennington
109.1917 Indenture Surrey 1682 30 May Jane Farr (1) John Hollibush (2) re land at Bermondsey
109.1925 Assignment Surrey 1891 23 May Elizabeth M. Brunning (1) Henry Jones (2) RE 251 Old Kent Road
109.1932 Notice Surrey 1893 9 May by Alexander Chisholm of Bermondsey re assignment to Benjamin Burton of mortgage monies advanced to John F. Shepherd of the Colleen Bawn
101.1727 Manorial Surrey 1750 11 December Admission of Paul Watson to the @Antelope@ in Wandsworth
99.1671 Account Surrey 1863 17 February of Davidson & Co re a lease Eliza Crane & Another (1) Messrs Bates (2) re a factory etc in Neath Street Old Kent Road
110.1971 Account Surrey 1862 October of Parker & Co to Messrs Bates re lease of premises in Walworth
102.1741 Will Surrey 1849 8 November of John Hale of 38 Liverpool Street Newington
110.1974 Mortgage Surrey 1862 23 April Mrs S.A.Stevens & Others (1) W.W.Duffield (2) re 17-20 Bath Street London Road Southwartk
132.1921 Prom Note Surrey 1806 16 October of Lord Dewhurst for monies paid on his behalf by Lord William Russell & Another to James Graham re premises at Streatham
132.1920 Manorial Surrey 1878 30 October Admission of Thomas Penn on death of Charles Penn to land at Hampton Court
111.1222 Abstract Surrey 1863 of the title of G.H.Halledge to land at Croydon
111.1248 Recovery Surrey 1796 Wheatley (1) Bicknell (2) Smith (3) re land at bermondsey
132.1919 Notice Surrey 1875 26 November of assignment of policies with Rock Life Assnce Co by Alfred W. Brind of Ash to John H. Cancellor & Others
115.1544 Memorandum Surrey 1869 November re production of deeds to land at Rotherhithe Joseph Ledger & Others (1) Charles Lewington (2)
130.1878 Lease Surrey 1930 21 November Henry F. Browell (1) John H. Chisum-Smith (2)re 24 Colville Terrace Kennington
114.1455 Assignment Surrey 1849 15 March James W. Surridge (1) William Welch (2) re land at St James's Grove, Commercial Road
115.1581 Will Surrey 1845 15 February of Thomas Spencer of Dorking
115.1571 Assignment Surrey 1876 3 May Ann Ruddock (1) James Dimond (2) re 15/17 Effra Parade Brixton
115.1570 Declaration Surrey 1876 28 September of James Dimond as to covenenats re 15/17 Effra Parade Brixton
115.1569 Declaration Surrey 1876 28 September of Henry Staines as to covenants re 15/17 Effra Parade Brixton
114.1432 Certificate Surrey 1888 9 April of the death of James F. Shillito of Putney on 29 January 1887
114.1442 Certificate Surrey 1892 3 May of the lodgment in the Chancery Division by Richard B. Evered for the account of the Manor of Horley
115.1502 Certificate Sussex 1891 9 November of the marriage of Edward Ralph and Caroline Bishop at Bexhill
118.1663 Agreement Sussex 1741 11 November John Dennett (1) Peter Hill & Another (2) re properties at Woodmancote and Henfield
128.1827 Indenture Sussex 1651 11 December John Dennett (1) William Baldwyn (2) re lands in Sussex
126.1772 Bargain/Sale Sussex 1651 11 December John Dennett (1) William Baldwyn (2) re lands in Sussex
126.1773 Feoffment Sussex 1651 John Dennett (1) William Baldwyn (2) re lands in Sussex
124.1740 Feoffment Sussex 1671 31 March Thomas Dennett the elder & Another (1) John Agates (2) re land at Woodmancote
123.1732 Lease Sussex 1899 5 May Thomas Wall (1) C. Rutherford (2) re 15 Dyke Road Brighton
121.1713 Assignment Sussex 1759 30 March Richard Godman (1) Francis Peat & Others (2) Ann Halsey (3) Rachel Halsey (4) re lands etc at Chichester
89.1499 Certificate Sussex 1799 25 March redemption of Land Tax by William Ayling of Stodham
89.1498 Certificate Sussex 1876 13 April as to the burial of George F. Jones of Worthing on 30 April 1844
132.1918 Mortgage Sussex 1882 13 March Edward Allport & Another of Mayfield (1) Charles H. Hodgson (2) of monies in a trust fund
93.1577 Certificate Sussex 1799 13 April redemption of Land Tax by John Knoight of Hadley
94.1615 Mortgage Sussex 1693 15 September William Cropley (1) John Lang (2) re lands etc in Chichester
95.1629 Covenant Sussex 1830 25 September Charles Warren (1) Anthony Copron (2) re production of deeds re land at Minsted
111.1259 Abstract Sussex 1823 10 November of Releases & Annuities under the Will of William Ayling of Stedham
111.1261 Conveyance Sussex 1799 2 May Francis Ayling (1) Trustees of the Tovey Marriage Settlement (2) re land at Stedham
112.1344 Receipt Sussex 1693 2 June for £270 due from John Bentt of Chichester to John Borrett
110.1962 Abstract Sussex 1866 of the title of Maria Manton to premises in Lansdowne Place Brighton
128.1845 Authority Sussex 1878 22 May Stephen Clark to F.W.Phillips & Others as to repayment of mortgages on properties in St George's Road Hastings
115.1488 Bond Sussex 1809 23 September John Howell of Chichester (1) John Moore (2)
114.1437 Notice Sussex 1833 17 February of intent to exercise power of sale by Edward Stoddart & Another of Ashford to John Fowler as exor of James Back of Ticehurst
117.1644 Jointure Lincolnshire 1731 8 April of Mrs Stephen Cooper of Grimoldby
93.1586 Certificate Lincolnshire 1813 1st October of one share in Witham Navigation held by Revd Richard Sutton of Brant Broughton
112.1269 Mortgage Lincolnshire 1876 3 May Henry Burtt (1) Mildred Shelton (2) of an interest in farms etc in the County
72.1260 Assignment Lincolnshire 1772 1st June Mary Turpin of Holbeach (1) Thomas Bristow (2) re land at Holbeach
118.1664 Agreement Durham 1771 3 November George Jacob (1) James Moore & Another (2) re property at Cockfield
125.1749 Indenture Durham 1715 23 June John Clutterbuck (1) James Fripot (2) re land in County Durham
126.1763 Recovery Durham 1704 25 July William Ogle & Another (1) Samuel Forster (2) re land at Norham
115.1533 Notice Durham 1879 30 June of assignment of land at Bill Quay Howarth by Isaac Cook & Another to Robert J. Cook & Another
125.1747 Bargain /Sale Essex 1729 20 November Trustees of the South Sea Co (1)Samuel Feaks (2) re land at6 Henham
125.1753 Surrender Essex 1872 4 May John Bawtree (1) Mrs M.A.Malt (2) re Great Podds West Mersea
125.1755 Account Essex 1801 29 September Henry Wildman to John Scott re purchase of property at Margaret Roothing
1261769 Agreement Essex 1748 19 January Robert Milner (1) Joseph Cranmer (2) re farms etc in Essex
126.1770 Particulars Essex 1720 of lands at Downham
126.1775 Will Essex 1784 25 August of William Impey of Saffron Walden
126.1776 Surrender Essex 1763 10 December John Parker (1) Daniel Knight (2) re land at Lindsell Hall
126.1782 Conveyance Essex 1661 31 January Nicholas Bayley (1) Ann Carter & Another (2) re lands at Newport
130.1879 Abstract Essex 1749 28 March of deeds held by Jospeh Cranmer to order of Thomas Whitfold & Another re claim of Robert Milner to lands at Newport
120.1704 Bond Essex 1774 23 May Thomas Wallis (1) John Parker (2)
120.1703 Abstract Essex 1765 4 December re the estate of Geoffrey Nightingale at Newport & Widdington
120.1702 Declaration Essex 1813 8 October of Trust S. Bryant (1) Revd E. Bryant (2) re land at Widdington
127.1808 Account Essex 1820 3 August General Buckby to Mrs Jones re purchase of land
127,1784 Bond Essex 1762 30 September John Humphry of Debden (1) Dobson Wright of Widdington (2)
99.1694 Surrender Essex 1758 10 October re land at Chickney to the use of the estate of John Hammond deceased
110.1952 Abstract Essex 1748 19 July of the title of Robert Milner to lands at Newport
127.1787 Agreement Essex 1819 5 June John Sucking (1) Peter Asplin (2) re land at Chadwell
127.1794 Manorial Essex 1849 17 August receipt for commission fee paid by Colley & Others in manor of Marciefee
127.1795 Surrender Essex 1727 27 October Thomas Walls & Another (1)John Morice (2) re land at Rickling
127.1798 Account Essex 1783 6 November John Walkley to Henry Cranmer re purchase of woodland at Chickney
89.1506 Manorial Essex 1791 23 July Conditional Surrender of Rebecca Howes & Another to Thomas Howes of land at East Mersea
89.1504 Manorial Essex 1826 23 August Mary Cooke & Others (1) David Mustard (2) re land at West Mersea
89.1491 Certificate Essex 1880 7 October of the death of Samuel B. Edenborough of Waltham Abbey on 23 October 1873
89.1490 Certificate Essex 1880 7 October of the death of Joseph F. Jessopp of Waltham Abbey on 13 February 1875
94.1611 Agreement Essex 1904 19 April re partnership of Thomas W. Garnie and Charles F. Cartmall to run the Three Cups Hotel at Harwich
95.1630 Abstract Essex 1817 of the title to land at Newport Pond Widdington of the Revd Edward Bryant deceased
132.1917 Mortgage Essex 1922 7 September William J. Tett (1) Hearts of Oak Permanent Bldg Socy(2) re 1, Milton Avenue Hornsey
130.1890 Surrender Essex 1922 7 September Edwin A. Fisher (1) William J. Tett (2) of mortgage on 1, Milton Avenue Hornsey
132.1916 Mortgage Essex 1918 28 January William J. Tett (1) Edwin A Fisher (2) re 1, Milton Avenue Hornsey
129.1865 Letter Essex 1867 20 July J.T.Collin of Saffron Walden to C.W.Lawrence re heriot payable on death of Mr Thurgood to manor of Priory Widdington
112.1310 Surrender Essex 1797 20 May Thomas Hawkins of Beron (1) Richard Townsend (2) re lands at Widdington Hall
112.1315 Receipt Essex 1869 21 October of C.W.Lawrence Steward of Widdington for admission fees of Francis Smith
112.1292 Probate Essex 1814 15 July of the Will of John Beddall of Geat Leigh
112.1294 Will Essex 1694 4 March of William Ward of West Ham
112.1332 Certificare Essex 1856 12 November as to payment by Francis Smith re land at Widdington
118.1670 Agreement Essex 1786 17 October James Larkin & Others (1)Richard Squires (2) Henry Cranmer (3) re land at Newport Pond
109.1918 Mortgage Essex 1892 20 February Henry Coomber (1) London & Provincial Bank (2) re the 'White House' Vicarage Lane Stratford
98.1661 Manorial Essex 1749 28 August Surrender by Robert Milner of Fanham Geneve, Suffolk and admission of Joseph Cranmer of Quendon Hall to land at Widdington
98.1662 Manorial Essex 1770 9 November Admission of Francis Murkin to land in Manor of Mole Hall
98.1663 Manorial Essex 1835 5 May Surrender by Peter Murkin and admission of Richard Townsend re land at Widdington
98.1664 Manorial Essex 1818 8 October Surrender by James B. Forster & Another and admission of John Carter of Radwinter re land at Chickney
127.1785 Manorial Essex 1758 5 April Surrender by Elizabeth Brooksbank & Others to John Hammond of land at Chickney
132.1915 Manorial Essex 1761 25 November Admission of John Ewer of New Brentford to land at Ealing
99.1695 Manorial Essex 1875 19 October Surrender by Richard Hunter and admission of Revd Ralph G. Smith of Glasgow to land in manor of High Easter
99.1696 Manorial Essex 1891 23 March Admission of John Hunter & Others as Pers Reps of Richard Hunter deceased to land in manor of Newarks and Good Easter
102.1749 Manorial Essex 1815 19 June Surrender by George Chipperfield and admission of Richard Townsend to land at Mole Hall
130.1883 Notice Essex 1857 29 October of redemption of mortgage by Revd Charles R. Rowlatt of North Benfleet to Exors of Thomas M. Rowlatt deceased of Oxford
109.1945 Manorial Essex 1861 18 June Admission of Francis Smith to land at Widdington
100.1710 Manorial Essex 1819 21 April Surrender by John Dellow and admission of James Newland to land at Widdington
100.1711 Manorial Essex 1817 23 April Admission of John Dellow on death of Matthew Dellow to land atWiiddington
100.1715 Manorial Essex 1782 11 April Surrender by John Monk and admission of Jethro Newland to land at Widdington
100.1716 Manorial Essex 1764 10 May Surrender by John Monk and admission of John Monk to land at Widdington
100.1717 Manorial Essex 1842 11 April Admission of Susanna Newland on death of James Newland to land at Widdington (deed endorsed as to his marriage and death)
101.1720 Manorial Essex 1770 14 February Admission of Isaac Jarvis to land at Widdington
110.1954 Abstract Essex 1749 of the title of Robert Milner to land etc at Newport
110.1953 Abstract Essex 1715 of the title of Robert Milner to land in the Manor of Quendon
131.1914 Abstract Essex 1749 of the title of Robert Milner to lands etc at Widdington
110.1956 Abstract Essex 1749 of the title of Robert Milner to copyhold land at Widdington
111.1245 Manorial Essex 1817 23 April Admission of James Newland to land at Widdington
111.1239 Manorial Essex 1815 14 August admission of James Josselyn to land at Boxstead Hall
111.1242 Manorial Essex 1755 24 April admission of John Collin to land at Widdington
111.1234 Opinion Essex Undated of James Bacon of Counsel re an Abstract of the revd Edward Bryant deceased re lands at Newport Pond and Widdington
110.1982 Abstract Essex 1781 of the title of Ann Rust to lands at newport Pond
111.1256 Abstract Essex 1827 of the title of the Devisees of John Carter deceased to land at Chickney
111.1255 Abstract Essex 1764 of the title of Gamaliel Nightingale to farms etc at Newport Pond and Widdington
111.1226 Abstract Essex 1775 of the title of Anne & Mary Feake to woodland at Chickney
131.1913 Manorial Essex 1844 27 April ConditionaL Surrender by David Fay to Richard Randall to secure £200 and interest re land at Mitchelmarsh Manor
116.1618 Manorial Essex 1787 5 June Surrender by William Wallis and admission of Charles Bowtell re land at Lindsell Hall
116.1617 Manorial Essex 1732 10 August Admission of Ann Bayfield to land at Hackford and Thorpe
116.1593 Surrender Essex 1694 1st June by Benjamin Jones to Thomas Stone re land at Chickney
2219x Agreement Wales 1772 3 November Jacob Good (1) Francis Good & Another (2) re land at Goffield, Welshpool
120.1709 Release Wales 1779 26 February William Hurst & Others (1) Thomas Proud & Another (2) re land at East Barry, Glamorgan
125.1743 Lease Wales 1725 28 December John Jones (1) William Phillips (2) re land in Glamorgan
95.1624 Mortgage Wales 1773 8 March John Edwards (1) Samuel Price (2) Robert Williams (3) re land at Llangattock, Brecon
129.1866 Letter Wales 1881 2 July re repayment pf mortgage Miss Snodin to Mrs Hopkins re land in South Wales
118.1665 Indenture Somerset 1691 17 April Richard A. Court (1) Nicholas Parsons (2) re Barley Close Sutton Montaine
125.1741 Bargain/Sale Somerset 1701 26 March Thomas Ludwell & Others (1) George Lewis (2) re land in Somerset
125.1745 Mortgage Somerset 1720 26 March Francis Atkins (1) Elizabeth Ruddock (2) re land at Sutton Montaine
93.1580 Bond Somerset 1771 20 July Richard Upton of Walcott (1) Charles Biggs of Bath
89.1509 Mortgage Somerset 1718 16 December Francis Atkins (1) Mary Silsby of Sherborne (2) re land at Sutton Montaine
93.1588 Lease Somerset 1757 25 March George Lewis & Another (1) Humphrey Lewis (2) re lands at Compton Pauncefoot
96.1642 Conveyance Somerset 1939 4 May Mary E. Bradford (1) George N. Walker (2) Charles J. Bradford & Others (3) re groundrents in Ovendale Road, Fishponds, Bristol
112.1306 Bond Somerset 1801 25 June John Burnett of Huntspile (1) William Rawlings of Stogursey (2) to secure £1600
112.1307 Bond Somerset 1771 15 June Ann Penny of Yeovil (1) Hannah Lewis of Compton Pauncefoot (2) to secure £200
112.1327 Will Somerset 1719 4 February of George Lewis of Compton Pauncefoot
113.1385 L/Admin Somerset 1874 30 November re Matthew Trent deceased of Chilthorn Dormer
113.1373 Assignment Somerset 1816 5 March Nathaniel Tucker (1) John Gregory (2) re land at Poulton
131.1912 Affidavit Somerset 1809 15 December of William Braikenridge of Bristol
116.1611 Admission Somerset 1792 16 August of Josiah Sellick, Accountant as a Burgess of Bristol
116.1612 Articles Somerset 1782 18 February of Josiah Sellick as apprentice accountant to James M. Hilhouse of Bristol
116.1613 Admission Somerset 1752 2 November of Samuel Gist as a Freeman of Bristol
118.1668 Agreement Hampshire 1797 3 November Thomas Longcroft & Others (1) Stevens & Another (2) re land at Portsmouth
126.1774 Lease Hampshire 1712 18 July Thomas Goldfinch & Another (1) Thomas Butcher (2) re land at Kingston
127.1813 Indenture Hampshire 1703 18 June Thomas Seymour (1) Thomas Beeston & Others (2) John Binstead & Others (3) re land in Hampshire
127.1810 Lease Hampshire 1707 13 February Mary Edwards (1) Richard Aylward & Another (2) re land in Hampshire
112.1274 Assignment Hampshire 1760 20 June Charles Snooks (1) Francis Lucas (2) re land at Portsea
113.1363 Assignment Hampshire 1795 21 April Bankruptcy Commissioners of George Moody of Havant to William Smither & Others of Emsworth
113.1371 Assignment Hampshire 1779 18 August John Long (1) James Moore (2) re land at Southampton
113.1374 Assignment Hampshire 1782 22 June Martha Duras (1) James Tubber & Another (2) re land at Portsea
113.1377 Assignment Hampshire 1776 24 February Thomas Turker (1) John Harris (2) re land at Portsea
71.1257 Assignment Hampshire 1731 21 September Moses Greetham of Portsea (1)George Pratt (2) re a pew in St George's Chapel Portsea
71.1258 Assignment Hampshire 1792 26 December John Monday & Another (1) Thomas Sheall (2) re a pew in St George's Chapel Portsea
109.1914 Assignment Hampshire 1794 21 October John White & Others (1) William Poole (2) re landin College Street Portsea
109.1926 Assignment Hampshire 1796 30 June Wilkliam Poole (1) Charles Butterworth (2) of a mortgage term re land at Portsea
104.1787 AssignMent Hampshire 1834 8 October John White (1) John Bavick (2) re land at Ryde IOW
101.1729 Manorial Hampshire 1814 29 September Admission of Robert Hicks & Another as tenants at Bishops Waltham
101.1726 Manorial Hampshire 1863 17 September Surrender by John W. Chase of Titchfield to George Clark re land at Bishops Waltham
101.1725 Manorial Hampshire 1898 4 May Surrender by the Trustees of William Killick deceased to Walter Payne re land at Bishops Waltham
101.1724 Manorial Hampshire 1868 26 September Surrender by Arthur Helps of Croydon to George Atherley re land at Bishops Waltham
101.1723 Manorial Hampshire 1814 29 September Surrender by Robert Smith & Another to Stephen Steele re land at Bishops Waltham
101.1722 Manorial Hampshire 1876 2 October Admission of William H. Stone of Mickleham, Surrey to land at Bishops Waltham
101.1721 Manorial Hampshire 1866 20 April Admission of John R. Fowler to land at Bishops Waltham
128.1839 Manorial Hampshire 1809 4 May Surrender by John Brett to Edward Griffith of land at Bishops Waltham
110.1979 Manorial Hampshire 1834 23 December Admission of Major Hardres R Saunderson to land at Bishops Waltham
131.1911 Notice Hampshire 1900 1st November of a charge by Thomas R Smith of Adelaide S.A. on his interest in the estate of Thomas Smith to Elizabeth S. Dawley of South Hayling
131.1910 Release Hampshire 1654 6 April Elizabeth Bennett of Pagham (1) John Bennett (2) re 'Woodhouse' and land at Woodmancote
115.1590 Surrender Hampshire 1756 13 January by Robert Sharrock to the Bishop of Winchester of Court Farm East Meon
116.1605 Valuation Hampshire 1883 of land at Ventnor IOW owned by the Trustees of the Cumming Marriage Settlement
118.1669 Indenture Cornwall 1754 27 March John Saltron (1) John Treviso (2) re land at Otterham
2268x Feoffment Cornwall 1786 8 August Thomas Anderton (1) William Moddowcroft (2) re land at Liskeard
131.1909 Letter Cheshire Undated Miss F. Boydell to F.E.Barker of Chester
131.1908 Manorial Cheshire 1908 13 November Admission of Job Lewell and surrender by Charles Morgan & Another of land at Denton Rectory
89.1502 Receipt Cheshire 1830 10 June of J. Bennett for monies paid by S. Bennett & Others to purchase 2 crofts at Willaston
90.1514 Mortgage Cheshire 1797 14 January John Bennett (1) Alice Rawlinson (2) re lands at Willaston
94.1605 Mortgage Cheshire 1901 16 May Edward Kinner (1) Collinson & Hales (2) re land at Parkgate, Chester
97.1653 Mortgage Cheshire 1871 29 May William Thompson (1) J. Bucklebank & Another (2) re land at Montpelier Crescent, New Brighton
112.1278 Transfer Cheshire 1892 4 August Oultan & Guthrie (1) Oulton Guthrie & Sampson (2) re mortgage on premises at Wallasey & Liscard
113.1356 Deed Cheshire 1827 18 September Revd R.V.Law & Others (1) John Askew (2) re land at Wallasey
113.1365 Conveyance Cheshire 1882 27 April Trustees of John A. Nicholson (1) Edward Barlow (2) re land at Stockport
129.1862 Mortgage Cheshire 1830 9 October John Pemberton (1) John Meadows (2) re land in Cheshire
127.1801 Fine Yorkshire 1704 17 June Samuel Forster (1) William Ord (2) re property at Newbiggin and Norham
93.1581 Bond Yorkshire 1734 24 October Joseph Moore of Armley (1) Revd Joseph Cookson & Another of Leeds
93.1585 Certificate Yorkshire 1799 24 May re Redemption of Land Tax David Porritt of Armley
113.1355 Probate Yorkshire 1833 20 August of the Will of Lydia Johnson of York
113.1367 Lease Yorkshire 1817 13 November James Mellor of Halifax (1) James Wilkinson (2) re land at Halifax
113.1370 Indenture Yorkshire 1638 8 June William Smith (1) unidentified (2) re land at York
110.1981 Manorial Yorkshire 1878 7 October Surrender by Arthur Firth & Others to Jospeh Collins of lands at Hipperholme, Halifax
110.1983 Abstract Yorkshire 1772 30 December of the title of Joseph Swallow & Others to lands at Bolton upon Dearne
2285x Lease Yorkshire 1613 28 November Thomas W. Clarke (1) W. North (2) re premises in Goodramgate, York
126.1757 Indenture Northumberland 1679 15 August William Orde (1) William Strother & Another (2) re property at Newbiggin
128.1822 Indenture Northumberland 1704 1st May William Order (1) Samuel Forster (2) William Ogle & Another (3) re lands at Newbiggin and Norham
115.1499 Licence Northumberland 1872 5 June Mayor of Newcastle (1) John T. Hoyle (2) to assign premises at St Lawrence to John Carr
115.1498 Licence Northumberland 1870 23 August Mayor of Newcastle (1) Thomas Foster & Another (2) re premises on Tyne Street, Newcastle
115.1516 Notice Northumberland 1880 24 December of assignment by Charles Heath & Another to Robert Cook & Another of land at East Ballast Hills and a mortgage
115.1517 Notice Northumberland 1856 10 December of assignment of mortgage to Eleanor Jordan of Belsay by Matthew Nesbit re land at Elswick
115.1535 Notice Northumberland 1878 15 July of assignment by William G. Woodson of Heaton to George H. Hardy re land at Whitley
115.1523 Receipt Northumberland 1898 1st April of Rowland Barrett for monies due from the Trust Fund of Louisa Fellars deceased
126.1760 Receipt Gloucestershire 1706 re payment for shirts and shifts for the poor of Twyning Parish
126.1780 Will Gloucestershire 1694/5 14 February of Edward Minholl of Gloucester
124.1739 Release Gloucestershire 1714 2 June Nathaniel Matthews (1)John Corke (2) re land etc in Gloucester
131.1907 Assignment Gloucestershire 1707 28 February William Tyndale (1) William Banbury (2) Daniel Mander (3) re the tithes of Toddenham
85.1424 Assignment Gloucestershire 1746 10 September Geoge Gwinnett of Painswick (1) John Collins & Another (2) re a benefit of £30
109.1924 Manorial Gloucestershire 1813 20 July Assignees of J.Fisher Throckmorton (a bankrupt) from Henry Thompson & Another re lands at Cheltenham
131.1906 Agreement Gloucestershire 1701 4 July Knightley Shotwood of Great Rippington (1) M. Sotton (2) on the marriage of Mr Sotton with Ann Anderson
109.1936 Abstract Gloucestershire 1849 of the title of the Devisees of Devereux Bowly deceased to lands at Chesterton on sale to James H. Bowly
116.1619 L/Admin Gloucestershire 1878 7 June to the estate of William W. Gut of Alderton granted to his brother Theophilus
116.1608 Bond Gloucestershire 1834 17 February John Burrup of Gloucester & Others (1) Josiah Gist (2) for the performance of the Office of Under Sherriff
127.1806 Indenture Shropshire 1699 6 June Thomas Welham (1) Thomas Balsham (2) re land in Shropshire
127.1796 Fine Shropshire 1712 29 September Robert Pigott (1) Thomas Ireland & Others (2) re land at Bedron
94.1610 Order Shropshire 1858 31 July of the Inclusure Commissioners re Lands Improvement Co. and Sir Charles F. Smythe Bt re lands in Shropshire
95.1619 Abstract Shropshire 1783 2 August of the title of John Bennett to an estate at Bedstone
112.1341 Abstract Shropshire 1783 2 August of the title of John Bennett to an estate at Bedstone in mortgage to Beckett
127.1805 Agreement Worcestershire 1794 27 November Samuel Rickards & Others (1) Richard Shinn (2) re land at Worcester
127.1800 Agreement Worcestershire 1778 John Parry (1) Joseph Garrison & Another (2) re land at Halesowen
93.1579 Bond Worcestershire 1787 17 April Henry Crump of Addingly (1) Francis Guise of Dodderhill
106.1807 Mortgage Worcestershire 1846 5 May John Minshall (1) George Ellins (2) James Hayward (3) re salt works at Droitwich
99.1673 Bond Worcestershire 1793 January Edward Surman of Berrow (1) Ralph C. Hepton of Worcester
114.1451 Lease Worcestershire 1836 11 March Lord Northwick (1) William Gist (2) re Dovedale Cottage, Blockley
116.1609 Bond Worcestershire 1820 2 March Josiah Gist & Another (1)James M. Hilhouse of Bristol
116.1614 Correspondenc Worcestershire 1816-1836 re the affairs of Josiah Gist of Broadway
116.1615 Opinion Worcestershire 1817 10 February of Mr Sanders of Counsel re Josiah Gist
116.1610 Order Worcestershire 1816 21 August of the Chancery Court re Gist & Another v Fowke & Others
128.1847 Notice Worcestershire 1872 2 January of the Tithe Commutation Rentcharge due from Benjamin Connop of the Mill to Revd Henry Clarke re land at Northfield
120.1705 Declaration Scotland 1844 23 September of Duncan MacLennan, Solicitor of Inverness re the execution of an indenture by William Fraser
131.1905 Affidavit Scotland 1809 3 November of James Adamson of North Hanover Street, Edinburgh
131.1904 Affidavit Scotland 1833 12 November of Charles Mackenzie of Ayr
120.1701 Surrender Hertfordshire 1900 10 January Frederick Rayner (1) Henry Parry-Mitchell & Others (2) re land at Hedham
131.1903 Appointment Hertfordshire 1909 22 December on the marriage of Mr & Mrs la Bere of Bishops Stortford
85.1422 Assignment Hertfordshire 1893 20 October Charles R. Edmonds (1) Henry Cumberland (2) re 'The Firs' Bell Bar
100.1702 Manorial Hertfordshire 1805 12 January Surrender by John Hall to Richard Hall of land at Codicot
109.1941 Bond Hertfordshire 1767 14 March Benjamin Bowler of Cheshunt (1) Robert Sumption of London
111.1247 Recovery Hertfordshire 1822 Pigott (1) Doughty (2) Lomax (3) re land in Hertfordshire
115.1539 Account Hertfordshire 1898 12 November for estate duty re Lucy Turner deceased of St Albans
114.1428 Declaration Hertfordshire 1874 4 November of Robert Best to support title to 4/5 Thurston Terrace, Bushey
114.1397 Surrender Hertfordshire 1900 1st October Charles e. Taplin (1) Henry D. Parry-Mitchell & Others (2) re land at Little Hadham
127.1812 Bargain/Sale Devon 1614 26 February Prudence Prust (1) John Giles (2) re lands in Devon
131.1902 Order Devon 1858 4 May re transfer of 1, Finewell Street, Plymouth to Maria W. Easter on insolvency of Nathaniel T. Easter Solicitor of Canterbury
90.1511 Mortgage Devon 1850 23 July Richard Willing (1) John Crossing (2) re mill and land at Ashburton
113.1354 Letter Devon 1938 29 March re proposed sale of Church land at Ringmore
113.1369 Indenture Devon 1697 2 November Thomas Reynell & Others (1)Christopher Clarke (2) re lands at Galmpton
131.1901 Appointment Devon 1590 13 February William Lambolton of Devon appointing his son as his attorney
109.1915 Assignment Devon 1869 14 December Mortgagees of Thomas G. Harding (1) Equitable Reversionary Interest Socy (2) re land at Northiam and Bideford
111.1202 Appointment Devon 1816 16 September of Richard King of Plymouth as thge administrator of an unexpired term of years
116.1592 Admission Devon 1748 12 October of Richard Parminter & Another to lands etc at Ottery St Mary
114.1419 Schedule Devon 1890 of deeds to Greens Meadow, Moretonhampstead on sale by W.H. Woolland & Another
112.1272 Will Northamptonshire 1743 30 January of Robert B. Shuter of Northampton
135.1986 Indenture Suffolk 1669 5 July Thomas Jemmett (1)John Bennett and Others (2) re land at Wooodmancote
116.1629 Lease Northampton shire 1853 7 April Dean and Chapter of Peterborough (1) Earl Fitzwilliam (2) re Lincoln Place
127.1811 Indenture Derbyshire 1745 27 December James Watts (1) Thomas Outram (2) re land at Dronfield
99.1691 Manorial Derbyshire 1743 30 April Surrender of land at Rolleston by Mary Taylor on death of John Taylor
97.1655 Indenture Herefordshire 1736 20 April Mr & Mrs Harris (1) Eleanor Gwatkin (2) re land at Hereford
131.1900 Mortgage Herefordshire 1736 11 September Thomas Gwatkin (1) Walter James (2) re land at Fawnhope
128.1844 Letter Herefordshire 1896 14 December from R. Spelman Marriott of Pencraig Court, Ross
99.1675 Certificate Herefordshire 1858 29 May Catherine Preece & Others (1) Lord Henry Blissett (2)
102.1752 Certificate Herefordshire 1858 17 July of Mary Penfold to authenticate her signature on a Transfer
131.1899 Agreement London 1779 12 November John Butts (1) Samuel Turk & Others (2) re land at St Dunstan's in the West
131.1898 Agreement London 179 November John Butts (1) Samuel P. Abbott & Another re land at St Dunstan's in the West
89.1508 Letter London 1852 8 March from ? Murray to Llewellyn, Solicitor of Cheapside
131.1897 Abstract London 1751 of the title of Thorpe Towke to an estate at Duckfield Lane,Thames Street
89.1507 Letter Leicestershire 1899 26 October Joseph Frisby of Leicester to R.N.Heward, Solicitor of Weymouth
105.1797 Assignment Leicestershire 1697 12 February Samuel Browston & Another (1)William Gent & Another (2) re Prime Thorp, Broughton Astley
131.1896 Manorial Leicestershire 1736 10 October Surrender by John Gotteridge & Another to Mary Wright re land at Rolleston
89.1501 Receipt Cumberland 1785 13 December ? Robards for monies paid by Ann Baker & Others re the purchase of a farm at Eynsford
99.1692 Manorial Cumberland 1854 28 December Admission of the Trustees of John Walker deceased to lands at Braithwaite and Coledale
94.1598 Agreement Buckinghamshire 1806 11 March Edward Shirley (1) Elizabeth Cort (2) re land at Upton cum Chalvey
128.1840 Manorial Buckinghamshire 1825 20 July Surrender by James Edwin to John Cragg both of Cheddington re land at Ivinghoe
115.1521 Will Buckinghamshire 1859 20 January of the Revd Thomas c> Whitehead of Buckingham proved in Ju ne 1873
116.1620 Manorial Buckinghamshire 1808 24 May Surrender by Edward Shirley to Edward B.Fuller of premises at Upton cum Chalvey
135.1987 Indenture Dorset 1586 28 May Robert Amyot (1)William Lamboy (2) re land in Dorset
94.1602 Mortgage Berkshire 1871 6 December William Mundy (1) George S. Brawn (2) re premises at Uffington
100.1714 Manorial Berkshire 1841 16 April Admission of Edward Humfrey to land at Blewberry
115.1560 Probate Berkshire 1902 1st September of the Will of Theodore B. Hope of Newbury
130.1872 Disclaimer Berkshire 1845 4 February by Richard Canning of Speenhamland of hos appointment as Trustee of the estate of John Washbourne deceased
98.1656 Transfer Lancashire 1896 26 March Pers Reps of Frederick C. Hengler (1) Matthew Pawley (2) of a mortgage on premises in Liverpool
112.1271 Lease Lancashire 1844 23 July Thomas Shaw (1) Miller, Lloyd & Others (2) re land at Shaw Street, Everton
112.1276 Mortgage Lancashire 1866 2 June Joshua M. Bell (1) Edward Hall (2) re premises in Lancaster
104.1782 Deed Lancashire 1815 15 december Sentence of Consecration of St Mark's Church, Liverpool
105.1798 Assignment Lancashire 1895 George Brawn (1) Pierce Tallon (2) RE 14-20 Davies Street, Widnes
98.1665 Manorial Lancashire 1846 19 November Admission of Sarah Rust on death of husband Robert to land at Gymingham
98.1666 Manorial Lancashire 1785 12 February Surrender by Richard Heywood of Liverpool to the use of his Will re land at Westerby
100.1719 Manorial Lancashire 1833 29 May Surrender by John Wright as Trustee of John Snow deceased and admission of John Wright and Thomas Hosier as joint Trustees re land at Wavertree
111.1246 Manorial Lancashire 1743 25 May Surrender by William Harrison to James Barter of land at Weterby
111.1240 Manorial Lancashire 1811 10 October Surrender by Richard Peacock to Christopher Williamson of land at West Derby
116.1616 Manorial Lancashire 1788 30 April Surrender by John Atherton & Others to the use of his Deed or Will re land etc at Prescot
96.1647 Mortgage Huntingdonshire 1800 m8 December Joseph Harris (1) William Tebbut (2) re the Globe Inn St Ives
96.1646 Bond Huntingdonshire 1800 8 December Joseph Harris (1) William Tebbutt (2) re the Globe Inn St Ives
112.1295 Lease Huntingdonshire 1875 27 December A.J.Ellis (1) H.W.Parsons (2) re land at Alconbury
98.1670 Proposal Huntingdonshire 1776 15 April of Richard Reynolds to the Trustees of his Marriage Settlement re proposed purchase of land at Paxton
112.1345 Policy Oxfordshire 1928 28 March to insure 145 Woodstock Road, Oxford owned by the Revd Arthur S. Barnes and Wilfred R. Ley
112.1298 Agreement Oxfordshire 1815 30 November William Carter (1) Hannah Haynes (2) Henry W. Hawkins (3) re lands in All Saints, Oxford
112.1287 Surrender Rutland 1836 19 September John Jackson (1) Henry Jackson & Another (2) re land at Oakham
111.1238 Manorial Rutland 1815 20 June Admission of Joseph Priestman to lands at Barleythorpe
112.1296 Release Staffordshire 1724 26 October John Hallam (1) Sir Oswald Moseley (2) re lands at Rolleston
102.1755 Probate Staffordshire 1866 11 Ju7ne of George Arey deceased of Stafford
117.1657 Account Staffordshire 1861 2 July of estate duty re Joiseph Tibbetts deceased of Rowlwy Regis
114.1445 Release Staffordshire 1724 26 October John Bond (1) Sir Oswald Moseley (2) re copyhold lands at Rolleston
114.1446 Release Staffordshire 1724 26 October Henry Byard (1) Sir Oswald Moseley (2) re copyhold lands at Rolleston
130.1895 Agreement Wiltshire 1827 11 January James Tyrell (1) Thomas Hayes & Another (2) re land at Chute
85.1423 Assignment Wiltshire 1729 18 May Thomas Moulden (1) John Road (2) re land at Purton
84.1404 Mortgage Ireland 1838 14 February Revd Hamilton Stewart (1) Wilhelmina Todd & Others (2) re land at Tullyarville, Co. Donegal
130.1894 Affidavit Ireland 1834 26 July of Alexander Bate, Solicitor of Dublin re the signatures of James Patterson and James Adams
101.1733 Account Nottinghamshire 1738 26 October re monies due from named tenats in the Manor of Awkley
111.1243 Will Nottinghamshire 1722 20 May of George \Ward of Nottingham
111.1216 Letter Notinghamshire 1697 25 August John Sawkins to Richard Burbidge of Mansfield
115.1558 Will Nottinghamshire 1676 9 September of Henry Lewins of Annesley
115.1553 Memorandum Nottinghamshire 1732 7 March Jeremiah Pool of York (1) Abraham Becuder (2) re land etc in Nottingham
114.1449 Assignment Jamaica 1802 16 January Cuthbert & Co & Others (1) Trustees of John Simpson (2) re lands in Jamaica part of the estate of Bryan Edwards deceased
117.1645 Agreement Berkshire 11 March 1729 Duke of Chandos (1) Edward Walter (2) re digging up peat at Speen
117.1646 Probate Devon 1931 16 April of the Will of Coralie C. Chamier of Exeter
117.1647 Agreement Essex 1852 1st September Richard B. Fyser of Barking (1)Frederick L. Austen (2) re reversionary interest in property at Barking etc
117.1648 Manorial Essex Undated and parties illegible but relates to land at Widdington in the Manor of Mole Hall
117.1649 Particulars Essex of auction of 4/5 Lea Bridge Road, Clapton formerly owned by Thomas Bingham deceased
119.1691 Account Gloucestershire 1882 21 July of Inland Revenue re land at Cirencester formerly owned by Charles W. Lawrence deceased
119.1692 Notice Hampshire 1879 7 February to the Trustees of Henrietta Strong deceased of assignment by Trustees of the Strong Marriage Settlement to Albert Barnes and John Maude
119.1693 Notice Hampshire 1880 19 March to Trustees of Henrietta Strong deceased as to further assignment of a reversionary interest by Trustees of Strong Marriage Settlement
119.1694 Complaint Hertfordshire 1846 11 June in the Queens Bench by John S. Hunt & Others against Eustace C. Murray
119.1695 Conveyance Hertfordshire 1864 2 April British Land Co Ltd (1) Edward W.H.Manning (2) re land at Villiers Road Bushey
118.1678 P?Attorney Kent 1867 19 November George C. Foat (1) Miss Frances S. Foat & Henry H. Foat of Ramsgate (2)
118.1679 Letters Kent 1907 Francis Foreman of Chartham (1) Charles Hammond of Tottenham (2)
118.1680 Lease Kent 1758 18 October Margaret Graves & Another (1) Robert Reeves (2) re land at Blenden, Bexley
119.1681 Deed Kent 1792 10 November John Horn of Ramsgate (1) Thomas Bugden & John Weatherhead both of Ramsgate (2) re Chatham Place Ramsgate
119.1682 Conveyance Kent 1886 29 October St Paul's Deptford (1) School Board for London (2) re 249-259 Malpas Road Deptford
119.1683 Certificate Kent 1880 18 November Redemption of Rentcharge on 241 Malpas Road Deptford
119.1684 Declaration Kent 1883 14 February of Thomas Andrews of Eythorne re Street End House Eythorne
119.1685 Will Kent 1883 26 September of James Webster deceased re 2, Chatham Place Ramsgate
119.1686 Probate Kent 1842 19 April of the Will dated 3rd December 1835 of Ann Bram of Sellinge
119.1687 Administration Kent 1821 21 August of the estate of John Brand deceased
119.1688 Will Kent 1747 5 August of Gamaliel Brattle of Brookland proved on the 24 November 1750
119.1689 Indenture Kent 1628 20 October as to the partition of the estate of John Harrison deceased, roopemaker of Deptford amongst his children
119.1690 Conveyance Kent 1761 14 November John Hammersley of Deptford (1) Read & Martha Westbrook of Deptford (2) JohnWatts (3) re land at King Street Deptford
119.1696 Declaration Lancashire 1864 7 March of William S. Gennis as to the identity of signatories to a Deed
119.1697 Agreement Middlesex 1900 October Edgar L. Price (1) Charles B. Price (2) as to the valuation of a partnership
121.1714 Bond Middlesex 1802 18 January Thomas Hervey & Others (1) Trustees of the Tomas Carpenters Charity (2)
119.1698 Policy Middlesex 1916 19 June Liverpool London & Globe Insce Co (1)Arthur E. Wright & Others(2) re 15 Tregunter Road South Kensington
119.1699 Lease Middlesex 1915 4 May George L.G.Lister (1) Ethel B. Thomas (2) re 2, Pelham Street Kensington
119.1700 Lease Middlesex 1921 20 May Charles P. Duncan (1) Ethel B. Thomas (2) re 2, Pelham Street Kensington
121.1715 Letters etc Middlesex 1838 re the estates of William & Agnes Bullock both deceased of Padington
115.1489 Probate Middlesex 1899 17 May of the Will dated 19 December 1881 of Philip J.W.Tyler deceased wheelwright of Hendon
115.1490 Agreement Middlesex 1878 8 May Charles Martin (1) Amelie S.T.Cataldi (2) Frederick W. Phillips & Another (3) as to the settlement of £100
115.1491 Release Middlesex 1883 16 February Charles Martin & Another (1) Frederick W. Phillips & Another (2) re settlement of £100
115.1492 Lease Middlesex 1901 10 May Fanny M. Winter & Others (1)Hyman Chissick (2) re 34A Mile End Road and 13 Adelina Grove
115.1493 Assignment Middlesex 1868 5 September Charles Brandling (1) John F. Winterbottom (2) re annuities under the will of Gordon S. Neld deceased of Twickenham
115.1494 Lease Middlesex 1909 23 February Lucy W. Portal (1) William Blackham (2) Home & Colonial Stores Ltd (3) re 424 Essex Road Islington
114.1464 Complaint Middlesex 1871 30 January in Chancery between Union Bank of London and John Binns & Others
114.1465 Complaint Middlesex 1864 28 April in Chancery between Alexander McClymont and William Ray
114.1466 Memorandum Middlesex 1862 1st September Samuel B. Smith (1) Alexander McClymont (2) re security for £1000
114.1467 Indentutr Middlesex 1904 25 May Sir Hickman Bacon (1) Veale Chifferiel & Co (2) re 31-33 Cursitor Street
114.1468 Deed Middlesex 1878 30 April William Sapsted (1) George Brown (2) re 23 Seething Lane
114.1469 Release Middlesex 1920 24 April of Lady Laura Synge of power of appointment of a life interest
114.1470 Agreement Middlesex 1880 17 February Robert G. Eaton (1) Catherine Young (2) re 30 Harrington Square St Pancras
114.1471 Probate Middlesex 1880 4 November of the Will dated 1st February 1878 of Mary Anne Wood of Hammersmith
114.1472 Settlement Middlesex 1903 11 April Ellen M. Steer (1) Francis W. Smith (2) Walter Ross & William H. Peacock (3) on marriage of Miss Steer and Mr Smith
114.1473 Claim Suffolk 1842 22 June William Read & Enos Page (1) George Ridley & Others (2) re an action for debt
114.1474 Settlement Suffolk 1890 31 January Edward A. Leeson (1) Margaret Whyte (2) Benjamin Gordon (3) John D. Whyte & Another (4) on marriage of Mr Leeson & Miss Whyte
114.1475 Surrender Norfolk 1880 21 April Hannah Rust (1) Richard J. Leeson (2) re land at Mundesley
114.1476 Lease Surrey 1884 29 February Charles Miller (1) Hampden Smith (2) re land at Clapham
114.1478 Statement Surrey 1836 of account of the Exors of Francis D. Astley deceased with Thomas Crosse re Barnes Rents
114.1479 P/Attorney Surrey 1889 15 June Ernest Secretan (1) Lewis M. Secretan & Another (2)
114.1477 Lease Surrey 1928 8 May Sir John Humphery & Others (1) Harold A. Heath (2) re 9, New Hibernia Chambers, London Bridge
115.1495 Transfer Surrey 1871 29 september Thomas Bellamy & Thomas Bowker (1)Francis Bowker (2) re land at Croydon
115.1480 Report Surrey 1888 17 April and Valuation of Ludlow Herrick re a property in Westfield Road, Surbiton owned by William Dale
115.1481 Mortgage Surrey 1889 23 July Edmund Dare (1) George Ashby (2) re The White Hart, Lower Kennington Lane
115.1482 Letter Surey 1924 20 December from Inland Revenue re John Dale deceased and properties in Westfield Road, Surbiton
115.1483 Assignment Surrey 1910 22 August Fanny E. Griffin (1) Andrew Weatherley (2) re 75 Burton Road Brixton
115.1484 Declaration Surrey 1901 4 March of George E. Baker re land at Garratt Lane, Wandsworth
115.1485 Agreement Sussex 1871 30 November George Deacon (1) Charles Phelps (2) re work to be done at Cobden Road and Elm Grove Brighton
115.1486 Letter Sussex 1792 14 September from C. Goring to Mr Woollett of Rye
115.1487 Declaration Sussex 1880 10 May of George Baldry of Eastbourne re the death of Edward Stevens of Eastbourne on 20 Octoiber 1878
130.1893 Letter Unknown 1777 18 June from Joseph Sharpe to John Kerrish of Harleston Norfolk
88.1471 Abstract Yorkshire 1862 of the title of the Trustees of the John Harrison Charity to estates at Little Woodhouse, Leeds
88.1472 Abstract Yorkshire 1862 Supplemental to the Title of David & John Eastwood to land at St Peter's Hill Leeds
88.1473 Conveyance Kent 1870 28 June Richard Marshall (1) Charles J. Easton (2) re Camden House Sydenham
88.1474 Abstract Yorkshire 1874 Supplemental to the title of David & John Eastwood to land at St Peter's Hill Leeds
88.1475 Contract Yorkshire 1874 2 April David & John Eastwood (1)John Tetley (2) re land at Leeds
88.1476 Abstract Yorkshire 1876 of the title of John Tetley to land at St John's Hill Leeds on sale to Thomas Brook
88.1477 Conveyance Yorkshire 1876 18 Januaryt John Tetley (1) Thomas Brook (2) re 5 houses at Little Woodhouse, Leeds
88.1478 Contract Yorkshire 1876 15 August for the sale of 2 lots in Price Street, York to Job Cussons of Clifton
88.1479 Abstract Yorkshire 1876 re title to properties in Price Street, York to be sold to Job Cussons
89.1480 Will Yorkshire 1877 12 July of Thomas Brook of Leeds
89.1481 Mortgage Cornwall 1884 18 February Major Quintus Vivian (1) Theophilus C. Dorrington & Others re premises at Redruth
89.1482 Mortgage Yorkshire 1892 19 September Charles F.W. Feindt (1) Annie M. Fawcett (2) re properties in Leeds
89.1483 Reconveyance Yorkshire 1905 14 November Annie M. Fawcett (1)Caroline Lineham & Thomas B. Feindt (2) re properties in Leeds
89.1484 D/Partition Yorkshire 1905 15 November Thomas B. Feindt & Others (1) Wiliam Clayton (2)
89.1485 Mortgage Yorkshire 1905 21 November Thomas B. Feindt (1)Harold S. Birtwhistle (2) re properties in Leeds
89.1486 Mortgage Yorkshire 1909 16 February Thomas B. Feindt (1) Harold S. Birtwhistle (2) re properties in Leeds
89.1487 Valuation Yorkshire 1912 23 March of properties in Leeds by V. Stanley Walker owned by Thomas B. Feindt
129.1854 Mortgage Yorkshire 1911 26 January Thomas B. Feindt (1) Wiliam L. Hope & Another (2) re properties in Leeds
129.1855 ReConveyance Yorkshire 1912 30 March Harold S. Birtwhistle (1) Thomas B. Feindt (2) re properties in Leeds
129.1857 Mortgage Yorkshire 1912 30 March Thomas B. Feindt (1) Neriah S. Roberts & Others (2) re properties in Leeds
129.1853 Conveyance Yorkshire 1914 9 January Mary Ann Cussons (1) Eliza Lister (2) re properties in York
129.1858 Conveyance Yorkshire 1914 23 March Thomas B. Feindt (1) Joseph Pickersgill (2) re properties in Leeds
129.1856 ReConveyance Yorkshire 1914 5 October Neriah J. Roberts & Others (1) Joseph Pickersgill (2) re properties in Leeds
129.1859 Abstract Yorkshire 1924 of the title of Joseph Pickersgill deceased to properties in Leeds
89.1488 Account Yorkshire Undated of George Gilpin to F.T.Vavey of Leeds re rents recovered
129.1852 Account Yorkshire Undated of Walter Tempest & Son Solicitors to the Exors of Francis T. Vavey deceased
72.1264 Abstract Unknown 1783 of the Marriage Settlement of George R. Carter and Julian Spellman
72.1265 Lease Surrey 1863 22 June Jane L. Faimai (1) Francis R. Smith (2) George Banks (3) RE LAND IN Cromwell Road Brixton
72.1266 Lease Surrey 1803 8 July John Rolls (1) William Peake (2) re land in the parish of St George the Martyr Southwark
72.1267 Probate Middlesex 1844 8 June of the Will of Richard Archer deceased of Kentish Town
72.1268 Declaration Middlesex 1841 18 May of Trust as to a Government Annuity by Messrs Tomlinson & Ellis as Trustees of R Young deceased re land at Holywell Street Shoreditch
72.1269 Agreement Lancashire 1903 6 November Percy Ashton (1) Blackburn Corporation (2) re a footpath in Whalley New Road
72.1270 Lease Hampshire 1797 20 October John Maxwell (1) James Collins (2) re premises in North Street Gosport
72.1271 Lease Hampshire 1757 6 December Thomas Ridge (1) Alexander McIntosh (2) re the Plymouth Arms Portsmouth
72.1272 Assignment Dorset 1755 14 June John Fisher and Others (1)William Percy of Blandford Forum (2) Hookey King (3) re land at Pimborne
73.1273 Lease Kent 1742 28 September William Simmons,Brewer of Margate (1)David Lane, Brewer of Sandwich (2) re Moon & Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1274 Bond Kent 1742 20 September William Simmons (1) David Lane (2)
73.1275 Lease Kent 1732 21 April Robert Patman (1) William Simmons (2) re Moon and Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1276 Indenture Kent 1687 6 June Robert & Elizabeth Billinghurst of Littlebourne (1) Robert Patman (2) re Moon and Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1277 Indenture Kent 1678 9 December Henry Moskett of Preston (1) Robert Patman (2) re Monn and Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1278 Indenture Kent 1678 10 April Henry Moskett (1) Benjamin Agar (2) re Moon and Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1279 Indenture Kent 1677 14 August John Moskett (1) Henry Moskett (2) re Moon and Seven Stars Preston by Wingham
73.1280 Indenture Kent 1677 13 August John Moskett (1) Henry Moskett (2) re Moon and Seven Stars Prston by Wingham
73.1281 Mortgage Kent 1677 19 May John Moskett (1) Elizabeth Tapsell of Canterbury (2)
73.1282 Indenture Kent 1676 29 September Stephen Terry of Minster (1)John Moskett (2)
73.1283 Conveyance Kent 1768 21 September David Lane (1) Stephen Wood of Ash (2)
73.1284 Bond Kent 1768 21 September David Lane (1) Stephen Wood of Ash (2)
73.1285 Lease Kent 1768 20 September David Lane (1) Stephewn Wood of Ash (2)
73.1286 Bond Kent 1778 1st January Stephen Wood (1) John Scoats (2)
73.1287 Mortgage Kent 1778 1st January Stephen Wood (1) John Scoats (2)
73.1288 Memorandum Kent 1781 10 April of Agreement to sell by Stephen Wood to John Jarman
73.1289 Lease Kent 1781 3 May Stephen Wood (1) William Jackson (2)
73.1290 Bond Kent 1781 4 May Stephen Wood (1) William Jackson (2)
74.1291 Assignment Kent 1781 4 May John Scoats of Birchington (1) Stephen Wood (2) William Jackson (3) John Wigzell of Canterbury (4)
74.1292 Conveyance Kent 1781 4 May Stephen Wood (1) William Jackson (2)
74.1293 Certificate Kent 1896 20 December of Redemption of Land Tax by W.E.Rigden & Another
74.1294 Receipts Kent 1935 19 December for Quit Rents due to Manor of Preston
74.1295 Abstract Kent 1877 of the ntitle of Mrs Frances L.Ferry re a house in the High Street, St Clement, Sandwich
74.1296 Abstract Kent 1880 of the title of Devisees of Richard Harrison deceased to part of Little Ware Farm Ash next Sandwich
74.1297 Abstract Kent 1886 of the title of John Pettman to land at Ware, Ash next Sandwich
74.1298 Abstract Kent 1904 of the Trustees of Alexander L.Wollaston deceased to Church Farm and Barnsole Farm Staple
74.1299 Deed Kent 1768 10 September John Ruglys & Others re uses of a fine covenanted to be levied on property at Cooper Street, Ash
74.1300 Conveyance Kent 1799 5 April Joseph Horton & Others (1) Thomas Bundock (2) re property in St Thomas's Lane Sandwich
75.1301 Will Kent 1764 4 February Extract from the Will of Daniel Sprat, Surgeon of Sandwich
75.1302 Lease Kent 1799 4 April Joseph Horton & Others (1) Thomas Bundock (2) re a property in St Thomas's Lane Sandwich
75.1303 Indenture Kent 1803 6 April Henry Sayer & Revd Richard Harvey as Devisees of Benjamin Sayer deceased (1) Ann Sayer (2) William White & Others (3) re release of farm at Deal
75.1304 Lease Kent 1889 4 May Edward L. Tamlin (1) William O.Chandler & Another (2) re Fenell Farm Ash
75.1305 Indenture Kent 1710 24 June George & Mary Cullen of Westbere and Thomas Mussorad & Anor (1) William Rolfe & Anor (2) John Taylor (3)
75.1306 Probate Kent 1727 24 July of the Will of John Garrett, Mariner
75.1307 Abstract Kent 1827 of the title to 2 properties at Cooper Street Ash next Sandwich
75.1308 Abstract Kent 1839 of the title of Charles H. Ellis and Richard Halford to land at Preston and Stourmouth
75.1309 Abstract Kent 1839 of the title of Charles H. Ellis and Richard Halford to marshland at Stourmouth
75.1310 Abstract Kent 1839 of deeds re £3000 mentioned in an Indenture of 27 January 1740
75.1311 Mortgage Kent 1875 Henry Spain (1) John Deedes (2) re 4 properties at Eastry
75.1312 Conveyance Kent 1893 25 August Elizabeth Winter & Others as devisees of Sarah A. Fowler decd(1) Joanne Butler (2)
75.1313 Mortgage Kent 1901 26 October Ttees of Municipal Charities of Sandwich (1) Richard J. Emmerson & Ors (2) re Denne Court Farm
75.1314 Abstract Kent 1714 of the title of John Garrett deceased to Weddington Farm Ash
75.1315 Assignment Kent 1768 9 September Peter Tall as Adminor of William Winter decd (1) John Ruglys & Ors (2) John Petty (3) John Hogben (4)
75.1316 Conveyance Kent 1768 9 September John Ruglys & Others (1) John Petty 2 re property at Cooper Street Ash
76.1317 Conveyance Kent 1794 4 September James Hartfield (1) Peter Chandler (2) re house in Cooper Street Ash
76.1318 Appointment Kent 1895 1st January Revd James R. Holmes (1) Emily G. Crosse (2) re Holmes Marriage Settlement
76.1319 Abstract Kent 1839 of title of Charles H. Ellis and Richard Halford to property at Stourmouth
76.1320 Abstract Kent 1839 of title to Santon Farm at Preston, Ash and Elmstone
76.1321 Abstract Kent 1839 of title of Charles H. Ellis and Richard Halford to properties at Preston, Ash, Elmstone and Stourmouth
76.1322 Bond Kent 1839 12 September William Tomlin (1) Thomas M. Tomlin (2) indemnity re Will of John Tomlin decd
76.1323 Indenture Kent 1700 27 March Thomas Parker of Northbourne (1) John Parker (2) Edward Parker (3) Abraham Parker (4) re land at Hayne
76.1324 Release Kent 1807 4 July John Slaughter & Anor (1) Edmund Fowle & Anor (2) re property at St Mary's Sandwich
76.1325 Release Kent 1794 10 October Richard Tattasall (1) Thomas Baker & Anor (2) George Powell (3) re 2 properties in Sandwich
76.1326 Appointment Kent 1811 31 December Henry Matson (1) George Powell & Anor (2) re storehouses etc at St Mary's Sandwich
76.1327 Mortgage Kent 1840 5 June George Powell & Anor (1) Thomas Parker (2) re properties at St Mary's Sandwich
77.1328 Abstract Kent 1841 of title of John & Thomas Debock to premises at St Mary's Sandwich
77.1329 Conveyance Kent 1865 21 August Frederick R. Pain & Anor (1) Edward West (2) re Wharf etc in Strand Street Sandwich
77.1330 Abstract Kent 1865 of title of Richard Harrison to premises in Strand Street Sandwich
77.1331 Conveyance Kent 1865 19 May Richard Harrison (1) Edward West (2) re properties in Strand Street Sandwich
77.1332 Mortgage Kent 1822 27 March Ann Wilkinson (1) John Swinford (2) re property in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1333 Conveyance Kent 1848 29 December John Hoile & Anor (1) John Wilkinson (2) re property in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1334 Mortgage Kent 1854 23 September John Wilkinson (1) James Peal (2) re properties in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1335 Conveyance Kent 1859 10 January John Wilkinson (1) William Epps (2) re properties in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1336 Conveyance Kent 1861 5 April William Epps (1) Edward F. Reader (2) re properties in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1337 Abstract Kent 1883 of the title of the devisees of Edward Reader decd to properties in Harnett Street Sandwich
77.1338 Conveyance Kent 1883 11 October Devisees of Edward Reader decd (1) John C. Cottew (2) George Lock (3) re properties in Harnett Street
77.1339 Indenture Kent 1716 30 July John & Ann Parker (1) Stephen Knowles (2) re marshland at Stourmouth
78.1340 Conveyance Kent 1716 30 July John & Ann Parker (1) Stephen Knowles (2) re land at Stourmouth
78.1341 Mortgage Kent 1777 2 May Thomas Knowles & Another (1) Jacob Sharp (2) re land at Stourmouth
78.1342 Indenture Kent 1783 7 November Francis Knowles (1) Robert Wraight (2) re land at Stourmouth
78.1343 Conveyance Kent 1783 7/8 November Francis Knowles (1) Robert Wriaght (2) re land at Stourmouth
78.1344 Assignment Kent 1783 8 November Jacob Sharp (1) Francis Knowles (2) Robert Wraight (3) William Hawkes (4) re marshland at Stourmouth
78.1345 Lease Kent 1804 10 December Elizabeth & James Culmer (1) Edmund Gibbs (2) re marshland at Stourmouth
78.1346 Conveyance Kent 1804 10/11 December Elizabeth & James Culmer (1) Edward Gibbs (2) re marshland at Stourmouth
78.1347 Lease Kent 1839 13 July Thomas & Jane Bing & Others (1)Stephen Wootton (2) re land at Ash next Sandwich
78.1348 Appointment Kent 1840 5 February Stephen Wootton (1) William Bushell (2) to uses of house etc at Ash next Sandwich
78.1349 Conveyance Kent 1839 15 July Thomas & Jane Bing & Others (1) Stephen Wootton (2) re land etc at Ash next Sandwich
78.1350 Abstract Kent 1868 of the title of William Bushell to cottages etc at Guilton Ash
78.1351 Conveyance Kent 1869 3 March William Bushell (1) Thomas Kelsey (2) re cottages etc at Guilton Ash
78.1352 Settlement Kent 1873 5 August Thomas Kelsey (1) George F. Drayson & John C. Cottew (2) re cottages etc at Ash
78.1353 Abstract Kent 1893 of the title of Mrs Grace S. Wrack to cottages etc at Guilton Ash
78.1354 Conveyance Kent 1893 29 April Mrs Grace S. Wrack (1) Maria Pemble (2) re cottages etc at Guilton Ash
79.1355 Abstract Kent 1926 of the title of the Exors of Maria Pemble deceased to cottages etc at Ash
79.1356 Assent Kent 1926 16 June of the Exors of Maria Pemble deceased
79.1357 Conveyance Yorkshire 1853 13 JanuaryThomas Bell (1) Henry Masterman (2) re house etc in Finkle Road, Thirsk
79.1358 Will Hampshire 1776 9 May of Hannah Varndall of Odiham proved on 12 December 1776
79.1359 Mortgage Kent 1888 13 October Joanna Butler (1) John Spinner (2) re 9 Willsons Road, Ramsgate
79.1360 Conveyance Kent 1885 12 October George Mercer and James B. Edwards (1) William Pitock (2) re land in Cowper Road Deal
79.1361 Conveyance Kent 1861 20 July Matthew Sutton (1) Voncent Cornwell (2) re land at Deal
79.1362 Conveyance Kent 1854 30 December William Nethersole & Others (1) Willoiam Crane (2) re land at Worth
79.1363 Release Kent 1844 18 April Hester Powell & Others (1) Thomas Pearson (2) John S. Hooper (3) John Maurilyon (4) re storehouses in St Mary's Sandwich
79.1364 Conveyance Kent 1841 13 April Mary Ann Watts of Ramsgate (1) James Wood (2) William H. Furley (3) re 2 houses at Nackington
79.1365 Release Kent 1836 8 July Devisees of Edward Boyd deceased (1) Thomas Collett (2) re Upton House Farm
79.1366 Lease Kent 1836 7 July Devisees of Edward Boyd deceased (1) Thomas Collett (2) re Upton House Farm
79.1367 Conveyance Kent 1826 4 April William Nethersole & Another (1) Edward Boyd & Another (2) re Upton House Farm
79.1368 Conveyance Kent 1825 15 December Henry Sayer of Sandwich (1) Edward Gibbons (2) Edward E. Keble (3) John Knott (4) re house etc in High Street Sandwich
80.1369 ReConveyance Kent 1819 6 February Sophia Small (1) William Nethersole (2) re Upton Farm
80.1370 Mortgage Kent 1814 7 January William Nethersole & John F. Plummer (1) Sophia Small (2) re Upton Farm
80.1371 Conveyance Kent 1814 5 January Sophia Small (1) William Nethersole (2) Zachariah Plummer (3) re Upton Farm Worth
80.1372 Lease Kent 1814 4 January Sophia Small (1) William Nethersole (2) Zachariah Plummer (3) re Upton Farm Worth
80.1373 Report Kent 1833 25 January of the Attorney General in re the De Cliffor5d Barony
80.1374 Contract Kent 1799 6 June for Redemption of Land Tax Baroness De Clifford and lands in Kent
80.1375 Declaration Kent 1841 28 August of William Friend and another of Ash re lands of the Baroness De Clifford
80.1376 Abstract Kent Undated of deeds and annuities upon life estate of Baroness De Clifford in Kent
80.1377 Will Kent 1809 21 November of Robert Small proved on 18 June 1810
81.1378 Will Kent 1831 26 September of Christopher Goodwin of Sandwich
81.1379 Will Kent 1833 31 January of Elizabeth Woodward of Woodnesborough
81.1380 Will Kent 1836 14 June of James Fells of Ash nest Sandwich
81.1381 Will Kent 1843 30 March of Thomas Horton Addley of Acrise
81.1382 Will Kent 1886 24 November of Caroline Churchill of Ramsgate
81.1383 Will Kent 1895 19 August of Caroline \churchill of Philadelphia United States
81.1384 Abstract Kent 1808 of Counterpart Lease S.A Cumberledge (1) George Culmer (2) re Dearson Farm Preston/ Wingham
81.1385 Abstract Kent 1829 January of the title of Edward Sandy to buildings etc at Blean
81.1386 Abstract Kent 1831 of the title of Stephen A. Cumberledge to Dearson & Wenderton Farms at Preton & Wingham
82.1387 Abstract Kent 1831 of Counterpart Lease to Wenderton Farm Preston/Wingham S.A.Cumberledge (1) Charles Matson (2)
82.1388 Abstract Kent 1841 of the title of the Trustees of the Marriage Settlement of the Baroness De Clifford re her properties in Kent
82.1389 Abstract Kent 1875 of the title to lands near Santon Preston/ Wingham
82.1390 Abstract Kent 1875 of the title of Mrs M.E.Mount to lands at Stourmouth
82.1391 Opinion Kent 1831 31 August of Mr Peckham of Counsel and Answers of Kirby & Ware re Dearson & Wenderton Farms Preston/Wingham
82.1392 Lease Kent 1768 4 April Devisees of Isaac Jolly deceased (1) Ann Hogben of Eastry (2) re land at Eastry
82.1393 Mortgage Kent 1768 2 May Peter Young (1) James Smith (2) re 2 houses in Sandwich
83.1394 Release Kent 1805 30 July Rt Hon Earl Cowper (1) John Elgar (2) re Upton Farm etc Wingham
83.1395 Deed of Covt Kent 1805 9 October John Henderson (1) John Elgar (2) as to production of title deeds re Upton Farm Wingham
83.1396 Lease Kent 1808 1st April John Elgar (1) Robert & Sophia Small (2) re Upton Farm Wingham
83.1397 Appt & Release Kent 1808 2 April John Elgar (1) Robert & Sophia Small (2) re Upton Farm Wingham
83.1398 Assignment Kent 1808 4 April John Elgar (1) Robert & Sophia Small (2) of a Bond dated 30 July 1805
83.1399 Lease Kent 1809 10 November Robert & Sophia Small (1) William Daws of Margate (2) re Upton Farm Wingham
83.1400 Release Kent 1809 11 November Robert & Sophia Small (1) William Daws (2) Re Upton Farm Wingham
84.1401 Surrender Kent 1810 22 June George Taylor & William Small (1) Sophia Small (2) re Upton Farm Wingham
91.1556 Conveyance Essex 1869 8 July Marianne Peterson (1) Augustus F. Hocken and Anor (2) John Otway (3) WilliamScutts (4) re cottages etc at Stratford Grove West Ham
91.1557 D/Covenant Essex 1869 12 November John Hatcher (1) John Otway (2) to produce deeds re properties in West Ham
91.1558 Conveyance Essex 1876 19 December Trustees of John Otway deceased (1) John Hatcher (2) re properties in West Ham
92.1559 Conveyance Essex 1877 24 December Mary Curtis (1) John Hatcher (2) re property at the Grove Stratford
92.1560 Conveyance Essex 1878 17 April British Land Co. Ltd (1) John Hatcher (2) re plot of land on Great Eastern Road, Stratford
92.1561 Conveyance Essex 1879 19 February British Land Co. Ltd (1)John Hatcher (2) re plot of land on Great Eastern Road, Stratford.
92.1569 Applications Essex 1923 19 July for Inland Revenue Certificates re properties at The Grove, Stratford West Ham
92.1562 Application Essex 1925 29 July for Inland Revenue Certificate re propoerties at the Grove, Stratford, West Ham
92.1563 Application Essex 1925 9 October for Inland Revenue Certificate re properties at The Grove, Stratford, West Ham
92.1564 Policy Essex 1936 20 November Sun Insurance Office (1) Fred Hatcher (2) re 52 Lime Villas Stratford
92.1565 Release Essex 1939 6 January William Dunham (1) G.W.Hatcher and another (2) re 57 Lime Villas, Stratford
92.1566 Appointment Essex 1948 13 December of new Trustees re Mrs L.M.Hatcher deceased
92.1567 Policy Essex 1954 20 October Sun Insurance Office (1) Trustees of F. Hatcher deceased
92.1568 Appointment Essex 1959 13 April of a new Trustee re Mrs L.M. Hatcher deceased
92.1574 Probate Essex 1907 15 June of the Will of Jehu Hatcher
92.1573 Probate Essex 1925 7 March of the Will of Mrs Amy Hatcher
921572 Will Essex 1934 30 October of the Will of Mrs Julia Hatcher
92.1571 Probate Essex 1935 20 June of the Will of Miss Lilian Hatcher
92.1570 Notice Essex 1876 20 July of a Payment into the Chancery Division by Jehu Hatcher
91.1555 Account Surrey 1905 19 July re estate duty on the death of Eliza S.Leete
91.1554 Brief Cornwall 1879 18 August for the Defendant in re Baron Clinton (1) and William Rosewarne (2) in the Chancery Division re Sparnon Floors, Redruth
91.1553 Will Cornwall 1862 12 February of Baron Clinton
91.1552 Lease Cornwall 1874 1st August Baron Clinton (1) Robert Pulsford and Others re Wheal Sparnon Mine
37.632 Bond Kent 1668, 25 Jan. John Plummer to Thomas Stace of Tenterden and Nicholas Beach of Cranbrook
37.633 Receipt Unknown No date. 1812, 17 Jan. Teceived of Charles Bunting £5 12s 8d by John Good for Mr Hale
37.634 Agreement Yorks 1754, 15 Oct. George Moore agrees to pay William Dennison a merchant of Leeds, Yorks
37.635 Licence London 1862, 13 Nov. To John bradbury Esq to demise 24 and 26 Tottenham St., St. Pancras for 21 years
38.636 Property note Beds No date. Description of property of John Makeham at Wilden [Beds]
38.637 Estimate [Hants] 1897, 15 May. Estimate of value of 53 Radcliffe Gardens for Reginald Kemp of Romsey, Hants
38.638 Bond Bucks 1677, 1 Oct. Edmund Bigg a butcher of Risborough, Bucks to John Lansley a baker of same place [paper note]
38.639 Receipt Kent 1806, 12 Jul. Between Christopher Chapman Esq and D B Lewis for Messrs Twopenny [paper note]
38.640 Conveyance Kent 1482, 21 Sep. Thomas Perotte and Thomas Knollai bot of St Lawrence, Thanet of one acre at Strete Ende [paper note]
38.641 Settlement Unknown 1868, 1 Oct. Paper note about marriage of William Watson and Frances his wife and the will of Frances Watson deceased
38.642 Receipt Unknown 1817, 28 May. Between John Makeham & Richard Rosser [paper note]
38.643 Will, surrender to use of Suffolk 1864, 14 May. Between James Braddock of Wickham, Suffolk and William Holt gent deputy steward of manor of Sutton Outsohen [?] [paper note]
38.644 Abstract London 1927. Title of Mrs Emma Colley to leasehold premises at Paddington
38.645 Abstract London 1927. Title of Miss Annie Wood to leashold premises at 35 Southwick St., Paddington
38.646 Abstract London 1907. Title of Richard Marsh to property at 29 Guildford Rd., Hackney
38.647 Bundle of deeds London&Kent 1828, 23 Aug. William Berens of Kevington [?], Kent (1) Thomas Robey of Brompton Cres., Middx (2) George Whitehead of Royal St., St James, Westminster (3) of an annuity, and other deeds to do with Berens, Robey and Mosyers
38.648 Undertaking London 1898, 29 Nov. N Vancleef undertakes to complete works at 3-8 Rugg St. and 9-17 Amoy Pl., Limehouse
38.649 Bond Essex 1766, 10 Jul. Judith Bently and Sarah Thomas of Essex to Sir Joseph Hankey, knight and alderman of the City of London
38.650 Feoffment Surrey 1752, 4 Apr. Amey Togg a spinster of Croydon, Surrey 91) Francis Togg a barber of same place of premises in same place
38.651 Agreement Suffolk 1832, 4 Feb. between Revd George Harvey dean of Richmond, Surrey and Peter Godfrey Esq of East Bergholt, Suffolk of a mansion house, farm and lands in East Bergholt
38.652 Affadavit Unknown 1813, 30 Dec. Concerning validity of signature on indenture; names: Browne, Farley, Johnston, Hale, Giles, Clogstonn and Witter
38.653 Affadavit Middx 1834, 8 Jan. Concerning validy of signature on document; names Henry Barnes of Ely Place, Middx, Whitfield, Ross, Humphreys and Searr
38.654 Affadavit Jamaica 1776, 10 Aug. Of lands in St Andrews parish, Jamaica from Garthwaite to Dickinson Signed by John sawbridge, Lord Mayor of London
38.655 Plan Essex No date. Shows Hudson Rd., Fisher St., Morgan St. and Trinity in the parishes of East and West Ham - possibly giving course of railway.
38.656 Will, copy of Middx 1802, 10 Dec. Office extract from will of Mrs Elizabeth Staines of 18 Southampton Row near Bloomsbury Sq., Middx
38.657 Arrangement deed Middx 1890, 17 Jan. Mr W Johnson of Westborough park, Middx and Samuel Willson Esqof 7 King St. Middx re 50 Tottenham St., Middx
38.658 Affadavit Middx 1829, 3 Jan. Concerning validity of signature on document; names Martin, Tyrwhitt, Forbes, Swindele, Simpkin, Bryan,Mortimer, Greening, Anderson and Manning
38.659 Deed, one page of Unknown No date. Names of William Melvin and Matthew Haskey
39.660 Agreement Suffolk 1765, 5 Feb. Sir Joseph Hankey of Eastbergholt, Suffolk (1) Philip Roberts of same place (2) of land in same place
39.661 Bargain and sale Hants 1726, 22 May. Thomas Butcher of Kingston, Portsea, Hants to Timothy Lamb of London of land at Kingston
39.662 Conveyance Sussex 1882, 4 May. Trustees of Mrs Eleanor Barclay to the Misses Elizabeth Irving and Anna Irving of a freehold farm and lands known as Haywards and Claylands in Rotherfield, Sussex
39.663 Release Hants 1794, 22 Feb. Messrs Orchard and Heather to John Tolputt of the release of a moiety of several messuages in Leddells's Yard, Gosport
39.664 Lease Unknown 1853.. xxxxxxx to Fitzwilliam of a lease of the Low and Hammond's meadow for 21 years commencing 1853. [badly damaged by damp]
39.665 Lease Surrey 1888, 30 May. John Rolls of Monmouth (1) xxxx Randall of Surrey of a messuage in Southwark, Surrey
39.666 Abstract London 1914. Title of Arthur Winsor to premises 42 Star St., Paddington
39.667 Abstract London 1926. Title of Helen Southern to premises 46 Star St., Paddington
39.668 Abstract London 1928. Title of Alfred Smith to premises 42 Southwick St., Paddington
39.669 Licence London 1905. Messrs Simmonds and Morten to Jacob Nagel to assign 91 Star St., Paddington
39.670 Assignment London 1881. William Coggan to Frances Pain of share of premises in Southwick St., Paddington, and Steel to Coggan
39.671 Abstract Kent 1740. Title of Arthur Apsley to 4 acres of land in Ashford sold to Mr Wilmot called the Cherry Garden late the estate of Richard Greenhill, before Mary Hunt
39.672 Abstract London 1848. Title of Mortgagees and Assignees of George Workman to certain land and houses at St Georges Place, Brixton
39.673 Lease of a release Glos 1751, 28 Jun. Robert Langford Esq to Samuel Hayward Esq of a capital mansion house at Brockworth, Gloucester
40.674 Release Warks 1750, 29 Jan. Revd William Halford and Revd Thomas Rymer to Thomas Aylworth of Loxley, Warwick of a messuage in Halford, Warwick
40.675 Sale Sx and Kent 1686, 8 Oct. John Stevens of Rotherfield, Sussex and John Woollett of Headcorn, Kent of land in Headcorn
40.676 Sale Essex and Kent 1699, 19 Mar. Sir Michael Conder knight of Throwleigh, Kent and Robert Clerke a baron of the Court of Exchequer of the manor of Jepcrack otherwise Shipcrack in the parishes of Purley, Danbury and sandyn, Essex
40.677 Release Cornwall 1786, 31 Oct. Elizabeth Rawle of Otterham, Cornwall to Philip Lott of Camelford, Cornwall of a messuage called Keare in Otterham
40.678 Lease of release London 1793, 6 Mar. Samuel Davis to Edward Hull of a messuage in Martlesfield St., Westminster
40.679 Letter Northumberland 1874, 13 Jan. From Isabella Wright of South Shields - mentions Tyzack and Cook
40.680 Receipts, letters etc Unknown 1854, 17 Oct. Berens and Thompson
40.681 Manorial Middx 1885, 18 Jul. Licence to Charles Pilgram to demise to Messrs Lloyds the manor of Hampstead, Middx
40.682 Will, probate of Devon 1901, 18 Jul. Will of Robert Oxenham of 3 Baring Cres., Exeter
40.683 Letter London 1903, 12 Feb. E Yates of 197 Walworth Rd., to R Dickens Esq 155 Old Kent Rd. re 1 Princess St
40.684 Report Unknown 1828, 10 May. On the partition of the Denstead Estate by Stephen Elgar and John Lake
40.685 House of Lords Kent 1764 circa. James Hunter, appellant; John Sheppherd, Thomas Raynor and Joseph Royle, respondents about growths of hops around Canterbury
40.686 Abstract Yorks 1896. Title to property in Grove St. and Park St., Halifax, Yorks
40.687 Insurance policy London 1899, 25 Mar. Sun Insurance re Edgar Heath of 42 Englefield Road, N
40.688 Foot of fine Hants 1800. Final agreement between Richard Edmunds, plaintiff and Joseph Franklin and Mary his wife William Parker and Rebecca his wife Thomas Farley and Sarah his wife Edward Parker and Ann his wife Thomas Parker and Matthew Dipnall and Ann his wife, deforcia
40.689 Bond London 1832, 14 Jul. William Coney of Newgate Market, London to George Finch of Coach and Horse Lane, Newington Green, Middx
40.690 Letter London 1900. Joseph Wadland of Johnson, Long & Co. of 9 New sq, London WC re Lord Llangatcock
40.691 Release Kent 1668, 12 Jun. Lady Mary Scott's release of Dower of woodland at Braborne
40.692 Assignment London 1911, 12 May. C A Traeger to Mrs Emily Traeger of leasehold premises 428 Camden Rd., Holloway, London
40.693 Assignment Kent 1888. William Ralph to Thomas Watkins of premises 196 Evelyn St., Deptford, Kent
40.694 Assignment Middx 1911, 25 Jan. W J Milne to R N Lee Esq of premises 48 & 50 Tottenham St. St. Pancras, Middx
41.695 Assignment London 1906, 8 Mar. Major H Laming to Boots Chemists of premises 116 Edgware Rd., London
41.696 Assignment Ireland 1888, 26 Nov. Moyles OReilly Esq to Catherine OConer of lands of Cloverhill South and The Keen Point County Roscommon
41.697 Assignment London 1912, 14 Mar. Miss E A Cook to Messrs Portman & Co ltd of 2 and 3 Hermitage St. Paddington, London
41.698 Assignment London 1912, 27 Aug. Robert Emmet to S & C Parker of 4 & 6 Hermitage St., Paddington, London
41.699 Articles, agreement of Surrey 1869, 6 Nov. John Rolls Esq to J W Hackt of west side of Marlborough Rd., Bermondsey, Surrey
41.700 Articles, agreement of Surrey 1883, 25 Jun. John Rolls Esq to J P Sowthes of south side of New Kent Rd., Southwark, Surrey
41.701 Lease Kent 1914, 23 Jul. George jeken and Arthur Burr Esq and Sir H Derring of mines and minerals at Martin, Kent
41.702 Assent London 1940, 24 May. Edith Walker deceased re 55 Upper Montague St., marlyebone Rd., London W.1
41.703 Licence London 1904, 6 May. Mrs H A Barber to Mr C M McGarrick of 484-488 Harrow Rd., Paddington, London
41.704 Agreement Kent 1913, 7 Apr. William Young of Ash next Sandwich and The A Development Syndicate Limited, Westminster of mineral extraction
41.705 Letter London 1947. M of Works to Viscount Portman re 40 Portman sq
41.706 Deed, part of Yorks No date. Mentions Samuel Buck Esq., John Butterworth, a messuage in Sowerby, James Bates
41.707 Birth certificates London 1862, Elizabeth Mary of Moses Woolland at West Ham, Essex; 1859, William Henry of Moses Woolland at St Lukes, Middx
41.708 Marriage certificates Devon&Scotland 1842, Moses Wooland and Mary Neck at Newton Abbott; 1856, J Brooke Brooke and Anne Grant at Perth, Scotland
41.709 Deat certificates Essex&Middx 1877, Mary Woolland at St Johns, Westminster; 1863, Moses Woolland at West Ham, Essex; 1868, John Brooke Johnson Brooke at Isleworth, Middx
41.710 Feoffment Lancs 1795, 13 Feb. Thomas Eaton to Rev Clerkson of messuage and lands at Heysham
41.711 Inventory York 1649. For Nicholas Calverley late of Womersley, Yorks [typed copy]
41.712 Inventory Unknown No date. For Lawrence Toller
41.713 Statement Middx 1670. Deposition [?] by John Cole of Twickenham, Middx [photocopies]
41.714 Inventory Hereford 1715. For Richard Markaway late of Bolston, Hereford [photocopies]
41.715 Inventory Hereford 1700. For William Addams the elder of Brierley, Leominster, Hereford [photocopies]
41.716 Inventory Hereford 1678. For Jane Addams of Bryerley, Leominster, Hereford [photocopies]
41.717 Extracts Kent From parish registers of Woodchurch and Woodnesborough
41.718 Parish Register Kent References to the parishes of Sturry, Wickham and Sarr by Miss Champion of Littlebourne
41.719 Peerage case Unknown No Date. State of evidence in regard to Col Lindesays claim to the title of Crawford and Lindesay [some pages missing]
42.720 Acknowledgement Unknown 1856, 6 Sep. Concerning an indenture and Sophia the wife John Habershon of 1856 and between Matthew Habershon and William Cameron
42.721 Legacies Surrey 1858. Legacies of the estate of David Budden of Canford Cottage, 4 The Grove, Clapham Road, Surrey
42.722 Correspondence USA 1977, 29 Aug. From Mrs Deborah Silveira about pedigrees etc related to Silveira name
42.723 Indenture Kent 1664, 14 Sep. John Nutt of Nackington to John Willys of Ditton, Cambs of lands at Eastry
42.724 Lease Kent 1770, 8 Jul. Peter Parr to Daniel Hayward of premises at Canterbury
42.725 Fine Devon 1805. Charles Norburn, plaintiff and James Tremlett and his wife, deforciants of 1 cottage and land at Bramford Speke [Devon]
42.726 Fine Devon 1805. Charles Norbrun, plaintiff James Tremlett and his wife, defociants of 1 messuage 1 cottage and land at Brampford Speke [Devon]
42.727 Grant Lincs 1565, 6 May. William Raskell of Panton Magna, Lincs to William Elsam of same place of a cottage at same place [paper note]
42.728 Sale Kent 1669, 18 May. Henry Threele of Eridge, Kent Thomas Whetenhall of East Peckham etc (1) Henry Threele (2) of a messuage etc in Tenterden, Brenset, Eboney and Appledore, Kent
42.729 Plan London No date. Fairly modern plan drawing of properties in Playhouse Yard, Whitecross Streey and Shrewsbury Court probably London
43.730 Will, probate of Kent 1860, 19 May. Mary Spillane of 15 Friendly St., a widow of Deptford [paper note]
43.731 Insurance London 1898, 29 Mar. By Edgar Heath of 42 Englefield Rd. Dalston
43.732 Letter Unknown 1861, 18 Oct. from Mary Davidson to Henry Bridge Esq
43.733 Forfeiture, of land Suffolk 1749m 28 Aug. Robert Milner William Broughton edmund Phajiphilion of Suffolk Joseph Cranmer of Essex
43.734 Receipt Unknown 1898, 3 Jun. Between Joseph T[J]ekyll, Edward Williams [?] and Sarah Annie page [paper note]
43.735 Title deeds Sussex 1832, 17 Apr. Schedule between Henry Rogers of Wadhurst, Sussex and George Hosman mentions Clarke, Bassett, Skinner, Taylor, Beecher and Wickenden [paper note]
43.736 Settlement, part of London&Somst 1804, 20 Nov. Mrs Eugenia Jackson widow of Bath (2) Joseph Curtis Esq of London and Bath (2) Richard Hansard of London and Bath, gives pedigree [paper note]
43.737 Will, copy of Ireland 1813, 10 Nov. Will of Val O'Connor Esq of Dominick, Dublin
43.738 Will, probate of Middx 1854, 8 May. Will of Charles Princep of 6 New Burlington St., Westminster [paper note]
43.739 Manorial Essex 1835, 5 May. Surrender of Peter Nurkin and Rich Townsend in the manor of Pryors Hall alias Stone Hall, Waddington, Essex [paper note]
43.740 List of costs Unknown 1730, 27 Nov. Bill for preparation of a legal deed signed by Peter Storer
43.741 Foot of fine, part of Unknown No date. xxxxx, plaintiff William Rhodes and Mary xxxxxxxx, plaintiffs of xxxxxx 40 acres of meadow 40 acres of xxxxx xxxxxx acres of land 50 acres of xxxxxx in the parishes of Dorfield xxxxxxxxx
43.742 Receipts London 1871 and 1872 Received of George Arnold , various amounts, by Mercantile Union Land Building co Ltd
43.743 Burial London 1809. Extract from parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch of the burial of Robert Brymer in 1809 and Sarah Brymer 1815
43.744 Estimate for repairs Kent 1737, 25 Mar. Estimate made for Darenth Court Farm belonging to Rt Hon Earl of Bristol to be done by William Tarrant the present tenant
43.745 Will Norfolk 1697, 25 Nov. Will of John Sherrickof Medham, Norfolk
43.746 Notice London 1893. Trustees of will of William Harrap to owner of 35 Duckett Road, Harringay
43.747 Indenture Kent 1723 17 Dec. William Hull of London and Edward Berry of Milk Street, London re Nackington Kent and indenture of 1664 between John Nutt and Thomas Willis of Ditton, Cambridge of lands at Eastry
43.748 Grant Middx 1528, 9 Feb. William Edryche to John Ranwyke etc of a house and land at Wood Green, Tottenham, Middx [paper note]
91.1551 Probate Cambridgeshire 1723 12 July of the Will of Edward Nightingale of Kneesworth
91.1550 Probate Cambridgeshire 1750 26 September of the Will of Edward Nightingale of Kneesworth
91.1549 Probate Cambridgeshire 1765 22 September of the Will of Eleanor Nightingale
91.1548 Bond Essex 1765 4 December Robert Howard of Newport (1) Geoffrey Nightingale of Kneesworth, Cambridgeshire (2)
91.1547 Will Cambridgeshire 1771 23 April of Geoffrey Nightingale of Kneesworth
91.1546 Agreement Essex 1785 27 August Gamaliel Nightingale (1) John Sykes re properties at Newport
91.1545 Bond Cambridgeshire 1785 29 November Gamaliel Nightingale (1) Henry Cranmer of Quendon, Essex (2)
91.1544 Pedigree Cambridgeshire Undated of Gamaliel Nightingale with Epitome of Title
91.1543 Will Middlesex 1724 30 September of Joseph Brooksbank (extract only)
91.1542 Will Middlesex 1755 10 July of Stamp Brooksbank of Hackney
91.1541 Will Middlesex 1766 26 November of Susannah Freeman (extract only)
90.1540 Settlement Middlesex 1787 22 March on the mariage of Charles Hatchett and Elizabeth Collick
90.1539 Will Middlesex 1793 3 September of James Gomme of Hammersmith
90.1538 Prom. Note Middlesex 1861 9 June J. Lowe (1) Eliza Lowe (2)
90.1537 Certificate Middlesex 1881 25 January of the death of Catherine Johnson on 17 October 1866 at Kensington
90.1536 Certificate Middlesex 1881 31 January of the marriage of John W. Johnson and Margaret Pugh on 17 September 1856 at St George's Hanover Square
90.1535 Bond Cheshire 1750 27 April John Ley of Saltney (1) John Bennett of Chester (2)
90.1534 Bond Cheshire 1775 12 September John Bennett of Chester (1) Susanna Turner of Chester (2)
90.1533 Account Cheshire Undated of John Handforth Surrogate re probate of Joseph Barber deceased
90.1532 Probate Derebyshire 1852 15 April of the Will of Christopher Wysall of Alfreton
90.1531 Probate Essex 1900 22 January of the Will of James Game of Margaretting
90.1530 Affidavit Essex 1828 24 January of John Cutts of Witham as to heirship of Humphrey Smith
90.1529 Articles Gloucestershire 1769 29 July pre marriage of Samuel Bird of Twyning and Susanna Phelps of Wyrepiddle Worcestershire
90.1528 Stat. Decln Ireland 1888 7 April of Major la Touche re the births of his 4 children with certificates etc.
90.1527 Will Kent 1815 13 February of Thomas Filmer of Willlesborough
90.1526 Certificate Kent 1839 1st December as to the marriage of Thomas Filmer and Elizabeth Marsh on 6 February 1779
90.1525 Certificates Kent 1839 11 December as to baptism of Anne Filmer on 30 May 1779 and burials of Catherine Filmer (25 March 1783) and Comfort Filmer (20 May 1795)
90.1524 Certificates Kent 1839 11 December as to burials of Daniel Filmer (5.4.1798), Elizabeth Filmer (19.11.1801), David Filmer (11.9.1803) and Daniel Filmer (31.10.1813)
90.1523 Certificate Kent 1890 11 August as to death of Robert Kirkcaldy at Stodmarsh on 4 August 1890
90.1522 Bond Northumberland 1764 2 February William Smith of Simondburn (1) Charles Stoddart of Chollerton (2)
90.1521 Mortgage Surrey 1842 21 September Robert A. Gadd (1)John S. Gadd (2) of an interest in funds
90.1520 Abstract Sussex Undated of the title of Mr Burke and Mr Vandor to land and cottages in Sussex
90.1519 Certificate Sussex 1828 19 December of the marriage of William Chase of Rogate and Ann Ayling of Newick on 31 January 1777
90.1518 Settlement Sussex 1826 18 October on the marriage of George B.Holmes of Horsham and Mary Burns of Chichester
90.1517 Receipt Unknown 1749 19 October of Collection of Land Tax for £1 from George Turner
90.1515 Certificate Wiltshire 1881 20 January of the death of John S.W.Johnson of Highworth on 25 July 1863
90.1516 Codicil London 1710 5 May to the Will of Thomas Coulson
107.1808 Administration Middlesex 1893 13 December of the estate of Charlotte Smith of Islington
107.1809 Will Middlesex 1887 13 January of Lisbeth G. Shahan of Paddington
107.1810 Will Middlesex 1875 15 September of John Taylor of Gloucester Square, London
107.1811 Will Middlesex 1881 14 April of Anne E. Parry of Dalston
107.1812 Will Middlesex 1874 5 April of Ann N. Smith of Old Broad Street London
107.1813 Will Middlesex 1859 3 August of George Wood of Edmonton
107.1814 Administration Middlesex 1870 19 December of the estate of Catherine Walkerof Portman Square, London
107.1815 Will Middlesex 1852 19 February of Gordon S. Weld of Twickenham
107.1816 Will Middlesex 1840 19 June of Charles Princep of Westminster London
107.1817 Will Middlesex 1846 10 August of Daniel Skinner of Islington
107.1818 Will Middlesex 184 4 March of Daniel White of Paddington
107.1819 Will Middlesex 1801 17 January of Charles Smith of Highgate
107.1820 Will Middlesex 1888 24 May of Naunton H. Vertue of Twickenham
107.1821 Will Middlesex 1888 14 May of Emily D. Orme of Hampstead
107.1822 Will Middlesex 1909 26 March of Charles S. Robertson of Earls Court
107.1823 Will Kent 1709 22 June of Thomas Sheafe of Willesborough
107.1824 Will Kent 1714 20 March of Edward Osborne of Horsmonden
107.1825 Will Kent 1775 7 April ofGeorge Petley of Ramsgate
107.1826 Will Kent 1780 4 January ofDaniel Sutton of Chartham
107.1827 Will Kent 1796 6 January extract from will of Edward Simmons of Cranbrook
46.809 Release Kent 1759, 13 mar. Elizabeth Farr to John Lawson of messuages in Wye and elsewhere in Kent [many other parishes]
46.810 Baptism and marriage Worcs 1860 onwards. Dorothy xxxxxx born 1860 at 8 Spiceal St. Birmingham; married 1861 at Yardley, Worcester to Joseph Benson born 1856
46.811 Covenant Kent 1812, 15 May. George Corser to Vanderlure Mills of a covenant to levy a fine of estates in Willesborough and other places in Kent
46.812 Pedigree Norfolk 1640 onwards. Skipper family.
46.813 Assignment Kent 1795, 6 Jul. John Springgett to Charles Roots of a messuage in Burgate Street, St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury
47.814 Receipts Unknown 1896. received from R E Burroughs Esq for tithes on lands in Hempnall
47.815 Rent London No date. rent for 307 Caledonian Road, Islington
47.816 Receipt London 1850. Bought from Richard Heald, sack and bag maker
47.817 Stock Unknown 1886. India 4% stock re John Lander, Alan Lambert and Charles Hall
47.818 Stock Unknown 1888. £2 15s% consolidated stock in names of Fisher and Gibbs
47.819 Inland Revenue Yorks 1787. Account of estate of Charles Roe late of Garforth, Leeds
47.820 Inland Revenue Worcs 1873. Account of Jeremiah Webb proved at Worcester
47.821 Letter Worcs 1860. To Messrs Brown and Sons, Castle Street, Dudley re Alex Hughes property from Warrington and Stokes
47.822 Account Worcs 1850. Expenditure of and from George Carden and Hoseph Twiner, Dudley
47.823 Acknowledgement Kent ? 1855. Re James Brann and his wife Sarah (1) Edward Hugessen Knatchbull Hugessen (2) [a Kent family]
47.824 Administration Kent 1729, 24 Apr. of estate of Elizabeth Breton late of Lympne
47.825 Abstract Staffs 1827. Title of Alexander Hughes to a messuage in Lawrence Lane, Rowley Regis, Stafford
47.826 Feoffment Staffs 1782, 2 Jan. Mr Hughes to Mr Wilkes of land in Rowley Regis, Staffs
47.827 Land Tax, redemption Staffs 1799. Received from Revd William Wood of Dudley
47.828 Administration Staffs 1843. Goods of Thomas Bloomer late of Kingswinford, Staffs
47.829 Bargain and sale Staffs 1817, 20 October. In Messrs William Andrews Wood and Alfred Woods, bankrupts, The Commissions to The Assignees of property in Stafford
47.830 Plan Staffs 1827. Of building land at Lawrence's Lane, Rowley Regis, Staffs
47.831 Will, copy of Worcs 1810. Thomas Hughesof Dudley Wood Side, Worcs
47.832 Bargain and sale Staffs 1817, 29 Nov. In the matter of Wood and Lakin, bankrupts, The Commissioners to The Assignees of property in Staffs
47.833 Will, copy of Warks 1778. Of Thomas Francis of Birmingham
47.834 Will, probate of Warks 1903. Of Thomas Bloomer of Brierley Hill, Warks
47.835 Fine Kent 1787, 19 Feb. John Puckle, plantiff, Messrs Homan, Hammonds and Collyer, deforciants. Uses of a Fine to be levied in Brenzet, High Halden, Elham, Aldington, sellinge, Bilsington, Postling, Burmarsh and Newchurch
47.836 Feoffment Kent 1787, 25 Apr. Charles Hammon to Richard Hammon of messuages in Postling and Burmarsh
47.837 Manorial Staffs 1782. John Hedgetts of Prestwood admmited to manor of Kingswinford
48.838 Charity Staffs 1885. Re a plot of land at Ashwood Hay, Kingswinford
48.839 Correspondence Staffs 1891. Re Neremiah Homer, deceased in Staffs
48.840 Partnership Worcs 1848. Between Thomas Harris and George Lea in Halesowen, Worcs
48.841 Calling card Lancs No date. American European Express
48.842 Release Staffs 1864. To Trustees Messrs John Webb and others to Mrs Ann Webb
48.843 Plan Worcs 1831. Of building plots in Dudley
48.844 County Court Order Warks 1848. Between Thomas Chatwin of Birmingham and James Cockin of Halesowen
48.845 County Court Order Worcs 1848. Between Zachariah Worrall etc and Michael Priest of Stafford
48.846 Acknowledgement Staffs 1875. George Davies (1) Rosina Horsford Davies (2) Walter Wood and John Holberston (3), and other items of correspondence to do with Holberston
48.847 Account Unknown 1817. Re Joseph Deeley to Littlewood King and Co
48.848 Inventory Worcs 1850. Of the household furnituree etc of James Portman of Netherton, Dudley, and other papers to do with him
48.849 Legacies and successions Worcs 1871. Estate of Phebe Hill and James Hill of Worcester
48.850 Lease London 1884. Indenture of lease between Florence Adamson of 11 Leonard Place, Kensington and Alexander Roberts of 11 Thurloe Place, South Kensington [torn]
48.851 Mortgage Staffs 1872, 28 Mar. Between William Moss of Staffs and Frederick Phillips of 199 Great Russell Street, Birmingham (1) and James Kingley of Rowley Regis (2) and Charles Yardley of same place of of lands and premises
48.852 Mortgage Staffs 1872, 29 Mar. Between James Hingley of Rowley Regis and Charles Yardley of Cradley Heath of messuages and lands
48.853 Bond Kent 1757. Henry Jones of New Romney to Elizabeth Petter late of Peasmarsh now Folkestone
48.854 Will, copy of Kent 1765. Will of Alexander Wellard of Dover
48.855 Inland Revenue Kent 1859. Re John Wiles of Dover deceased
48.856 Abstract Kent 1694. Title of Roger Wellard to a messuage and Smiths Shop Forge in New Romney
48.857 Bond Kent 1798. Roger Wollard of Hanwell, Middx to Stephen Wiles of New Romney
48.858 Deed of release Kent 1795. Release to make a tenant to precipe for Recovery of premises at New Romney
48.859 Assignment Kent 1759. Assignment of bond re Burrill to Wellard
48.860 Warrant Kent 1758. Warrant to contest a judgement relating to Jones to Burrill
48.861 Bond Kent 1758. Henry Jones of New Romney to George Burril of Northbourne, Kent
48.862 Will, copy of Kent 1756. Will of William Pierce of New Romney
49.863 Will, copy of Kent 1677. Will of Jane Lawson widow so far as relates to her estate in Kent
49.864 Will, copy of Kent&Middx 1694, probate. John Farr of Hackney, Middx re premises in Kent
49.865 Abstract Kent 1855. Title of James Brann to a messuage and 25 acres in Braborne
49.866 Agreement Kent 1758, 25 Mar. Articles of agreement between Thomas Pearson to John Lawson at Faversham
49.867 Schedule Kent 1830. Deeds relating to a messuage and land in Braborne in mortgage from John Ford to Thomas Dorman
55.926 Lease of release Cornwall 1757, 6 Sep. John Saltzen to Richard Welsh and others of manor of Otterham, Cornwall
55.927 Receipts Unknown 1668 9 and 10 April. Refers to lease of 1659 between Arthur Newman and Edmund Gregory of land in St Gyles. Other names John Bryan , Elizabeth Rogers, William Martin, and Elinor Palmore [?]
55.928 Release Wilts 1739, Reeves an innholder of Purton, Wilts and others to Reed of Heydon, Rodbourn Cheney, of same county of a messuage in Purton
55.929 Lease of release Derbys 1730, 19 Dec. Mr Gallimore, Mr Manley and Mr Owtram to Isaac Nodder of a messuage in Dronfield, Derbys
55.930 Bargain and sale London 1724, 20 Nov. William Harris a draper of London and others (1) Thomas Siggins a painter of St James Westminster of a messuage in same place
55.931 Bargain and sale Middx 1704, 19 Oct. John Hardina son and heir of William Hardina a weaver of London (1) James Cannon of St Giles, Middx (2) of a messuage at Houndsditch, St Botolphs, Middx
55.932 Assignment Middx 1770, 5 Dec. Bartholomew Hammond Esq and others to Mr Grimes of 4 messuages in Charlotte St, Middx
55.933 Release Glos 1723, 19 sep. William saunders Esq to Samuel Mee of a messuage called Mayhouse in Twigworth, Glos
55.934 Schedule of deeds Herts 1874 onwards. Schedule relates to "The Firs" bell - Bar, Hatfield handed over to Mr Cumberland
55.935 Surrender Middx 1922, 11 Nov. The North London Railway Co to Mrs S L Rogers of leasehold messuages at 24 and 26 Priory St., Camden Town, Middx
55.936 Recovery Devon 1759. Connyns Esq., Demandant; Williams, gent., Tenant; George Snow, Vouchee
56.937 Indenture Ireland 1696, 33 Nov. Most Revd Father in God Narcissus Lord Archbishop of Dublin Primate and Metropolitan of Ireland (1) Roger Moor of Dublin (2) of the town and lands of Little Johnstowns in parish of Finglass, Dublin county
56.938 Bargain and sale Suffolk 1790, 20 may. Execs of Philip Meadows to Mr Catchpole of a share of an estate in Palgrave, Suffolk
56.939 Grant of conveyance, draft Bristol No date. Lt Col Joshua Smith to [not filled in] of xxxx in parish of St Philip and St Jacob, Bristol
56.940 Marriage Settlement Unknown 1888, 31 Oct. Mr and Mrs C A Hopwood
56.941 Marriage Settlement Devon 1898, 3 Feb. Mr and Mrs J Halls appointment of Robert Halls as a new trustee
56.942 Will, copy of Worcs 1761, 5 Dec. Will of Thomas Sevill of Barrow, Worcs
56.943 Surrender London 1924, 31 Mar. Mr H Hargrave to Benjamin Smith Esq and another of 29 Fair St., Stepney
56.944 Bond Kent 1824, 11 Aug. Melmoth Guy Esq late of Grosvenor St., Middx now Ranmsgate to Ralph Dunn of London
56.945 Inland Revenue Glos 1912. Estate of Rev Canon Charles Glynn of Tewkesbury, Glos
56.946 Baptism, record of Glos 1811, 6 Sep. Francis Ann daughter of Edward Jorden and Frances Ann Baker born 12 May 1811 at Clifton, Glos
56.947 Partnership, articles Surrey 1907, 18 Mar. Between W Berridge Esq ., Frederick Curtis Esq and Francis Gayner Esq of Red Hill, Surrey
56.948 Further Charge Worcs 1786, 15 Dec. Mr Surman of Purton, Worcs to Edward Load of Upton upon Severn, Worcs
56.949 Administration Hereford 1755, 1 Aug. Elizabeth Morton for late Francis Morton of Eastnor, Hereford
56.950 Abstract Norfolk 1816. Title to an estate at Raveningham, Norfolk the property of Mr Peacock
56.951 Lease London 1896, 12 Oct. Miss Smith to Miss Welch of 63 Heath St., Hampstead
56.952 Letter London 1822. Fraser to Stewart acknowledging himself liable for whole debt relating to Camden Estate, Trinidad
56.953 Deed Poll Worcs 1788, 12 Nov. Mr Turman of Barrow, Worcs to Mr Load
56.954 Will Sussex 1737. Mary Munn of St Clements, Hastings
56.955 Wills Somerset 1877. Mr J B French and other Frenchs of Merriot, Somerset
56.956 Power of Attorney Middx 1856. F Carpenter to Messrs Lowry Banwell and Charles Packer of Russell sq., Middx
57.957 Burial Glos 1805. Copy of the register of the burial of Elizabeth Hawkins in Tewkesbury
57.958 Will Glos 1745. Thomas Trigge of Newnham, Glos
57.959 Correspondence Unknown 1873 circa. Nunn's executors and Raye Esq relating to the boundary fence
57.960 Receipt Sussex 1794, 30 Sep. Received of Edward Curteis Esq of a farm and lands in Udimore, Sussex by C Goring
57.961 Account Unknown 1837. Executors of late frederick Ashley Esq by receiver of Dukinfield and Newton estates
57.962 Abstract Dorset 1876. Title of Joseph Sheppard to a cottage in South Perrott, Dorset
57.963 Settlement Middx 1869, 17 Nov. Mrs Sarah Ashton of Mile End Rd., Middx to William Willinsgale of 13 Approach Rd., Middx of 31 Carlton Rd. Globe Fields, Middx
57.964 Will Worcs 1746. Will of Penelope Lutley of Henwick, Worcs
57.965 Bargain and sale Rutland 1883, 22 Oct. Jeremiah Jackson exec of Elizabeth Jackson to Messrs Charles Scott and Charles Rudkin of land at Barleythorp, Rutland
57.966 Land Commission Kent 1888, 5 Jul. Orders of The Land Commission re Mystole House, Chartham
57.967 Assignment Middx 1907, 4 Jul. Louis Marks to Harry Marks of 24 Apsley St., Stepney, Middx
57.968 Contract Leics 1894, 8 Dec. Trustees of will of late John Allen and The Manchester Sheffield Railway Company of land at Whetstone, Leics
57.969 Lease London 1892, 28 May. R A Routh Esq and Mrs B E Rowden to Joseph Bland of 35 New Oxford Street
57.970 Will, copy of Worcs 1808. Will of Thomas Whitaker of Pershore, Worcs
57.971 Report Unknown 1806. Donaldson to Grant - office report by Pocock
57.972 Surrender London 1923, 25 Jun. Miss Rebecca Steel to F W Garnham Esq of underlease of 19 Maddox St., Bond St., London
57.973 License Middx 1902. Re 116 Edgeware Rd., Middx
57.974 Surrender London 1907, 6 Nov. Harry Williams Esq to Fearnley Owen Esq
57.975 Lease London 1927, 8 Sep. Trustees of Eyre Estate to Mrs B R C Sexton to erect a garage at 49 Boundary Road, St Johns Wood
57.976 Surrender London 1924, 11 Aug. C H R Horwood Esq to Felix Joubert of leasehold premises in Kings Road and Jubilee Place, Chelsea
57.977 License Hants 1887, 4 Aug. Mrs E Ware to General Selby's Admix. to assign lease of Delmead House, Hants
57.978 Manorial Middx 1684. Admission of Richard Salisbury to the manor of Heesse, Middx
57.979 Manorial Sussex 1604. Manor of Hurstperpoint
57.980 Surrender London 1927, 19 dec. Mrs E Colley and Mrs A Burdett to Proprietors of the Grand Union Canal re 27 Southwick St., Paddington
57.981 Tithe Kent 1899, 14 Aug. redemption certificate of tithe rent charge at Ashford
57.982 Lease Middx 1819, 1 Dec. William Saunders gent to Isaac Bryant junior of a messuage in Arlington St., Camden Town
57.983 License London 1928, 5 Jun. The Coopers Company to Lewis Mackintosh and Arthur Whitburn Esqs of 36 Brook St., Ratcliff, London
1.10 Bond Kent 1782, 24 May. Ursula Taddy a widow of Canterbury to William Dyne gent of Milton, Sittingborne.
1.11 Bond Kent 1753, 20 Mar. William Peche gent of Hedcorne and John Peche gent of Hedcorne to John Leeds a yeoman of Tenterden.
1.12 Conveyance Kent 1868, 17 Mar. Elizabeth Reed spinster and James Saxby, to Edmund Gibben a farmer of Ramsgate. NB: No deed - memo only.
1.13 Foot of Fine Kent 1798, 39:Geo:III. Petitioner: Stephen Joad. Defendents: Peter Harrison and his wife Elizabeth, Matthew Terry and his wife Martha, William Lott and his wife Ann. Concerning parishes of St John Monckton, St Lawrence Birchington.
1.14 Lease Kent 1758, circa. Rev John Maryon of White Roding, Essex to Peter Robert Smart at Charlton. Not executed.
1.15 Lease Kent 1817, 3 Nov. John Petley gent of St Lawrence Thanet to William Saxby of Ramsgate. NB: No deed - memo only.
1.16 Mortgage Kent 1761, 28 Dec. Francis Fuller yeoman of Debtling to William Payne gent of Maidstone concerning messuage and land at Stockbury and Debtling called Urgetts alias Argetts Wood/Croft/Pitt.
1.17 Mortgage Kent 1890, 31 Dec. John Mount yeoman of Stourmouth to William Robert Harrison gent of Sandwich concerning messuage, etc at Stourmouth. Gives location.
1.18 Mortgage Kent 1805, 10 May. Thomas Bundock Esq and William White Esq to Elizabeth Lass and Daniel Clarabut. Feoffment of 2 messuages at St Peter's Sandwich.
1.19 Mortgage Kent 1718, 12 Sep. Henry Marsh fishmonger of London to John Taylor stationer of London concerning the Marsh family and manor of Snave.
1.2 Abstract of title Kent 1798. Title of heirs at law in gavelkind of Mr Thomas Filmer to messuages at Marsh Lane, Ashford. Gives locations
1.20 Mortgage Kent 1866, 24 Feb. James Saxby to Elizabeth Reed concerning Cliffs End St Lawrence, Thanet.
1.3 Bond Kent 1740, 8 Dec. William Bates a yeoman of Tenterden to George Stace gent of Tenterden.
1.4 Bond Kent 1777, 14 Oct. Ursula Taddy widow of Canterbury to William Dyne gent of Milton, Sittingborne.
1.5 Bond Kent 1811, 8 Jul. Henry Penney yeoman of Smeeth to John Bushell gent of Ash.
1.6 Bond Kent 1790, 26 Apr. Edward Boyes gent of Willesborough to Mary Baker spinster of Folkestone.
1.7 Bond Kent 1827, 15 Aug. James Tutt a bailiff of Smeeth to Benjamin Horton a miller of Hythe.
1.8 Bond Kent 1792, 26 Jan. Edward Boys gent of Willesborough to Mary Baker spinster of Folkestone.
1.9 Bond Kent 1777, 2 Jun. Ursula Taddy a widow of Canterbury to William Dyne gent of Milton, Sittingborne.
2.21 Release Kent 1797, 13 May. Mathew Terry husbandman and his wife Martha late Saxby to Stephen Joad a surgeon of Ramsgate concerning Cliffs End otherwise Cleves End St Lawrence, Thanet. NB: No deed - memo only.
2.22 Will, extract of Kent 1829, 20 May. Will of George Swaffer yeoman of Sevington.
2.23 Will, extract of Kent 1647, 16 May. Will of Thomas Reader a yeoman of Smeeth. NB: No deed - memo only.
2.24 Will, probate of Kent 1711, 15 Dec. Will of Ann, wife of Richard Marsh of Faversham.
2.25 Will, probate of Kent 1718, 1 Oct. Will of Mary Bridges widow of Brook Bridges late of St Margarets, Westminster, inter alia said she wished to be buried with husband at Goodnestone.
2.26 Will, probate of Kent 1821, 17 Jul. Death of John Jones yeoman of Stanford. Includes abstract of title to freeholds at Stanford, legacies executed, receipts, survey letter, bond, wills of Jones family of 1650, 1720 and 1760.
2.27 Mortgage Devon & Essex 1925. George Brenchley Rocher mortgager, Walter King mortgagee William Harry Theobald purchaser concerning 23 Sheffield Terrace, Campden Hill, Barley House, Exeter, and South Benfleet Hall Farm, Leigh on Sea. NB: No deed - memo only.
2.28 Will, extract of Middx 1791, 24 May. Will of Dame Anne D'aeth of Bruton Street, St Hanover Square, Middlesex.
2.29 Manorial Yorks 1877, 20 Jul. Surrender of Copyhold. William Dean, Christopher Eampson, James Dean, George Rothery and Martha his wife, Francis Jubb and Edward Akroyd concerning Northowran in parish of Halifax.
2.30 Will, copy of Suffolk 1713, 15 Jul. William Mannings a carpenter of Little Livermore, Suffolk.
3.31 Bond Salop 1802, 27 Jul. John Mayor vicar of Shawbury to Joseph Parry hatter of Shrewsbury
3.32 Bond Bucks & Kent 1750, 16 Jan. Andrew Miles gent of Windsor to Jonathon Furlonger a shopkeeper of Cray, Kent
3.33 Bond Suffolk 1729. Mary Manning and William Manning and Mary Serjeant of Suffolk to John Couzens
3.34 Receipt London & Norfolk 1682, 16 Aug. James Chapman gent of Clifford's Inn, London and William Wyndham Esq of Storbrike, Norfolk and Ambrose Asfield Doctor in Divinity of St Leonard, Shoreditch.
3.35 Bond Cheshire 1783, 2 Aug. John Bennett wine merchant of Chester to Joseph Beckett maltster of Chester.
3.36 Bond London 1682. Jacobus Chayman of Cliffords Inn, London to Katherinia Anston of Hoxton, Shoreditch.
3.37 Bond Salop & Middx 1792, 5 Apr. John Mayor clerke, vicar of Shawbury, Salop to Sir Richard Hill baronet of Hawkstone, Salop; William Jones a jeweller of Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, Middx; Joseph Hale a merchant of Bristol and William Lodaile a banker of London.
3.38 Bond Salop 1801, 13 Oct. Rev John Mayor clerke, vicar of Shawbury, Salop to Joseph Parry a hatter of Shrewsbury.
3.39 Bond Essex 1837, 19 Oct. Algernon Holt White Esq of Clements Hall, Essex to Rev Thomas Timothy Lane a bailiff and clerke of Little Ilford, Essx.
3.40 Faculty Norfolk 1786, 5 Jul. Lewis, Bishop of Norwich confirms the seat in Geldeston Church to Thomas Horwich Esq
3.41 Conveyance Sussex 1651, 7 Oct. John Bennett the younger a yeoman of Pagham, Sussex to John Bennett a yeoman of Woodmancoate, Sussex concerning messuage or house called Woodhouse.
3.42 Bond Yorks 1820, 8 Dec. Sir John Lister baronet of Denbigh Grange, York to Robert Ellis a bookkeeper of Deansgate, Manchester.
3.43 Abstract of title Surrey 1865. Title of E Reddin Esq to certain messuages and premises at Stanley Terrace, Stockwell, Surrey
3.44 Manorial Rutland 1761, 7 Jul. Admittance of Henry Cook to the manor at Oakham.
3.45 Foot of Fine Yorks 1829, 10: George:IV. Final agreement between Henry Whitehead, Plaintiff and James Shaw and Ann his wife deforciants, of 3 messuages 3 cottages 1 mill and 22 acres of land in Saddleworth.
3.46 Foot of Fine Somerset 1828, 9:George:IV. Final agreement between Robert Richard, plaintiff and George Tucker and Joyce his wife, deforciants, of 1 messuage and 1 acre of land in Paulton.
3.47 Manorial Devon 1797, 5 Apr. Admittance of Edward Windover to the manor of Ottery Saint Mary, Devon.
3.48 Will, copy of Warks Latin date. John Sheldon a yeoman of Parkwood, Warwick.
3.49 Memorial Bucks 1425. Memorial to Sir William Robyns (he died during the siege of Orleans) and Dame Margaret at St Giles Church, Stoke Poges, Bucks. Memorial words given. NB: No deed - memo only.
3.50 Foot of Fine Hants 1735, 9:George:II. Final agreement between George Champ, plaintiff and Ann Elson widow deforciant of 2 messuages and 210 acres of land in the parish of Portsea.
3.51 Will, probate of Essex 1674, 28 Aug. Will of William King a fisherman of Barking, Essex.
3.52 Manorial Suffolk 1864, 14 May. Surrender of copyhold tenancy by James Braddock an engineer of Wickham Market Suffolk and Harriet his wife.
3.53 Bond Glouc 1778, 17 Jul. Edward Wilkins a broadweaver of Rodborough, Gloucester and Samuel Horwood a broadweaver of the Butts, Rodborough to Ursula Driver widow of the Butts, Rodborough.
3.54 Settlement Trust Surrey, Dorset & London 1916, 5 Jul. Between Alfred Walter Brind Esq and his wife Elizabeth of South Croydon, Surrey (1), George Andrews gent of Weymouth (2) and Michael Tweedie gent of London and William Barrett of Weymouth (3).
3.55 Settlement Trust Berks, London & Canada 1909, 1 Jul. Charlottee Sterky spinster of Clewer, Windsor, Berks (1), Kathleen McCrea wife of Robert McCrea of Canada (2) and Alfred Price an Army Captain (3).
3.56 Foot of Fine London 1782, 23:George:III. Final agreement between John Colton gent, plaintiff and Samuel Savil Dawson Esq and Sarah his wife deforciants of moiety of 30 acres of land in Edmonton and Tottenham.
3.57 Will, copy of Isle of Wight 1777, 13 Feb. Will of Katherine Leigh relict of Barnabas Eveleigh Leigh Esq late of Isle of Wight.
3.58 Manorial Norfolk 1842, 10 Jun. Admission of John Maddle to manor of Mettingham Castle xxxx Bungay Sora
3.59 Lease Rutland 1795, 24 Mar. William Hubbage a grazier of Langham, Rutland to John Riley a carpenter of Barleythorpe, Rutland.
3.60 Will, probate of Middx 1791, 4 May. Will of Dame Ann A'aeth of Bruton Street, St George Hanover Square, Middx widow of Sir Narborough D'aeth baronet deceased late of Knowlton, Kent
4.61 Juror list Middx 1832. List of jurors to King's Bench Middx for case between John Pickard Warren, plaintiff and Lannoy Arthur Boussinaker, defendant
4.62 Will, probate of Surrey & Middx 1902, 20 feb. Will of Ellen Margaret Trott of 71 Taybridge Road, Clapham, Surrey formerly of 17 Radnor Street, Chelsea, Middx
4.63 Power of Attorney Middx & America 1813, 17 Feb. John Coles Esq of Highgate, Middx now of New London in America to Cliff Ashmore, Charles Few and Thomas Hamilton of Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, Middx.
4.64 Lease Essex 1807. George Evington to Mr Bush of a public house and land at Grays, Essex.
4.65 Coveyance London & West Indies 1812, 29 May. Henry Page of London (1), John Blackett & John Mann Lond (2) all freehold messuages in Britain & all estates, slaves etc in the Islands of St Vincent, Antigua, Grenada & Trinidad
4.66 Conveynace London 1884, 12 May. Ed Smith Highbury New Park, Middx & Jn Brogden The Paragon, Blackheath (1) SamMullens Queen Victoria St, Lond (2) to Fred Johnson & Jph Barton drug brokers 139 Fenchurch Street, Lond (3) messuage at 139 Fenchurch St
4.67 Manorial Essex 1798, 25 Apr. Quit Rent of Richard Townsend in manor of Pryors Hall alias Stone Hall at Widdington, Essex
4.68 Manorial Essex 1861, 18 Jun. Admission of Francis Smith to manor of Priors Hall otherwise Stone Hall at Widdington, Essex following surrender by William Reed.
4.69 Lease Worcs 1789, 26 Dec. The Lord Bishop of Worcester to Thomas Hornyhold Esq, lease of the moiety of a messuage and lands at Aston Episcopi, Worcestershire.
4.70 Foot of Fine Essex 1812, 53:George:III. Final agreement between William Cook plaintiff and Baines Winton and Margaret his wife, deforciants of 5 messuages and 40 acres of land at Newport Pond, Widdington.
4.71 Foot of Fine Glos 1799, 40:George:III. Final agreement between Sir Charles Pole bart., plaintiff and Jeffrey Bevington and Bridget his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage 3 cottages 105 acres of land in Toddenham [Glos].
4.72 Manorial Essex 1855, Admission of Francis West to manor of Church Hall, Essex following surrender by Sir Bowyer Smith.
4.73 Bond Salop 1801, 9 Jan. John Mayor clerk, vicar of Shawbury, Salop to Joseph Parry a hatter of Shrewsbury.
4.74 Licence London 1914, 10 Mar. Miss G Pigott to His Majesty's Postmaster General to erect an additional outbuilding at nos. 15, 17, and 19 West India Dock Road, Limehouse, London
4.75 Foot of Fine Hants 1791, 32:George:III. Final agreement between Sarah George, plaintiff and John Thomas, deforciant of 3 messuages in Cosham in the parish of Wymering.
4.76 Abstract Hants 1887. Title of Mrs U Hopkins to premises at Stanpit in the parish of Christchurch, Hants
4.77 Manorial Suffolk 1835, 18 Nov. Admission of Seipio Edward Richard to the manors of Wickham with its members and Byng in Petistree, Suffolk
4.78 Foot of Fine Devon 1767, 8 Final agreement. John Manley, plaintiff & Charles Haynes & Charles Haynes jnrr, deforciants the manor of Brixham 40 messuages & land at Churston Forrors Fuge Blackawton Harbour Townstoll otherwise Townstall & Buckfastleigh.
4.79 Release Devon 1807, 11 May. Samuel Weston a merchant of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Dorset to William Buck a mariner of the same place of a messuage in New Street, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.
5.80 Lease Staffs 1680, 23 Jun. Rt Hon Robert Lord Ferrers to Elizabeth Marriott a widow of Grindley, Staffordshire of a messuage there.
5.81 Foot of Fine London 1733 Final agreement. Richard Coope plaintiff & Thomas Symonds & Penelope his wife Thomas Price … wid Roger Barnstone & Mary his wife Ann Shakerley wid & John Locke jnr & Mary his wife, deforciants of 24 messuages & land in Fulham & Chelsea.
5.82 Lease Worcs 1784, 3 Mar. The Lord Bishop of Worcester to Thomas Bund Esq of Grimley Meadow in the manor of Grimley, Worcestershire.
5.83 Abstract London 1897. Title of the executors under the will of the late Mrs Catherine Demeurisse to a leasehold messuage and premises no. 9 Onslow Villas, Brompton.
5.84 Bargain and Sale Middx 1702, 16 Jun. John Austen Esq of Durhams in South Mimms, Middx (1), Thomas Pate Esq of Grayes Inn, Middx (2) an Charles Heneage Esq of St Andrew's Holborne, Middx (3) of the manor of Newington Barrow alias Highbury, Islington, Middx with its lands etc.
5.85 Manorial Yorks 1878, 12 Jul, Admission of A Firth Esq and others to the manor of Wakefield at Northowram, Halifax after the surrender by E Akroyd Esq and others.
5.86 Manorial Essex 1728, 18 May. Admission of John Arthur to manor of Pryors Hall alias Stone Hall at Widdington, Essex
5.87 Manorial Cambs 1812, 20 May. Admission of Lord and Lady Yarmouth to the manor of Newmarket, Cambs.
5.88 Deposition Essex 1840, 1 May. William Frost Caroline Frost Robert Frost George Frost Sarah Frost Sarah Frost widow mother of previous, plaintiffs James Brewer Joseph Docura, defendants relating to births marriages and burials.
5.89 Abstract London 1831. List of title deeds to 11 Cottages in Leather Bottle Lane, Norwood.
5.90 Lease Lancs 1870, 7 Oct. Messrs Astley and Hinshelwood to Thomas Bolton of new lease of land at Bartfields, Blackburn.
5.91 Abstract Essex 1652. Title of Sir Trafford Smyth bart to the manor and lands of Chadwell, Essex
5.92 Will, copy of Northants 1774, 20 Jul. Will of Mrs Hannah Flesher widow of Green's Norton, Northants.
5.93 Lease Yorks 1801, 3 Apr. Robert Fletcher of Higgins Chamber in Sowerby, Halifax, Yorks to John Ramsden a cardmaker of Halifax of water rights in Higgins Chambers Farm, Sowerby.
5.94 Abstract Essex 1732. Title of 6 acres of land in the parish of Newport Pond, Essex.
5.95 Deposition London 1873, 6 Aug. By S Paulinson re Morten v Morten.
5.96 Manorial Essex Undated. Particular of the manor messuages closes woods and estate at Downham, Essex late the estate of Francis Platt Esq.
5.97 Case Unknown 1765, 10 Apr. Case for the opinion of Hon Mr York about the marriage intended between Thomas Hankey and Sarah Barnard concerning South Sea Annuity Stock.
5.98 Conveyance Durham 1713, 20 Aug. Thomas Wood of Burton, Northumberland to John Clutterbuck the younger of Newcastle upon Tyne of property at Wester, Newbiggin, North Durham.
5.99 Will, probate of Surrey 1793, 13 Apr. Will of John Arnoll a bricklayer deceased of Tooting Causeway, Surrey.
6.100 Will, copy of Somerset 1719, 4 Feb. Will of George Lewis a yeoman of Compton Pannsfoot, Somserset.
6.101 Conveyance Essex 1925. George Brenchley Flesher of 23 Sheffield Terrace, Campden Hill, London to W H Theobald of South Benfleet Hall Farm, Essex.
6.102 Agreement Unknown 1817. Recites previous documents from 1732 to 1817, names of participants given, amongst whom are Sir Edward Smith bart., Sir Edward Smith and Sir Charles Smith but no place or property mentioned.
6.103 Bond Bucks 1677, 1 Oct. John Lawley Risborough Monathorn, Bucks to Edmund Bigge of Risborough, Bucks.
6.104 Manorial Herts 1745, 6 Jan. Admission of Richard Hale to Codicott [Herts] Mitchell's Fee [sic]. NB: No deed - memo only.
6.105 Mortgage London 1817, 1 Dec. Jas Saxby yeo, Sarah Spratt sp of Margate. land & premises at Clevesend or Cliffe End at St Lawrence, Thanet. Others: Thos Cooper, late tenant; Rbt Gifford, assignee; Mat Terry assignee; Jn Petley; Wm Saxby. NB: memo only.
6.106 Report America 1624, 1679 etc. Report on Howard Emigrants' Records; it lists where the name Howard is mentioned in records.
6.107 Extract Essex & Herts 1429. Barler family from 'Genealogical Notes and Queries'.
6.108 Will, probate of Middx 1717, 2 Dec. Will of Brook bridges Esq of Grove House, Fulham, Middx.
6.109 Mortgage Hants 1753, 30 Oct. Between Sir Thomas Ridge Knt of Portsmouth and George Cuthbert Doctor of physick of Portsmouth of a messuage in Oyster Street.
6.110 Lease Sussex 1800, 18 Feb. John Utterson Esq lord of the manor of Stedham, Sussex to James Piggott the younger gent of Fitzhall, Iping, Sussex of a messuage in the manor of Stedham.
6.111 Bargain and Sale London 1670, 9 Jul. Between Joseph Watts of London and Mary his wife to Thomas Feltham of London of a vault behind a messuage in xxxxxx Street in Allhallows.
6.112 Feoffment Sussex 1686, 20 Oct. Law Langridge Fletching (1), Sar Turner wid Wm Turner, Maresfield Wm Turner jnr heir, Wm Banister, Rbt Wood & Jn Awrorke all Fletching (2), & Eliz Orgyles wid Hartfield, Jn Orgles son (3) messuage Stonemeades & 17 acres Maresfield.
6.113 Mortgage Denbigh 1837, 9 Oct. Between Mr Joseph Jones an engineer of Staley near Staley Bridge, Chester and Anne his wife to Mr William Butterton a sawyer of Wrexham, Denbigh of an undivided half of several messuages in Wrexham, Denbigh by way of a mortgage.
7.114 Lease Middx & Surrey 1839, 15 Jan. James Rice Esq of Putney Heath, Surrey to Joel Mann a brewer of St Marylebone, Middx of a messuage at 9 Homer Row, St Marylebone, Middx.
7.115 Collateral Security Glos 1747, 6 Dec. Thomas Mee gent of Gloucester and Barbara his wife to Charles Barrow gent of Gloucester
7.116 Lease Berks & Wilts 1704, 3 Jun. John Hiscocke a yeoman of Bride Walton alias Brickalton, Berks to Charles Groome a carpenter of Woodbarrow, Wilts to Thomas Alexander a yeoman of Hillcutt, Wilts his trustee assignment of lease for 99 years in trust to attend the inheritance
7.117 Mortgage Somerset 1797, 16 Jan. Samuel Kirkham gent of Bath, Somerset to Harry Salmon gent of Bath, Somerset of a charge by way of a second mortgage on a house in the Royal Crescent, Bath.
7.118 Manorial Surrey 1810, 11 Jun. Admission of Thomas Liberty to the manor of Byfleet , Surrey
7.119 Mortgage Middx 1894, 30 Oct. Mr H Berkley of the Bank of England Public House, South Wharf Road, Paddington, Middx to Courage and Co Ltd.
7.120 Mrtgage London 1906, 15 Feb. George Alexander to Mrs Rosetta Abrahams of "The Spread Eagle" public House in Whitecross Street, St Lukes, London.
7.121 Lease London 1875, 23 Feb. The Trustees of Mr Smith's Charity to Carles Freake Esq of a messuage being 69 Onslow Gardens, Kensington.
7.122 Lease Middx 1868, 20 Mar. Henry James Peachey a surveyor of 28 Craven Street, Strand, Middx (the landlord) to Omar Hall a cheesemonger of 87 Princes Road, Notting Hill, Middx of premises at 87 Princes Road aforesaid.
7.123 Mortgage London 1778, 11 Feb. John Squire late of Portsmouth Common now of Portsea, [Hants] and Edward Charlton to John Long of a messuage in Cross Street.
7.124 Lease Sussex 1802, 12 Nov. John Utterson Esq (lord of the manor of Stedham, Sussex) of Marwell House, Owselbury, Hants to William Ayling a yeoman of Ash, Sussex of a cottage in Stedham Marsh.
7.125 Conveyance Devon 1759, 24 Mar. John Evans a yeoman of Salcombe, Devon and Joan his wife to Oliver Cowley an apothecary of Sidmouth of a messuage called Little Silver in Salcombe.
8.126 Coveyance Bristol 1792, 3 Jul. Jacob Davis a builder of Bristol to Isaac Cobur[?] gent of Bristol, James Lockier a merchant of Bristol and others to William Perry of a messuage at 11 St Paul's, Bristol.
8.127 Mortgage London 1919, 3 Jan. Miss D M Rawley Cross and exor. to Mrs K J Hiscott of leasehold premises known as 56, 58 and 59 Start Street, Paddington, London.
8.128 Conveyance Wales 1857, 18 Nov. John William Hughes Esq to John Platt Esq to uses of farms and lands in Llanfairfechan, Carnarvon.
8.129 Release Hants 1776, 20 Jan. John George a shiprwright of Portsmouth Common and others to Mathew Woods a shipwright of Portsmouth Common and his trustee of a messuage in White's Row, West Dockfield, Portsea
8.130 Release London 1817, 31 Oct. Henry Haycraft late of Greenland Dock, Surrey but now of Bowbridge, Stroud to David Clark late of Wellclose Square Whitechapel but now of Dronfield. An estate called Fields Place & Paradise St in St Pancras.
8.131 Conveyance Lancs 1815, 14 Dec. The Corporation of Liverpool to Messrs Diggle and others of the right of nomination of St marks Church.
8.132 Release Hants 1785, 23 Apr. Thomas Ridge Esq and Thomas Binstead to Thomas Fitzherbert Esq of release of land in Beeston Field in Portsmouth.
8.133 Lease London 1852, 3 Jul. Mrs Elizabeth Pitt widow and others to Mr Jeremiah Little of a lease in Sussex Street, Kensington.
8.134 Mortgage Middx 1894, 30 Oct. Henry Berkeley of the Bank of England, South Wharf Road, Paddington, Middx to Holland and Co Ltd.
129.1851 Manorial Norfolk 1750 20 July Admission of Samuel Alexander to land etc at Stockton with the Soke
86.1446 Will Norfolk 1680 26 January of Margaret Ribottes of Stockton
86.1440 Declaration Norfolk 1926 6 April of Margaret Leeson re Cowper House Mundesley
134.1974 Indenture Norfolk 1656/7 16 January Sir Thomas Gardy (1) Ellis Breame (2)
89.1492 Certificate Norfplk 1880 7 October as to death of Frederick P. Smith of Aylsham on 18 August 1868
134.1973 Letter Norfolk 1806 8 October J.& H. Bacon of Wenham to Mr Taylor of Diss
99.1676 Bond Norfolk 1743 16 January William Taylor of Denham (1) William Last of Darsham, Suffolk (2)
128.1841 Indenture Norfolk 1866 24 November Robert F. Algar (1) Joseph Farrall (2) Edward Freestone (3) re land at Denton
110.1970 Letter Norfollk 1824 28 December Samuel Keep of Cretingham to Thomas Dyson of Diss re Mrs Simpson of Denton
110.1968 Letter Norfolk 1776 7 June W.Kerrick to his brother John of Harlaston
111.1244 Abstract Norfolk 1755 of title of William Taylor to lands at Denton
111.1228 Bond Norfolk 1747 29 June William Taylor of Denton (1) Mary Dugard of Halesworth (2)
111.1232 Certificate Norfolk 1737 June of Mary Gower of Seething as to her brother's death in infancy
110.1987 Manorial Norfolk Surrender by William Paul and Another to george Sandby of land at Earsham
110.1999 Will Norfolk 1799 6 December of Thomas Beckett of Woodton
130.1891 Certificates Norfolk 1861 19 March re the Beckett Family
110.1994 Statement Norfolk 1798 re the property of Charles Fleetwood deceased pursuaqnt to a Chancery Decree.
114.1447 Discharge Norfolk 1723 15 June William and Margaret Jaggs of Norwich (1) William Lawrence (2) re the estate of Margaret Golthorpe deceased
114.1443 Discharge Norfolk 1723 ist July William and John Cobb of Upton (1) William Lawrence (2) re estate of Margaret Golthorpe deceased
87.1463 Release Kent 1799 2 November Priscilla Hammett and Others(1) Stephen Sweetland (2) re Hayseldens Wood, Sissinghurst
87.1464 Assignment Kent 1880 23 April William H. Jarvis (1) London School Board (2) re Malpas Road, Deptford
86.1438 Release Kent 1809 29 July Elizabeth Baker of Welling to the Trustees of her late husband's estate to bar the dower
85.1431 Abstract Kent 1864 of the title of William Pierson and Another to land at Brabourne
85.1430 Abstract Kent 1906 of title of Lord Brabourne to premises at Smeeth
85.1429 Declaration Kent 1831 11 October Stephen Samson of Smeeth (1) Henry L. Rutten (2) re trust of 1/3 hereditaments in Ashford and remainder on death of Thomas Back
1291863 Abstract Kent 1836 1st October of Assignment by Lawrence B Cobb to Thomas Solly and Frederick Cobb re a share in the estate of Thomas Kennett of Wye
85.1427 Abstract Kent 1842 of a Mortgage granted by the Misses Chapman of Westwell to John Clark of Challock
87.1461 Will Kent 1809 23 January of Thomas Baker of Welling proved on the 17 April 1809
87.1459 Will Kent 1795 20 June of Edward Baker of Borden
87.1456 Will Kent 1687 15 October of Richard Cooke of Dover
87.1454 Release Kent 1768 25 February Jeremiah Curteis and Another of Wye(1) John Howland and Another of Warehorn re land at Warehorn
87.1453 Assignment Kent 1783 5 July William Curteis and Others (1) William Pattenson (2) re land at Warehorn
86.1447 Bond Kent 1690 January Richard Reader of Smeeth (1) John Morris of Sellindge(2)
86.1448 Will Kent of Edward Rigden of Dover proved on 29 December 1777
86.1444 Abstract Kent 1848 of title of Richard Jones to lands at Stanford
86.1443 Recovery Kent 1796 9 July William Jemmett (1) Christopher Hall (2) re land at Ashford
86.1442 Abstract Kent 1872 of title of James Vincer to land at Brabourne and Smeeth
86.1439 Abstract Kent 1886 of title of Charles Vincer to land at Smeeth
85.1426 Will Kent 1778 30 December of Thomas Cole of Ashford
115.1501 Conveyance Kent 1931 7 January Edward Streatfield (1) Alfred Mitchell and Others (2) re 'Cliffs End' Thanet
115.1503 Cerificate Kent 1907 15 August of death of Caroline Ralph (nee Bishop) of Ramsgate
115.1504 Cerificate Kent 1918 18 January of death of Edward W. Gibbens at Minster
115.1505 Certificate Kent 1889 7 December of death of Elizabeth Gibbens at Ramsgate
107.1828 Will Kent 1815 8 July of Edward T. Thomson of Canterbury
107.1829 Will Kent 1823 4 September of Esau Whittle of Westwell
107.1830 Will Kent 1856 30 May of Mary Ann Spillane of Deptford
107.1831 Will Kent 1863 20 November of William Whittle of Westwell
107.1832 Will Kent 1875 10 March of Joseph Roberts of East Greenwich
107.1833 Will Kent 1877 29 September of Margaret Smith of Deptford
107.1834 Will Kent 1887 23 APRIL OF James T. Thompson of Greenwich
107.1835 Will Kent 1880 27 August of Jesse Wallis of Tunbridge Wells
107.1836 Will Kent 1900 6 July of Mary Ann Tong of Deptford
107.1837 Will Surrey 1823 3 March of Ann Towers of Chobham
107.1838 Will Surrey 1856 25 August of James Shaw of Brixton
107.1839 Will Surrey 1850 15 March of William Price of Reigate
107.1840 Will Surrey 1865 18 July of Martha Shaw of Clapham
107.1841 Will Surrey Undated part of Thomas Parkes of Streatham
107.1842 Will Surrey 1892 18 February of Charles Sewell of the 'White Hart' Rupert Street Haymarket London
107.1843 Administration Surrey 1901 12 July of the estate of Sarah Rotherham of Earlsfield
107.1844 Will Surrey 1873 7 February of Revd Russell Wing of Wandsworth
107.1845 Will Wales 1759 14 November of Frances Scudamore of Monmouth
107.1846 Administration United States 1901 13 November of the estate of George R.Orme of Philadelphia (died 10 January 1886)
107.1847 Administration Italy 1901 10 April of the estate of Mary Frideswide Sergadi of Rome (died 10 January 1886)
107.1848 Will Ireland 1813.10 November of Valentine O'Connor Merchant of Dublin
107.1849 Probate Yorkshire 1798 14 May of the will of William Vickers of Marr
107.1850 Will Yorkshire 1744 2 July of Robert Thornton of Doncaster
107.1851 Will Warwickshire 1894 3 January of Sarah E. Reid of Castelnau. Leamington
107.1852 Will Warwickshire 1865 27 March of Cornelius Roberton of Dieppe but formerly of Birmingham
107.1853 Will Sussex 1713 9 January of Susanna Smersall of Hastings
107.1854 Will Sussex 1889 16 September of Thomas R.H.Scott of Brighton
107.1855 Will Sussex 1908 5 February of Charlotte D. Scorey of Hove
107.1856 Will Sussex Undated extract of the will of Richard Sharman of Brighton
107.1857 Will Somerset 1866 18 January of Charles Parfitt of Bristol, a plasterer.
107.1858 Will Nottinghamshire Undated extract from the will of Anne Thorpe of Coddington
107.1859 Administration Northumberland 1900 23 February of the estate of Elizabeth White of Belford
107.1860 Will Northamptonshire 1781 16 October of John Ratnett of Towcester, Grocer and Tallow Chandler
107.1861 Will Norfolk 1878 26 June of James Plimsaul of Swaffham
107.1862 Will London 1668 23 October of Elinor Ward
107.1863 Will London 1722 16 November Extract from the will of John Taylor, Stationer
107.1864 Will London 1779 9 February of Peter Taylor
108.1865 Administration Lancashire 1864 27 April of the estate of Mark Temple of Liverpool
108.1866 Will Lancashire 1894 31 January of Elizabeth Thompson of Liverpool
108.1867 Will Lancashire 1853 1st February of Elizabeth Saul of Lancaster
108.1868 Will Lancashire 1863 26 May of Elizabeth Scotson of Mossley Hill Aigburth
108.1869 Will Lancashire 1863 13 March of Margaret Williams of Waterloo Liverpool
108.1870 Administration Lancashire 1875 18 February of the estate of Mary Tiesset of Appleton, Widnes
108.1871 Will Lancashire 1848 11 November of James Scotson of Toxteth Park
108.1872 Will Lancashire 1827 8 June of Richard M.Owen of Liverpool
108.1873 Will Lancashire 1797 21 March of George Saul of Lancaster
108.1874 Will Lancashire 1766 7 August of Thomas H. Rawlinson of Lancaster
108.1875 Will Hertfordshire 1880 10 April of Annie Smith of Ware Road, Herts
108.1876 Probate Herefordshire 1882 3 May of the will of William Taylor of Stoke Edith
108.1877 Will Herefordshire 1712 30 April of Walter Matthews of Almsley
108.1878 Will Gloucestershire 1741 23 June of Robert Scrine of Mangotsfield
108.1879 Will Gloucestershire 1784 22 July of James Simmons of Gloucester
108.1880 Administration Essex 1797 22 December of the estate of Sarah Scott of Margaret Roothing
108.1881 Will Essex 1721 1st November of Charles Richardson of Colchester
108.1882 Will Essex 1732 14 July of Edward Rust of Newport Pond
108.1883 Will Durham 1746 20 March extract from the will of William Orde of Sandy Bank, Durham
108.1884 Will Dorset 1750 16 April of Thomas Stone of Charminster
108.1885 Codicil Dorset 1751 16 April to the will of Mary Wilson of Bryanston
108.1886 Administration Dorset 1851 19 February of the estate of Rachel White of Melbourne St Andrew
108.1887 Probate Devon 1883 9 June of the will of William F.Sutton of Exeter
108.1888 Will Cornwall 1894 2 May of Mrs Emily F.Peter of Redruth
108.1889 Administration Cornwall 1897 8 October of the estate of William Stephens of Saltash
108.1890 Will Cheshire 1885 3 October of Agnes Robertson of West Kirby
108.1891 Will Cheshire 1878 13 August of Daniel Toby of Birkenhead
108.1892 Administration Cambridgeshire 1854 10 June of the estate of James Taylor of Weston Colville
108.1893 Will Berkshire 1886 18 December of Arthur E. Phillips of Reading
108.1894 Mortgage Unknown 1888 28 December Miss C.M.Lovell (1) F.W.Caldwell and Others (2) of absolute reversion to funds in Lovell Marriage Settlement
108.1895 Appointment Unknown 1892 30 May of G.H.Erington and M.F.Tweedie as Trustees of the Lovell Marriage Settlement
10.163 Annuity London 1891, 17 Dec. Declaration of Trust by Arthur Lucas Esq and Miss Lucy Cohen of Mayfair of a fund to provide an annuity for the life of Eliza Edwards under the will of the late Juliana Baroness de Rothschild.
10.164 Administration Essex 1838, 30 Oct. Of Charles Perry late of Debden, Essex deceased.
10.165 Bond Kent 1720, 16 Dec. Thoman Marsh of nethersole, Kent to Ricd Harvey of Eythorne, Kent.
10.166 Bond Essex 1783, 22 Mar. Warrant of attorney of judgement on a bond. Peter Govey a shopkeeper of Newport, Essex [?] of the suit of Henry Cranmer of Quenden Hall, in Quenden, Essex [?].
10.167 Conveyance Devon 1697, 3 Nov. Thomas Renell Esq of Ogwell Henry Harsell serjeant at law George Yard gent of Hopegabriel, Devon of messuage and land at Goodrington Park, Paington, Devon
10.168 Agreement, memo of Essex 1834, 10 Oct. William Clarke as agent for James Clarke and John Hockley of Barnish Roothing, Essex of a freehold farm called Graylands otherwise Grays and 4 acres of land in Margaret Roothing
10.169 Notice Unknown 1898, circa. William Durham, deceased; appoinmtment by Coralie Chamier in favour of E Harold St L Chamier and assignment by E Harold St L Chamier to G E Frece and L C Cholmeley.
10.170 Settlement London 1681, 20 Aug. Joseph Watts a tallowchamdler of London Thomas Cole gent of London Henry Burton a tallowchandler of London and Rebecca Floyd a spinster of London of a marriage settlement of land at Duxfield La. and other property at Allhallows, London.
10.171 Conveyance Yorks 1647, 22 Nov. John Wraye a Husbandman of Wigginton, York and Thomas Draye gent of Lamforthe Brigges, Lincs John Hewen a yeoman of Shipton, York of land called Rise Hose [?] adjoining Skelton Moor of 8 acres.
10.172 Deed, part of Unknown No date. Sir Robert Wimondsold, Edward Leigh, Thomas Filmer and Sir William Powell.
10.173 Conveyance Kent 1704, 26 Mar. John Ansell a gardener of Ashford Kent and Anthony Millen a cordwainer of same place of a messuage in New Rents, Ashford.
10.174 Deed Poll Lincs 1744, 15 Oct. Thomas Wallis Esq of Lincoln being a ratification of his title of the manor of Huttoft otherwise the manor of Encotts in Huttoft together with 584 aces of lands unto Richard Edwards.
10.175 Inventory Unknown No date. Inventory of furniture and effects referred to in annexed [not annexed] settlement. Signed by Eliza Sparke Hooper.
10.176 Annuity Unknown 1778, 19&20 Oct. Conveyance of Rd [?] xxxxxx to Rd. Hadbroke xxxxxxx in fee subject to estate for life of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of Dame Faggs annuity from Rd Stone.
10.177 Account Unknown 1860, circa. William Burra Esq to Kingsford Wrightwick & Fraser.
10.178 Conveyance Yorks 1608, 31 Jan. Henry Swinden a yeoman of M/W.orsluryhin [?] Yorks to Thomas Bossevile Esq of Woodhall, Yorks of a toft or parcel of land of 14 acres called Little Court Close in Ardesley or Darkside, Yorks.
11.179 Mortgage Norfolk 1762, 8 Jan. James Punchard a yeoman of Naveringham, Norfolk to John Mayes a yeoman of Teydon, Suffolk of a messuage in Naveringham aforesaid.
11.180 Bond Yorks 1660, circa. Robert Fotherby of Beverley to Michael Warton.
11.181 Grant Devon 1638, 14 Feb. Thomas Mann a carpenter of Buckfastleigh, Devon and Edward Greene a tanner of same place and Edward Yard Esq., of Deane Court, Devon of a Tofte now a dwelling house in Buckfastleigh.
11.182 Manorial Unknown 1730, 30 Oct. Admission of Richard Mitchell to manor of Abbotsedale alias Abbotshay
11.183 Bargain and sale Salop 1679, 2 July. Francis Plymley xxxxx payntor of Shrewsbury, Salop Richard Plymley a mercer of same place of a messuage and land in Norton in Hales, salop.
11.184 Indenture Essex 1649, 9 Mar. William Bourman of gent of Horndon on the Hill, Essex Robert Surkin of the same place and his wife Anne of a tenement and lands in Chadwell, Essex.
11.185 Parish Register Sussex 1794, 1819. Extracts from the parish register of Stedham, Sussex.
11.186 Declaration Kent 1883, 15 Nov. of Owen Daniel gent of Ramsgate about James Webster Esq of 144 High St., Ramsgate.
11.187 Expenses Unknown 1835, 6 May. Expenses in obtaining Administration of Thomas Halton, deceased.
11.188 Lease Hereford 1714, 28 Sep. Mayor and Alderman of Hereford to Cave Woodhouse of same place of a meadow called Customers Meadow in Tupsley, Hampton Bishop, Hereford.
11.189 Will, copy of Glos 1712, 23 Apr. Sarah Wathan a widow of Rodbrough, Gloucester, and rejoinder from John Tanty.
11.190 Manorial Essex 1740, 7 Mar. Copy of surrender made by William Hawes innholder to the use of his will of the manor of West Mersea
11.191 Sale Essex 1615, 18 Jan. Samuell Marshall a carpenter of Barking, Essex and William Stannying of a carpenter of same place of a messuage in same place.
11.192 Sale Essex 1642, 21 Apr. Between Samuel Marshall a carpenter of Barking, Essex Daniel Overall and Agnes his wife , Joseph Tinker a yeoman of East Ham and Ann his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of William Stannyng Edward Foy deceased and Elizabeth his wife of an estate in Mansbridge St., Barking, Essex.
11.193 Covenant London 1779, 8 Nov. Sarah Fletcher a spinster of Basingstoke, Hants and Jonathon Fletcher a merchant of Bartholomew Lane, London of a covenant to produce title deeds.
12.194 Foot of Fine Hants 1739, circa. Final agreement between Peter Ribouleau gent, plaintiff and Nicholas Bettesworth and Susanah his wife Henry Bettesworth gent and Betty his wife and Thomas Eittens and Mary his wife, deforciants of 2 messuages and 2 acres of land in Portsea [Hants].
12.195 Lease Glos 1780, 24 Jul. Edward Wilkins a broadweaver of Rodborough , Gloucester and Sarah his wife and Obadiah Paul Esq of same place of a cottage
12.196 Lease, counterpart Glos 1778, 27 Mar. Edward William a broadweaver of Rodborough, Gloucester and Samuel Harwood a broadweaver of same place of a piece of ground at same place.
12.197 Will, copy of Glos 1714, 26 Feb. Will of Sarah Wathan of Rodborough, Glos
12.198 Fine and other deeds Glos 1754, circa. Final agreement between Robert Pool., plaintiff and Daniel King and mary his wife James King and Sarah Horwood widow, deforciants of 5 messuages 5 acres of land in the parishes of Minchinhampton and Rodborough [Glos]. Other deeds re Sarah Horwood, Ursula Driver and Edward Wilkins.
12.199 Letter Berks 1844, 26 Mar. To Thomas Hodgkinsdon Esq, Hares Hatch, near Maidenhead, Berks re Phoenix Street House
12.200 Case, Queens Bench London 1846, circa. Jane Walker executrix of will of Charles Walker.
12.201 Bill, of account Unknown No date. Concerning aunt Elizabeth Bridge's will.
12.202 Manorial Hereford 1745, 7 May. Admittance of George Bennett to the manor Marden otherwise Mawardine in Hereford after the surrender by William Badland.
12.203 Advowson Devon 1709, 10 Mar. Between Edward Yard a yeoman of Clunston, Devon and Sarah Payne the elder a widow of Heavytree, Devon of an Advowson of the church of Dean Pryor, Devon.
12.204 Feoffment London 1694, 16 Apr. Alexander Cowse an engraver of Syt Mary Mattesson, Whitechappell, Middx Edward Fawcett an innholder of St Mary Islington, Middx and John Chambery of London of messuages at Mile End, Stepney.
12.205 Conveyance Dorset 1875, 4 Jan. Owen Lane gent of Portland, Dorset Hannah Collins a widow of same place of freehold farmhouse and goods.
12.206 Mortgage Middx 1908, 11 Jul. Edward Snell a surgeon of 70 City Rd., London Alice Singleton a widow of 'Nevern' The Grove, Finchley, Middx and Arthur Dowley gent of 56 Finsbury Pavement, London [no property mentioned].
12.207 Deed, part of Unknown No date. Elizabeth Walker her executors, administrators, etc of messuages
12.208 Conveyance Essex 1617, 20 Sep. Edward Palmer a fisherman of Barking, Essex William Stannyng a carpenter of Barking of a messuage in Maubridge St., Barking, Essex late in tenure of William Faylbie, deceased.
12.209 Manorial Hereford 1560, circa [?]. Thomas Harley Esq., plaintiff William Monyngton gent and Elizabeth his wife deforciants of the manor or lordship of Boreforde, Hereforde.
12.210 Fine, to the uses of Glos 1744, 6 Oct. Samuel Mee Esq and Thomas Mee both of Gloucester to Daniel Lysons Esq., of manor of Perton otherwise Parton, Gloucester.
12.211 Conveyance London 1898, 4 Feb. Joseph Barton Esq., a drub broker formerly of 109 Fenchurch St., now of Blenheim House, Marlborough Place, Brighton, Sussex to Frederick Johnson Esq a drug broker of 139 Fenchurch St., London of a moiety of freehold premises at 131 fenchurch St., London
12.212 Lease, extract of Kent No date. John Hopton Forbes to Dean & Chapter.
12.213 Release, of legacy Montseratt 1770, 1 Jul. Walter Sherrett Esq of Montseratt and Henrietta his wife of legacy of John Ravel Frye deceased.
12.214 Fine, to the uses of Kent 1797, 30 May. Matthew Terry ahusbandman of St Andrews, Thanet and Martha his wife late Martha Saxby widow and Stephen Joad of Ramsgateof a messuage and 2 acres at St Lawrence, Thanet.
12.215 Mortgage Suffolk 1892, 24 Aug. Between Sarah Borrer a spinster of The Lodge, Portslade, Sussex Charles Ward and Basil Field Esqs., of 126 Chancery Lane, London and The Equitable Reversionary Interest Society Limited of a mansion house called Freston Lodge and other farms in Freston, Suffolk
13.216 Chancery Trinidad 1812, circa. A bundle of items relating to the matter of William Lushington the elder and William Lushington the younger and in the matter of Charles Boldero, Sir Henry Lushington Bart., Edward Gale Boldero and Henry Boldero Bankrupts concerning their estate called Campden in Trinidad.
13.217 Release Kent 1759, 4 Dec. John Ramsey the elder a mariner of Folkestone, Kent, John Harrison gent of Kent and Nicholas Binfieldos gent of Folkestone executors of will of William Hammond deceased of Folkestone of a messuage called Lilly Hole and land in Smeeth, Kent.
13.218 Correspondence Berks 1844, 26 Mar. From C and J Allen, Carlisle St., Soho Sq., to Thomas Hodgkinson, Esq., Hare Hatch, Nr. Maidenhead, Berks of lease of a house in Phoenix St., St Giles.
13.219 Will, notes on Unknown No date. Aunt Elizabeth Bridge's will, Mr Strickland's will and an unnamed family settlement.
13.220 Will, execution of Notts 1847, circa. Jane Walker executrix of will of Charles Walker deceased complains of William Uiddeson about debt.
13.221 Release, extract of London 1640, 19 Sep. Names: Henry Jackson of London, Henry Crewe one of the sons of Randolph Crewe of 8 messuages and land in parish of St Leonard in Shoreditch and Hoggesdon.
13.222 Mortgage Middx 1673, 17 Mar. Between Francis Walker an ironmonger of London and Henry Walketr a clerk of London and Elizabeth Walket a spinster youngest daughter of said Henry Walker of premises in Gloucester Ct., near Whitenrose St., Cripplegate, Middx
13.223 Fine, extract of Surrey 1777, 3 Nov. Final agreement between Thomas Mugridge, plaintiff and John Poulter and Ann his wife and Thomas Saxby and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of property and land in Bansted [Surrey].
13.224 Fine, extract of Surrey 1810. [Final agreement between] John Guy, plaintiff and James Martin and Hannah his wife, deforciants of one acres of land in Norwood in Croydon.
13.225 Foot of Fine Sussex 1650. Final agreement between John Bennett, plaintiff and John Bennett the younger and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage and 62 acres of land in Goodmancoate, [endorsed Sussex].
13.226 Bond Kent 1816, 2 Dec. William Smith a harrier of Smeeth, Kent to Thomas Smith a farmer of Stelling, Kent.
13.227 Bond Kent 1765, 27 Jun. William Smith gent of Hythe late of Hayton, Stanford, Kent to Joseph Frend a yeoman of Postling, Kent.
13.228 Settlement Middx 1833, 18 Dec. Marriage settlement John Seymour to Messrs Webber and Molineaux of leaseholds in George St., St., Pancras, Middx.
14.229 Lease London 1863, 28 Jan. Rev Henry Eyre and Frederick Eyre Esqs (with consent of George Eyre Esq) to Stephen Garrard Esq of 2 houses southwestwards of Bridge Rd., St John' Wood.
14.230 Release Kent 1829, 7 Apr. William Hoakes to Henry Hoakes and his trustee of a moiety of a messuage in Lympne in Kent with a covenant to levy a Fine.
14.231 Will, probate of London 1881, circa. Payment of Legacies in the estate of Sarah Arnold late of 1 Fortis Terrace, West Junction Rd., Kentish Town, London.
14.232 Bond Kent 1874, 10 Sep. Rev Frederick Scott clerk of Sibertswould Vicarage near Dover, Kent to the Right Honourable Edward Hugessen Knatchbull Hugessen M.P. of Smeeth, Kent
14.233 Bond Kent 1764, 21 Dec. Edward Scott Esq of Smeeth, Kent to Francis Austen Esq of Cliffords Inn, London.
14.234 Bond Dorset 1814, 7 Jan. George Score gent of Sturminster Newton, Dorset to Robert Devenish Esq of Charminster, Dorset.
14.235 Bond Middx & Kent 1770, 30 Jun. Francis Talbot Scott Esq of Lincolns Inn, Middx to Robert Tourney gent of Hythe [Kent]
14.236 Agreement Suffolk 1828, 5 Feb. Between George Self a schoolmaster of Rumburgh, Suffolk and James Garrould a farmer of Spexhale of the school at Rumburgh, Suffolk.
14.237 Letter London 1824, 11 Feb. To H Scholdes Esq, Irish Chamber, Guildhall, London.
14.238 Sale Document Kent 1847, 1 Apr. Particulars and conditions of sale of 2 dwellings with the butchers shop and slaughter house abutting the road leading from the Ridgeway now in the occupation of William Epps at Smeeth and Braborne, Kent
14.239 Affidavit Kent 1758, 1 Apr. Mrs Scott's affidavit that Evegate Farm in Smeeth in Kent by him mortgage to Mr Hooper is free from incumbrances.
14.240 Order to sell Kent 1878, 22 May. High Court instructions re George Cramp an infant and Sarah Woodruff a widow of St Peters, Thanet his next friend o sell the remaining real estate of Robert Cramp the testator.
14.241 Acknowledgment Sussex 1903, 1 Aug. Sir Thomas Troubridge and another to Miss M Hewitt and others of right of production of title deed relating to premises at Kitchenhams Marsh, Halls Cross, Hooe, Sussex.
14.242 Fine Kent 1769, 10:George:III. Final agreement between Soloman Ferrier, plaintiff and Mary Wise widow John Matson and Mary his wife Odiarne Coates and Sarah his wife and John Harvey and Judith his wife, deforciants of one messuage and half an acre of land at St Mary Newington, Surrey, and of 17 messuages 170 acres of land at Ham, Bettishanger, Sholden, Stanford, Ash next sandwich, St Mary the Virgin, St Peter the apostle and St Clement in Sandwich, Kent.
14.243 Promise Woodton 1834 and 1844. 2 items. John Beckett promises to pay Samuel Smith
14.244 Statement of account Unknown 1762, 13 Mar. William Strouts.
14.245 Manorial Unknown No date. Mr Smith and Mr Holmes re non payment of quit rent to a manor.
14.246 Receipt London 1838, 16 Nov. Received from John Sandell re 11 Upper Southwick Street, Paddington 3 Stablevein, Southwick Mews, Paddington.
14.247 Abstract Kent 1799, circa. Title of devisees of John Smith and William Merchant executors for sale of the real estate of William Smith deceased to a messuage farm and lands of 12a in Smeeth, Kent.
14.248 Agreement London 1871, 28 Sep. The Most Hon Algernon George Duke of Northumberland and George Deacon gent of Alfred Lodge, Sutton, Surrey of premises at Percy Wharf, Great Scotland Yard, St Martins in the Fields, Westminster.
14.249 Agreement London 1871, 26 Dec. Edward Mundy of 48 Islingwood Rd., Brighton, Sussex and George Deacon Esq of Sutton, Surrey and Eli Bedwell of Brighton of a house at 105 Elm Grove, Brighton.
14.250 Agreement Middx 1874, 20 Mar. George Bloxham a merchant of 27 Regent St., Middx to George Deacon a bottle merchant of Villiers St., Strand, Middx of a loan.
15.251 Lease Middx 1894, 18 Oct. William Blackburn gent of 275 Granville Rd., Sheffield, Yorks to Frederick Ing of 432 Essex Rd., Islington of a messuage at 422 Essex Rd., Islington.
15.252 Release Sussex 1907, 20 Jul. Elizabeth Heath a spinster of 1 Ivy Villas, Standard Road, Hounslow, Middx., Rosa Dowden of 7 Trinity Grove, Blackheath Hill, Kent, Jane Atkins of Water St., Bakerwell, Derbys., Kate Widgeon of 1 Ivy Villas aforesaid, John Hagger of Saltley Lodge, Breadwater Rd., Worthing, Sussex and William Baddeley of 37 and 38 High Holburn, London of 13 freehold houses in Elgin Grove, and Cobden Rd., in Brighton, Sussex.
15.253 List Unknown 1875, circa. List of documents relating to 12 Seymour Rd.
15.254 Affidavit Kent 1878, 24 May. Cramp versus Cramp in the High Court of Justice.
15.255 Abstract Kent 1665, circa. Title of the heirs of Richard Small deceased to a messuage in Great Chart, Kent.
15.256 Account Kent 1814, circa. Of Jeremiah Rosher Esq for conveyance of Northfleet Tythes from the Earl of Aylesford.
15.257 Account Unknown 3 houses in Great and Little Chamber St., Goodmans Fields.
15.258 Will, change of HM Forces 1888, 15. Will of Henry Scobell a captain in Her Majesty's Royal Scots Greys.
15.259 Act Parliament 1860, circa. Re Eastbourne, Northwich, Pudsey, Ramsgate and West Ham
15.260 Memorandum Unknown 1833, circa. Mudeford Farm settlement of purchase.
15.261 Bond Berks 1837, 21 Mar. Joseph Cook an innholder of Uffington, Berks to James Cooper a gardener of Faringdon, Berks.
15.262 Will, probate of London 1859, circa. Papers relating to the state of Philip Scorey of 49 Tierney Rd., Streatham Hill, London SW.
15.263 Fine Kent 1845, circa. Final agreement between Thomas Shipden, plaintiff, and George Stringer and Lucy his wife John Turner and Elizabeth his wife Thomas Turiner William Fowle and Elizabeth his wife and Richard Marsh and Rachel his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage, 56 acres of land, a moiety of one third part of 7 messuages and 264 acres of landand one third of a moiety of another third part of 6 acres in the parishes of Ash next Sandwich, Sellinge, Braborne,Smeeth, Dymchurch, Newington next Hythe, Kent.
15.264 Bill of Costs Unknown 1884, circa. Professional charges of the trustees of Mrs Roberts marriage settlement to Alfred Crowther.
15.265 Map Surrey 1887, 20 Jan. Map of a building site at New Cross, Deptford, Surrey.
15.266 Bond Gloucester 1755 29th July Sarah Horwood to Ursula Driver for £24 and interest plus Deed of Security (2 items)
15.267 Security Gloucester 1778 17th July Edward Wilkins and Samuel Horwood to Ursula Driver for £60 and interest
15.268 Bond Gloucester 15.268
9.135 Bargain & Sale Kent 1767, 14 Oct. Sir Charles Sedley, bt. of Netthall, Notts to Jeremiah and Henry Waterman gents of Rye, Sussex of the manor of Tinton otherwise Tineton, Kent, and the lordship of Honeychild, Kent
9.136 Mortgage, etc Surrey & Essex 1889, 3 Jul. Bundle of items. Alfred Hobman of The Clifton Works, Stockholm Road, South Bermondsey, Surrey (1) William Hawkins gent of Upper Norwood, Surrey (2) and John Bawtree The Honorable Eustace Bawtree and Robert Curzen all of Colchester, essex (3) of the Springville Estate South Bermondsey, Surrey. Names in other documents: Charles Rabbits, William Rigby, James Delap,
9.137 Abstract Kent 1790, Nov. Title of Mr Thomas Sutton and Deborah his wife to two fifths parts of a messuage and 15 acres of land in Warehorne, Kent
9.138 Acknowledgment Germany 1862, 15 Dec. Rev Charles Wiedemann and William ward Secretary to the British Consul acknowledges deeds by Anne Marx the wife of Rudolph Marx merchant residing in Hamburgh.
9.139 Manorial Norfolk 1853, 10 May. Mr Henry Smith's enfranchisement. Receipt of £63 9s.2d. for copyhold in the manor of Earsham, Norfolk.
9.140 Assigment Kent 1865, 7 Jul. William Smith a victualler of North St., Ashford, Kent to James Gore a hairdresser of Ashford, Kent of two policies of assurance.
9.141 Letter Kent 1876, 19 May. Letter to H A Smith, Hayes Court, Hayes, Kent
9.142 Bond Kent 1754, 1 Aug. Edward Scott Esq now of Scotshall, Smeeth, Kent to Henry Stevens gent of Doctors Commons, London.
9.143 Account Dorset 1813, circa. William Foot and John White to F Sabine in the matter of intended purchase. Charminster.
9.144 Abstract Kent 1819, circa. Title of Matthew Sankey to a messuage called The North Sea Boat in Round Tower St., Dover, Kent.
9.145 Manorial Kent 1657, 29 Aug. Rentals of the manor of Stanford, Kent; recitation of deeds for Stanford Farm; extracts from Court Proceedings.
9.146 Settlement London & Spain 1909, circa. 5 Items. Staniforth family in London and Spain.
9.147 Correspondence Kent 1830, circa. To William Hyder Esq, Court Lees, near Canterbury, Kennt about probate of will and marriage settlement.
9.148 Bond Kent 1813, 8 Nov. George Swinyard a yeoman of Smeeth, Kent to Benjamin Andrews gent of Stouting and Richard Greenhill a tanner of Ashford, Kent.
9.149 Mortgage Surrey 1906, 17 Dec. Robert Seeley to Albert Herz of "The General Moore" public house, Stewart Rd., and Nos. 2 and 3 Corunna Rd., Battersea, Surrey.
9.150 Bond Kent 1816, 31 Dec. William Hawkins a yeoman of Lyminge, Kent to George Spinner a yeoman of Word alias Worth, Kent.
9.151 Survey Kent 1906, 26 Apr. Location of Post Office Telegraph Stays in Eythorne, Kent.
9.152 Opinion Kent 1845, 13 Oct. Mr Simpson's opinion on an Abstract (not attached) of deeds and Trustees to Knatchbull.
9.153 Declaration Middx 1836, circa. By Harriett Allen (wife of Henry Allen) a dress maker of 15 Lambs Conduit Street, Middx.
9.154 Mortgage Warks 1854, 20 Dec. Joseph Singleton a manufacturing chemist of Birmingham to Messrs Bullock and Danks of notice of second mortgage to Miss Lydia Marian Bullock.
9.155 Certificate Staffs 1915, 5 Aug. Death certificate of Major Edmund Molyneux Seel re Col. and Mrs Parry's settlement.
9.156 Rent Agreement London 1879, 6 Nov. To pay an increase in rent ag re ed by E Simmons 42 Waterford Rd., Fulham.
9.157 Bond Unknown 1700, 29 Sep. William Sheppeard and others to Joshua Cabborg [?].
9.158 Enclosure Award Kent 1824, 22 sep. To William Smith at Braborne Lees, Kent.
9.159 Married Women Act Kent 1845, 27 Feb. Acknowledgement of deed between Thomas Stubberfield and his wife Ann, Sarah Finnis and James Edwards.
9.160 License London 1831, 14 Apr. Granted to John Seymour of 27 Drury Lane by Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Mercers, London.
9.161 Mortgage Kent 1829, 7 Apr. Charles Small a yeoman of Great Chart, Kent to Thomas Hughes a labourer of Pluckley, Kent
9.162 Bond Kent 1831, Dec. Thomas Small a yeoman of Great Chart to Stephen Briggs a yeoman of the same place.
16.269 Sale Derbys 1799, 6 Dec. John Browne gent of Alport, Bakewell, Derby Thomas Browne merchant late of Chesterfield now of Alport Joseph Farnsworth late of alport now of Alfreston of a messuage at Swanwick, Alfreston, Derby
16.270 Mortgage, transfer London 1889, 20 Feb. The Cannon Brewery Company of The North Pole public house, London
16.271 Conveyance Bristol 1824, 24 Jun. Assignees of the estate of Sir Robert Preddy and Robert Preddy to Joseph Parry and Elizabeth Webb to Samuel Wellington of a messuage in Paul St. in St. Paul, Bristol
16.272 Release Lincoln 1730, 7 Jul. Henry Hickes Esq of Deptford and Margaret his wife coheir of Lucy Wynell and heir of Frances Thomas alias Holder deceased sister of Lucy and Henry Penn gent of Chelsea, Middx and Ann his wife and Elizabeth Jeffrys a widow of Brook St. Holburn of land in Fleet, Lincoln etc etc leading to Henry Wynell
16.273 Abstract Middx 1882. Title of estate of late Mrs Mana Rye to a messuage at 92 Star St. Paddington, Middx
16.275 Lease Kent 1896, 19 Mar. R B Berens Esq to Woodford Fawcett Esq - agreement for a 3 years tenancy of Marlings, St Pauls Cray, Kent
16.276 Mortgage Flint&Middx 1887, 21 Mar. Peter la Touche Esq of Cilcen Hall, Flint to William Pound Esq Finchley, Middx of a mortage to secure £120
49.868 Schedule Kent 1773. Deeds relating to premises at New Romney in mortgage to John Brett
49.869 Bond Kent 1787, 4 May. Thomas Pledge of Hythe to Robert Harvey of Folkestone
49.870 Letter Worcs 1840, OHMS to James Hewitt, saddler of Feckenhand, Droitwich re will of Charles Hewitt
49.871 Plan Staffs 1840. Plan of building land at Kingswinford
49.872 Account Kent No date. Re Constables of Dover Castle and between Rolfe and Jones
49.873 Inland Revenue Kent 1867. Estate of Richard Greenhill of Ashford
49.874 Legal case Derbys 1842. Case re Thomas Cooksey of Derby deceased
49.875 Settlement Kent 1767, 17 and 18 Apr. Spratt to Norwood of Ashford
49.876 Estate, papers of Worcs 1859 circa. Papers relating to the estate of Samuel Leonard of Stourbridge deceased
49.877 Lease, and release Staffs 1809, 28 Jul. Thomas Pargeter to Thomas Skelden of land at Kingswinford
49.878 Will, extract of Kent 1743, 14 Apr. Will of John Brice of Folkestone
50.879 Indenture Middx 1907. Harry Humpreys of Islington , Middx (1) Constance Humphreys (2) John Taylor of Tunbridge Wells of land at Islington
50.880 Further charge Middx John Evelyn and Hope Brooke to Revd D Quilter of property at Kentish Town, Middx
50.881 Indenture London 1902. Isabella Kirkaldy of Poplar, Middx to Patrick Kirkcaldy of same place of property in same place
50.882 Indenture Sussex&Hants 1907. Louisa Hambrough of Bognor, Sussex (1) Dudley Hambrough (2) Lisette Cary of Gosport (3) of a mortage
50.883 Agreement Somerset 1801, 10 Feb. George Burnett of Yatton, Somerset and John Burnett of Huntsfull in same county of land at same place
50.884 Sale Lancs 1808, 7 Mar. James Brooke and others of Liverpool (1) Henry Marshall of same place (1) of a seat in St Marks church in same place
50.885 Contract Dorset 1802, 26 Jan. Puckett with Bower of premses in Melcombe Regis, Weymouth
50.886 Sale Kent 1792, 18 Oct. Jon Bosbe [?] of Frittenden, Kent to Thomas Prier of Headcorn of a messuage and land at same place
50.887 Foot of fine Kent 1743. Final agreement between Robert Sutton, plaintiff and Francis Larkin and others , deforciants of 2 messuages and land at Wickhambreaux and Stourmoiuth
50.888 Contract Dorset 1795, 30 Jan. Thomas Day , etc (1) Samuel Weston, etc (2) of Weymouth of messuages and land in same place
50.889 Bargain and sale Kent 1718, 23 Dec. James Jones of Stanford (1) David Penvold of Lyminge (2) of premises in Stanford
50.890 Agreement Warks 1880, 31 May. Samuel Ellis of Birmingham (1) Frederick Ellis of same place (2) of articles of partnership in premises in same place
50.891 Foot of Fine Kent 1752. Final agreement between John Marshall, plaintiff and Nicholas Rolfe and other Rolfes and Humphrey Wightwick, deforciants of 2 messuages and land at Newchurch
50.892 Manorial Suffolk 1865. Henry Smith, Joseph Foulgar Frederick Smith re copyhold tenure at manor of Bungay Priory, Suffolk
50.893 Settlement Yorks 1833, 14 Oct. Marriage of John Lea Edwards Esq with Miss Anne Elizabeth Waterhouse of Halifax, Yorks
50.894 Consideration Cheshire 1819 circa. Messrs Humberstone, Faulkner, Houghton, Leigh, Watley, Okell and Matilda his wife bargained and sold to others of premises in Chester
50.895 Bargain and sale Wales 1797, 20 May. David Lloyd of Brecon (1) David Lloyd of same place (2) and (3) other parties of premises in same place
51.896 Legal case London 1813, 16 Aug. Lushington and Bolders & Co., bankrupts
51.897 Probate Yorks 1912. Of James Cuthbert of Pitsmoor, Sheffield
51.898 Court of Probate Kent 1859, Re estate of Edward Sibery of Belsington, Canterbury
51.899 Court of Probate Kent No date. Letter from Thomas Scoones of Canterbury about goods of Mary Burgess
51.900 Court of Probate Kent 1857. Goods of James Homewood of Smarden
51.901 Certificates London 1861, circa. Birth and death certificates for Hordern family
51.902 Papers London 1850, circa. large envelope entitled Rolls Estate Papers address to Major Collins of 63 Courtfield Gardens, London SW5
51.903 Conveyance Leics 1772, 28 May. Charles Barwel of Leicester to Henry Barwell of two closes in Lubenham
51.904 Manorial Essex 1749, 27 Apr. Transfer of property to Turner Collin in the manor of Priors Hall alias Stone Hall, essex
51.905 Release Kent 1795, 10 Oct. Mr E H Sandys to John Upton of divers shares in several closes called Ripple and Sutton Closes in Ripple, Kent
51.906 Indenture, part of Unknown Date not clear. Joseph Saunders of Mornington [Crescent?] ..... St Pancras, Middx ...... William Trenery of ...... London .........[whereas] ....... Southampton ........
51.907 Abstract Kent 1701 onwards. Title of Mr Brice to an estate at Braborne includes many mentions of Court family
52.908 18 Deeds Kent 1700s mainly. Relating to Stockbury and Hartlip
111.1200 Abstract London 1851. Weston to Roberts - title to a piece of ground in Paddington
59.1029 Manorial Middx 1679. Admission to the manor of Tottenham alias Tottenhall, Middx
53.910 Indenture Kent 1725, 1 May. Robert Tilsey of Brensett late of Snave , Katherine Howell Thomas Hobday Robert Tournay [damaged]
53.911 Mortgage Kent&London 1782, 6 Jun. William Athwick of Portman Square, London Joseph Sabine of Kent John Norris of Essex of land called Tishes
53.912 Indenture Warks 1749, 1 May. Edward Wyer the elder of Rock? Warwick to Joseph Wyer of same place of messuages at same place
53.913 Conveyance Kent 1837, 19 Nov. xxxxxx to Benjamin Austen re Snave and Ivychurch tenant to the precipe [damaged]
53.914 Memorandum London 1773. George Ervington? relating to Battersea Bridge
53.915 Assignment Hants 1778, 30 Nov. George Bigges of Romsey re assignment on relinquishment of appointment ...... as a trustee .... marriage of Mr and Mrs Atcheson
53.916 Abstract London 1600 circa. Richard Worrell to Sir Richard Whitmore of meadow in Hoxton [damaged]
53.917 Indenture Kent 1697. Susan Sabine of Canterbury and .... Jackson of London [damaged]
53.918 Indenture Kent 1697. Premises in Kingston and Barham [damaged]
54.919 Indneture Kent 1680 circa. Gideon Delanne of Norton, Kent [damaged]
54.920 Indenture Kent 1700 circa. John Marsh ...... Romney Marsh ..... Snave [damaged]
54.921 Indenture Kent 1700 circa. John Marsh ..... Faversham [damaged]
54.922 Lease Kent 1804, 24 Oct. xxxxx to xxxxx and Butler of messuages in Ivychurch and Snave
55.923 Release Glos 1764, 15 Dec. Mrs Jones, William Jones Esq , John Guise Esq to Samuel Hayward Esq of a messuage at Twigworth, Glos
55.924 Marriage Settlement Cornwall 1722, 24&25 Aug. Elizabeth Avery and John French concerning Otterham, Cornwall
55.925 Court case London 1808. Thomas Percival was attached to answer David Clarke in a plea of trespass - Mary le Bow
16.277 Foot of Fine London 1736. Final agreement between William Waller and Ann his wife, plantiffs and John Goodison gent and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of 2 messuages in Deptford
16.278 Agreement Kent 1792, 2 May. Robert Mascale Esq of Ashford, Kent and Lewis Whitfield gent of Ashford of an exchange of land in Ashford
16.279 Mortgage Middx 1890, 20 Jan. Walter Hollings of 39 Woburn Place, Middx to The National Guardian Assurance Company of a mortgage for security of £150
16.280 Will, probate of Glos 1763, 24 May. Will of Susannah Hayward a widow of Churchdown, Gloucester
16.281 Enclosure Act London Partitions for parish of Lambeth
135.1982 Indenture Kent 1700 Ist April William Clarke (1) Robert Thomas (2) re land at Lenham
17.283 Will, probate of Essex 1760, 20 Mar. John Hammond gent of Finchinfield, Essex
17.284 Manorial London 1833, 16 Apr. Admission of Ann the wife of The Revd. Robert Marriott to the manor of Hackney commonly called The Lords Hold
17.285 Mortgage London 1918, 23 Feb. Mr F Mays to Messrs Cannon & Gaze Ltd - mortgage of leasehold premises at 91 Star St., Paddington
17.286 Mortgage London 1871, 14 Oct. Izaak Walton gent of 31 Clements Lane, London Thomas Eyre Smith Esq. Frederick Cope of 3 Lansdowne Terrace, Rosherville, Kent morgager of property in London
17.287 Lease London 1853. Messrs Higgs and others to Messrs William Henry and Henry Jones of a house in borough of Southwark
17.288 Will, probate of Surrey 1898, Sep. Will of James Low Edward of Kew, Surrey deceased
18.289 Will, probate of Middx 1846, 10 Aug. Will of Daniel Skinner gent of Middx [Notepaper extract - gives small family tree]
18.290 Manorial Essex 1875. Admission of Thomas Wildman then Richard Hunton Esq to the manor of High Easter, Essex
18.291 Licence London 1936, 21 Jan. A B Yeates Esq to Miss Gertrude Wright to permit the conversion of 49 Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead into 5 flats
18.292 Appointment Unknown 1915, 22 Feb. In the estate of Mrs Annett Cluuterbuck deceased appointment of Mrs Charlottee Gale as a Trustee jointly with Mr E Harvey of a legacy to R O Osmond Esq [cover only]
18.293 Complaint Middx 1834, 11 Apr. By David Clark Esq of Sheffield, Yorks against John Cook, a cooper and tenant of Middx of a messuage at 13 Field Terrace. St. Pancras
18.294 Manorial Essex 1846, 1 Jan. Admission of Francis Smith to the manor of Widdington with Deyses
18.295 Letter London 1901, 25 Jun. frpm Hulbert Crow & Hulbert, 4 Broad Street Buildings, Liverpool St. London Ec to C G Scott 41 New Broad Street, London Ec re deed about 81 Finsbury Pavement
18.296 Tithe application Middx 1896, 1 Dec. Application for Hendon Tithes to be paid
18.297 Lease Peterborough 1827, 23 Jan. Revd the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough to Rt Hon Earl Fitzwilliam of the manor of Longthorpe
18.298 Mortgage Staffs 1910, 12 Oct. Charles Palairet of Inn House, Little Haywood, Stafford (1) Gualter Palairet of New Zealand of Little Haywood (2) and George Dobb gent of Essex (3)
18.299 Assignment London 1850, 11 Jul. G Taylor Esq to Thomas Whitehead - assignment of benefit of agreement of 30 january 1845 with the Bishop of London of property near Westbourne Terrace, London
18.300 Agreement Lundy Island 1892, 25 Jul. Lundy Island Sight: The Corporation of Trinity House and Revd H G Heaven for implementation of landing place at Lundy Island.
18.301 Manorial Middx 1881, 7 Mar. Award of John Ellis as valuer to the manor of Hendon - Margaret Edenborough's enfranchisement
18.302 Settlement Cornwall&Leics 1869, 12 Apr. On the intended marriage of William Davy Esq of Penzance with Lady Emily Butler a spinster of Swithland Rectory, Leicester
18.303 Settlement Cornwall&Essex 1782, 8 Mar. On the marriage of The Rev John Williams Esq Clerk of St Ilsey, Cornwall and Ann Goddard a spinster the eldest daughter of John Goddard Esq of Woodford Hall, essex
18.304 Foot of Fine Salop 1656. Final agreement between William Plumley gent William Morris and John Bourne, plaintiffs and Gilbert Boghton Esq and Alice his wife John Brow,,,ed Esq and Sidney his wife Robert Caltell Esq and Alice his wife Thomas Weston Clerk and Christian his wife, deforciants of 4 messuages and 110 acres of land in Aston, Salop
18.305 Manorial Essex 1713, 9 Mar. Admission of Pamphilon to the manor of Widdington
19.306 Agreement Yorks 1773, 15 May. James Scott of Acre, Sowerby (1) and John Ramsden of Halifax of water rights
19.307 Agreement Berks 1696, 25 Jun. John Beazley a tailor of St Clement, Middx Francis Alkin a barber surgeon of same John Smalbone gent of West Berkhampton, Berks Roger Garrard gent of South Marston, Wilts Robert Watson a yeoman of Chipping Lambourne, Berks (1) and John Watson a yeoman of Chipping Lambourne (2) about land
19.308 Will, legacies of Yorks 1825, 25 Aug. George Lambert a yeoman of wath upon Dearne, Yorks and Ann his wife and Mary Ford of same place to Thomas Carr - release of 2 legacies of £370 and £400 under the will of John Ford deceased
19.309 Manorial Hants 1635, 26 Oct. Admission of John Taylor to the manor of Havant
19.310 Foot of Fine Hants 1797. Final agreement between Thomas Franklin Longcroft and William xxxxxxx plaintiffs and Griffith Richards clerk and Ann his wife Joseph Stevens and Susannah Franklin his wife Catherine Longcroft, deforciants of a 3/9ths part of 10 Messuages and 5 Acres of land in Portsea, Portsmouth
19.311 Foot of Fine London 1775. Final agreement between Henry Bernard Esq., plaintiff and Edward Lambert and Charlotte his wife, deforciants of a 36th part of one stream of running water in St Albans Wood etc etc etc [describes all the parishes it runs through in London].
19.312 Foot of Fine Hants 1791. Final agreement between Sara George, plaintiff and John Thomas and Elizabeth his wife Robert ...... and Elizabeth his wife Arthur Wavell and Jane Goldfinch, deforciants of 3 messuages and 1 acre of land in Cosham , Wymering
19.313 Conveyance Kent 1909, 7 Mar. [last of 3 deeds]. Beadle and Stoakes names about property in Lympne, Kent [suffers from damp]
19.314 Sale London 1897, 18 Oct. Henry Gage and Sons Limited Samuel Stamford Parry gent of 95 Leadenhall St., London Archibald Gordon Pollock gent of 20 Threadneedle St., London of land at 142 Strand, London
19.315 Foot of Fine Essex 1801. Final agreement between Henry Wildman Esq., plaintiff and William Mills Esq and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of2 messuages 2 cottages and malthouse and 501 acres of land in Margaret Rootling [Roding]
19.316 Assignment Kent 1678, 24 Sep. James Sooreley/Hooreley of Molash, Kent John Slade gent of Ashford of a messuage in Brooke, Kent for use of Stephen Doff of Brooke
19.317 Bargain and Sale Derbys 1593, 1 Mar. John Harpur Esq. of xxxxxxx Derby and Gilbert Bolleston Esq of Bolleston, Stafford etc a messuage in Maxston next Tutbury [?], Derby
19.318 Foot of Fine Hunts [?] 1786. Final agreement between Bernard Baldwin gent., plaintiff and John Hughes and Sarah his wife, deforciants of 8 messuages and 95 acres of land in Great Stoughton and Boarhamstead
19.319 Mortgages Glos 1878 circa. Wintour family of London to Messrs Norman, Talbot, and Bell re will of William Hurton late of Daglinworth, Gloucestershire deceased
19.320 Mortgage London 1893, 11 Aug. Mr R Hyde of 5 College park, Kensal Green, London to Macdonald Beaumont gent of 23 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London of 60 Craven Park Road, Harlesden
20.321 Agreement Lancs 1867. Letters and map contained in an agreement between William Carr Esq and Messrs Astley and Hinshelwoods of four building plots at Badfield, Blackburn
20.322 Agreement London 1897, 26 Mar. Lt. Col. L M H Kennedy and The Baroness Von Heidt of tenancy of Dawson Place, Bayswater
20.323 Fine, uses of Yorks 1767, 9 Apr. George Pigott a yeoman of Bolton upon Darne, York and Margaret his wife (1) Joseph Johnson gent of Bolton aforesaid (2) and George Wilson a yeoman of Long Elmsalt, South Hirkby, York (3) of a messuage and lands in Bolton aforesaid
20.324 Sale Oxon 1699, 17 Feb. Robert Darling gent of Wallingford and Thomas White a yeoman of March-Baldon, Oxon of a coppice called Moles Coppice in Lowknor, Oxon
20.325 Agreement Kent 1895, 31 Dec. Richard Berens Esq and The Eynsdord Parish Council - agreement as to construction and use of roadway
20.326 Sale Somerset 1721, 20 Aug. Elizabeth Lewis a widow of Compton Pawnefoot, Somserset (1) Humphrey Lewis gent of same place (2) of lands and tenements in Sutton Crethorn abd Sutton Mountagne, Somerset
20.327 Agreement Lancs 1910, 20 Dec. Messrs William Berry Ltd. of Manchester with Mr A H Lehmann - agreement for employment as manager at Boot Polish Factory
20.328 Fine, use of Sussex 1698, 20 Oct. John Grint a yeoman of Herstmonceux, Sussex and Sarah his wife (1) Stephen Pollington a yeoman of Churling, Seaford, Sussex of a messuage at Herstmonceux
20.329 Foot of Fine Sussex 1762. Final agreement between Robert Plumer, plaintiff and Thomas Bennett gent and Sarah his wife, deforciants of 3 messuages and 374 acres of land in Woodmancote and Henfield
20.330 Foot of Fine Herts 1776. Final agreement between Henry Herner Esq., plaintiff and Edward Lambert and Charlotte his wife of land at Chadwell, Great Amwell, Little Amwell, Hoddeson, Stanstead, Theele otherwise Stantheele in St Margaret Broxborn, Wormley, Cheston otherwise Cheshunt and Theobalds
20.331 Deed [?] Date unknown. Last page of badly defaced deed concerning John Dale and Francis Gooding
20.332 Further Charge Middx 1892, 25 July. Between William Long a builder of Bell Lane, Hendon, Middx and Philip Tyler a wheelwright of Hendon of plots of land at Victopria Road, Hendon
20.333 Agreement Cornwall 1885, 6 Aug. Sir Colman Rashleigh Bt. C.B. of Prideaux, Cornwall and Colman Rashleigh Esq to Messrs Lovering of digging for clay at Luxulyan, Cornwall
20.334 Agreement London 1896, 15 Apr. The Rt Hon John Allan Baron Llangattock and William George Jones a victualler of 22 Grove Road, Brixton Broad, London of a public house called The Duke of York in Bagshot St., St. Mary's Newington, London
20.335 Sale Yorks 1701, 26 Mar. William Townend gent of Brampton, Yorks (1) William Taylor a labourer of same place (2) of a piece of land at Brampton
20.336 Sale Berks 1753, 30 Feb. John Dirk of Bussinn [?], Berks and Judith his wife and xxxx Greatkin of Fornhope of a messuage in xxxxx [badly defaced - see item 21 above]
21.337 Manorial London 1897, 25 Aug. Admission of George Evans to manor of Hampton Court, Middx
21.338 Foot of Fine Worcs 1756. Final agreement between John Hipsid and Mary Roberts spinster, plaintiffs and Thomas Weston and Richard Broof, deforciants of a 4 messuages 1 shop in parishes of Halesowen and Brownesgrove
21.339 Recovery Yorks 1793. Brooke gent., demandant; Allen gent., tenant; Baxter, vouchee of land in Wath-upon-Derne
21.340 Lease Suffolk 6 May, 1730. John Deehs gent of Brockley, Suffolk to William Golts a yeoman of Thorpe, Suffolk of a messuage etc in Gunworth, Suffolk
21.341 Mortgage London 1723, 30 Sep. John Harding a cooper of London and Olive his wife John Harris a goldsmith of London of a messuage at St. Botolphs, London
21.342 Release Devon 1754, 12 Oct. Anthony Reeve a yeoman of Dartington, Devon and Christian Trist a spinster of South Brent, Devon of a messuage called Morehead in Dean Prior, Devon
21.343 Recovery Cornwall 1833. Farwell, demandant; Whitaker, tenant; Butler Harde vouchees of manor of Whalesborough, Cornwall
21.344 Manorial Sussex, Kent 1860, 2 Oct. Admission of Edward Walls gent of Hythe, Kent and Thomas Henry Lysaght Esq of Sheerness, Kent to the manor of Hortstedkeynes Broadhurst
21.345 Lease, of Release Oxon 1839, 1 Mar. Joseph Gannett/Garrett a mason of Heithrop, Oxford to Mrs Francis Brayne a widow of banbury, oxon of 2 messuages in Banbury
21.346 Mortgage Essex 1746, 10 May. William Pamphilon a yeoman of Widdington, Essex and Joseph Collins gent of Walden, Essex of 2 acres of pasture land in Widdington
21.347 Will, probate of Oxon 1795, 23 Jan. Will of Richard Bignall gent of Banbury
21.348 Foot of Fine Kent 1794. Final agreement between Henry Pradland gent., plaintiff and John Reynolds and Sarah his wife and Richard Bullen and jane his wife, deforciants of 9 acres of land in Tonbridge
21.349 Deed of Exchange Glos 1753, 30 Jun. Samuel Weaver a yeoman of Norton, Gloucester and Samuel Hayward Esq of Sandhurst, Gloucester of land in St. Mary de Load, in the city of Gloucester
21.350 Sale Lincs 1727, 31 May. Edward Foe a yeoman of Holbeach, Lincoln and Elizabeth his wife and Edward Foe a mercer of Horncastle son and heir apparent of said Edward Foe (1) and John Northon a mercer of Holbeach (2) of a messuage in Whapload , Lincoln
22.351 Foot of Fine London 1820. Final agreement between William Smith the elder, plaintiff and William Hourston and Charlotte his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage in the parish of St. Nicholas, Deptford
22.352 Chancery Kent 1851. Grist v Hayward. Relates to obtaining the profits of a certain farm at Ivychurch aand Brookland, Kent
22.353 Foot of Fine Berks 1821. Final agreement between Joseph Mills, plaintiff and Arthur Richardson and Ann his wife Harry Bradbourne and Louise sarah Hoadley his wife, deforciants of 2 messuages and 400 acres of land in Inkpen
22.354 Manorial Essex 1770, 14 Feb. Admission of Isaac Jarvis to the manor of Molehall
22.355 Agreement Middx 1916, 1 Feb. HM Postmaster General and Messrs Ernest Howard and G H J Dawson with The Clothworkers Company - agreement with reference to premises formerley known as The Northern District Post Office, Islington
22.356 Bargain and Sale Essex 1669, 27 Mar. Thomas Preston gent of Chobham, Essex William Preston son and heir of said Thomas Preston and Martha his late wife who was sole daughter and heir of Abraham Webb late of London etc etc and John Hubbart Esq of St. Mary Magdalene Barmondsy, Surrey of messuage known as the Tyled House and land in Barkinge
22.357 Grant Yorks 1795, 3 Feb. Matthew Bateson a clothier of Wortley in the parish of Leeds, Yorks and William Morton gent of Swinton in Masham, Yorks of a grant of privilege of water at land called Woodroyd Bottoms in Wortley
22.358 Account London 1890. For dealing with 93 Hall Place "The Lord Collingwood"
22.359 Bargain and Sale Kent 1732, 25 Oct. Abigal Cooke a widow of Rotterdam, Holland and executrix in will of her husband Thomas Cooke a merchant deceased etc etc of marshland in New Romney, Kent
22.360 Mortgage Sussex 1908, 24 Jan. C G J Currie Esq to J Wooley Esq - mortgage of reversionary share under settlement and deed poll of appointment to secure £310
22.361 Lease Cheshire 1725, 11 May. John Pemberton a merchant of Liverpool, Lancs and Edward Rogers a husbandman of Chester of land called Pegg the Thistle Hey and the Grasse Hey in Chester
22.362 Manorial Essex 1770, 9 Nov. Admission of William Barker to manor of Molehall
22.363 Bargain and Sale Glams 1721, 11 Aug. Mayzod Powell gent of Neath, Glamorganj and Jenkin Williams a shipwright of the same and Elizabeth his wife (1) and John Jones gent of Neath (2) of land at Lantwitt
22.364 Lease London 1904, 6 Sep. Francesco Vanoni Esq and Boots Cash Chemists - agreement as to alterations in and lease of 114 Edware Rd., London
22.365 Manorial Essex 1724, 2 Nov. Admission of Thomas File to the manor of Widdington Hall
22.366 Bargain and Sale Carms 1770, 16 Jan. Elizabeth Vaughan a spinster of Carmarthen second daughter of Eugene Vaughan late of Claes Gwyn of Llandeveylogg , Carmarthen etc etc and William Jones Esq of Dyffrin, Carmathen etc etc of the capital messuage called Claes Gwyn
22.367 Lease Notts 1740, 20 May. Mary Becuda a widow of Awkley, Notts relict of Abraham Becuda deceased and Thomas Lee a husbandman of Austerfield, Yorks of a mansion house in Awkley called the manor house
23,368 Bargain and Sale Hants 1783, 22 Apr. Thomas Ridge Esq of Kilmiston , Hants surviving trustee and Thomas Fitzherbert Esq of Stubbington of land called Beeston Field
23.369 Bargain and Sale Essex 1636, 2 May. Rt. Hon. William Lord Fitzwilliam Baron of Ireland and William Fitzwilliam Esq son and heir apparent of Lord Fitzwilliam of the manor of Saynt Parke otherwise Parke Hall in Theydon Theydon Cannon Theydon Boyle Theydon Atmount and Epping, Essex
23.370 Bargain and Sale Beds 1673, 11 Dec. Robert Blayney gent of London (1) John Collins of Grays Inn, Middx Richard Collins Esq of London and Thomas Shadwell gent of Westminster (2) of fee farm rents from a house in the disolved priory of Bushmede in Bedford
23.371 Foot of Fine London 1737. Final agreement between Richard Coope Esq., plaintiff and Thomas Symonds Esq and Penelope his wife Thomas Price Esq Anne Musie widow Roger Barnstone Esq and Mary his wife Anne Shakerley widow and John Locke the younger Esq and Mary his wife. deforciants of 24 messuages and 81 acres of land in the parishes of Fulham and Chelsea
23.372 Mortgage Middx 1767, 5 May. Counterpart of indenture of mortgage by Joseph Francis Carpenter to Bartholomew Hammond Esq. of one house in Charlotte St., St. Pancras, Middx
23.373 Manorial Essex 1796, 15 Mar. Admission of Joseph Robinson to the manor of West Newland, Essex
23.374 Lease Middx 1904, 30 Jan. Samuel Willson Esq to Mr O F Viola of premises at 48 and 50 Tottenham St., St. Pancras, Middx
23.375 Foot of Fine [?] 1826. Final agreement between James Tyrrell, plaintiff and Thomas Hayes and Susannah his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage 1 malthouse 2 cottages 26 acres of land in parish of Chute
23.376 Sale Kent 1720, 2 Feb. Henry Marsh gent of St Dunstans, West London and Mary his wife and Thomas Marsh Esq of Nethersole, Kent of the manor of Snave.
23.377 Barain and Sale Sussex 1787, 30 Jan. Thomas Kemp Esq of Lewes, Sussex to Robert Williams a stonemason of Brighthelmuston, Sussex and his trustee of a piece of land at Brighthelmuston
24.388 Lease Oxon 1822, 27 Feb. Crews Dudley gent of Oxford to William Hands a fisherman of Iffley, Oxon of a piece of land in Oxford
24.378 Manorial Essex 1856, 12 Nov. Admission of Mrs Sampford to the manor of Pryors Hall alias Stone Hall in Widdington, Essex
24.380 Manorial Bucks 1701. Admission to the manor of Moulton, Buckingham
24.381 Manorial Essex 1834, 10 Jun. Admission of Ralph Smith to the manor of High Easter, Essex
24.382 Manorial London 1832, 9 May. Admission of Joshua Blackburn to the manor of Lambeth
24.383 Transfer Glos 1743, 9 May. Robert Sandford Esq of Stratton, Gloucester and Ralkph Willett clerk of same place and other Willetts of a transfer of inheritance of property in Glos
24.384 Lease London 1892, 19 May. William Brass Esq to H H Gardiner Esq - assignment of leashold premises at 39 Ludgate Hill, London
24.385 Assignment London 1864, 29 Jan. Mr Henry Sownley and Mr John Shursby and their mortgagee to F W I Barker Esq - assignment of leasehold messuage at 45a on the north side of St. Catherine's Rd. in the parish of St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington
24.386 Lease London 1826, 11 Apr. C P Bartley to Messrs Kelsey and Collins - lease of 17 Hermitage St., Paddington
24.387 Settlement Sussex 1774, 15 Oct. Between Richard Ayling gent of Stedham, Sussex Jane Quinainey a widow of Spring, Sussex John Leech Esq. of Lea, Witley, Surrey and James Piggott Esq of Crowshole, Binderton, Sussex
24.389 Lease London 1919, 1 Jan. Miss Annie Wood to Mr Charles Wood of 35 Southwick St. Paddington
24.390 Conveyance Trinidad 1809, 20 Mar. William McKenzie Esq. late of the island of St Vincent now of the island of Trinidad to Thomas Patterson Esq. of same place of a sugar plantation in same place.
24.391 Will, probate of Kent 1642, 16 May. Thomas Beare of Smeeth, Kent
24.392 Assignment Oxon 1889, 2 Mar. Benjamin Aplin Esq to Robert Brayme Esq assignment of a term of 1000 years in premises in Banbury
24.393 Lease, draft of Essex 1838, 22 Sep. [?] Richard Benyon de Beauvour Esq of Englefield House, Berks to Thomas Haynes Richardson farmer of Downham, Essex
25.395 Assignment Oxon 1827, 3 Jan. John Weston and his wife to Benjamin Aplin - assignment of term of 1000 years in a messuage in Banbury
25.396 Extract Oxon 1804, 20 Oct. From Registry of the Peculiar Jurisdiction of Banbury of administration of goods of Edward Burford
25.397 Release Cornwall 1770, 5 Jun. John French a yeoman of Warbelow, Cornwall William Harris gent of Castle Yard, Holborn, London Joseph Hales gent of Launceston, Cornwall of a messuage called Keare or Keyrow in Otterham
25.398 Release Kent 1865, 10 Jul. [?] to John Norris of 3 pieces of land in Lydd
25.399 Sale Yorks 1713, 20 May. John Duke a yeoman of Awbley, York William Allington gent of Lincolns Inn of a messuage in Awbley
25.400 Assignment Somerset 1821, 6 Feb. Thomas Graddon to Richard Hinam - assignment of a tenement called Eatons in Dulverton, Somerset
25.401 Lease Yorks 1925. Major Guy Wentworth and The Woolley & Notton Minerals Syndicate Limited to the Ryhill Collieries Limited of a lease of beds of coal lying above 'Barnsley Bed', Yorks
25.402 Lease of release Middx 1789, 21 Jan. The Earl of Hertford and C B Brudenell Esq to William Nurse of Westminster, Middx of a messuage in St Clements, Middx
25.403 Lease of release London 1796, 1 Jul. Robert Wilkes Esq to John Cue of 3 messuages in Court St., St Giles without Cripplegate , London
25.404 Lease Worcs 1789, 31 Jan. Rt Revd the Lord Bishop of Worcester to Betty Tolley of a lease for divers pieces of land and a messuage in the manor of Kempsey, Worcs
25.405 Lease of release Hants 1726, 21 May. Thomas Butcher a baker of Kingston, Portsea, Hants Timothy Lamb a tinplate maker of London of a piece of land in Kingston
25.406 Lease of release Worcs 1798, 14 Nov. Rt Revd the Lord Bishop of Worcester to Thomas Farley esq of a lease of 7 acres in the manor of kempsey, Worcs
25.407 Lease of release Hants 1797, 6 Feb. Daniel Whitewood a painter of Portsea Thomas Eyer the younger a house carpenter of Portsea nd mary his wife of land in Portsea
25.408 Feofment Yorks 1755, 10 Dec. Miss Gamble to Charles Michell conveyance by feofment of a barn in Doncaster
25.409 Manorial Norfolk [?] 1699, 13 Oct. Admission of Mr Bayfeilds to a shop in the manor of Hackford Markett
25.410 Lease London 1840, 1 May. Samuel Parker of SArgyle rd., regent St., Middx Charles Oakman of Southampton Buildings, Holburn of a messuage on the north side of Southampton Buildings
26.411 Lease Middx 1901, 10 Sep. Mrs Margaret Jones to Mr J I Wright of a lease of 2 and 3 Hermitage St. Paddington, Middx
26.412 Release, draft of Essex 1844. William Wade of Gt Dunmow, Essex and George Wade of Baldock, Herts and Anne Grammer of Essex of a messuage and lands in Rickley, Essex
26.413 Manorial Norfolk 1848. Admission of Elizabeth Todd to the manor of Pulham Market
26.414 Manorial London 1828. Admission of Robert Tegett Meyer Pilgrim (an infant) to the manor of Hampstead
26.415 Manorial London 1870. Admission of Mr E Blackburn to the manor of Lambeth
26.416 Manorial Essex 1760, 3 May. Admission of Lawrence Thurgoode to the manor of Priors Hall, alias Stone Hall
26.417 Manorial Essex 1811, 19 Apr. Admission of The Revd Ambrose Twedale to the manor of Thorington, Essex
26.418 Administration Australia 1871, 9 May. Huddleston Daniel Lewis late of Melbourne, Australia - granted to William Jones gent of London
26.419 Assignment Hants 1776, 12 feb. Joseph Binhorn of Portsea Thomas Tucker of same placeof messuages and land in same place
26.420 Assignment London 1854, 18 Aug. Mrs Mary Atkins to William Harrison of 2 leasehold dwelling houses 47 and 48 James Grove, Commercial Road, Peckham
26.421 Release Surrey 1702, 3 Feb. From William Farr gent of London to Gilbert Bannister of London of a messuage in Kings Head Yard, Bermondsey St. Southwark, Surrey
26.422 Manorial Unknown 1677. Concerning Baron Thomas Turner and admission of Richard Waters to manor of Picklinge Hall
26.423 Unknown Unknown 1689. Deed with signatures of John Hunt and Robert Hunt about land
26.424 Certificate London 1682, 20 Dec. Age of James Chapman's daughter from St Dunston
26.425 Bond Berks 1677. Edmund Bigg of Risborough unto John Lawley of same place
26.426 Foot of Fine Surrey 1777. Final agreement between Thomas Mugridge, plaintiff and John Poulter and his wife and Thomas Saxby and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of 2/3rd parts of 1 messuage and 5 acres of land in Bansted
26.427 Foot of Fine Surrey&Kent 1754. Final agreement between The Mayor amd approved men of Guildford, Surrey, plaintiffs and Abraham Hillyer and Maria his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage and 10 acres of land in Loose and East Farleigh
26.428 Sale Somerset 1693, 7 Sep. Rt Revd Father in God Richard Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells and Edward Clarke of Minehead, Somerset of premises in Buckland
26.429 Sale Sussex 1695, 28 Apr. Thomas Parkham gent of Aldingbourne, Sussex Edward Staker a mercer of Arundell of land in Binstead, Sussex
26.430 Foot of Fine Berks 1821. Final agreement between Joseph Mills, plaintiff and Arthur Richardson and Ann his wife and Harry Bradburn and Louisa Boadley his wife, deforciants of 2 messuages and 400 acres of land in Inkpen
26.431 Sale Northants 1664, 26 Apr. William Field gent of Cranfield, Beds Peter Dunckley a wheelwright of Northton, Northants of a messuage in Weston Favill
26.432 Sale Lancs 1639, 27 Mar. Sir William ..ewward baronet of Brynn, Lancasher [sic] Anne Heyrocke a widow of Derbyshire of land in Brynn
26.433 Transfer London 1677, 17 Sep. Thomas Lambe gent of Hackney and Narbara his wife Joseph Watts a tallowchandler of London of land in All Hallows the Less and St Lawrence Pountney, London
27.434 Release Beds 1677, 26 Jun. Sir William Franklyn of Bolnehurst, Bedford John Paradione gent William Beckett and Simon Beckett junior all of Bedford of 'The White Hart' Bedford
27.435 Will, probate of Kent 1731, 3 Nov. Thomas Greenstreete a yeoman of Chartham
27.436 Release Essex 1799, 5 Apr. Dame Mary Vincent of Wimple Street, Middx widow and relict of Sir Francis Vincent and Richard Townsend a butcher of Widdington, essex and John Good gent of Saffron Walden, Essex of a cottage in same place
27.437 Sale London 1905, 15 Jun. Henry Holterforth of 1 Grey friars, Chester and Francis Holterforth of 66 Heaugh Green, Chester (1) William Eyre Frank Gibbs Rye and Arthur Rye all of 16 Golden Sq. London (2) of a messuage in Golden Sq
27.438 Conveyance London 1902, 27 Jan. Maurice Braunstein of 15 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London (1) Henrietta Podmon of 7 Linden gardens, chiswick, Middx of land at Rusthall Road
27.439 Mortgage Essex 1759, 1 Mar. Endorsed Cranmer Esq to Osbaldiston Esq. Inside Cianmon of Quendon, Essex and xxxxxx Osbalidston, Lincoln's Inn, Middx. Sheaf of deeds also contains bonds from Giles Knightley to Browne and Cranmer dated 1756 and 1757, and a letter to Thomas
27.440 Indenture Yorks 1663, 19 Oct. Henry Mars clerk , York and Mary Greensbury a widow of York of houses at Beddwin [paper note]
27.441 Note Yorks 1823, 16 Dec. About tenancy of the Smithey conveyed to Messrs Ward and Thatcher, Sheffield
27.442 Douments, list of London 1953. List gives deeds from 1871 to 1937 relating to 6/8 Watson St. Strand, London WC2
27.443 Bond London 1832, 14 Jul. Between William Coney of Nedgate St. London and George Finch gent of Newington Green, Middx [paper note]
27.444 Correspondence Hants 1915. J H Forbes Esq: deed re land at Sholing, [Southampton], Hants
27.445 Particulars Essex 1700s. Estate of John martyn of Newport and Widdington
27.446 Queens Bench London 1840, 4 Dec. John Brickwell of 16 Plumber St, City Road, Middx to Mrs Francis Tubb of a warrant of morney
27.447 Invoice London 1870, circa. Trustees of wills of George Basevi senior and junior and of the marriage settlement of Mr and Mrs George Basevi of sale of Elm Lodge, Highgate
27.448 Sale Kent 1691, 5 Jun. Sir Richard Sandys of Northbourne, Kent etc etc and John Kidder and Robert Bennett gents of London of messuages and land in Northbourne
27.449 Agreement London 1857, 13 Oct. The Hampstead Junction Railway Company and George Bassett Esq of land required for a railway over Cartlton Rd., Wellington Rd. and Grafton St., London
27.450 Land Certificate London 1933. Certificate and plan for 1-12 Ladbrock Cres. London
27.451 Marriage settlement London 1945, 23 Jan. Settlement trust of Dr and Mrs Keith upon Mrs G I Keith's death by Torr & Co, London WC2
27.452 Recovery Unknown 1655. John Paltorke gent Lionell Tirlinge gent demand against Thomas Hammond and William Stales 20 acres of meadow in Ellingham. Endorsed Henry Humberston gent and James Hobart Esq to John Hamond for 20 acres in Ellingham
28.453 Agreement Hunts 1745, 10 sep. Phillip Chapman of Godmanchester, Hunts Henry Mann of Cambs of the Globe Inn in St Ives, Hunts
28.454 Title, determination of Unknown 1863, circa. Whitbreads. Requisitions on Title of 'The Duke of York'
28.455 Manorial Essex 1669, 27 Apr. Admission of Henry raynor to manor of Widdington Pryors Hall alias Stonehall in Widdington, Essex
28.456 Certificate Somerset 1882, 18 May. J C Lovell re certificate of the contract for the redemption of land-tax
28.457 Agreement London 1826, 17 Sep. Joseph Bishop of Gypsy Hill, Norwood to Simon Laker of 436 Wandsworth Rd., Clapham
28.458 Agreement Surrey 1873, 6 May. William Mack to Lewis Garrett of ground at Macks rd. Bermondsey, Surrey
28.459 Memorandum London 1867. Memorandum of Association of the Lands Allotment Company Limited
28.460 Lease London 1816, 3 Apr. John Shaw of Gower St. Bedford sq. Middx and The Receiver of the estate of John Golden deceased of land at Upper North Place, Grays Inn Road
28.461 Agreement London 1847, 12 Jul. John Loat a builder of Balham Hill, Surrey and William Bishop a grocer of Dunsang Place, Wandsworth rd of land at Wandsworth
28.462 Piece of paper London 1888, 26 Oct. Ground rent of 49 Boundary Rd paid to Preston xxxxx 4 regent St.
28.463 Letter London No date. From Mrs Hampton to 98/100 Newington Causeway, London SE1 about Mr Hampton's accident and death
28.464 Piece of paper Glos No Date. Re John Starkland of Tewksbury, Mrs James Mary Bacster and John Little Esq
28.465 Lease London 1904, 23 Mar. Charles Frisby and Oliver Edmunds of 21 Talbot Rd. Tottenham of the premises 39 Hertford Rd. [paper note]
28.466 Certificate Kent 1823, 13 Feb. John George Archbishop of Armagh makes it known about the will of Benjamin Hareine Esq deceased late of Footscray, Kent
28.467 Lease London 1865, 30 Dec. Elizabeth Brownby of 3 Brecknock St., Camden New Town to Mt G Denchfield re 27 Thames Street [part deed]
28.468 Manorial Dorset 1842, 26 Dec. Miss Anne Plew to Charles Parbutt Esq re licence to demise Peicement [sic] in manor of Wyke Regis and Elwell
28.469 Mortgage Bond Hants 1811, 2 Oct. Joseph Franklin of Fareham, Hants to John Dash of Rowner, Hants
28.470 Mortgage Bond Warks 1790, 15 Feb. John Willmore to Mrs Hannah Balls of premises in Hurst St., Birmingham
28.471 Title deeds, list of Surrey 1902. Schedule of deeds of 95 Angell Rd., Brixton, Surrey belonging to Mrs H Goodfellow
28.472 Receipt London 1850, 11 Jul. received of xxxxx Wells the owner of land in Hammersmith
28.473 Search, certificate Glos 1842. Search of Gloucester registry for entries of 1700s
28.474 Pedigree Kent & Ireland 1800 circa. Extracts from parish registers of Thompson family
28.475 Mortgage Suffolk 1730, 10 Feb. John Couzens a yeoman of Ampton, Suffolk to John Hilton a carpenter of Great Livermore, Suffolk of a messuage in Tinworth, Suffolk
28.476 Purchase Kent 1790, 27 Jul. Mrs Elizabeth Brice a widow of Folkestone, Kent to John Ford a yeoman of Goodnestone, Kent of a messuage and land in Braborne, Kent occupied by Thomas and Richard Rolfe
28.477 Lease London 1866, 6 Apr. Henry Sturt Esq grants a lease of 55, 59 and 61 St Johns Road, Hoxton signed Henry Cox
28.478 Lease, receipt London 1875,. Re 107 High Holborn
28.479 Lease Unknown 1793, 8 May. Sir Peter Burrell to John Neve
28.480 Abstract, observation on Unknown 1798, 17 Dec. Of Mrs Bridges title for Mr Harvey's perusal
28.481 Receipt, of deeds London 1852, 14 Oct. Peter Plumley to Miss Sophia Carden of a lease on a messuage at 4 Park St., St. Pancras, London
29.483 Administration Kent 1833, 6 Dec. Administration of the will of Rev George Holgate, clerk of Stowting Kent
29.484 Fine, uses of Kent 1762, 23 Jan. Richard Poune of High Holden, Kent, plaintiff John Barten and Margaret his wife John Barten a yeoman of Kingston and Sarah his wife John Winder Mary Ransum and George Gore Elwick, deforciants of 7 messuages 170 acres of land in Biddenden,
29.485 Inventory Kent 1645, 8 Jun. Goods of Matthew Parker Esq of Sittingbourne
29.486 Sale Kent 1709, 25 Jul. Joane Mooreley a widow of Strood Henry Cotton a tallowchandler of Strood of a messuage in Noake St., Frindsbury, Kent
29.487 Indenture Kent 1650, 10 Sep. Partridge Tyndall gemt of Suitton Valence William Rayner a kersey maker of Bersted, Kent of a messuage of Roades and one acre of ground in Sutton Vallence
29.488 Deed Poll Kent 1838, 8 Nov. Charles Cuspe a miller of Shoreham, Kent and others to William Hussey re deed poll of declaration indemnity and release on his conveying a messuage in Sutton Valence, Kent
29.489 Indenture Kent 1813, 7 Jan. Daniel Wood a tanner of Sutton Valence, Kent Samuel Harman a yeoman of same place to William Tester a bricklayer and Samuel Godding gent of same place of a messuage in same place
29.490 Indenture Kent 1582, 8 May. Master Wardens of company of Clothworkers in the City of London and Anthony Franklyn gent of Chart next Sutton of 25 acres rented from the Clotherworkers
30.491 Indenture Kent 1819, 5 Apr. William tester a bricklayer of Sutton Valence, Samuel Godding gent of same place and John Earl gent of same place of a messuage in same place
30.492 Indenture Kent 1795, 10 Oct. Samuel Chasmar a miller of Benenden, Kent and others to Daniel Wood a tanner of same place of the purchase of a messuage in same place
30.493 Pedigree Ireland 1172 to 1832. Costello Pedigree extracted from the records of Ulster's Office, Office of Arms, Dublin, 21 Mar 1862.
30.494 Will, copy of Kent 1839, 13 Sep. Will of Margaret Gold widow of Ramsgate, Kent
30.495 Letter London 1721, Dec. Concerning Mrs Gransden's estate from Geo ------hnhope [Stanhope] mentions Mr Hoare, Halsted Essex, Mr Kirk, Mr Vievar from Lewisham.
30.496 Will, copy of Sussex 1732, 6 Apr. Will of John Phillips a yeoman of Iping, Sussex
30.497 Survey Kent 1828. Plan of the Denstead Estate in parish of Chartham and vill of Dunkirk, Kent owned by Col Sir John W H Bridges and Wm Hammond Esq
30.498 Sale Kent 1766, 10 Dec. James Rainer a bricklayer of Canterbury Thomas Dodd gent of same place of a messuage called The Vine in St Margarets, Canterbury
30.499 Abstract Kent 1766. Title of Mr Thomas Dodd of Canterbury to a messuage and 36 acres of land in Willesborough, and The Vine in St Margarets, Canterbury includes Lake and Nettlefold pedigree
30.500 Will, probate of London 1762, 13 Oct. Will of John Bridges Esq of George St., Hanover sq., Westminster
30.501 Settlement Kent 1680, 28 Oct. Lord Wotton's settlement in draft to pay debts
30.502 Abstract Kent 1653 - 1732. Title of late Thomas Whitcomb to land in West Mead, Beavers Bridge, Ashford, Kent
31.503 Sale Kent 1707, 17 Apr. Sir Richard Sandys baronet of Northbourne, Kent and Dame Mary his wife (1) William Tyldon gent of Milsted (2) Dame Sarah Barrett a widow of Ickham (3) Thomas Turner junior gent of Lincolns Inn, London 940 of a capital mansion house in Northb
31.504 Pedigree Kent 1576 - 1773. Sandys family.
31.505 Release Kent 1802, 10 Sep. Mr and Mrs Curling to Mr Thomas Moulden the elder of shares in a freehold premises in Frindsbury, Kent
31.506 Release Kent 1769, 7 Nov. John Tilden and his wife to Richard Hull Esq of premises in Stockbury and Hartlip in Kent
31.507 Sale Kent 1755, 15 Mar. Philip Boghurst gent of frinsbury, Kent (1) james Hulkes a miller of Strood, Kent (2) of 2 messuages in Frindsbury
31.508 Recovery Kent 1815. Rackham Gent, Demandant; Law Gent, tenant; Head Esq Vouchee of messuages and land in Hoo, Higham, Frindsbury and Chalk in Kent
32.509 Sale Suffolk 1671, 31 Mar. Thomas Bennett the elder a yeoman of Woodmancoate, Suffolk (1) John Ayatts [?] a yeoman of xxxxxxx, Suffolk (2) Susan xxxxx (3) of a messuage in Woodmancoate
32.510 Sale Staffs 1658,16 Jan. Robert Lawson and Hugh Granger of Wolverhampton of premises in Wolverhampton [part of deed]
32.511 Sale London 1695, 6 Dec. Richard Wymondsold Esq of Putney Thomas Filmer Esq Innes Field, London re will of Sir William Powell alias Hinson of Fulham, London of 2 houses in Kings St., Westminster
32.512 Sale Somerset 1721, 24 Aug. Elizabeth Lewis a widow of Compton Pawsfoot, Somserset (1) Humphrey Lewis gent of same place (2) of estate of deceased
32.513 Sale Worcs 1800, 30 Oct. Revd Thomas Best to Revd William Sutton of two next presentations to Cradley Chapel and of a dwelling house in Halesowen
32.514 Lease London 1678, 20 Mar. Josiah Ricroft of Mile End, Stepney, Middx to Thomas Slaymaker a merchant taylor of London
32.515 Release Warwick 1697, 2 Jun. Francis Eede of London to William Halford the elder of Halford, Warks of a messuage in Townfields in Halford
32.516 Will, copy of Kent 1727, 22 Mar. Will of Sir Brooke Bridges of Goodnestone, Kent
32.517 Lease Suffolk 1770, 4 Apr. Francis Doughton a glazier and plumber of Bungay Suffolk and Mr John Wiseman a hosier of Diss, Norfolk of a dwelling house in Bungay
32.518 Lease Glos 1722, 1 May. Thomas Hayward of Compton Hordock, Warwick to John Rous a corwainer of Toddenham, Glos of 2 cottages in Toddenham
32.519 Manorial Essex 1784, 9 Feb. Admission of Joseph Bygrave to the manor of Longford
32.520 Lease Kent 1796, 22 Nov. Mary Fuller a spinster of Deal and others to Martha Saxby a widow of St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet of land there
32.521 Release, in fee Berks&London 1769, 25 Jul. Richard Cox of Berks brother and heir of Francis Cox deceased to Messrs John Francis and Richard Baily of river rights in Chadwell, London
33.522 Manorial Unknown 1701. Admission of Alice Scot to the manor of Wravin de Woleheath in Cobden
33.523 Mortgages Unknown 1904, 16 Feb. Various notices to trustees of the 1869 marriage settlement of Sir Charles and Lady Brooke
33.524 Bargain and sale Ireland 1662, 20 Jun. George Barker Esq of Armagh Richard Lord Cooke Baron of Colooney of land in the Barony of of Duleeke county of East Meath
33.525 Bargain and sale Ireland 1720, 11 Aug. Richard Blair of Dublin (1) Alexandra Bagnall of same place (2) of a house in St. Francis St., Dublin
33.526 Assignment Oxon 1858, 24 Jul. The lands Improvement Company to Sir T D Acland bart of coppice and country park in Chilson, Oxon
33.527 Bargain and sale Kent 1771, 3 Jan. The Rt Hon Mary Countess Dowager Gower and Thomas Tress gent of Nortiham, Sussex of land in Sandhurst and Rolvenden, Kent
33.528 Settlement Various 1922, 22 Aug. The Bramley Marriage Settlement of 1856 made between the Bramley and Daniel families
34.529 Recovery Essex 1736. 10/11: George:II. Manor of Shadwell and 4 messuages and 440 acres and moiety of 12 acres in Upton Westham Eastham and Tilbury
34.530 Mortgage, assignment Hants 1708, 1 Jul. Elias Wasse of Portsmouth (1) Richard Barbur of New Alresford (2) William Barbur son of (2) of a newley erected messuage called Gods House in Portsea
34.531 Title, requisition of Kent 1930, 1 Dec. Streatfield to Mitchell of Cliffsend Farm, St. Lawrence, Thanet
34.532 Bond Kent 1721, 5 Feb. Thomas Tournay a grocer of Ashford, Kent to Clement Court and Mary his wife William Peirce Richard Sarjeant a grazier of Old Romney
34.533 Recovery Bristol 1661, 30 Sep. James Taylor and William Lloyd (1) William Harborfeild and Humphry Holloway (2) Thomas Hartwell and Richard Williamson (3) all of Bristol of a property in Redcliffe Street in St Marys Redcliffe, Bristol
34.534 Foot of Fine Kent 1798. Final agreement between Stephen Hoad, plaintiff and Peter Harrison and Elizabeth his wife Matthew Terry and Martha his wife and William Lot and Ann his wife, deforciants of 4 messuages and 23 acres of land etc etc in St Lawrence and Birchington, Thanet
34.535 Mortgage, transfer Kent 1831, 13 Dec. Miss Elizabeth Spratt with James Saxby to Simeon Stonehouse of Cliffsend otherwise Cleves End, St Lawrence, Thanet
34.536 Lease Dorset 1812, 7 Dec. Thomas Allen a builder of Weymouth to Samuel Charles Weston gent of Surrey of a messuage and land in Weymouth
34.537 Bargain and Sale Derbys 1876, 2 Nov. Sir Thomas Gresham and his wife Dame Ann of Osterley, Middx to John Frysher a yeoman of Litleover, Derbys of a mansion house in Litleover
34.538 Lease London 1671, 4 Apr. Philadelphia Lady Wentworth and Sir William Smith of Radcliff Bucks Sir Nathaniell Hobart of the High Court of Chancery Francis Brampton Esq serjeant-at-arms Isaac Bringhurst of Toddingtonm Bedford William Butts gent of Stepney, Middx to Henry Mudd a merchant of Stepney of waste ground called Mileend Green in Stepney manor
34.539 Lease Kent 1773, 19 Aug. John Abbott gent of Ramsgate, Kent to George Petley a yeoman also of Ramsgate of land in St Lawrence, Thanet
34.540 Agreement USA & London 1869, 23 Jan. Henry Graham Thompson a merchant of City of New York, USA now residing at Langholm Hotel, London and Charles Henry Gardner of West Harding Street, Fetter Lane, London
34.541 Bundle of deeds Kent 1700s & 1800s. Relates to Matthew Terry and his wife Martha of Cliffs End otherwise Cleves End, St Lawrence, Thanet and other deeds and other parties
35.542 Crown lease Surrey 1896, 12 Oct. From the Office of Woods & Co, 1 Whitehall Place London SW concerning the Crown lease of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Virginia water, Surrey
35.543 Manorial Sussex 1708, 24 Sep. Surrender of John E[O]gles to uses on his marriage at manor of Framfield
35.544 Settlement Ireland 1861, 27 May. Henry Smith of Beaburg, Drogheda Ireland and Carleton Smith and The Hon. Henrietta Priscilla his wife declares money in East India Stock
35.545 Receipt Essex 1828, 18 May. Between George Fraser of London and xxxx of Chelmsford
35.546 Power of Attorney East Indies 1825, 3 Oct. Between Charles Danes Esq of Dacca, East Indies and Henry Danes Esq of Hanover Sq., Middx and John Noble Esq of Mincing Lane - mentions names of Condon, Renny, Palmer, Russell and Batten
35.547 Release Essex 1557, 29 Nov. The release from Thomas Puteshall to John Tamworth of the manor of Sandon
35.548 Bond Herts & Beds 1835, 24 Jul. William Coney a yeoman of Cheshunt, Herts to George Shipster Esq of Great James St. Bedford
35.549 Schedule of deeds Sussex 1832, 17 Apr. Title deeds of premises called Little Fair Crouche in wadhurst, Sussex from 1694 to 1832.
35.550 Agreement London 1930, 7 May. Mrs M A Craggs to G C Owen for sale and purchase of 5 Cottage Place, Brompton
35.551 Contract certificate Norfolk 1899, 14 Feb. Title to Trustees of Mrs B Gordon deceased of premises at Mundersley, Norfolk [plan enclosed]
35.552 Lease Surrey 1899, 14 Apr. Between Richard Evered gent of Oatlands, Horley, Surrey and Hubert Cooke gent of Bookham Gables, Surrey of presmises known as Bayhorn in Horley
35.553 Lease Sussex 1920, 27 Sep. Revd S H Woodin to Messrs A J and T H Mead of land and premises at 20 St james St., Brighton
35.554 Tenancy agreement London 1919. Mr Lloyd Roberts to Mrs A K Bryant of 28 South Wharf Road, Paddington, London
35.555 Tenancy agreement London 1903, 10 Dec. C Hodgkinson to Boots Cash Chemists Ltd at 116 Edgeware Road, London
35.556 Agreement London 1870, 8 Mar. John Rolls esq to William Horne of land on south side of a new road leading eastwards from the Manor Road, Bermondsey
35.557 Consent London 1943, 4 Nov. Smith's Charity Kensington Estate for 30 Cranley Gardens to be used as a boarding house
35.558 Assignment London 1891, 11 Nov. C T Murdoch M.P., R Y Bevan and J M Andrew Esqrs to said C T Murdoch M.P., J M Andrew and S P Bouverie Esqrs of a messuage at 9 Evelyn Gardens, Kensington
35.559 Lease, draft of Devon 1914. The Rt Hon Charles Pepys Courtney Earl of Devon to [not given]
35.560 Lease London 1934, 3 Oct. The Clothworks' Company to Watney Combe Reid & Co Ltd of "The North Pole" public house in Islington
35.561 Acknowledgement London 1898, 2 Nov. Heath to Tod of 40, 42, 44 and 46 Englefield Rd., De Beauvoir Town, London
35.562 Extract Beds 1810. Extract from Act of Parliament about inclosing and exonerating from tithes lands in the parish of Wilden, Beds
35.563 Letter Worcs 1822, 6 Dec. To Josiah Gist Esq, Wormington Grange near Broadway, Worcs from Thomas Allan
35.564 Letter Unknown 1852, 10 Jan. Between Jane Thompson and J Broderick esq mentions Dowdeswell and Berens
35.565 Receipt Unknown 1898, 4 Jun. Between Faithfull & Owen London SW and Miss Page mentions Charles Page deceased
35.566 Licence London 1932, 18 Jul. The Cromwell Property Investment Co Ltd to Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd of 42 and 43 Sussex Place, South Kensington
35.567 Receipt Unknown 1806, 12 Feb. Received of Christopher Chapman esq ..... for messrs Twopenny D B Lewis
35.568 Settlement Unknown 1804, 30 Nov. Joseph Curtis esq and Eugenia Maria his wife pursuant to Articles made previous to their intermarriage
35.569 Tithes Surrey 1877, 5 Jan. Tithes in parish of Clapham, Surrey
35.570 Licence London 1904, 29 Jan. Smiths Charity estate Kensington - use of coal and coke fireplaces for heating premises
35.571 Deed, part of Unknown No date. Signatures of Alfred Yeates, P K Yeates and G L Wright in presence of F Thurgood, Clerk, 6 Little Chester St., London SW, Winifred Everitt, 3 Romsey Road, Cadnam Hants., xxxx manager of Westminster Bank, 106 Finchley Road, NW3
35.572 Underlease London 1932, 29 Jul. between Clive Kinnisin of 17 Berkely St., London and Wills and Segar Ltd of 16 Onslow Rd., South Kensington re 42 and 43 Sussex Place, SW7
35.573 Auction Lancs 1880. Plan of various lots of land near Bank Hey, Blackburn. a paper note says auction of freehold of the estate of the late William Pilkington
35.574 Counsel advice London 1917. Joseph Rochford's settlement trust re 6 and 8 The Highway, Stepney
35.575 Further charge Yorks 1851, 12 Jun. Japeth Habergham John Habergham Manasses Habergham and Moses Habergham all of Toyland Town in Toyland, Halifax and John Ridehalgh of Ridehulgh in same place of various messuages and land in same place
35.576 Acknowledgent Middx 1885, 6 Mar. Mrs Warren of Middx to Thomas Cartwright of Middx of right to production of deeds
35.577 Lease Middx 1910, 3 Aug. Samuel Willson Esq to Mr W J Milne of 48 and 50 Tottenham St., St. Pancras, Middx
35.578 Settlement London 1935. Marriage of Sir J P Rhodes and Miss E C Buckley of London
35.579 Sale London 1688, 28 Sep. Sir Richard Fysher baronet of St Marys Islington, Middx Sir Thomas Halton baronet of Middx and others [defaced] of land in Holborn, St Giles and elsewhere in London
35.580 Sale Sussex 1656, 15 Apr. Elizabeth Bennett a widow of Bignor, Sussex Henry Peckham Esq of Chichester Thomas Harmwoode gent of Bignor (1) John Jemmett the elder a yeoman of Woodmancote Sussex (2) of a messuage etc in West Grinsted in Sussex
35.581 Lease Hants 1791, 7 Sep. Robert Frand a sarjeant in the army of Wymering, Hants and Elizabeth his wife to Jane Goldfinch a spinster of Christchurch of Hants (1) Arthur Hassell gent of Wymering (2) Sarah George a widow of Wymering (3) of a messuage and lands in Wymering
35.582 Release Glos 1717, 9 Apr. Arthur Wight gent of Guildford, Surrey and Martha his wife William tempest Esq of Woking and Margaret his wife Cornelia Wight and Anne Wight spinsters 91) and Samuel Mee gent of Gloucester of the manor of Perton alias Parton in Gloucester
35.583 Lease Norfolk 1741, 12 Jun. Bunning Dalling gent of Denton, Norfolk (1) John Dalling gent of Bungay Mathew Postlethwait a clerk of Denton (2) of a messuage in Denton
35.584 Lease Somerset 1754, 18 Nov. John Hunt Esq of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset to Humphrey Lewin gent of same place of pastureland in Compton Pauncefoot
35.585 Sale Cumberland 1705, 7 Nov. John Wren a husbandman of Lowthwaite, Cumberland (1) John Sim junior a yeoman of Gillbrux of a share in a messuage in Fernside in same county, and, another deed of 1704 Joseph Wren and John Sim to John Wren
35.586 Sale Essex 1735, 27 Jun. Isaac LocK a distiller of Kensington, Middx and Elizabeth his wife (1) Anne Lamb a spinster of Dagenham, Essex (2) of messuages and lands in Romford
35.587 Lease Norfolk 1742, 22 Mar. Mary Searnell of Haywood, Norfolk and others to Hart Swanton of Grimston in said county of a messuage and land in Grimston
35.588 Lease Glos 1712, 15 Oct. William Banastre of Turkdean, Gloucester (1) and Thomas Hooper of same place (2) of a messuage and lands in Turkdean
35.589 Lease Hereford 1763, 8 May. Officials of the church of Hereford and Richard Greatkin clerk Hereford of a tenement belonging to the college
35.590 Lease Middx 1799, 9 Sep. Thomas Vaughan of Westminster, Middx to John Johnson of same place of land and a messuage in same place
35.591 Feofment Surrey 1651, 7 Oct. John Bennett the younger a yeoman of Payham, Surrey and John Dennett a yeoman of Woodmancoate of said county of a messuage and land called Wood House in same place
35.592 Release Essex 1679, 2 Oct. John Creed a bookseller of Cambridge and wife to Thmas Warrick a yeoman of Darley, Essex of premises in Widdington, Essex
35.593 Sale Bristol 1640, 2 Mar. Henry Lloyd a brewer of Bristol (1) James Watson a pinmaker of same city (2) of a share in a messuage in Redcliffe in same city
36.594 Release Middx&Surrey 1769, 16 Sep. James lazenby and wife to John Cumming of a house in Whitecross Street and Thames Ditton in Middx and Surrey
36.595 Lease, draft Surrey 1849. Thomas Garniss of Croydon, Surrey to James Winning of same place of a messuage in same place
36.596 Lease Somerset 1796, 11 Oct. Richard a Court the elder of North Cadbury, Somerset and Richard a Court the younger (1) Kingman Roy of Sutton Monntagne in same county of land in same place
36.597 Lease London 1791, 16 Feb. George Brydges Brudenell of Gt George St, Westminster Samuel Oddy and Richard Allaway of same place of a messuage in same place
36.598 Release London 1779, 19 Mar. John Watford Esq of St Lukes Parish, Middx to Charles Halford of same place of premises in Blue Anchor Quay, White Cross Street in same place
36.599 Lease London 1789, 24 Jan. Matthew Wiggins and George Browne Esq of Westminster to William Weller Esq of London of 4 brick messuages in Providence Ct., Peter St., Westminster
36.600 Lease London 1788, 22 Dec. Tervoise Clarke Tervoise and Thomas Clarke Tervoise Esqrs of London to Robert Tidswell of London of premises in Little Warren Street
36.601 Lease Dorset 1824, 20 May. James Mayne of Weymouth to Robert Johnson of same place of premises in same place
36.602 Lease Middx 1863. John Taylor of Notting Hill, Middx to [?] of a peice of land in [?] [badly damaged by damp]
36.603 Sale Staffs 1619, 27 Sep. Gilbert Bolleston of Bolleston, Staffs and Sir Edward Mosley knight of messuages at Bolleston
36.604 Lease Yorks 1774, 4 Oct. Samuel Broadbent of Silver Hill Tollbar, Saddleworth, Yorks (1) Isaac Broadbent of Green in same place of premises at same place
36.605 Rental London 1745, 20 Dec. Eleanor Horton of Leadenhall Street, London (1) James Perkins of Winkton, Southampton (2) of a messuage in Clapham, Surrey
37.606 Agreement Lancs 1862, 12 Dec. W T Carr esq and W H Hornby Esq of a piece of ground in Blackburn
37.607 Bargain and sale Suffolk 1841, 12 Feb. James Sheppard of Bungay, Suffolk (1) Thomas Smith of same place (2) of 2 cottages in Broad Street, Bungay, Suffolk
37.608 Lease Hants 1753, 14 Oct. james Charles of Portsea, Hants to John Charles of same place of 2 messuages in same place
37.609 Lease Hants 1784, 20 Jan. Messrs Binsteed and Greetham of Portsea to Thomas Fitzherbert Esq of Pit Place, Surrey of land in Portsea
37.610 Lease London 1772, 22 Jun. Thomas Harrison of Hungerford Market, St Martin in the Fields, Middx and others (1) William Birks of Clare Market in St Clement Danes, Middx (2) of 3 dwellings in Peter St., Westminster
37.611 Sale Kent 1651, 24 Jul. Robert Sprakeling of the precinct of the late Cathedral and Metropolical church of Christ, Canterbury (1) Jeremy Gay of Nackington, Kent (2) of a messuage at St Lawrence, Thanet, Kent
37.612 Feofment Suffolk 1599, 1 Sep. Frances Crofte gent of Suffolk (1) Thomas Wix a yeoman of Tymbooth, Suffolk (2) of land at same place
37.613 Agreement Essex 1759, 7 May. Jonathan White of Weatherfield, Essex (1) Jonathan White the younger his son (2) of land at Downham Annwell and Southanningfield, Essex
37.614 Attorney, appointment of Sussex 1651, 7 Oct. John Bennett a yeoman of Pagham, Sussex appoints Edward Holden an attorney of Woodmancoate re house and land sold to John Bennett at same place
37.615 Pedigree and deed Kent 1849, 22 Aug. Declaration of Laud Steddy of Ashford, Kent verifying the pedigree of the Gold family, and details of property in Ashford in a deed of 1754
37.616 Receipt Kent 1731. Received of Susana and Mary Hopkins 4s re a messuage and 64 acres of land at Darent, Sutton-at-Hone and Horton Kirby
37.617 Power of Attorney, bundle Essex 1718, 22 Jul. Oliver Marton gent of London impowers John Cowper of St Giles, Middx to sell the estate of Francis Platt in Downham, Essex
37.618 Proposals [Lancs] 1873, 31 Oct. Messrs Walsh of Over and Lower Darwen and Cocker of Sough near Over Darwen to prove and to take a lease of the coal at Greenhead and Crofthead Farms at Little Harwood
37.619 Licence London 1912, 5 Jun. Miss G E Pigott to The National Telephone Company to assign 15, 17 and 19 West India Dock Road, Limehouse to His Majesty's Postmaster General
37.620 Deed of gift Middx 1908, 10 Sep. Mrs Mary James to Mrs Florence Hichens a gift of 28 Dyne Rd., Broudesbury, Middx
37.621 Receipt [Suffolk] 1650. Of John Hamdon £403 for land at Barnby [Suffolk]
37.622 Receipts Leics 1695. Of Robert Brice for lands at Kilby [Leics] by Ellmor Olive
37.623 Manorial [Lcn, Nfk or Sfk] 1699. Mr Diggon's surrender to the uses of his will in the manor of Ingham alias Timworth
37.624 Administration Middx 1734, 3 Jan. Thomas Crispe husband of Susanna Crispe otherwise Barwick of Stoke Newington, Middx deceased
37.625 Manorial London 1684, 9 Dec. Admission of John Edward and George Webb to the manor of Hackney
37.626 Bond London 1738, 28 Oct. Richard Miles a butcher of Stepney, Middx to Anthony Nicholls the younger a painter of St Dunstans, London
37.627 Marr and Burial certificates London 1773. Marriages and burials in the parish of St Swithins and St Mary, City of London
37.628 Tithe London No date. Small plan of a few premises in Hammersmith
37.629 Deed of trust Northumberland 1710, 22 Dec. Thomas Wood gent of Burton, Northland (1) Edward Cooke Esq of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2) of property in Easter and Wester Newbiggin at Norham, Durham
37.630 Bond Essex& London Mary Webb a spinster of London to Sir John Austen baron of Durhams, South Mimms, Essex
37.631 Will, copy of Wilts 1851, 18 Jun. Will of William Bourne a yeoman of xxxxx Wilts
43.749 Fine Sussex 1651. John Dennett , plaintiff and John Bennett the younger and Elizabeth his wife deforciant, of a house and land in Woodmancote [Sussex] [paper note]
43.750 Bond Kent 1640, 28 Jan. William Fagg of St Lawrence, Thanet etc to Adam Sprakeling of Ramsgate
43.751 Receipt Kent [?] 1727, 1 Jan. Paid by Capt Thomas Abbott in settlement of money due to Capt Sprakeling [there are other Sprakeling Kent documents]
43.752 Manorial Kent 1650, 28 Jan. Affidavit of Thomas Rolte about annuities to George Spencer and Henry Rolte in the manor of St Margarets, Kent
44.753 Search London 1931. For 57 High Street, Whitechapel, E.1.
44.754 Search London 1931. For 66 & 68 Tetley Street, Bromley le Bow
44.755 Manorial Co Durham 1902. Revd John Kerrich and George Lake to Revd John Kerrich and Herbert James Hartup in the manor of Ellingham Nevells, Stockton
44.756 Acknowledgement Unknown 1874. Indenture between Henry Codling and William Hartup
44.757 Acknowledgement Unknown 1876. Indenture between Robert Bedwell and Henry Owles
44.758 Probate Hants 1911. Of William Fitzmayes of Hillside, Branksome, Bournmouth formerly of Eastbourne. Sussex
44.759 Deed of covenant London 1854. John Morland of Croydon and Conrad Wilkinson of Beckenham of land in Stoke Newington and Hornsey
44.760 Will, extract of Dorset 1898. From will of Robert Style re small store in St Mary St., Melcome Regis
44.761 Legal charge London 1927 . re Janis Rauscher of 55 Manchester Sy., London
44.762 Charity Commission Hants 1892. re The Forbes Almshouses in East Meon
44.763 Inland Revenue Canada 1887. Tax due on death of Agnes Dedingfield of High River, Calgary, Canada
44.764 Manorial Suffolk 1866. Money received for copyhold tenure of John Gurney at the manor of Bungay Soke, Suffolk
44.765 Probate Essex 1912. Of Sarah Long of The Clock House, Wanstead, Essex
44.766 Probate Middx 1918. Of Frances Hopkins of 95 West End Lane, Hampstead
44.767 Probate Middx 1909. Of Horace Quinton of 29 Ellesmere Road, Chiswick, Middx
44.768 Acknowledgement Unknown 1867. Indenture between Nunn Chandler and Herbert Hartcup
44.769 Receipt Kent 1911, 13 Dec. Re 2 books [not to hand] containing forms relating to Lord Brabourne's Estate
44.770 Notice London 1908. Notice given on behalf of Harry Jonas of 49 Green Street, London about his settlement of the marriage between Eleanor Lumley to henry Lumley deceased
44.771 Insurance policy London 1883. Insurance on 301 Calendonian Road, Islington
44.772 Legacy Kent 1866. Estate of Mary Stroud of Tonbridge
44.773 Inland Revenue Suffolk 1867. Estate of John Meen of Suffolk
44.774 Inland Revenue Suffolk 1869. Estate of Amelia Balls of Suffolk
44.775 Inland Revenue Suffolk 1867. Estate of Robert Meen of Suffolk
44.776 Bond Kent 1819, 25 Oct. Henry Hayward of Canterbury to Revd William Ladd of Wickhambreaux
45.777 Abstract Kent 1726. Title of Edward Taylor to several messuages in Patrixbourne and Bridge
45.778 Pedigree Kent 1625 onwards. Wotton family of Sturry and Chartham
45.779 Bond. Kent 1700s [believed] John Pomfret of Biddenden to be bound to xxxx Searle of Wy in one thousand pounds
45.780 Bond Kent 1719. Mr Childe of Chatham to Mr Pottin of same place of bond to pay mortgage money and perform covenants
45.781 Grant Kent 1886, 4 Oct. frederick Cumming to Vicar and churchwardens of Hackington of right to use a well at Tyler Hill
45.782 Abstract Kent 1861. Title of 2 cottages in Hackington, kent
45.783 Treasury record Kent 1807. Concerning James Wyborn, Thomas parker, George Wells, Robert Belsey, William Welsh, William Fowle and their wives, deforciamts of 5 messuages in Deal
45.784 Conveyance Middx 1875, 16 Sep. The United Land Co to G Amery Esq of ground in Teddingtpn
45.785 Private deed of transfer Kent 1549, 1 March, John Ulley, grantor and John Petit, grantee of property at St Lawrence, Thanet
45.786 Affidavit St Vincent 1818. Thomas Patterson of St Vincent, West Indies about a deed of settlement by Robert Sutherland
45.787 Bond Kent 1800,4 Oct. Thomas Johnson of Ashford to John Sampson of same place
45.788 Baptism Middx 1865. Baptism of John Scott of 42 Weymouth Mews, St Marylebone, Middx
45.789 Will, probate of Kent 1780, 29 Jun. Will of William Gregory of St Paul, Canterbury
45.790 Annuity Kent 1825. Provision for support of Sister Mary Louisa Victoria Duchess of Kent widow of our dealy beloved Brother Edward Duke of Kent deceased an annuity of £6000 per year
45.791 Assignment Kent 1782, 7 Nov. Revd Herbert Marsh and others to John Preston of a messuage late of John Abbot within precincts of Canterbury church
46.792 Shares certificate London 1899. Owner of 1000 shares - david xxxxx of 23 Bridge Row, E.C.
46.793 Assessment Kent 1911. Letter from 43 Norfolk Square, W. containing calculations of land one of which is Braborne
46.794 Lease London 1906. Of Arches 178/181 from South Eastern Railway
46.795 Bond Kent 1723. John Blacklock of Lympne to George Haffenden of same place
46.796 Bond Kent 1750. Thomas Larkin of Stourmouth to Thomas Toddeman of Harbledown
46.797 Bond Kent 1734. Robert Knight of Maidstone to Stephen Page of same place
46.798 Schedule London 1856 onwards. Of deeds relating to 37 to 45 (odd), Gold Street, Stepney
46.799 Bond Kent 1791. John Nutt of canterbury to Richard Cole of Dover
46.800 Manorial Suffolk 1865. Money received for copyhold tenure of Elizabeth Virtue Hudson at the manor of Bungay Priory, Suffolk
46.801 Bond Kent 1745. William Taylor of Denton, Kent to William Last of Dareham, Suffolk
46.802 Probate Kent 1916. Death of John Smart of 17 Janner Road, Erith
46.803 Assignment Kent 1838, 4 Aug. revd William Lave and others to John Pryre Lave Esq of a messuage in St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury
46.804 Charge Middx 1881, 13 Jan. N E Humberstone to Messrs Daun and Vallentin of the 'Duke of York' Wenlock Street, City Road, Middx
46.805 Lease Kent 1883, 24 Sep. John Toke to Alfred Austin of Swinford House in Great Chart and Hothfield
46.806 Assignment Kent 1813, 11 Oct. John Stone to Harry Hayward of a messuage in St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury
46.807 Assignment Kent 1819, 25 Oct. John Stone to Revd William Ladd of a messuage in St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury
46.808 Lease Kent 1895, 23 Feb. Col John Toke to Frederick Crow of land at Godinton Park in Ashford, Hothfield and Great Chart
70.1224 Manorial Middlesex 1808 1st Oct.Surrender of Elm Grove, Ealing Heath by William Morland and John Hosier
70.1225 Manorial Essex 1773. 6th May.Surrender of land at Widdingon by Robert Newland and grant to Francis Murkin
70.1226 Manorial Unknown 1729 20th March. Transfer of land at Handford from William Smith to William Thomas
70.1227 Manorial Essex 1706. 24 Oct. Payment of quitrent byWilliam Thomas and his wife Margaret.
70.1228 Manorial Middlesex 1818. 30 Nov. Copy Admission of Alexander Copland to waste land in Manor of Ealing
70.1229 Manorial Essex 1755, 24 April. Admission of Richard Newman to land at Widdington
70.1230 Manorial Essex 1762. 31 May. Admission of John Purcas to land in Manor of Lindfells Hall
70.1231 Manorial Essex 1657 24 Aug. Rent Roll of the Manor of Standford
70.1232 Manorial Suffolk 1749 12 May. Surrender of land at East Bergholt by Robert Barrett and grant to John Wall
70.1233 Manorial Essex 1779 1st May. Copy Conditional Surrender of land at Hadleigh by Henry Summerson to John Frost
87.1462 Abstract Norfolk 1880 of title of Benjamin Gordon to an estate at Mundesley
108.1896 Notice Unknown 1896 24 June to the Trusteeas of the Lovell Marriage Settlement of a charge by the Revd. G.F.Lovell on his reversionary interest
108.1897 Notice Unknown 1898 14 July to the Trustees of the Lovell Marriage Settlement as to transfer of mortgage to Miss K.S.Forbes
108.1898 Release Unknown 1905 2 August by the Trustees of the Lovell Marriage Settlement on ultimate division of the trust funds
108.1899 Foot of Fine Unknown 1798 Thomas Timmons (1) Richard and Sarah Clay (2)
108.1900 Foot of Fine Unknown 1656 Ellis Brame (1) Edward & Mary Combs (2)
108.1901 Indenture Essex 1669 26 March Thomas Preston & Others (1) John Sybbart (2) re lands in Essex
108.1902 Abstract Essex Undated of title to lands on the Chickney Hall Estate
108.1903 Surrender Gloucestershire 1691 5 August William Bonner (1) Sir Henry Capel (2) re lands at Hinnington
108.1904 Release Hampshire 1791 15 February James Hancock & Another (1)John Shean & Another (2) re land at Portsea
108.1905 Abstract Huntingdonshire 1844 of the title of John B. Richards to land at Gore Common Ramsey
108.1906 Lease Kent 1765 15 October Ann Callant (1) John Soman (2) re land at Stockbury
108.1907 Release Kent 1765 16 October Ann Callant (1) John Soman (2) re land at Stockbury
108.1908 Feoffment Kent 1765 24 November Henry Ffranklynn (1) George G.Elwick (2) re land at Stockbury
108.1909 Mortgage Kent 1774 28 September W.Rattray (1) John Duntze and Others (2) of land at Cranbrook
108.1910 Mortgage Lincolnshire 1747 16 June James and Lydia Burton (1) John Ffotheringham (2) re lands at Fleet
108.1911 Release Wiltshire 1704 6 June Adam Hiscock (1)Charles Croome (2) re lands at Woodborrow
108.1912 Mortgage Yorkshire 1869 10 February George Rothery and Another (1)James Dean (2) of lands etc. at Halifax
128.1825 Grant Cheshire 1326 re Saltney Side Estate
135.1988 Indenture Herefordshire 1727 21 March The Custos of Vicars (1)Walter Ffoot (2) re property in Hereford
135.1989 Release Surrey 1790 30 October Robert Dalloway (1) Joseph Lee (2) William Lee (3) Luke Sherbon (4) RE LAND AT Bermondsey
135.1990 Release Hampshire 1737 7 February Daniel and Elizabeth Whitwood (1) Thomas and Mary Eyer (2) re Portsea
135.1991 Indenture Lincolnshire 1718 26 July John Chapman (1) William Blanthor (2) and others re land at Whaplode
135.1992 Lease Middlesex 1817 17 April John Baker (1) James T. Tyler (2) re land at Cambridge Heath Hackney
136.1993 Lease Kent 1775 23 November John Fulford (1) Joseph Burrow (2)re land etc at Cranbrook
136.1994 Lease Middlesex 1773 15 June John Moore and Daniel Storer (1) William Barnes (2) re land at Warden Court Clerkenwell
136.1995 Lease Somerset 1739 13 August Humphrey Lewis )1) Hon. Edward Seymour (2) re land at Sutton Montaigne
136.1996 Deed Middlesex 1863 24 November William Aylott (1) Samuel Denton (2) re premises at Burlington Row Paddington
136.1997 Lease Middlesex 1762 10 September John Bowers (1 William Lafosse (2) re properties in the Strand and Litle Drury Lane London
136.1998 Indenture Middlesex 1722 19 March William and Thomas Willmott (1)John Wildman (2) re land near Chequer Alley Cripplegate London
136.1999 Letter Essex 1823 23 November Dean of St Paul's to Mrs Errington re lease of Biggin Hall
136.2000 Indenture Kent 1793 18 January Edward Pike (1) Samuel Munn and Richard Hammond (2) re properties in Kent
136.2001 Indenture Kent 1746 16 MarchMary Comber and John Waterman (1) Richard Barnard (2) re properties etc in Ashford
136.2002 Release Hampshire 1749 4 January Edward and Elizabeth Charles (1) John Charles (2) re land etc at Portsea
136.2003 Lease Surrey 1876 20 November Alexander Rolls and Others (1) George Simmonds (2) re 10 Stainton Terrace Bermondsey
136.2004 Settlement Middlesex 1868 31 January Henry G. Gotto (1) Peter Robinson (2) Phillip Goddard (3) re 18/19 Grove End Road St Johns Wood
136.2005 Lease Lincolnshire 1810 5 July James B. Topham (1)V.Bellassis (2) re land at Orby
136.2006 Lease Essex 1802 1st December Revd P. Beauvoir (1) William Parnell (2) re land etc at Downham
136.2007 Agreement Surrey 1887 2 December Elizabeth and James F. Johnson (1)Julia E. Cavell (2) re Montagu House, Ewell Road Surbiton
136.2008 Agreement Surrey 1871 11 September John A. Rolls (1)Ellen Hockerday (2) re 81 London Road Southwark
136.2009 Letters Surrey 1905 April/May from Johnson Long & Co to Saw & Sons re 356 Old Kent Road
136.2010 Agreement Surrey 1881 4 August John A. Rolls (1) Thomas Silk (2) re the ' Huntsman & Hounds' Elsted Street Newington
136.2011 Release Lancashire 1799 25 September the Exors of William Blundell deceased (1) George Crooke and Others (2) re house etc at Bevington Bush Liverpool
136.2012 Lease Sussex 1728 20 September Sir Robert Guldeford (1) Stephen Wilmshurst (2) re lands etc at Guildeford
136.2013 Lease Essex 1802 1st December Revd P. Beauvoir (1) John Brewell (2) re land at Downham
137.2014 Indenture Lancashire 1770 25 April Earl of Derby (1) John Webster (2) re land ertc at Rainford
137.2015 Lease Hampshire 1762 7 April John Bramble (1) John Charles (2) re land etc at Portsea
137.2016 Lease Cornwall 1791 3 December Richard Hichens (1) Humphrey M. Praed (2) re land at Madderne
137.2017 Lease Durham 1713 19 August Thomas Wood (1) John Clutterbuck (2) re land etc at Norham
137.2018 Settlement Kent 1688 29 December Henry and Thomas Marsh (1) Martha Cropley and Others (2) re marriage of Henry Marsh and Martha Cropley and lands and properties in Kent
137.2019 Indenture Somerset 1708 8 October Arthur Body (1) George Daubeny & others (2) re land at Tintinhull
137.2020 Mortgage Middlesex 1883 23 November George I Philpot 1)Messrs Mann Crossman and Paulin (2) re the 'Coopers Arms' Oxford Street Stepney
137.2021 Indenture Warwickshire 1554 October John Forrester (1) ? (2)
137.2022 Assignment Middlesex 1746 24 June Edward Shipman and George Kelly (1) Samuel Whichcote (2) reland in Thames Street London
137.2023 Lease Middlesex 1787 27 May Thomas Willis (1) John Wilkie (2) re land etc in Little Russell Street London
137.2024 Indenture Middlesex 1681 19 August Joseph Watto (1) Thomas Cole & Henry Burton (2) re land etc in Thames Street London
137.2025 Indenture Somerset 1717 29 July Hon. John Trevelyan (1) John Moore (2) re land etc at Radwinter
137.2026 Lease Cornwall 1789 30 October Elizabeth Rawle (1) Philip Lott (2) re land etc at Otterham
137.2027 Indenture Essex 1608.20 September Walter Pritchett (1)Francis Creed (2) RE LAND ETC. AT Debden
137.2028 Indenture Gloucestershire 1712 15 July John & Hester Butler (1) Richard Thayer and Nathaniel Matthews (2) re Noke Court Gloucester
137.2029 Lease Essex 1819 2 July Anna M. Deakin and Revd Peter Beauvoir (1) Thomas Richardson (2) re land etc. at Downham
137.2030 Lease Lancashire 1875 28 October William T. Carr and Thomas Ashton (1) Yates Walsh, Moses Walsh and Ephraim Cocker (2) re coal mines at Little Harwood
138.2031 Lease Kent 1781 28 December James Cumber (1) Thomas Smith (2) re land at Eynsford
138.2032 Lease Surrey 1831 24 July John Stockwell (1)Samuel Ritherdon & Others (2) re land etc. at Balham Hill Streatham
138.2033 Indenture Warwickshire 1674 15 April John Francis & Nicholas Carter (1) William James & Others (2) re land in Warwickshire
138.2034 Lease Hampshire 1749 3 January Edward & Elizabeth Charles (1) John Charles (2) houses, land etc at Portsea
138.2035 Indenture Kent 1664 26 december Robert Curteis & Others (1) Edmund Stede & Others (2) re land etc at tenterden
138.2036 Bargain & Sale Kent 1810 10 June Letitia Basden (1) Edward Day (2) re 15 King Street Deptford
138.2037 Indenture Cumberland 1720 28 April Lawrence Wittes (1) John Wittes (2) re land etc. at Cockermouth
138.2038 Bargain & Sale Middlesex 1710 20 April Benjamin & Martha Meare (1) Randolph Copley (2) re land etc at Westminster
138.2039 Lease Middlesex 1898 5 October Edward C. and Reginald H. Powell (1) Edward C. Powell (2) re cellars etc. at Star Yard, Carey Street. London
138.2040 Lease Suffolk 1764 26 October Thomas Baas (1) John Froston (2) re land etc. at Westhall
138.2041 Letter Unknown 1766 21 June Extract of letter from James Withers toi John Norton re the death of Mrs Samuel Gist
138.2042 Conveyance Kent 1892 24 December Trustees of Mrs Ellen Wright (1) George Brading (2) re 24/26 High Street Deptford
138.2043 Memorandum Essex 1874 6 August Francis Smith (1) Revd Alfred E. Fowler (2) re lands in mortgage and the Widdington Enclosure Award.
138.2044 Conveyance Essex 1884 21 August Griffiths Smith (1) Revd Alfred E. Fowler (2) re land etc. at Widdington
138.2045 Conveyance Essex 1883 13 February Henry J. Griffiths (1) Griffiths Smith (2) re land etc. at Widdington
138.2046 Deed Middlesex 1915 27 January Mary Ann Wernham & John W.G.Davis (1) George Dewdney (2) re properties at Kentish Town and Highgate Hill
138.2047 Assignment Kent 1896 10 October Mary Jane Strickland & Another (1) James C.M.Kerslake (2) re 114 Lewisham High Road Deptford
138.2048 Notice Surrey 1874 19 March Edward Smith (1) Alexander Boswell (2) re Prince of Wales PH Princes Square Lambeth
139.2049 Appointment Unknown 1864 5 May Notice of Appointment of new Trustees of National Equitable Benefit and Building Investment Society
139.2050 Deed of Covt Essex 1852 29 January Francis & Elizabeth Rust (1) Robert Bartlett (2) re land etc at Goods Easter
139.2051 Notice Surrey 1884 24 July Thomas Knapp (1) Henry Bowden (2) re 2 properties in Kennington
139.2052 Mortgage Unknown 1895 20 March Mary Ann Wernham (1) John Warburton (2) re a reversionary interest
139.2053 Conveyance Leicestershire 1914 23 Novenber John W. Driver (1) Beatrice M. Brooks (2) re land at Melbourne
139.2054 Conveyance Essex 1883 23 May Edwin N. Brown (1) Griffiths Smith (2) re land at Widdington
139.2055 ReConveyance Essex 1902 3 April Susan Fowler & Another (1) Jane T. Groombridge & Another (2) re land etc at Widdington
139.2056 Assignment Surrey 1893 14 August William Appleton & Others (1) John Morgan (2) re premises at Bermondsey
139.2057 Lease Warwickshire 1894 8 January George Brown (1) William H. Smith (2) re 43 Spring Hill Birmingham
139.2058 Agreement Lincolnshire 1750 19 May Hannah Wood & William Baxter (1) Like Nicholson (2) re lands in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire
139.2059 Bond London 1683 Richard Radcott (1) Sarah Sollings (2)
139.2060 Indenture Kent 1640 8 June Henry King DD Dean of Rochester (1) Richard Sams (2)
139.2061 Indenture Yorkshire 1752 23 January Sara Fowler (1) John Birks (2) re land etc. at Bolton upon Dearne
139.2062 Indenture Middlesex 1793 6 March of apprenticeship between Thomas Oliver (1) and Jospeh Ward (2)
139.2063 Fine Hampshire 1788 5 April Thomas Streatwells re land at Overton Manor
139.2064 Will Sussex 1718 4 September of Richard Knight of Stedham
139.2065 Lease Kent 1892 25 July Ellen Wright (1) Ellen J. Cooper & Josiah T. Mitchell (2) re 22 High Street Deptford
139.2066 Lease Kent 1926 30 September Josiah E.F.Mitchell & Another (1) Joel E.Hart and George Welby (2) re 24 High Street Deptford
139.2067 Conveyance Kent 1924 5 November Henry Clubb (1) Mrs Flora R. Pomfret & Others (2) re land known as "Roughbrook" at Chilham
139.2068 Mortgage Middlesex 1891 13 April Richard Lance (1) Hearts of Oak Permanent BS (2) re 7 Huntingdon Road Barnsbury
139.2069 Transfer Kent 1893 30 December Charles G. Vinall 7 Another (1) John R. Dummelow & Others (2) re properties in Greenwich
139.2070 Conveyance Cheshire 1933 10 July Samuel Blackburn (1) Lady Lettice J. Shepard (2) re Hopleys Cottage Duckington
139.2071 Mortgage Lancashire 1872 30 November Henry Travis (1) Warrington Permanent Benefit BS (2) re property in Grenfell Street Appelow Widnes
139.2072 Lease Middlesex 1898 28 September Fanny M. Winter & Another (1) Hyman Chissick (2) re properties in Mile End Road
139.2073 Appointment Unknown 1911 re Mr & Mrs R.F. St Johnd Marriage Settlement Trust appointment of new Trustees
140.2074 Deed Poll Unknown 1905 2 December Winston St John & Others (1) re Revd William Churchill's estate
140.2075 Indenture Middlesex 1710 22 December George Francis (1) Rachel Bussey (2) re land etc in parish of St James Clerkenwell
140.2076 Lease Middlesex 1794 3 August John F. Pott (1) James D. Fowell (2) re land etc at Providence Court, Peter Street, Westminster
140.2077 Lease Middlesex 1781 25 June Henry White (1) Edward Beale and James Warne (2) land etc. in Blue Anchor Alley in the parish of St Luke
140.2078 Lease Lancashire 1881 1st July James White & Co. (1) James Cross (2) re land in Butler Street Widnes
140.2079 Bond Kent 1669 Anthony Arthur of Bishopsbourne (1) ? Sharpe of Benenden
140.2080 Indenture Suffolk 1601 6 September Francis Smythe (1)Edmund Bolden (2) re land At Impton
140.2081 Lease Sussex 1658 2 September John & Martha Patterson (1) Richard Webb (2) re land at Bodiam
140.2082 Indenture Befordshire 1678 28 September Elizabeth Beckett (1) Ruth Barkoff (2) re the Bakers Arms High Street Bedford
140.2083 Manorial Middlesex 1818 28 July Admission of Thomas Dickason to land etc. at Isleworth
140.2084 Manorial Unknown 1749 4 August Admission of John Soile to land etc. in the manor of St Agnells
140.2085 Manorial Middlesex 1827 31 October Admission of Messrs Nevett and Cranmer to land at Isleworth
140.2086 Manorial Middlesex 1760 9 April Admission of Thomas Hughes on surrender by Edward Rowley re land at Isleworth
140.2087 Manorial Middlesex 1818 5 November Admission of Thomas Dickason to land at Isleworth
140.2088 Manorial Middlesex 1834 8 April Admission of William Clay on surrender of Mrs Eadell re land at Isleworth
140.2089 Indenture Middlesex 1668 1st July William Bellamy (1) Joseph Watts (2) re a watercourse in Thames Street. London
140.2090 Release Middlesex 1750 5 April by Ann Troughton to her 3 sons of her interest in a South Sea Annuity left to her by her husband
140.2091 Manorial Middlesex 1822 18 April Admission of Thomas Dickason on surrender by Samuel Davies of land at Isleworth
140.2092 Manorial Middlesex 1821 1st November Admission of Samuel Davies on surrender by Moses Sloper of land at Isleworth
140.2093 Manorial Middlesex 1818 5 November Admission of Moses Sloper to land at Isleworth
140.2094 Manorial Middlesex 1800 28 November Admission of Alexander Morison to land at Ealing
140.2095 Conveyance Middlesex 1667 15 January Thomas Hollis (1) Joseph Watts (2) re land in Thames Street London
140.2096 Mortgage Surrey 1866 7 September George Gray (1) Sarah Clark (2) re land, houses etc. at Hare Hill, Chertsey
141.2097 Will Dorset 1809 3 January of Joseph Green of Charminster
141.2098 Will Dorset 1799 21 September of Bathsheba Green of Charminster
141.2099 Will Kent 1751 14 June (extract) of will of Thomas Grant of Ashford
141.2100 Bond Norfolk 1694 21 February Margaret Golthorpe (1) William Lawrence (2)
141.2101 Bond Middlesex 1745 10 May Benjamin Godfrey (1) Henry Deed (2)
141.2102 Account Kent 1901 May/June re a mortgage R.C.Glead (1) and E.L.W.Johns (2) re land at Great Mongeham
141.2103 Account Unknown 1823/4 of George Holland a Trustee in the Gilpin Marriage Settlement
141.2104 Petition Unknown 1830 January James Tree (1) Francis Gardiner and John Bentley as exors of James Gardiner deceased in Chancery
141.2105 Abstract Kent 1740 of the title deeds of Johnson deceased in mortgage to Brook re lands at Willesborough
141.2106 Statement Kent 1753 4 August of E.D.Mills re Anne Johnson deceased of Mersham
141.2107 Letter Kent 1825 14 October from Thomas Farr on behalf of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to Sir John Figg Bt of Mystole
141.2108 Certificate Nottinghamshire 1690 17 May of William Simpson Bailiff of the Honour of Lantaford
141.2109 Bond Kent 1700 7 May Thomas March of Womenswold (1) John Marsh (2)
141.2110 Probate Devon 1736 20 August of the will of Edward Yard of Churston Court
141.2111 Conveyance Somerset 1661 16 April Fausto Taylor (1) William Lloyd (2) re land at Bristol
141.2112 Inventory Unknown 1772 August addressed to Richard Best
141.2113 Estimate Kent 1782 30 January and valuation of John Harrison as to repairs to the farmhouse etc. of a Mrs Ashenden
142.2114 Will Kent 1818 8 April extract from the will of Henry Denne of Wingham
142.2115 Will Kent 1811 11 September extract from the will of John Denne of Sandwich
142.2116 Lease Kent 1802 29 September Archbishop of Canterbury (1) Thomas P. Oakley (2) re land and buildings in Lower Deal
142.2117 Administration Kent 1820 2 June of the estate of John Denne of Sandwich
142.2118 Agreement Kent 1843 11 October William Harris (1) John Port (2) re land etc. at Woodnesborough
142.2119 Letter Kent 1888 16 August from Rate Collector's Office to R. Sprules of Margate re property in Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate
142.2120 Conveyance Middlesex 1899 23 March Anna Reineke & Others (1) Hendon UDC (2) re land at The Burroughs, Hendon
142.2121 Agreement Kent 1889 18 May Thomas Garner & Richard Seeth (1) Walter Thomsett (2) re 10, Asthelstan Villas, Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate
142.2122 Letter Kent 1888 4 March from George Warren of Margateto the Trustees of Mrs Dooree re property in Dane Road Margate
142.2123 Particulars Kent 1843 19 October re sale by auction of land at Woodnesborough
142.2124 Receipt Kent 1825 18 October of thge Lord of the Manor of Knowlton for quit rents paid by John Port
142.2125 Memorandum Kent 1883 24 October George M. Scholey (1) Henry B. Bradley (2) re land Folkestone
142.2126 Conveyance Kent 1801 6/7April Thomas Denne (1) John Denne & Another (2) re lands etc. in Woodnesborough
142.2127 Letters etc. Kent 1923 re the Annie Forbes deceased Settlement
142.2128 Letters etc Kent 1903-1913 re the Fletcher Marriage Settlement
142.2129 Letters etc Kent 1903-1913 re the securities of Mrs E.J.Fletcher
142.2130 Indenture Kent 1675 20 December John & Susanna Philpot(1) John Landy (2) re house and garden etc. in Preston Street, Preston by Wingham
142.2131 Will Kent 1901 21 September of Sarah Ann Coleman of Sandwich
143.2132 Will Middlesex 1881 5 August Temporary Will of Robert J. Fletcher of 268 Victoria Park Road
143.2133 Probate Kent 1896 9 June of the estate of Robert J. Fletcher of Strood
143.2134 Agreement Kent 1932 18 June Trustees of St Thomas's Hospital Sandwich (1) Ernest Philpott(2) re Denne Court Farm Woodnesborough
143.2135 Documents Kent 1903-1909 re the sale and purchase of securities by the Revd James Fletcher of Walmer
143.2136 Conveyance Kent 1915 13 August Henry M. Rogers & Others (1) Henry W. Fell & Others (2) re Heathgate House, Rusthall Common, Tunbridge Wells
143.2137 Transfer Kent 1901 8 August John Beeching & Others (1) Alfred H. Beeching (2) re land at Rusthall in Speldhurst
143.2138 Probate Hereford 1930 15 September of the estate of Harriet M. Payne of Blairmont, Lugwardine and formerly of Simla in India
143.2139 Abstract Kent 1946 Supplemental of Bertie G. Arter to land in Picton Road Ramsgate
143.2140 Abstract Kent 1952 Supplemental of Mrs Beatrice M.Eaton to land in Picton Road Ramsgate
143.2141 Mortgage Kent 1893 6 April Sarah S.Church & Sydney J.L.Whyman (1)Orlando B.Martyn & Others (2) re Knell Farm Ash next Sandwich
143.2142 ReConveyance Kent 1898 16 October Orlando B. Martyn & Others (1) Sarah S. Church & Another (2) re Knell Farm Ash next Sandwich
143.2143 Abstract Kent 1928 of the title of Viscount Folkestone to 225, Dover Road Folkestone re lease to Mr & Mrs Birch
143.2144 Mortgage Kent 1905 1st October William E.Hopper (1)John J.Caspell (2) re land etc at Stone Cross, Worth
143.2145 Deed Kent 1899 29 July of Appointment & Release re the post nuptial settlement of Mr & Mrs R.J.Fletcher
143.2146 Indenture Yorkshire 1754 13 April Thomas Beckett (1) John Castle (2) re re land etc. at Thirsk
143.2147 Indenture Yorkshire 1722 21 May J.Jackson (1) Kilvington (2) re land etc. at Thirsk
143.2148 Conveyance Middlesex 1882 10 August John Hardcastle & Anor (1) Charles Coward (2) re land & premises at Fulham
143.2149 Release Yorkshire 1794 26 May Henry Dinmore (1) John Burnet (2) re land etc. in Hinkle Street, Thirsk
143.2150 Deed Kent 1857 26 June James Tolputt (1) George Scholey (2) of mutual covenants and indemnity
143.2151 Release Yorkshire 1804 19 October Henry Dinmore (1) John Dinmore & Another (2) of real and personal estate in trust for benefit of creditors
143.2152 Mortgage Kent 1886 16 August George M. Scholey (1) Mis Jessie K. Bradley (2) re 225 Dover Road Folkestone
144.2153 Mortgage Kent 1843 13 March Alice & Esther Powell (1) Surrage & Emerson (2) re property etc. in Strand Street Sandwich
144.2154 Assignment Kent 1856 27 May Mary Golder & Others (1)William Bennett (2) re 5/6 Radnor Villas, Dover Road, Folkestone
144.2155 Assignment Kent 1825 31 August John Knocker (1) Joseph Knocker (2) re land etc. in Bulwark Street Dover
144.2156 Assignment Kent 1857 25 June William Bennett (1) George M.Scholey (2) re 6 Rdnor Villas, Dover Road Folkestone
144.2157 Account Unknown 1858 of Holland & Green re the estate of John Dudley deceased
144.2158 Assignment Kent 1845 14 February John E.Loader (1) Charles Golder (2) re land & houses in Folkestone
144.2159 Codicil Yorkshire 1752 18 June to the Will of Robert Fairbourne of Kingston upon Hull
144.2160 Conveyance Kent 1863 31 July Samuel S. Rissen (1) Edward F.S.Reader & Others (2) Ann Baker (3) re 121 Lower Street Deal
144.2161 Mortgage Kent 1854 10 October Samuel S.Rissen (1) Deal,Walmer and East Kent Benefit Building & Investment Society (2) re land Lower Street Deal
144.2162 Morgage Kent 1860 19 June Samuel S. Rissen (1) R.J.Emmerson (2) re properties in Lower Street Deal
144.2163 Conveyance Kent 1867 19 February Revd C.W Ross & Others (1) Thomas Ralph (2) re land in Middle Street Deal
145.2164 Conveyance Kent 1821 8 december Henry Haycock (1) James Gifford (2) William Lancefield (3) Thomas P.Lewis (4) re land at Blean
145.2165 Lease Kent 1821 7 December Henry Haycock & James Gifford (1) William Lancefield & Thomas P. Lewis (2) re land at Blean
145.2166 Lease Kent 1812 17 April John Z.Plummer & Stephen Gibbs (1) William Collins (2) re land at Blean
145.2167 Conveyance Kent 1812 18 April John Z. Plummer a7 Stephen Gibbs (1)William Collins (2) re land at Blean
145.2168 Mortgage Kent 1808 10 October Robert Goodwin & Another (1) William Twyman (2) re land at St Cosmas & St Damian in the Blean
145.2169 Documents Kent 1914/1915 re 37 Strand Street Sandwich
145 2170 Indenture Kent 1736 21 April Frederick & Sara Valder (1) Joseph Austin (2)
145.2171 D/Covenant Kent 1874 13 February Mary T. Laker (1) John J. Greenstreet (2) re land etc. at the Butts Sandwich
145.2172 Conveyance Kent 1850 17 June Ann Vincey & Mary Tapley (1)Henry Nethersole (2) re land at Sandwich
145.2173 Deed Kent 1831 29 January William & Mary Neales (1) Robert P.Lee (2) re land & houses in Sandwich
145.2174 Lease Kent 1787 20 August Revd Richard Harvey & John Elgar (1) William Claringbull (2) re land etc. in Strand Street Sandwich
145.2175 Appointment Kent 1833 25 September William Neales (1) David Taylor (2) Robert P. Lee (3) re land etc in Sandwich
145.2176 Partition Kent 1874 13 January Mary T. Laker & Ann Warden (1)George Edmett (2) re various properties in Sandwich
145.2177 Conveyance Kent 1857 22 June Mary Green & Others (1) Henry Ewell (2) re land etc. in Harnet Street Sandwich
146.2178 Appointment Kent 1818 3 July Susanna & Hester M. Kennett (1)Josiah R. White (2) John Wrake (3) re land at Stourmouth
146.2179 Conveyance Kent 1814 30 April Hannah Yeomans (1)Josiah R. White (2) Richard Mummery (3) re land at Stourmouth
146.2180 Conveyance Kent 1831 30 September Charles H. & Samuel Ware (1) John Cumberledge & Others (2) Samuel Wraith (3) James Delman (4) re land etc at Preston and Wingham
146.2181 Indenture Kent 1755 19 March Thomas Smith (1)William & Ann Chubb (2) Josiah Bradshaw & Another (3) Hannah Clum (4) Vincent Underdown (5) Robert Huggett (6) re land etc.
146.2182 Agreement Kent 1811 Richard Mummery (1)Robert & Elizabeth Foreman (2) James & Mary Kelsell (3) re houses etc. at St Lawrence Ramsgate
146.2183 Lease Kent 1806 3 March Robert Foreman (1) Susannah Yeomans (2) re land etc. at Stourmouth
146.2184 Conveyance Kent 1806 4 March Robert Foreman (1) Susannah Yeomans (2) re lands etc. at Stourmouth
146.2185 Deed Kent 1811 22 June Robert & Elizabeth Foreman (1)Hannah Yeomans (2) Richard Mummery (3) re lands Stourmouth
146.2186 Surrender Kent 1810 25 April Edward Woodcock (1)John Goodwin (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street Sandwich
147.2187 Release Kent 1810 28 April John Goodwin & Another (1) Edward Greey (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street Sandwich
147.2188 Lease Kent 1810 27 April John Goodwin & Another (1) Edward Greey (2) re house Harnet Street Sandwich
147.2189 Mortgage Kent 1810 1st May Edward Greey (1) Edward Woodcock (2) re house Harnet Street Sandwich
147.2190 Release Kent 1827 15 March Josiah & Jane White (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land etc. at Stourmouth
147.2191 Lease Kent 1827 14 March Josiah & Jane White (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land etc. at Stourmouth
147.2192 Conveyance Kent 1828 3 January Josiah & Jane White (1) Samuel Wriath (2) re land etc. at Stourmouth
147.2193 Conveyance Kent 1839 11 October William S. Baldock & Others (1)John Wraith (2) re land etc. at Preston. Ash and Stourmouth
147.2194 Assignment Kent 1841 24 July William Minter & Others (1) Jane Hougham & Sarah Woodcock (2) re houses etc. in Harnet Street Sandwich
147.2195 Conveyance Kent 1850 1st November Trustees of Thomas Adkins deceased (1) Thomas A. Steed (2) re house etc. at Sandwich
147.2196 Abstract Kent 1857 of the title of Mary Greey to a house and shop in Sandwich
147.2197 Mortgage Kent 1857 7 July Henry Ewell (1) Deal Walmer and East Kent Benefit Building & Investment Society (2) re house Sandwich
148.2198 Will Kent 1809 21 December of John Ford of Goodnestone
148.2199 Probate Middlesex 1929 11 April of the will and codicils of Alexandrina Fletcher of 30 Cambridge Gardens Kensington
148.2200 Probate Surrey 1860 23 May of the will of Jenkin Jones actuary of Clapham Common
148.2201 Will Hampshire 1794 3 November of John Knight of Hadley
148.2202 Will Sussex 1808 11 December of John Knight of Stedham
148.2203 Will Surrey 1812 15 July of George Lane of Croydon Common
148.2204 Probate Essex 1876 5 October of the will of Edward Langley of Le Villa, Gurney Road, Stratford
148.2205 Probaye Monmouth 1886 5 February of the will of Margaret B. Lane of Walton Cottage, Usk.
148.2206 Will Gloucestershire 1845 1st April of Devereux Bowly, Banker, of Chesterton House Cirencester
148.2207 Will Middlesex 1845 28 November of William Brocklesby of 10, South Place, Albion Road, Stoke Newington
148.2208 Probate Kent 1877 21 March of the will of James J. Davies, Pawnbroker, of Deptford
148.2209 Probate Shropshire 1843 8 November of the will of John Boothby of Lythwood
149.2210 Probate Northumberland 1792 5 November of the will of Gawen Aynsley of Littleharle Tower
149.2211 Probate Kent 1899 13 January of the will of Thomas Beechey 97, Vanbrugh Hill, Greenwich
149.2212 Probate Sussex 1821 21 August of the will of Martha H. Beeby fomerly of Lewes and late of Brighton
149.2213 Probate Lancashire 1845 21 July of the will of Thomas Barker of The Hill, Oldham
149.2214 Probate Lancashire 1811 12 November of the will of John Lyon, Doctor of Physic, Liverpool
150.2227 Will Middlesex 1863 24 June of William Barefoot of 61, Church Street, Islington
150.2228 Probate Kent 1862 6 February of the will of Joseph Arnold of South Hill, Forest Hill
150.2229 Will Somerset 1836 19 March extract only of the will of John Atwood formerly of Penygarreg, Aberayron, Cardiganshire and lately of 12 Clifton Vale, Bristol
150.2230 Will Sussex 1765 8 November of Richard Ayling of Stedham
150.2231 Probate Kent 1874 8 december of the will of Thomas Ackland formerly of 21 Ashburnham Road, Greenwich and lately of 77, Napier Street, Deptford
150.2232 Probate Lancashire 1848 22 April of the will of Ann Jones of Upper Duke Street, Liverpool
150.2233 Exemplification Lancashire 1866 6 November of the will and probate of Wellwood Maxwell, Barrister, of 14, Abercrombie Square, Liverpool
150.2234 Double Probate Leicestershire 1834 11 January of the will of John Lynes of Kirkby Mallory
150.2235 Probate Gloucestershire 1759 29 January of the will of John Hayward of Churchdown
150.2236 Probate Cheshire 1868 29 January of the will of Nancy Jenkins of Rock Park, Rock Ferry
150.2237 Abstract Middlesex 1907 of the will of Joseph G. Jeffries of 1, Benyon Road, Southgate Road, De Beauvoir Town re 29 Culford Road, Hackney
150.2238 Probate Middlesex 1792 17 April of the will of Elizabeth Clarke formerly of Whitechapel and lately of Islington
150.2239 Will Kent 1788 15 March of John Chapman, Gardener of Ashford
150.2240 Will Hertfordshire 1908 5 March of William P. Chance of Park Lane, Cheshunt.
150.2241 Probate Surrey 1902 11 April of the will of Kate Carrington of Pennaie, Tavistock Road, Croydon
151.2242 Probate Somerset 1856 17 April of the will of Richard Bush of St James's Square, Bath
151.2243 Probate Worcestershire 1872 19 October of the will of the Reverend George Fisk, Vicar of Great Malvern and of Stapleton House, Kempsey.
151.2244 Will Middlesex 1774 16 June of Samuel Feake of St George's Hanover Square
151.2245 Will Essex 1757 16 June of Samuel Feake of Red Lion Square and lately of Durrington, Essex
151.2246 Probate Lancashire 1881 30 May of the will of Margaret Edwardson of Appleton, Widnes
151.2247 Probate Middlesex 1893 3 July of the will of Elizabeth Houlston of 58, Highbury Hill.
151.2248 Probate Lancashire 1891 23 March of the will of the Reverend Thomas Hornby, Vicar of Walton on the Hill
151.2249 Probate Northumberland 1870 19 March of the will of Elizabeth Holmes of 18, Belgrave Terrace, Newcastle on Tyne
151.2250 Probate Derbyshire 1891 6 November of the will of Emma Holderness formerly of Hawthorn Villa, Buxton but lately of Cavendish House, Buxton.
151.2251 Will London 1893 15 August of Margaret Hearn of 234 Grays Inn Road
151.2252 Will London 188911 February of Patrick Hearn of 234 Grays Inn Road
151.2253 Administration Australia 1879 18 September of the estate of Clark A. Irving Barrister of Sydney New South Wales
151.2254 Will Kent 1695. 20 January of Henry Hutchings of St Mary Cray
151.2255 Probate Middlesex 1821.15 October of the Will of Hannah Ireland of Islington
151.2256 Probate Lancashire 1892 22 February of the Will of Edmund Jackson of Lancaster
151.2257 Probate Surrey 1843.28 April of the Will of the Reverend Thomas Jackson formerly of Stockwell and lately of Brixton Place
151.2258 Will Suffolk 1657 July of Henry Riggs of Royston
152.2259 Administration India 1894 26 September of the estate of 2nd Lieut. Charles J. Leahy R.A. of Lucknow
152.2260 Administration Australia 1897 26 August of the estate of Clara S. Creed of Woollabra NSW
152.2261 Will Kent 1742 26 May of George Haffenden grazier of Burmarsh and Romney Marsh
152.2262 Probate Kent 1893 14 July of the Will of Julia Freak of 2, Mill Lane Deptford
152.2263 Probate British Guiana 1872 23 October of the Will of Jane Garnett of Georgetown
152.2264 Administration Somerset 1837 15 November of the estate of Ellen Gore of Bath
152.2265 Probate Middlesex 1910 27 January of the Will of the Rt. Hon. William S.P.Graves of 20 Craven Terrace Lancaster Gate Paddington formerly of 19 Cranley Place, South Kensington
152.2266 Will Kent 1765 24 September of Benjamin Greenwood of St Mary Cray
152.2267 Will Kent 1775 4 February of George Greenwood of St Mary Cray
152.2268 Probate Surrey 1875 11 October of the Will of William R. Dalziel, Merchant, of 5, Gresham Park, Brixton
152.2269 Will Kent 1807 20 October of Sir Narborough D'Aeth of Knowlton
152.2270 Probate Lancashire 1827 26 May of the Will of John Foster, Surveyor and Architect of Liverpool
152.2271 Probate Norfolk 1739 13 October of the Will of Mrs Mary Moon of Roddenhall
152.2272 Will Lancashire 1826 24 July of John Foster of Liverpool
152.2273 Probate Worcestershire 1897 21 December of the Will of Mary Jordan of Armscott
152.2274 Probate Norfolk 1791 1st February of Ann H. Cato of Harlaston
149.2215 Probate Middlesex 1838 12 June of the estate of Martha Lomax formerly of Wheeler Street, Spitalfields and lately of Blossom Street, Norton Folgate
149.2216 Probate Sussex 1749 22 January of the Will of John Bull, Butcher of Poynings
149.2217 Will Leicestershire 1715.3 December of Ralph Bull, Cordwainer of Great Glen
149.2218 Will Sussex 1698 15 July of Samuel Baker of Walesfield
149.2219 Administration Kent 1806 20 December of the estate of Edward Benson formerly of Ripple but lately of HMS "La Babet"
149.2220 Administration Kent 1814 9 July of the estate of Thomas Benson of Harbledown
149.2221 Probate Surrey 1845 28 March of the Will of Elizaberg Billingsley of Kingston-upon-Thames
149.2222 Probate Rutland 1903 24 March of the Will of Anne Blundell of Pickwell Rectory, Oakham formerly of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire
149.2223 Will Hampshire 1722 3 October of Thomas Ayling of Bentley
149.2224 Probate Sussex 1698 11 May of the Will of William Ayling of Stedham
149.2225 Administration Essex 1811 21 January of the estate of Henry Cranmer of Quendon Hall
149.2226 Will Kent 1857 7 March of Daniel Cox of Deal
153.2275 Probate Kent 1849 13 November of the Will of Sarah Consett formerly of Guildford Street, Middlesex but lately of 11, Calverley Parade, Tunbridge Wells
153.2276 Will Hertfordshire 1835 1st August of William Coney of Cheshunt
153.2277 Administration United States 1827 22 September of the estate of John Coles of New London
153.2278 Will Suffolk 1774 21 May of John Mayse of Raydon
153.2279 Administration Surrey 1899 12 July of the estate of Augusta Marryat of Bethlehem Royal Hospital, Southwark and formerly of the Hotel des Palmiers, Montreux
153.2280 Will Sussex 1872 11 September of Charles W. Sutler of 13, Montpellier Terrace, Brighton
153.2281 Certificate Unknown 1906 3 March of the Executors Of Robert J.McCabe deceased
153.2282 Will Kent 1656 29 January of Thomas Beckett of Ightham
153.2283 Probate Lancashire 1860 17 August of the Will of Charles J. Moore of Seaforth, Liverpool
153.2284 Will Kent 1673 17 October of Henry Dunmoll of Crockenhill, Eynsford
153.2285 Administration Suffolk 1816 14 September of the state of John Mayse of Raydon
153.2286 Administration Kent 1889 6 June of the estate of Ellen M. Miles of 26, Lampmead Road, Lee
153.2287 Will Kent 1860 20 October of William Miller of Ramsgate
153.2288 Administration Lancashire 1879 26 March of the estate of James Edwardson, Farmer of Appleton, Widnes
153.2289 Will Norfolk 1702 6 July of William Deming
153.2290 Administration Lancashire 1877 28 December of the estate of Joseph Edwardson of Appleton, Widnes
153.2291 Will Kent 1825 11 May of Elizabeth Denne of Margate
153.2292 Will Oxfordshire 1802 30 April of James Morrell, Attorney of Oxford
153.2293 Will Unknown 1828 31 December of Jane Morgan
153.2294 Probate Hertfordshire 1897 3 June of the Will of William Dawson of 61, Villars Road, New Bushey and formerly of 2, Sussex Cottages, Talbot Road, Rickmansworth
153.2295 Will Hertfordshire 1910 4 January of Kinard B. de la Bere of South Lawn, Bishops Stortford
153.2296 Probate Kent 1900 20 October of the Will of Percy Mould of 49, Crofton Park Road, Brockley and formerly of 103, Howson Road, Brockley
153.2297 Probate Warwickshire 1849 10 December of the Will of Richard Bush of Farnborough
154.2298 Will Staffordshire 1879 15 February of William H. Bradshaw of Hanley
154.2299 Will Essex 1890 8 March of Elizabeth Lindsell of the Wood House Tavern,Harrow Road, Leytonstone
154.2300 Administration Somerset 1900 1st March of the estate of Caroline A. Kitching of Englishbald, Englishcombe
154.2301 Administration Essex 1890 20 November of the estate of Jessie K. Jones of 1, Hawarden Villas,,Eastern Road, Romford
154.2302 Probate Lancashire 1875 28 September of the Will of James Houghton, Farm Servant of Aigburth, Liverpool
154.2303 Will Dorset 1853 24 March of Morris Clark of Melcombe Regis
154.2304 Probate Lancashire 1834 14 January of the Will of John Fallshaw, Blacksmith of Lancaster
154.2305 Will Buckinghamshire 1721 7 September of Sarah Flesher of Chipping Wycomb
154.2306 Will Yorkshire 1806 8 January of John Butterworth formerly of Sowerby, Halifax and lately of Bradford
154.2307 Letter Yorkshire 1853 10 December re the estate of John Butterworth
154.2308 Will Essex 1737 5 November of Anne Carter of Wimbish
154.2309 Will Essex 1706 30 March of Thomas Carter of Wimbish
154.2310 Administration Kent 1889 30 April of the estate of James Akers of 2, Friendly Street, New Town, Deptford
154.2311 Will Kent 1805 2 November of George B. Arnold of Greenwich
154.2312 Will Kent 1758 25 August of John Bedell of St Mary Cray
154.2313 Will Kent 1779 5 July of the Reverend Ralph D. Brockman of Beachborough, Newington next Hythe
154.2314 Renunciation Essex 1817 14 October by the executors named in the Will of the Reverend Edward Bryantof Newport Pond
154.2315 Probate Middlesex 1854 6 December of the Will of Elizabeth Brown of Greyhound Row, Kensington Gravel Pits
154.2316 Will Westmorland 1770 10 March of Lancelot Hill of Cruckanthorp
154.2317 Administration Kent 1887 5 July of the estate of William J. Hoare of 14, Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, Banker's Clerk
154.2318 Will Kent 1794 11 April of Ursula Citler of Dover
154.2319 Administration Surrey 1893 11 April of the estate of Elizabeth S.J.Gray of 42, Chipley Street, New Cross
154.2320 Will Kent 1758 9 February of Jonathan Furlonger, Shopkeeper of St Paul's Cray
154.2321 Probate Middlesex 1897 26 July of the Will of James Grant, 54, Darville Road,Stoke Newington
154.2322 Probate Surrey 1886 1st July of the Will of Jane Godfree formerly of Aylesbury and lately of Ivy Cottage, London Road, Ewell
154.2323 Will Dorset 1830 29 April of Richard Fudge, Butcher of Dorchester
154.2324 Account Dorset 1854 9 February re Mary Fudge deceased
154.2325 Probate Middlesex 1835 25 March of the Will of William Jackson of Connaught Square
155.2326 Bond Kent 1816 6 July William Collins, Bricklayer of Canterbury (1) Henry Haycock, Victualler of Canterbury (2)
155.2327 Probate Derbyshire 1874 12 May of the Willof Edmund Simmonds of Staveley
155.2328 Agreement Kent 1775 Henry Pepper (1) Walter Whitfield and Others (2) re lands etc. at Deal and Walmer
155.2329 Abstract Kent 1780 of the title of Valentine May of Deal and the sale of land at Deal to William Austen and Thomas Adams
155.2330 Lease Kent 1786 2 January Lady Mary Hales of Howletts, Bekesbourne (1) Daniel Rainier (2) re land etc. at Sandwich
155.2331 Lease Middlesex 1876 23 March Amhurst T. Amhurst (1) John Parker (2) re house etc. in Kenninghall Road, Hackney
155.2332 Lease Middlesex 1878 26 September Amhurst T.Amhurst (1) Thomas Tidderman (2) re 52 Kenninghall Road, Hackney
155.2333 Lease Middlesex 1878 9 July Amhurst T. Amhurst (1) Wiliam Wallis (2) re 56 Kenninghall Road, Hackney
155.2334 Lease Kent 1912 30 March The Misses Ellen R. and Fanny J. Long (1) S.E.Coalfield Extension Ltd (2) re land etc. at Woodnesborough
155.2335 Will Cheshire 1865 29 September of George H. Cockburn of Congleton
155.2336 Pleadings Middlesex 1817-1875 Pleadings, Orders, Affidavits etc in Chancery action re the Will of Samuel Oliver deceased between Long (aka Sugden) and Eleanor Buddle and Others
155.2337 Assignment Kent 1811 31 December Edmund Fowle (1) Thomas Wood (2) re premises at St Mary's Sandwich
155.2338 Assignment Kent 1841 5 February Joseph Knocker (1) William Tindall (2) re house etc. in Bulwark Street, Dover
155.2339 Lease Yorkshire 1833 29 March Luke Plummer of Thormanley (1) Thomas Bull of Thirsk re houses in Finkle Street, Thirsk
155.2340 Mortgage Kent 1865 20 May Edward West (1) Richard Harrisson (2) re properties in St Mary's Sandwich
155.2341 Release Hampshire 1755 20 November Thomas C. James and Another (1) John Cave(2) John Lacy (3) re land known as Woolpitts, Hartley Witney
156.2342 Release Kent 1786 16 May Daniel Rainier and Others (1) David Taylor (2) re houses, land etc. in St Peter's Sandwich
156.2343 Conveyance Kent 1796 6 January David Taylor (1) William Horton (2) re houses etc. in St Peter's Sandwich
156.2344 Conveyance Kent 1837 23 August Mary Marlow (1) Thomas Adkins (2) re house etc. in Austins Lane, Sandwich
156.2345 Conveyance Kent 1869 7 August Executors of Thomas A. Steed deceased (1) Sarah A. Fowle (2) re house etc. in Austins Lane, Sandwich
156.2346 Release Kent 1832 10 February James White & Another (1)Wiliam Harris (2) re houses etc. at Woodnesborough and Staple
156.2347 Appointment Kent 1829 10 April James White & Another (1) William Harris (2) re houses etc. at Woodnesborough and Staple
156.2348 Agreement Kent 1824 16 April William Harris (1) James White & Another (2) re a mortgage for 7 years
156.2349 Agreement Kent 1829 10 October William Harris (1) James White & Another (2) re a mortgage fpr six and a half years
57.984 Agreement London 1878, 7 Aug. The Clothworkers Company and John Grover of building land in London
57.985 Inland Revenue London 1883. Re death of Sir John Carnue
57.986 Appointment Surrey 1920, 27 Oct. Mr and Mrs Brind's settlement trust
57000 Lease London 1898, 23 May. The Misses Pigott and Mr N Randeff of 9-17 Amoy Place and 3-8 Rugg Street in St Anns, Limehouse
58.987 Surrender Middx 1922, 7 Sep. J Colclough Esq to Mrs S Rogers of 24 and 25 Priory St., Camden Town
58.988 Surrender London 1920, 28 May. Lease of William Heddy to Grand Junction Canal Company
58.989 Security London 1871, 6 Mar. James Selby of Walworth Rd. Surrey to The Equitable Reversionary Interest Society as to a release of equity of remdemption
58.990 Recovery Unknown 1674. John Phillips - Demandent; John Terry - Tenant; Edmund Gybbon - Vouchee.
58.992 Conveyance Kent 1926, 23 Dec. Kent Coal Concessions Ltd to Elvington Tenants Limited of land and premises in Eythorne
58.993 Mortgage London 1896, 22 Jun. George Dibbs to The London and Midland Bank of premises in Gold St., Stepney
58.994 Inland Revenue Somerset 1847. Re Robert Phelps deceased and his estate in Crekerne, etc Somerset
58.995 Indenture London 1819. Part of deed - re Arlington Street, Mornington Crescent, Isaac Bryant the younger
59.1000 Lease London 1862, 19 Oct. Messrs Rutter and Thomapson to Richard Cooper of premises at 1 Park Place, Camden Town
59.1001 Release Essex 1758, 3 Sep. Fleetwood to Godsalve of land in Much Baddow, Essex
59.1002 Letter London 1903. From M A Cabb estate agent etc to R J Dickins Esq 155 Old Kent Road
59.1003 Lease London 1863, 13 Mar. Miss Jessopp and Mr A Cox about premises at Child's Hill, Hendon
59.1004 Letter Surrey 1854. Re Duppa's Hill, Croydon and covenants
59.1005 Assignment London 1871, 13 Oct. Sarah Ridsdale Sparks to James Kendall of The Rolls estate 5-9 Trothy Road
59.1006 List of properties London 1850, 6 Nov. Properties in various streets in London including Russell Place
59.1007 Account Hants 1861. Instruction for lease from George Hunt of land on Sholing Common re John Hopson Forbes Esq
59.1008 Abstract Leics 1629. Title of John Perkins to a cottage in Whetsone, Leics
59.1009 Account Unknown 1824. Recoveries by the execs of Mr Astley deceasedre Dukinfield and Newton estates
59.1010 Will, probate of Hereford 1797. Will of Ralph Cope Hopton of Bishops Froom, Hereford was proved
59.1011 Inventory Kent 1864, 17 Oct. Inventory of Mount Pleasant Farm in Rolvenden and Bendenden, Kent
59.1012 Will, copy of Glos 1782. Will of D'Avenant Hankins of Tewkesbury, Glos
59.1013 Writ London 1718, 27 May. Concerning free passage and ancient lights at Bermondsey [paper note only]. Bartholomew Clarke, plaintiff, James Atkinson, Clerk of works
59.1014 Assignment Surrey 1877. Hills to Coles of The White Hart, Kennington rd., Surrey
59.1015 Assignment London 1819. Edmund Levick to Mr F France of 315 Kennington Rd., Londonj
59.1016 Letter London 1891. From C Young of 12 Grafton Sq., Clapham re 436 Wandsworth Road
59.1017 License Middx 1883, 14 Dec. C R Studwell to Lady Jane Taylor re premises 91 Elizabeth St., Eaton sq., Middx
59.1018 Charity Commission Kent 1901. In the matter of Alexander Weller, Rolvenden, Kent
59.1019 Letter Sussex Date unclear. To A Fraser xxxxxx Brighton
59.1020 Letter London 1910. From Equity and Law Life to Richard Tweedie 5 Lincolns Inn Fields, London WC
59.1021 Death certificate Sussex 1908.l Frederick William Brind of Hastings
59.1022 Death certificate Surrey 1900. John Henry Cancellor of Normandy
59.1023 Covenant Kent 1918, 29 May. Mrs O Bellamy to Capt G H Hunt MD RAMC TF in respect of "Sandfield", Bickley, Kent
59.1024 List of documents Unknown 1878 circa. Relating to marriage settlement of Mr and Mrs A Grant
59.1025 Letter London? 1904. From Phobe Long re 16 Great Prescott Street and its lease
59.1026 Burial Glos 1736. Burial details of John and Elizabeth Humphreys of Tewksebury
59.1027 Letter Somerset 1881. To Revd Stroud from Sparks & Blake re tithe rent
59.1028 Letter of Attorny St Chrstopher Is 1821. As to the will of Lucas Gawey late of Island of St Christophers
59.1030 Manorial Essex 1707. Admission of William Smith to the manor of Widdington, Essex
59.1031 Notice London 1860, 6 Sep. Recites an indenture between John Calverley of Bury Terr, Paddington and William Collins of Birmingham of ground in Paddington
59.1032 Release London 1870, 28 Oct. William Holford of 2 Percy Wharf, Scotland Yard, Middx to Richard Deacon re a bottle company
59.1033 Memorandum Middx 1854, 23 Feb. Alexander Hall Esq and James Jordan as to lease of 16 Alexandra St., Paddington
59.996 Letter London 1886. Wolfe to John White of 3 Alpha Road, London NW
59.997 Record London 1815 circa. In the matter of Lushington [a] bankrupt - visiting record [?]
59.998 Receipt London 1682, 16 Aug. Mr Chapmans receipt for £800 to Mrs Austen of Lincolns Inn
59.999 Memorandum London 1857, 18 Jan. Alexander Hall Hall Esq and James Jordan the elder of 2 Sunderland Place, Paddington
60.1034 Lease Middx 1861, 8 Nov. John Laurie to Miss Eliza Hall of 2 Hyde Park Place, Oxford St., Middx
60.1035 Lease Middx 1889, 2 Oct. Edwin King and others to Messrs George Aston and others of premises in the Eagle Wharf Rd., Hoxton, Middx
60.1036 Manorial Essex 1881, 5 Apr. Admission of Griffiths Smith Esq to the manor of Widdington, Essex
60.1037 Lease Middx 1797, 20 Oct. Mary Lazenby of Queen St., of Brompton to John Johnson of Westminster of 4 messuages in Westminster
60.1038 Lease Wilts 1781, 16 Jul. George Adams and John Bristow (1) Oliver Carter of Wotton Bassett
60.1039 Queens Bench London 1844, 6 Jul. Thomas Smith v James Smith Savory
60.1040 Bond London 1819, 17 Apr. William Pearson of Tooting to William Pearson of Homerton
60.1041 Release of trust Sy, Lond, Heres 1825, 27 Apr. between Joseph Jeffries of Kermington, Surrey and Samuel Roberts of London and Robert Felton of Hereford in the estate of Thomas Langhorn
60.1042 Manorial Essex 1834. Admission of James Franklin to the manor of Lindsell Hall, Essex
60.1043 License London 1843, 22 Apr. Revd Thomas Randolph of St Pauls, London to David Clark of a house in St Pancras
60.1044 Lease Cornwall 1751, 27 Jun. Thomas Lane to Samuel Hayward of premises at Lamozzonde, Cornwall
60.1045 Mortgage Yorks 1889, 9 Nov. Messrs B Riley and others to Messrs George Shillite and Arthur Firth of 'the upper' amd 'lower Pule' estates at Northowram, Halifax
60.1046 Mortgage London 1757, 14 May. Mr Hoggins of Kentish Town to Mr Lloyd of St James Westminster
60.1047 Assignment Glos 1751, Jun. William Bagholt de la Boze Esq by the direction of Thomas Lane and Samuel Hayward to Benjamin Saunders of a messuage in Churchdown, Glos
60.1048 Conveyance Yorks 1756, 3 Jul. Gamble spinster of York by direction of Mitchel to Stovin of a messuage in Doncaster
60.1049 Copartnership London 1778, 18 Dec. Between Messrs Addison, Frimbey, Howard and Bell of London
60.1050 Lease London 1817, 30 Oct. David Clark, Henry Haycraft and Mary his wife to Harry Hitchcock of 15 messuages in St Pancras, London
60.1051 Conveyance Derbys 1760, 20 Dec. Mr Gallimore, Mr Manley and Mr Owtrem to Isaac Nodder of an estate in Dronfield
60.1052 Lease London 1795, 17 Oct. Messrs Pilkington to Charles Hayes of a messuage in Providence Court, Peter St., London
61.1053 Lease Glos 1764, 14 Dec. Between Mrs Ann Jones of Gloucester and Samuel Hayward of arable land in Twigworth, Glos
61.1054 Settlement Lancs 1912. George Hudson and wife of Liverpool and Frances Maynes and James Flanagan of same place trustees of mortgage
61.1055 Mortgage Derbys 1765, 15 Apr. Isaac Nodder of Handsworth Woodhouse, Yorks and Peter Nightingale of Lea, Derbys of a messuage at Dronfield, Derbys
61.1056 Mortgage Yorks 1878, 14 Sep. Arthur Riley and George Shillito to Joseph Collins of Halifax of Upper Pule in Northowram, Halifax
61.1057 Abstract Essex ? 1699 to 1817. Title to an estate at Battle Bridge xxxxxxxx
61.1058 Mortgage Cornwall 1772. John Spottigne and John French to James Mackadams of a messuage at Warboton, Cornwall
61.1059 Recovery Derbys 1747, 26 Mar. Mary Bush of Dronfield etc (1) Thomas Fretwell of maltby, York (2) William Heron of London (3) of a messuage at Dronfield
61.1060 Will, probate of Middx 1810. Will of Joseph Clark of Whitechapel, Middx
61.1061 Certificate London 1823. John Wright Potter late of Worksop now of Grays Inn, :ondon is qualified to be admitted as a solicitor
61.1062 Grant Derbys 1826, 20 Mar. John Butcher to Benjamin Rooth of roads and passages at Market Place in Chesterfield
61.1063 Conveyance Cornwall 1762, 27 Jul. Franceis Kirkham Esq and wife and others to Philip Welsh in Week St Mary, Cornwall
61.1064 Lease Sussex 1789. Duke and others devisees of Joseph Enton to William Shadwell of a messuage in Hastings
61.1065 Lease Glos 1751, 8 May. Slingsby Bethell Esq to Samuel Hayward Esq of a messuage at Ashworth, Glos
61.1066 Lease Glos 1728, 18 Sep. William Saunders to Samuel Mee of many messuages with locations in Twigworth, Glos
61.1067 Indenture London 1862, 1 Dec. Eliza Hall of Upper Norwood, Surrey and John Ballad and Thomas Bowman copartners of 26 Edward St, Middx
62.1068 Mortgage London 1769. Mr Pritchet to Edmund Byron of a messuage in Percy St., St Pancras
62.1069 Conveyance Yorks 1871, 16 Sep. Mrs Jane Hoyle and others to the Revd Richard Horsfull of an estate called Neal - Blackshawhead or Bullion in Stansfield, Halifax
62.1070 Burial Board Essex 1874. Right of burial to Philip Tyler at Little Ilford, Essex
62.1071 Foot of fine Essex ? 1769. Final agreement between Thomas Archer, plaintiff and John Stock and his wife and James xxxx, deforciants of 2 messuages and 50 acres of land at Harfield regis otherwise harfield Broadoak Margaret Roothing and xxxx Roothing [Essex?]
62.1072 Assignment London 1895, 11 Apr. John Yarde to John Warburton of London
62.1073 Lease Surrey 1776, 22 Dec. George Butler of Christchurch, Surrey to Richard Lewis of same place of livery stables in same place
62.1074 Mortgage Dorset 1870, 30 Nov. The Misses Sidebottom and Thomas Farley to Joseph Singleton of land at Weymouth
62.1075 Indenture Carms 1720, 17 Jan. Elizabeth Vaughan of Carmathen and others to William Jones and John Davies of same county of a messuage in same county
62.1076 Manorial Cornwall 1785. Manor of Otterham and Failey and Tythes
62.1077 Lease London 1763, 6 Jun. Mrs Fleetwood and others to Robert Clarke of 6 messuages in Percy St., Westminster
62.1078 Release Somerset 1763, 17 Jun. Marriott Arbuthnot Esq to Edward Scadding of a messuage in Tintinhul, Somerset
62.1079 Conveyance Leics 1787, 28 Mar. Mr Wright to Mr Nethercoate of a messuage at Lubenham, Leicester
63.1080 Mortgage Leics 1785, 21 Jun. Mr Postlethwaite to Susannah Lummins of a messuage at Lubenham, Leicester
63.1081 Mortgage Cheshire 1845, 19 Jul. Jabez Dunsford and another to Fenwick Building Society of premises at Henderton, Cheshire
63.1082 Will, probate of Lancs 1871. John Edwardson of Widnes, Lancs
63.1083 Letter Hants ? 1843, circa. From E H Wood of Osmington re Revd Bray
63.1084 Lease London 1853, 9 Sep. A C Bourne Esq to Mr A G Button of a lease on premises 37 Skinner Street
63.1085 Indenture Somerset 1730, 25 Mar. Deborah Ateine of Sutton Crothern, Somerset to Humphrey Lewis of Compton Paucefoot, Somerset of land in same place
63.1086 Lease Herts 1784, 11 Oct. Alexander Cottin Esq to Mr Barwick Esq of a messuage in Hertford
63.1087 Lease Herts 1782, 17 Dec. Revd Mr Coppin to Alexander Cottin Esq of messuages in Plumstead, Herts
63.1088 Mortgage Yorks 1877, 16 Mar. Mr and Mrs George Rothery to Yorkshire Penny Bank of premises at Northorwram, Halifax
63.1089 Conveyance Yorks 1889, 8 Nov. Messrs Arthur Firth and others to Messrs Benjamnin Riley and others of premises known as The Upper and Lower Pule Estates at Northowram, Halifax
63.1090 Release Surrey 1773, 23 Jan. Morgan Rice esq to John Rogers of 2 acres of land in Tooting, Surrey
63.1091 Mortgage Wilts 1739, 20 Apr. Read and others to Read of presmises in Purton, Wilts
63.1092 Covenant Norfolk 1790, 5 Feb. James Pell and James Cole re the Sheriffalty of Norfolk
64.1093 Bond Hants 1762. Robert Danger of Farlington, Hants to Mrs Temple of Portsea, Hants
64.1094 Receipt Unknown 1759 circa. Given to William Ayling by Sarah Chapman
64.1095 Account Unknown 1784. Mr Thomas Carr to R Fenton
64.1096 Bond Sussex 1800 circa. James Knight of Stedham, Sussex to Edmund Sadler
64.1097 Bond Surrey 1830. Richard Gates of Marshall Vale, Bramley, Surrey to James Hack of Chichester
64.1098 Letter Warks 1860. John Calverley of Bury Terr., Paddington and William Collins and Alfred Stanbury of Birmingham - recitation of indenture
64.1099 Certificate London 1931. Death of William Torreno at Chelsea
64.1100 Bond North'land 1800. Robert Bell of Hexham to Revd Stoughton Clarke
64.1101 Bond Oxon 1806. Hannah Haynes of Oxford to James Purbwich
64.1102 Bond Dorset 1761. Benjamin King of Poole to John Jones
64.1103 Bond York 1815. Vincent Smith of Wath upon Dearne to John Roberts of Hogber
64.1104 Power of Attorney Hants 1803, 28 Oct. Mrs Susanna Sharrock to William Vinn to receive possession of the site of the manor of East Meon
64.1105 Bill Unknown 1772. Mr John Tuke's purchase of Mr George Wilson
64.1106 Power of Attorney Hants 1789. Robert Sharrock of Gateley Norfolk to Joseph Cyles and Joseph Terrill of East Meon, Hants
64.1107 Manorial Surrey 1757. Admission of Sarah Blundell to the manor of Fetcham
64.1108 Further charge Kent 1894. Mrs M Hernham of Margate to John Yarde of London
64.1109 Mortgage London 1900. Mr E J Newling to New Cross Building Society
64.1110 Lease Kent 1883, 4 Apr. John Chappell to George Taylor of 114 High St., Lewisham
64.1111 Settlement Kent 1789, 11 Jul. Made previous to the marriage of Mr George Ware Junior of Erith, Kent with Miss Sarah Browning
64.1112 Legacy release London 1812, 20 Oct. John Bell Cole to Joseph Bell Esq both of London
64.1113 Indenture Kent 1846. Stephen Cook to James Webster a surgeon of Ramsgate
64.1114 Charity Commission Surrey 1888. Re Henry Smith of Croydon
64.1115 Memo, of trustee Unknown 1876. From C E Dawson about R W Busby in lieu of F Green deceased
64.1116 Power of Attorney East Indies 1877. William Mathew a captain in 81st Regt of Foot in the East Indies to George Wadham
65.1117 Oath London 1873. Greenway Robins of Basinghall St., London
65.1118 Notice London 1950. Colville Esate - breach of covenant
65.1119 Inland Revenue Unknown 1873. Re Frances Agnes Percival a widow deceased
65.1120 Indenture London 1853. Between James Jones William Smith Abbott and William Abbott of land in Devonshire Place, London
65.1121 Letter Unknown 1889. Marion Beckford to Robert Newton and Alexander Tweedie Esq re will of late John Bramston Stane
65.1122 Memo IOW 1891. Re James Byers Thomas, Braemar, Sandown IOW
65.1123 Letter London 1926. Re 3 Hasborough St., Paddington
65.1124 Covenant Kent 1885. Re 128 Lee Rd., Deptford, Kent
65.1125 Lease Kent 1894, 30 Oct. Emma Keliher to Mrs Mary Strickland of 112-116 Lewisham High Road, Kent
65.1126 Appointment Surrey 1938, 2 Jul. Margaret St John of Hadworth, Bournemouth, Winstan St John and Edward St John of Sevenoaks re Pembroke House, Redhill, Surrey
65.1127 Grant of Arms Staffs 1687. Request by William Landor of Rugeley for Crest and Arms
65.1128 Manorial Suffolk 1738, 13 Apr. Admission of Elizabeth Anderson to the manor of Southolmham, Suffolk
65.1129 Assignment Kent 1774, 6 Jan. William Selby Esq and wife to Mr Thompson re a messuage and Cranbrook
65.1130 Lease Kent 1769, 20 Sep. John Jones and Margaret his wife to John Meadows of St John, Westminster of the manor of Charlton, Kent
65.1131 Declaration London 1909, 10 May. Daniel Tideys mortgages and declaration of Philip Collins Esq
65.1132 Insurance policy London 1836. On Horatio Kimble of Mincing Lane, London
65.1133 Memorandum London No Date. Copartnership in Snibston Colliery Company
65.1134 Mortgage Kent 1877. Richard Southwell to the Globe Building Society re premises in Arabin Road, Lewisham, Kent
65.1135 Gift Jersey 1883. Elizabeth Wintour of 101 Rouge Boullion, St Helier
65.1136 Release London 1659, Feb. Forster to Walker re 7 houses in Gloucester Court
66.1137 Letter London 1877. From xxxx 3 Mitre Court, Temple London to Mr E Standen
66.1138 Bond Yorks 1805, 10 Dec. Richard Holson to John Smelton of Richmond
66.1139 Assignment Kent 1893, 17 Jun. Albert Newbury to Mrs M J Stickland of premises at 114 Lewisham High Road
66.1140 Declaration Dorset 1891, 18 Apr. By Charles Gould re Newlands Farm, Wootton Glanville, Dorset
66.1141 Letter Cambridge 1849. From Fred Randell to Elliott Smith Esq about Dr Cusswell's title to Brick Ground in Barnwell and death of Charlotte widow of Thomas Seymour
66.1142 Letter Kent 1882. from Mary Ann Backe ? of Ramsgate
66.1143 Affidavit London 1855. By William Elliott Le Blanc of Tudor Street, London
66.1144 Letter London 1860. William Tegg of of Queen St., Cheapside to J Farr of 38 Bedford Row
66.1145 Power of attorney Sussex 1903, 17 Nov. Sir Walter Barttelot bart. of Pulborough to W A St Aubyn Angove Esq
66.1146 Search note Sussex 1830. From Clerk to Lewes Register re James Saunders of Lodsworth
66.1147 Letter Unknown 1779, 23 Sep. Received £418 by Stephen Alcock of John Bennett
66.1148 Letter Surrey 1892. from Beachcroft Thompson & Co re manor of Horley
66.1149 Power of attorney Essex 1798, 20 Oct. George Henry Evington Esq to Thomas Williams of premises at Grays, Essex
66.1150 Letter London 1878. From John Taplin of 8 Blomfield Road, Maida Hill
66.1151 Burials Suffolk 1823. From parish of Lodsworth, Suffolk
66.1152 Baptism and marriage Sussex 1784. From parish of Farnworth, Sussex
66.1153 Bond London 1859, 30 Dec. William Tegg of Queen St. to Mrs Mary Marshall
66.1154 Indenture Lincs 1684, 11 Oct. george and Anthony Lucas of Fenton, Lincs to Mathew Alvey of Newark, Notts of a messuage at Claypotts, Lincs
66.1155 Inland Revenue 1859. Estate of William Marshall of Hoxton
66.1156 Request Unknown 1859, 16 Feb. By Mrs Palmer and her children of her marriage settlement
66.1157 Marriage settlement Cheshire 1734, 20 Apr. Between Richard Vernon of Willaston, Cheshire and hannah Wilkinson
66.1158 Bond Essex 1773. Richard Ward of Walden, Essex to Mr Impey
66.1159 Indenture Sussex&Kent 1800s. xxxxx of Chichester and Thomas Castle of Hythe/Folkestone, Kent [damaged]
66.1160 Bond Middx 1869. Mr Edwin Bonner of Tredegar sq., Middxto William Pemberton Barnes
66.1161 Inland Revenue Unknown No date. Death of Edward Stanton
66.1162 Inland Revenue Middx 1864. Death of Jane Weld of 75 Victoria Street, Middx
66.1163 Inland Revenue Middx 1898. Death of Georgiana Yorke of Ellesmere, Twickenham Park, Middx
66.1164 Bond Lancs 1744. Mr Shilton of Liverpool to Thomas Tylston of Chester
66.1165 Bond Oxon 1712. Edeard Salter of University of Oxon to John Hill and John King
66.1166 Request London 1880. Mrs E M Carroll of Forest Hill to Mrs Strickland
66.1167 Letter London 1888. John Hunter of 40 Gloucester Crescent to Messr Oldham and Chatburn of Chancery Lane
67.1168 Land charges London 1945. Re 31 Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London
67.1169 Trustee Surrey 1881. To Charlotte Strickland of Richmond, Surrey
67.1170 Fire policy London 1892. Charles Davies of Faraday House, Charing Cross Road
67.1171 Notice London&Kent 1844. Horatio kemble of Picadilly (1) William Leonard of Potters Bar (2) James Cruickshank of Bexley, Kent and others (3) re assignment of policy
67.1172 Surcharge Glos 1805. Mr J Sendamore to Joseph Lloyd both of Glos
67.1173 Burial Berks 1829. From register of St Mary's Chapel of Walcot, Berks
67.1174 Bond Sussex 1831. James Knight of Stedham, Sussex to Priscilla Knight
67.1175 Bond Cardigan 1818. John Hughesof Llwunglas, Cardigan to Evan Hughes of same county
67.1176 Bond Oxon 1740. Vaughan Griffiths of Corpus Christie Colleg, Oxon to John Edwards
67.1177 Bond, draft of Middx 1769. Thomas Pagler of Middx to John Theobald
67.1178 Bond Cheshire 1776. John Bennett of Chester to Edward Burrowes of same place
67.1179 Bargain and sale Norfolk 1706, 8 May. John keable of Bewles, Suffolk (1) William Howard of Mutford, Suffolk (2) Thomas Rivett of Ellingham, Norfolk of a messuage in Stockton, Norfolk
67.1180 Legacy release Sussex 1772, 7 Jul. Mrs Anne Ayling to William Ayling of Stedham, Sussex
67.1181 Recovery Kent 1772. Richard Curteis Gent against George Jemmett of 1 messuage and lands in Woodchurch, Kennarton, and Ebony
67.1182 Bill Hereford 1888. J farley Esq to Henry Gosling, Leominster
67.1183 Bond Surrey 1830. Richard Gates of Bramley, Surrey to George Bax Holmes of Horsham
68.1184 Lease Kent 1892, 25 Jul. Mrs Ellen Wright to Mrs Ellen Jane Cooper and Mr Josiah Mitchell re lease on 22 High St., Deptford, Kent
68.1185 Conveyance Kent 1904, 3 Nov. Execs of William Buckwell, deceased to John Chappell of premises 20 High Street, Deptford, London
68.1186 Lease Kent 1894, 30 Oct. Mrs Emma Keliher to Mary Strickland of land in rear of 112-116 Lewisham High Road, Kent
68.1187 Conveyance Kent 1904, 28 Sep. Execs of will of W Buckwell deceased to Mr J Mitchell of 22 High Street, Deptford, London
68.1188 Release Leics ? 1686. Nathaniel Palmer to Henry Hubbord of premises at Lubenham, Leics ?
68.1189 Appointment Kent 1919, 17 Jul. Of trustees of the settlement made on the marriage of Henry Oldham Soutter of Edenbridge, Kent and Louisa Sutton
68.1190 Inland Revenue Essex 1872. Re Henry Ray of Walden Hall, Saffron Walden, Essex
68.1191 Redemption certificate Surrey 1921, 4 Nov. Tithes at Horley Surrey
68.1192 Will, copy of Kent 1702, 1 Oct. Will of Thomas Thompson of Petham, Kent
68.1193 Will, probate of Northants 1762, 31 Mar. Will of Thomas Flesher the elder of Dunent, Greens Norton, Northampton
68.1194 Recovery Norfolk 1829. White, Demandant; Turner, Tenant; Sandley , Vouchee - Norfolk
68.1195 Indemnity release London&Surrey 1846. Miss J Carroll of Catford to Mrs Strickland of Richmond
68.1196 Release Kent 1790, 25 March. Messrs Fuggle and others to Thomas Adams of premises in Cranbrook
68.1197 Lease Kent 1719. Col Marsh to Thomas Wanstall of Womenswold Farm, Kent
68.1198 Lease Kent 1883, 4 Apr. John Chappell to George Taylor of lease on 114 Lewisham High Road, Lewisham, Kent
68.1199 Release Kent 1745, 25 Jul. John Cooke of Cranbrook to John Ridsdale of Ripon, Yorks of messuages etc in Cranbrook
68.1200 Petition Kent 1751. By John Marsh of Nethersole, Kent of the manor of Nethersole
69.1201 Lease Kent 1790. Re Womenswold Farm [Kent] [damaged]
69.1202 Receipt London 1668. Received of Mrs Elizabeth Rogers her rent for ground in St Gyles in the Fields she purchased of Edmund gregory [paper note]
69.1203 Payment slips London 1804 circa. Messrs Forster Lubbocks Forster & Clarke
69.1204 Fire Insurance London 1953. Messrs James Beards, Sons and Sparkes, London WC2
69.1205 Letter London 1899. From Charles martin to Maurice Braunstein Esq., 27 Great George Street, London
69.1206 Bill Hereford 1899. Gosling to Carey & Son, Gloucester
69.1207 Plan Essex 1892. Farm near Armigers Farm on road to Thaxted
69.1208 Power of attorney Norfolk&Hants 1820. Susannah Sharrock of Gateley, Norfolk to John Kersley of East Meon
69.1209 Lease Derbys 1740, 18 Aug. Mr Jackson of Addle, York to Robert Milner of Alfriston, Derbys of a messuage in same place
69.1210 Deed of trust Kent 1653. Thomas Plumer of Tenterden John Skeetes of same place of lands in same place
69.1211 Recovery Kent 1772. Curteis, Demandent; Jemmett, Tenant; Munn, Vouchee in parishes in and around Woodchurch, Kent
69.1212 Foot of fine Yorks 1829. Final agreement between Henry Whitehead, Plaintiff and James Shaw and Ann his wife, deforciants of 3 messuages and 22 acres of land at Saddleworth
69.1213 Bargain and sale London 1699, 5 Sep. "William Claybrooke of Hammersmith and Edmund Powell of Fulham of land in same place
69.1214 House plan Unknown 1872. Alterations to 79 Alexandra Road, Frederick Killow
69.1215 Lease Middx 1911, 8 Sep. Between John Coombs of Albion Lodge, Cheltenham and Louisa Coombs of 37 Oxford Terrace, Paddington and Archibold Amos of 107 Cheywynd Road, Highgate re 22 South Wharf Road, Paddington
69.1216 Settlement Hereford 1609, 27 Jan. Names: Morrys, Johannes; Morris, Thomas; Roberts, Elizabeth. Marriage settlement. Place: Bridstowe, Hereford
69.1217 Declaration Middx 1836. By Frederick Warner of New Square, Leicester Inn, Middx
70.1218 Receipt Unknown 1734. received by Sarah Stace of John Promfret, John Gilbert, John Burbidg, Robert Haffenden, Walter Lodge
70.1219 Account Yorks 1783. Mr John Tuke of Wath to Benjamin Stringer
70.1220 Memorandum of charge London 1863, 7 May. Re E T Bainbridge to Puget & Co; St Pauls Churchyard
70.1221 Inventory Unknown 1831. Of effects abd debts of the firm of Michael sweetman
70.1222 Recovery Berks ? 1736. Green, Esq., Demandant; Warde, gent, Tenant; Green & Garlick, Vouchees re a messuage and land in the chapelry of Bradfield
70.1223 Feoffment London 1482. Thomas Blyton and Stephen Lordale
70.1224 Indenture Somerset 1720. Francis Atkinsand Elizabeth Ruddock
70.1225 Feofmnet Somerset 29 Sept 1659. Evans to Churchey
70.1226 Indenture Warwickshire 1731. Ricahrd Batman and William Charles Holden
70.1227 Various Essex 1833. Brook William Bridges Bart
70.1223 Bond Unknown 1660 1st March Cook to Johnson
156.2350 Surrender Kent 1825 12 March Messrs Emmerson, Hodgson and Emmerson (1) James White & Another (2) of a mortgage term re estates at Eastry and Woodnesborough
157.2351 Appointment Kent 1824 11 September James White & Another (1) Emmerson Hodgson & Emmerson (2) re properties at Eastry, Staple and Woodnesborough
157.2352 Mortgage Kent 1823 2 August James White & Another (1) Captain John Reynolds & Others(2) to secure £6000 and interest
157.2353 Lease Kent 1816 1st January James Dowker of Stourmouth & Another (1) Joseph R. White & Another (2) re land at Stourmouth
157.2354 Release Kent 1816 2 January James Dowker & Another (1) Joseph R.White & Another (2) re land at Stourmouth
157.2355 Mortgage Kent 1816 19 February Josiah R. White (1) Misses Susannah and Hester Kennett (2) re land etc. at Stourmouth
157.2356 Lease Kent 1814 29 April Hannah Yeomans (1) Josiah R. White (2) re land at Stourmouth
157.2357 Bargain & Sale Kent 1823 29 July Captain J. Reynolds & Others (1) Jane Wyborn (2) re land at Eastry
157.2358 Conveyance Kent 1814 6 January William W. Bradley (1) William Curling & Another (2) re premises etc. at Sandwich
157.2359 Release Kent 1786 3 January Lady Mary Hales (1) Daniel Rainier (2) re house etc. at Sandwich
157.2360 Lease Kent 1836 22 December Thomas and Henry Curling (1) John W. Hope & Another (2) re land etc. at Sandwich
158.2361 Conveyance Kent 1836 23 December Thomas & Henry Curling (1) John W. Hope & Others (2) re land etc. at Sandwich
158.2362 Release Kent 1807 26 May Daniel Rainier & Another (1) William W. Bradley (2) re land etc. at St Mary's Sandwich
158.2363 Lease Kent 1807 25 May Daniel Rainier & Another (1) William W. Bradley (2) re land at St Mary's Sandwich
158.2364 Appointment Kent 1808 5 April William W. Bradley (1) Thomas Godfrey & Thomas Curling (2) re land etc. at St Mary's Sandwich
158.2365 Assignment Kent 1810 19 May William Twyman (1) Robert Goodwin & Another (2) Jesse White (3) re land etc. at Blean
158.2366 Lease Glamorgan 1862 13 June John M. Ellery (1) Thomas Packer (2) re shop etc at 93, Oxford Street, Swansea
158.2367 Lease Middlesex 1876 28 February Reuben Button (1) Reuben Button junior (2) re house etc. in Ravensdale Road, Stamford Hill
158.2368 Agreement Staffordshire 1782 22 January Samuel Ward (1) Hugh Sherratt (2) re Frith Bottom, Leek
158.2369 Indenture Kent 1809 6 November John & Elizabeth Garrett (1) Thomas Garrett (2) re Weddington Farm Ash next Sandwich
158.2370 Lease Kent 1790 6/7 August John Garrett (1) Thomas Garrett (2) re Nether Court Farm, Thanet
158.2371 Mortgage Kent 1886 7 December Henry Wood (1) East Kent & Sandwich Perm. B.S. (2) re shops, land etc. in High Street & Marine Drive, Margate
159.2372 Mortgage Kent 1886 7 December Reverend Emile C. Auquier (1) East Kent & Sandwich Per. Ben.BS (2) re land in Dane Park Road, Margate
159.2373 Mortgage Kent 1867 4 November Sampson Ellender (1) East Kent & Sandwich Perm. Ben. BS (2) re houses in the Cattle Market, St Peter's, Sandwich
159.2374 Assignment Kent 1809 6 November Anne Gale (1) John Garrett (2) Thomas Garrett (3) re land at Weddington Farm, Ash next Sandwich
159.2375 Will Kent 1779 26 April of John Garrett of Ramsgate
159.2376 Assignment Kent 1898 6 June Henry B. Bradley (1) Richard & Gertrude Birch (2) re 225, Dover Road, Folkestone
159.2377 Conveyance Kent 1886 30 November Alfred R. Pile (1) Revd Emile C. D'Auquier (2) re plot 325, Dane Park Estate. St Lawrence, Thanet
159.2378 Mortgage Kent 1869 30 October Leonard Woodward (1) East Kent & Sandwich Perm. Ben. BS (2) re fruit plantation, Minster, Thanet
159.2379 Conveyance Kent 1809 22/23 February Thomas Fox (1) Thomas West (2) Henry H. Whitmarsh (3) re lands etc. at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
159.2380 Lease Kent 1809 22 February Thomas Fox (1) Henry H. Whitmarsh (2) re land etc. at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
159.2381 Deed Kent 1796 22 October James M. Poynter & Another (1) Thomas Fox (2) re lands at Ickham & Wickhambreaux
159.2382 Mortgage Kent 1815 11 October Henry H. Whitmarsh (1) Magdalen Loubert (2) re lands etc. at Ickham
160.2383 Will Kent 1788 15 March (extract) of the Will of Henry Minter the Elder of Ickham
160.2384 Agreement Kent 1775 Thomas Stokes (1) Benjamin Chandler & Others (2) re lands at Little Mongeham,Eythorne, Womenswold, Ickham & Wickhambreaux
160.2385 Conveyance Kent 1809 12/13 May William Minter (1) Henry H. Whitmarsh (2) re lands at Ickham & Wickhambreaux
160.2386 Lease Kent 1840 14 FebruaryThomas Taylor (1) Thomas Starr (2) re an orchard etc. at Stourmouth
160.2387 Appontment Unknown 1878 22 April Thomas & Francis Brace (1) William H. Poyntz(2) Charles N. Longcroft (3) re the Brace Settlement Trust
160.2388 Conveyance Kent 1767 10 October John Marman (1) Thomas Castle (2) re land at Sandwich
160.2389 Mortgage Kent 1745 26 July Samuel Bell of Deal & Another (1) Anne Kirby (2) re land at St Leonard's Deal
160.2390 Conveyance Kent 1824 7 January Sarah& Thomas Powell (1) John May & William White (2) John Mercer (3) re house etc. in Lower Road, Sandwich
160.2391 Lease Kent 1824 6 January Sarah & Thomas Powell (1) John Mercer (2) re house etc. in Lower Road, Sandwich
160.2392 Certificate Unknown 1856 5 March of the Chancery Court in re Golden v Golden
161.2393 Indenture Kent 1803 2 February Allen Bowles (1) John Elgar (2) re lands etc. at Walmer and Great Mongeham
161.2394 Further Charge Kent 1829 10 October James & Mary White (1) William Harris (2) re farms etc. at Woodnesborough & Staple
161.2395 Transfer Kent 1826 22 April Edward S.Curling & Others (1) William White (2) Mary Ann Gibbs (3) Thomas L. Mourilyan (4) re lands at Ash, Staple etc.
161.2396 Lease Kent 1826 21 April Edward S. Curling & Others (1) Thomas L. Mourilyan (2) re lands at Ash, Staple etc.
161.2397 Bond Kent 1826 22 April James White & Another (1) Thomas L. Mourilyan (2)
161,2398 Mortgage Kent 1825 22 March James White & Another (1) William White (2) re lands at Woodnesborough etc.
161.2399 Lease Kent 1825 21 March James White & Another (1) William White (2) re lands at Woodnesborough etc.
161.2400 Bond Kent 1825 22 March James White (1) William White (2)
161.2401 ReConveyance Kent 1825 15 March Captain John Reynolds & Others (1) James White & Another (2) re lands etc. at Woodnesborough & Staple
161.2402 Indenture Kent 1722 1st August Elizaqbeth Coxon & Others (1)Thomas Holden & Others (2) re lands at Ickham, Wickhambreaux etc.
161.2403 Will Kent 1756 17 January of Nathaniel Marsh of Boughton under Blean
161.2404 Conveyance Kent 1782 28 December Thomas Peek & Others (1) Elizabeth and Thomasin A. Peek (2) re lands at Deal, Ickham and Wickhambreaux
162.2405 Will Kent 1773 19 January (extract) of Elizabeth Renton of Deal
162.2406 Lease Kent 1782 27 December Thomas Peek and Others (1) Elizabeth & Thomasin A. Peek (2) re lands etc at Deal, Ickham etc.
162.2407 Will Kent 1753 8 January of Olive Marsh of Boughton uner Blean
162.2408 Will Kent 1729 1st December of Thomasina Renton of Deal
162.2409 Settlement Kent 1748 9/10 March of Mrs Olive Terry on her marriage to Nathaniel Marsh of Boughton under Blean
162.2410 Plans Kent undated of lands for auction in Preston & Stourmouth
162.2411 Conveyance Kent 1840 14/15 February Thomas Taylor (1) Thomas Starr (2) re land at Stourmouth
162.2412 Release Kent 1821 10 May Charles Culmer (1) Thomas Taylor (2) re land at Stourmouth
162.2413 Lease Kent 1821 9 May Charles Culmer (1) Thomas Taylor (2) re land at Stourmouth
162.2414 Conveyance Kent 1893 27 March Elizabeth C. Boteler (1) Captain William J.C. Boteler (2) re lands at Eastry and Ham
162.2415 Probate Kent 1846 30 April of the will of William F. Boteler of Eastry
162.2416 Indenture Kent 1854 31 July William Boteler (1) Richard Boteler (2) Charlotte G. Boteler (3) Mary Boteler (4) and others re estate of William Boteler deceased
162.2417 Partition Kent 1854 31 July of the lands at Eastry and Ham amongst the legatees of William Boteler deceased
163.2418 Manorial Kent 1837 25 June Ella G. Shaw (1) Frank O. Baird (2) re extinguishment of manorial incidents
163.2419 Abstract Kent 1880 of the title of the EK and Sandwich Perm, Ben. BS to houses etc in Alexandra Road, St Larence, Thanet
163.2420 Conveyance Kent 1914 27 May Berry E. Churchill (1) William H. Berrycloth (2) re premises in Bethesda Street, Ramsgate
163.2421 Contract Kent 1950 23 February Pers. Reps of Mrs M.J. Bicker deceased (1) Mr & Mrs George W. Batterbee re 107, Boundary Road, Ramsgate
163.2422 Conveyance Kent 1914 1st August William R. Harisson (1) Clara Impett (2) re 29, Brunswick Street, Ramsgate
163.2423 Contract Kent 1951 13 September Wilfred N. Cladinbowl(1) Daisy M. Shelton (2) re 80 Church Road Ramsgate
163.2424 Conveyance Kent 1951 Wilkfred N. Cladingbowl (1) Daisy M. Shelton (2) re 80 Church Road Ramsgate
163.2425 Coinveyance Kent 1956 23 February Mr & Mrs George E. Mason (1) Cyril F. Mitchell (2) re "Alberta", Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate
163.2426 Lease Kent 1934 Agnes K. Newby (1) Ada E. Scott (2) re 126, Crescent Road, Ramsgate
163.2427 Contract Kent 1929 10 June James F. Keen (1) Edith E. Alder (2) re 56, Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate
163,2428 Agreement Kent 1919.15 March Robert Stacey (1) John W. ap Thomas (2) re Hotel St Cloud, Ramsgate
163.2429 Conveyance Kent 1947 20 October Pers.Reps of Alfred G. Lacey deceased (1) Harold Durban (2) re 37, Manston Road, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2430 Agreement Kent 1950 Mr & Mrs John S. Ashworth (1) Mrs Johnson (2) re 288 Margate Road, Ramsgate
163.2431 Conveyance Kent 1951 31 July Mr & Mrs Samuel B. Basted (1) Harold Thomas (2) re 188, Newington Road, Ramsgate
163.2432 Conveyance Kent 1947 25 November Walter B. Hawkins (1) George F. Allwright & Another (2) re 218, Newington Road, Ramsgate
163.2433 Conveyance Kent 1944 28 December Misses Louisa E.& Winifred D. Foad (1) Eric R.S.Watts & Another (2) John T. Hill (3) re 5, Paragon Cottages, Ramsgate
163.2434 Conveyance Kent 1945 8 March Florence A. Archibald (1) Pearson & Dorman Long Ltd (2) re "Rosecroft" Pegwell Road, Ramsgate
163.2435 Agreement Kent 1948 10 March Pearson & Dorman Long Ltd (1) Sidney J. Fuller (2) re tenancy of "Rosecroft", Pegwell Road, Ramsgate
163.2436 Conveyance Kent 1930 26 May Ramsgate, Cinque Ports & Co. Perm Ben. BS(1) Olive M. Hight (2) re "Desri" Saxon Road, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2437 Contract Kent 1950 3 March Olive M. Hight (1) Ellen E.Hoye (2) re Derri, Saxon Road, Ramsgate
163.2438 Conveyance Kent 1944 1st November Isabel Haswell(1)Phoebe J.Finigan (2) re 43 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate
163.2439 Abstract Kent 1942 0f the title of Walter W.Woodruff deceased re 43 Vale Road, Ramsgate
163.2440 Lease Kent 1906.20 March Barzillai Sackett (1) Francis Austen & Ernest H. Hogben(2) re an orchard etc at Northwood, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2441 Agreement Kent 1927 1st September Ernest W. May (1) Dominick Marrogh & Robert Swan (2) re land at Northwood, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2442 Agreement Kent 1930 14 October Alfred C. Goldfinch (1) Edward E. Stagg (2) re land at Northwood, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2443 Conveyance Kent 1930.10 November Trustees of Alfred D. Styles deceased (1) Alfred C. Goldfinch (2) re land at St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2444 Agreement Kent 1929 23 December Alfred C. Goldfinch (1) Robert W. Goldsmith & Another (2) re land at Northwood, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2445 Conveyance Kent 1930 18 January Alfred C. Goldfinch (1) Robert W.Goldsmith & Another (2) re land at Northwood, St Lawrence, Thanet
163.2446 Abstract Kent 1935 of the title of the Public Trustee to land in Picton Road, Ramsgate
163.2447 Conveyance Kent 1935 15 March Public Trustee (1) William T. Forwood (2) re land in Picton Road, Ramsgate
163.2448 Agreement Kent 1947 April James G.S. Gallie and William A.C.Scott (1) John Pybus (2) re appointment of Pybus as an assistant veterinary surgeon
163.2449 Assignment Kent 1911 14 November Mary L. Bowen (1) Agnes A. Belcher (2) of the business if Holmewood School, Ramsgate
163.2450 Conveyance Kent 1944 13 September Peggy Robins (1) James G.E.Gallie (2) re 31 Approach Road, Margate
163.2451 Conveyance Kent 1951 22 October John W. Parker (1) Ernest Turner (2) re 107, Victoria Avenue, Margate
163.2452 Conveyance Kent 1946 10 April Charles B. Hughes (1)Frank Weight (2) re "Wesclifred", Ramsgate Road, Margate
163.2453 Conveyance Kent 1936 3 November Ann E. Hales (1) Samuel I. King (2) re 19 Dane Road, Margate
163.2454 Abstract Kent 1895 10 October of a General Deed of Covenant re estates at St. John's Margate
164.2455 Conveyance Kent 1922 16 DecemberCharles W. Stanley (1) Arthur H. Sackett (2) re 29, Rancorn Road, Margate
164.2456 Abstract Kent 1926 of the title of Arthur H. Sackett deceased to land etc. in Westbrook Avenue, Margate
164.2457 Will Kent 1926 14 July of Alice Maud Champion of Sarre
164.2458 Will Kent 1919 17 December of Martha Coleman of 29 Picton Road, Ramsgate
164.2459 Will Kent 1920 26 March of Emma M.Gardener of 12, Sussex Avenue, Margate
164.2460 Will Kent 1925 18 June of Ann E. Hales of Minster in Thanet
164.2461 Will Kent 1920 of Charles Harnett of 19, Southwood Road, Ramsgate
164.2462 Will Kent 1924 18 december of Cyril D. Harrisson of 40, Prices Avenue, Margate
164.2463 Will Kent 1919 of Isabella Haswell of 'Richborough', South Eastern Road, Ramsgate
164.2464 Will Kent 1920 22 April of Gertrude M. Pritchard of Herne Bay
164.2465 Will Kent 1919 7 April of Rosa E. Quested of 29 Approach Road, Margate
164.2466 Will Kent 1919 of Eric G. Quested of Deal
164.2467 Codicil Kent 1917 27 April to will of Barzillai Sackett of East Northdown Farm, Margate
164.2468 Will Kent 1916 4 February of Barzillai Sackett of East Northdown Farm, Margate
164.2469 Will Kent 1919 24 May of Harriet Studham of 30, Victoria Avenue, Margate
164.2470 Will Kent 1920 30 June of George Wiseman of 1, Park Villas, Birchington
164.2471 Agreement Kent 1876 23 March Charles Baker (1) S. Duckering (2) re letting of Hollicondane House, St Lawrence, Thanet
164.2472 Abstract Kent 1934 of the title of Ann E. Hales to properties in Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate
164.2473 Declaration Kent 1885 4 July of John Maynard of Rusthall re the Becher family of Tunbridge Wells
164.2474 Certificate Kent 1943 24 February Herne Bay UDC (1) Leslie N. Watts (2) re grave space BB 172 in Herne Bay Cemetery
164.2475 Declaration Gloucestershire 1939 23 March of Trust re Chesterton House, Cirencester
164.2476 Agreement Staffordshire 1937 2 August for tenancy of Willoughbridge Farm, Pipe Gate to the North Staffordshire Polo Club
164.2477 Appointment Kent 1908 5 May of the Trustees of Elizabeth Doorne deceased
164.2478 Release Kent 1936 4 August re Will Trusts of Elizabeth Doorne deceased
164.2479 Documents Kent Various re the Doorne Will Trusts
165.2480 Correspondence Kent 1946 R.A.Rackham (1) James H. Wiltshire (2) re Ayton Road Garage, Ramsgate
165.2481 Probate Kent 1912 25 March of the will of William Doorne of Monkton
165.2482 Abstract Kent 1884 of the East Kent & Sandwich Perm.Ben. BS to Hollicondane Farm, St Lawrence, Thanet
165.2483 Mortgage Kent 1884 10 October Reverend Emile C. D'auquier (1) East Kent & Sandwich Perm. Ben. BS (2) re land and premises at St Lawrence, Thanet
165.2484 Agreement Kent 1884 East Kent & Sandwich Perm. Ben. BS (1) Revd Emile C. D'auquier (2) re land etc. at St Lawrence, Thanet
165.2485 Conveyance Kent 1884 9 March East Kent & Sandwich Perm. Ben. BS (1) Revd Emile C. D'auquier (2) re land etc at St Larence, Thanet
165.2486 Appointment Kent 1905 30 September of new Trustees of the will of George Collett of Monkton, deceased
165.2487 Indemnity Kent 1938 4 May by General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corpn to Trustees of George Collett deceased
165.2488 Case Papers Kent 1946 re Leslie J. Hurley and Harold D. Rose in Kings Bench Division 1946 H.No 365
166.2489 Conveyance Kent 1901 17 April William S.W.Astbury & Another (1) H. Middleton Rogers (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2490 Mortgage Kent 1901 28 June H. Middleton Rogers (1) Alfred H. Beeching (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2491 Lease Kent 1901 9 July H. Middleton Rogers (1) Algernon J. Wontner (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2492 Assignment Kent 1919 2 June Algernon J. Wontner (1) Henry G. Glover (20 re Heathgate House, Tunbridge wells
166.2493 Abstract Kent 1927 of the title of Florence A. Fairfax to Heathgate House, Tunbridge wells
166.2494 Conveyance Kent 1927 22 December Florence A. Fairfax (1) Ada G. Craig (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2495 Memorandum Kent 1928 24 March of the disposal of the title deeds re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells by John F. Shaw to Lloyds Bank Ltd
166.2496 Conveyance Kent 1933 1st June John E. Shaw & Another (1) Ella G. Shaw (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge wells
166.2497 Policy Kent 1950 9 January of Union Assurance Society Ltd to Miss B. Rowcliffe & Another re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2498 Conveyance Kent 1950 23 February Emanuel J. Judah & Another (1) Barbara F. Rowcliffe (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2499 Abstract Kent 1957 of the title of Barbara F. Rowcliffe to Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2500 Conveyance Kent 1957 1st November Barbara F. Rowcliffe (1) Nina Murphy (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2501 Legal Charge Kent 1959 2 March Frederick W. Crundwell (1) Charmian M. Ralston & Others (2) re Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2502 Conveyance Kent 1963 1st August Frederick W. Crundwell (1) John H. Cooper (2) re Heathgate (now Heathdene) House, Tunbridge Wells
166.2503 Correspondence Kent 1946 re the sale by Samuel H. Hilditch to John H. Taylor of 3, Second Avenue, Cliftonville
167.2504 Documents Kent 1925/6 re proceedings in the Probate Division as to the presumption of death of Athur H. Sackett.
168.2505 Acknowledgemt Kent 1914 26 May Vicent A. Sackett (1) Barzillai Sackett (2) re Woodchurch Farm, Acol, Thanet
168.2506 Policy Kent 1902 28 April of Commercial Union for Arthur Chapman re 7, Ceceil Terrace,Church Path, Deal
168.2507 Particulars Kent 1932 February of the sale by auction of Walton Cottage, Eastry
168.2508 Contract Kent 1946 William J. Smith (1) Monica F.F. Boldero (2) re 6, Douglas Road, Herne Bay
168.2509 Contract Kent 1948 10 March Pers. Reps. Of Ernest F. Ingram deceased (1) Ernest G. Elgar (2) re "Myobb", Hunters Forstal, Herne
168.2510 Conveyance Kent 1948 1st April Pers. Reps. Of Ernest F. Ingram deceased (1) Ernest G. Elgar (2) re "Myobb", Hunters Forstal, Herne
168.2511 Conveyance Kent 1944 10 November Pers. Reps of Robert Tooley deceased (1) James Wells (2) re "St Francis", Western Avenue, Herne Bay
168.2512 Conveyance Kent 1909 15 November William Vinten (1) John E. Nichols & Others (2) re land at Beltinge
168.2513 Agreement Kent 1914 30 May Henry E. Dering & Another (1) William Fagg & Another (2) re tenancy etc. of farm and woodland at Marley Wood, Kingston
168.2514 Conveyance Kent 1939 31 March Frederick J. Fagg (1) Donald Mandrell (2) re land etc. at Kingston
168.2515 Conveyance Kent 1902 11 October ThomasS. Rowe & Another (1)Sidney Setterfield (2) re 5 cottages at Minster, Thanet
168.2516 Contract Kent 1858 29 July Fanny E. Jones (1) William & Louisa Osborne (2) re 11, Prospect Road, Minster, Thanet
168.2517 Contract Kent 1928 23 September at sale by auction of "Goldstone", Minster by Ruth Barwick
168.2518 Contract Kent 1946 Pers. Reps. Of Anne E. Hales deceased (1) Freddy T. Lilliott (2) re land at Minster
168.2519 Abstract Kent 1946 of the title of the Pers. Reps. Of William Mascall deceased to land at Minster
168.2520 Conveyance Kent 1914 30 May Ann E. Hales (1) James J. Attwell & Others (2) re land etc. at Monkton
168.2521 Lease Kent 1905 Louisa A.Head & Another (1) Henry Castle (2) re Santon Farm etc. at Preston, Wingham, Elmstone & Stourmouth
168.2522 Abstract Kent 1913 of the title of Marion Wraith to land at Preston
168.2523 Particulars Kent 1960 April of Flint House, South Road, Kingsdown and Rucks Cottage, Dover Road, Ringwould for sale by auction
168.2524 Mortgage Kent 1933 12 April Walter Hewitt (1) Ramsgate Cinque Ports & County Perm. Ben. BS(2) re land at Stourmouth
168.2525 Legal Charge Kent 1936 3 November Walter Hewitt (1) Isle of Thanet BS (2) re land at Stourmouth
168.2526 Conveyance Kent 1934 10 July Ernest L.P.Quested (1) Arthur Read (2) re St Mildred's Lodge, Westgate
168.2527 Conveyance Kent 1930 15 January Walter E. Field (1) Henry Golfinch (2) re 33, Harbour Place, Whitstable
168.2528 Conveyance Kent 1947 23 October George Knowles (1) Basil G. Cox (2) re The Haven, Wheatley Road, Whitstable
168.2529 Certificate Kent 1877 28 June of Redemption of Land Tax by Thomas Dorman of Sandwich re land at Woodnesborough
168.2530 Assent Kent 1905 23 March by Robert Sloley as Exor of Ann Chandler deceased re land at Woodnesborough
168.2531 Conveyance Kent 1905 19 April Trustees of Thomas Dorman deceased (1) Ellen R. & Fanny J. Long (2) re marshland at Woodnesborough
169.2532 Agreement Kent 1912 19 March Ellen R. & Fanny J. Long (1) Charles R. Wood (2) re tenancy of Polders Marshes, Woodnesborough
169.2533 Conveyance Kent 1916 21 July Exors of Ellen R. Long deceased (1) Fanny J. Long (2) re half share in Polders Marshes, Woodnesborough
169.2534 Abstract Kent 1918 of the title of Fanny J. Long to Polders Marshes, Woodnesborough
169.2535 Conveyance Kent 1920 17 December Official Trustee of Charity Lands (1)Arthur J. Caspell (2) re land at Worth & Sholden
169.2536 Conveyance Kent 1920 18 December OfficialTrustee of Charity Lands (1) John Head (2) re land etc. at Worth & Sholden
169.2537 Conveyance Kent 1920 23 December Trustees of the Hospital of St Bartholomew (1) William A.H. Hughes (2) re land at Worth
169.2538 Abstract Kent 1851 of the title of the mortgagees of Lawrence H. Wood to a cottage, land etc. at Ash
169.2539 Abstract Kent 1827 March of the title of Robert Goodwin to lands at St Cosmus and St Damian, Blean
169.2540 Mortgage Kent 1827 6 April William Lancefield & Another (1) Thomas Sutton (2) re lands etc. at St Cosmas and St Damian Blean
169.2541 Bond Kent 1827 6 April William Lancefield (1) Thomas Sutton (2)
169.2542 Case Kent 1841 May for the Opinion of Counsel re the Will of Solomon Warden of Preston next Wingham
169.2543 Lease Kent 1896 12 March Frederick Flint (1)Daniel Drayson (2) re Hardacre Farm Preston next Wingham
169.2544 Conveyance Kent 1898 25 August Mary E. Mount & Another (1) Daniel J. Poole (2) re house and land at Stourmouth
169.2545 Will Kent 1895 4 March of Rosa D. Butler of Eastry
169.2546 Abstract Kent 1808 of the title of William Cantis to Goodmans Farm Blean
169.2547 Mortgage Kent 1816 6 July William Collens (1) Henry Haycock (2) re lands at Blean
169.2548 Abstract Kent Date Unknown of the title of William Harris deceased re a house etc in Fisher Street Sandwich
170.2549 Abstract Kent 1851 of the title of William Harris deceased to a house and premises in Sandwich
170.2550 Abstract Kent 1851 of the title of William Harris deceased to a cottage etc. in Fisher Street Sandwich
170.2551 Abstract Kent 1852 of the title to land in Fisher Street Sandwich to be sold to John C. Drayson
170.2552 Abstract Kent Undated of the title of William Harris deceased to a garden in High Street Sandwich
170.2553 Schedule Kent 1874 of the title deeds re a property at Blean
170.2554 Abstract Kent 1875 of the title of Charles and Ann Tunbridge to cottages and land at St Cosmas & St Damian Blean to be sold to Thomas Glover
170.2555 Release Kent 1827 17 March Peter Chandler & Others (1)Susan Chandler (2) re houses and land near Cooper Street Ash
170 2556 Lease Kent 1827 16 March Peter Chandler & Others (1) Susan Chandler (2) re houises and land near Cooper Street Ash
170.2557 Grant Kent 1851 4 February John Saffery (1) Elizabeth Saffery (2) re land etc. at Sheerwater, Ash
170.2558 Order Kent 1852 6 November in Chancery to vest legal estate in properties in Fisher Street and High Street Sandwich in Re Teall v Godwin
171.2559 Conveyance Kent 1869 21 June Harriet Phillips (1) John Teall (2) re properties in St Clement Sandwich and Woodnesborough
171.2560 Indenture Kent 1723 10 January Sarah Bing & Thomas Jenkinson (1) Thomas Sladden (2) re land etc. at Ash next Sandwich
171.2561 Lease Kent 1807 3 July John Slaughter (1) Edmund Fowle (2) re land etc. in St Mary the Virgin Sandwich
171.2562 Mortgage Kent 1813 20 October George Powell (1) Thomas Baker (2) Jennings Rutter and Affra Knight (3) re land etc. at St Mary the Virgin Sandwich
171.2563 ReConveyance Yorkshire 1824 17 February Jane Burnett & Isaac Wrigglesworth (1) William Wrigglesworth & Luke Plummer (2) Charles B. Walker (3) re lands etc. at Thirsk
171.2564 Release Kent 1836 17 August John & Ann Port (1) William Harris (2) re land etc at Woodnesborough
171.2565 Release Kent 1842 11 October John Port (1) William Harris (2) re cottage etc. at Woodnesborough
171.2566 Assignment Kent 1849 11 October Executix of Joseph Knocker deceased (1) Charles B. Gillman (2) re house etc. in Bulwark Street, Dover
171.2567 Conveyance Kent 1855 31 October Devisees of Mrs Elizabeth A. Teall deceased (1) william Cobus (2) re house etc. at Woodnesborough
171.2568 Conveyance Kent 1861 6 July Thomas Pearson (1) Frederick R. Pain (2) re a coal wharf, quay etc. at Sandwich
171.2569 Mortgage Kent 1861 8 July Frederick R. Pain (1) Thomas Pearson (2) re a coal wharf, quay etc. at Sandwich
171.2570 Declaration Yorkshire 1892 3 June of Hannah Kendell of Snydale re the title of the Earl of Westmorland
171.2571 Conveyance Kent 1792 10 October Joohn Petley (1) Peter Chandler (2) re houses etc. in Ash
171.2572 Lease Kent 1792 11 October Peter Chandler (1) James Bartfield (2) re a house etc. in Ash
171.2573 Conveyance Kent 1792 12 October Peter Chandler (1) James Bartfield (2) re a house Ash
172 2574 Probate kent 1882 8 September of the will of Charles Hunt of Sandwich
172.2575 Lease Kent 1764 9 August Edward Stonor (1) John Warman (2) hose, slaughterhouse etc. at the Butchery. Sandwich.
172.2576 Release Kent 1782 10 december John Petley (1) Thomas Belsey (2) re a house, shop etc. at the Butchery, Sandwich
172.2577 Probate Kent 1797 28 October of the will of Thomas Belsey ofSandwich
172.2578 Lease Kent 1800 3 March John Belsey (1) Andrew Amer (2) re a shop, slaughterhouse etc. at the Butchery, Sandwich
172.2579 Conveyance Kent 1800 4 March John Belsey (1) Andrew Amer (2) re shop etc. at the Butchery, Sandwich
172.2580 Conveyance Kent 1803 22 June Andrew Amer (1)John Carter (2) re a house, shop etc. at the Butchery, Sandwich
172.2581 Lease Kent 1747 29 September John & Anna Bradford (1) Henry Woodruff (2) re house Harnet Street Sandwich
172.2582 Release Kent 1747 30 September John & Anna Bradford (1) Henry Woodruff (2) re house Harnet Street, Sandwich
172.2583 Lease Kent 1775 4 September Henry Woodruff (1) Andrew Amer (2) re house etc. in Harnet Steet, Sandwich
172.2584 Release Kent 1775 5 September Henry Woodruff (1) Andrew Amer (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street, Sandwich
172.2585 Probate Kent 1786 1st September of the will of Andrew Amer, Butcher of Sandwich
172.2586 Conveyance Kent 1807 24 November Ann Amer (1) Andrew Amer (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street, Sandwich
172.2587 Lease Kent 1812 15 September Elizabeth Amer (1) John Wilkinson (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street, Sandwich
172 2588 Release Kent 1812 16 September Elkizabeth Amer (1) John Wilkinson (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street, Sandwich
173.2589 Abstract Kent 1837 of the title to land etc. in parish of St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich
173.2590 Lease Kent 1837 10 July John M. Hope and Thomas Harrisson (1) William Collard (2) re land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2591 Release Kent 1837 11 July John M. Hope & Thomas Harrisson (1) William Collard (2) re land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2592 Appointment Kent 1840 14 August William Collard (1) Simon N. Bunton (2) Henry Baker (3) re land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2593 Abstract Kent 1861 of the title to land in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2594 Conveyance Kent 1861 20 November Trustees of Simon N. Bunton deceased (1) John Browning (2) re land at Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2595 Mortgage Kent 1896 22 February Frederick J. & Louise M. Butler (1) Richard Harrisson (2) re land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2596 Abstract Kent 1897 of the title of Louise M. Butler to land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2597 Conveyance Kent 1897 29 November Louise M. Butler (1) Richard Harrisson (2) re land etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2598 Abstract Kent 1920 of the title of the executors of Richard Harrisson deceased to land in Strand Street, Sandwich
173.2599 Lease Kent 1804 28 September Edward Woodcock (1) John Goodwin & Another (2) re house Harnet Street, Sandwich
173.2600 Release Kent 1804 29 September Edward Woodcock (1) John Goodwin & Another (2) re house etc. in Harnet Street, Sandwich
174.2601 Mortgage Kent 1804 1st October John Goodwin & Another (10 Edward Woodcock (2) re house Harnet Street, Sandwich
174.2602 Mortgage Kent 1808 5 November John Goodwin & Another (1) Edward Woodcock (2) re house over a shop in Harnet Street,Sandwich
174.2603 Assent Kent 1914 15 April Executors of Mary F. Ednett deceased (1) Troward S. Harvey (2) RE 37 Strand Street, Sandwich
174.2604 Declaration Unknown 1872 26 November of Louisa Skinner of Paddington re the Becher family.
174.2605 Declaration Unknown 1872 27 November of Henry M. Becher of Clifton, Somerset re the Becher family
174.2606 Certificate Hampshire 1853 17 June as to the burial of Henry Worsley at Chale on 25 January 1841
174.2607 Abstract Kent 1890 of the declaration of John Maynard of Rusthall dated 4 July 1885 re the Becher family and Heathgate House, Tunbridge Wells
174.2608 Abstract Kent 1887 of the title of Edward West & Another to a boatyard etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
174.2609 Abstract Kent 1890 of the title of Frank McClean to houses and land at Rusthall Common, Tunbridge Wells
174.2610 Conveyance Kent 1870 21 April John S. Clarke (1) Charles A.G. Becher (2) re Chancellor House etc. Tunbridge wells
174.2611 Acknowledgt Kent 1855 22 July Frank McClean (1) Henry M. Rogers (2) as to production of deeds etc.
174.2612 Abstract Kent 1887 of the title of Edward West to houses etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
174.2613 Will Kent 1851 7 June of Mary Tapley of Sandwich
174.2614 Certificate Wiltshire 1853 15 June as to theb urial of William Daw at Cricklade on 15 February 1848
174.2615 Certificate India 1846 26 August of the marriage of Charles G. Becher and Henrietta M. Stedman at Ludhiana, Bengal on 25 August 1846
175.2616 Abstract Kent 1841 of the title of the devisees of Jacob Chandler deceased to a stable etc. in Strand Street, Sandwich
175.2617 Will Kent 1824 3 October of Jacob Chandler of Nonington
175.2618 Abstract Kent 1898 of the title of Mrs S.J.Church and S.J.L.Whyman to land etc. at Ash
175.2619 Abstract Kent 1886 of the title of John Pettman and Another to Downfield, Ash
175.2620 Will Kent 1911 14 August of Mary A. Wicks of Waldershare
175.2621 Mortgage Yorkshire 1890 12 July Sarah M. Breckon (1) Ann Harrison & Others (2) re property in Brunswick Street, Whitby
175.2622 Settlement Yorkshire 1882 8 March on the marriage of the Revd Robson Vennell and Eliza G. Breckon of Whitby
175.2623 Conveyance Yorkshire 1882 8 March of the properyties on trust in the marriage settlement of the Revd Robson Vennell and Eliza G. Breckon
175.2624 Schedule Kent 1918 31 October of the deds and documents sent to Mrs E.J.Fletcher by her solicitors
175.2625 Letters Kent 1911 from Danby Brooks & Co. to Mrs E.J.Fletcher
175.2626 Notice Unknown 1896 6 November of a further charge between Trustees of John Forbes (1) and Elizabeth Southwell (2)
175.2627 Account Unknown 1899 May of Thomsons Brooks & Danby to John Forbes
175.2628 Deed Kent 1794 29 March Peter Chandler (1) Isaac Eastland (2) re exchange of lands at Ash and Birchington
175.2629 Release Kent 1794 27 March Henry & Thomas Eastland (1) Isaac Eastland (2) re land at Birchington
175.2630 Abstract Kent 1828 of the title of Peter Chandler to a house etc. at Preston next Wingham
175.2631 Abstract Kent 1828 of the further title of Peter Chandler to lands etc at Preston next Wingham
175.2632 Lease Kent 1826 13 July Peter Chandler & Others (1) Josiah R. White (2) re house etc. at Preston next Wingham
175.2633 Release Kent 1826 14 July Peter Chandler & Others (1) Josiah R. White (2) re house etc. at Preston next Wingham
175.2634 Release Kent 1781 8 August Thomas Eastland (1) Elizabeth Eastland (2) re land etc at Preston next Wingham
175.2635 Lease Kent 1781 7 August Thomas Eastland (1) Elizabeth Eastland (2) re land etc. at Preston next Wingham
175.2636 Conveyance Kent 1722 26 July Peter Jarvis (1) Thomas Renton (2) re lands at Wickham and Ickham
176.2637 Lease Kent 1722 25 July Peter Jarvis (1) Thomas Renton (2) re lands at Wickham and Ickham
176.2638 Notice Unknown 1896 6 November to Union Assurance Society re a Further Charge John Forbes (1) Elizabeth Southwell (2)
176.2639 Notice Unknown 1897 1st September The Trustees of the Forbes Settlement re assignment John Forbes (1) Elizabeth Southwell (2)
176.2640 Notice Unknown 1897 17 September to Union Assurance Society re an indenture dated 15 September 1897 John Forbes (1) Elizabeth Southwell (2)
176.2641 Notice Unknown 1897 2 October to Union Assurance Society re a Further Charge John Forbes (1) Elizabeth Southwell (2)
176.2642 Notice Unknown 1897 17 September to Trustees of the Forbes Settlement re Indenture dated 15 September 1897 John Forbes (1) ElizabethSouthwell (2)
176.2643 Notice Unknown 1897 2 October to Trustees of the Forbes Settlement re a further charge John Forbes (1) Elizabeth Southwell (2)
176.2644 Notice Unknown 1899 19 May to Union Assurance Society re a Re-Assignment the Executors of Elizabeth Southwell deceased (1) John Forbes (2)
176.2645 Memorandum Unknown 1899 3 June re payment of dividends to John Forbes
176.2646 Discharge Unknown 1899 15 May by Danby & Thornton, Solicitoras re monies paid by John Forbes of Harlesden, Middlesex
176.2647 Will Kent 1907 23 September and 3 codicils of Mrs Eleanor J. Fletcher of Deal
176.2648 Will Middlesex 1879 16 January of James Forbes of Hackney
176.2649 Will Middlesex 1899 27 October of John Forbes of Harlesden
176.2650 Notice Unknown 1915 12 April to the Executors of John Forbes deceased re a mortgage by James F. Fletcher to Eleanor J. Fletcher
176.2651 Will Yorkshire 1885 2 November of Sarah. M. Breckon of Whitby
176.2652 Will Yorkshire 1880 23 December of William Marsden of Whitby
176.2653 Transfer Yorkshire 1896 19 October Ann Harrison & Others (1) Thomas B. Breckon (2) re a house, shop etc in Brunswick Street, Whitby
176.2654 Certificate Kent 1887 17 March of the duty on the estate of Thomas Cobus deceased re house, land etc. at Eastry
176.2655 Will Kent 1886 11 March of Thomas Cobus, farmer of Worth
176.2656 Abstract Kent 1887 of the title of James Cobus to land etc. at Worth
176.2657 Abstract Kent 1851 of the title pf William Wanstall deceased to a house, land etc. at Worth
176.2658 Abstract Kent 1846 of the title of (name unknown) to land at Worth upon a sale to Thomas Acres.
177.2659 Abstract Kent 1860 of the title of Mary A. Nethersole to lands at Eastry and Worth
177.2660 Abstract Kent 1866 of the title of (name unknown) to land at Worth
177.2661 Abstract Kent 1887 of the title of James Cobus to land at Worth
177.2662 Abstract Kent 1844 of the title of Edward Farrier deceased to marsh land at Worth
177.2663 Abstract Kent 1865 of the title of Capt. Thomas D. Stewart to a house etc. in Jail Street, Sandwich
177.2664 Abstract Kent 1858 of the title of Henry Nethersole to a house etc. in St Peter's Street, (formerly Jail Street) Sandwich
177.2665 Codicil Yorkshire 1852 21 February to the will of Joseph Lock of Kippax
177.2666 Schedule Kent 1806 of the title deeds re Solomon K. Farrier (1) and Richard Barton (2)
177.2667 Receipt Kent 1846 December re £1300 paid in to the Accountant General's Office re Joseph Solly deceased
177.2668 Declaration Kent 1846 16 September of Charles Bailey of Worth, bailiff re Joseph Solly deceased
177.2669 Will Kent 1821 22 November of Edward Farrier of Worth
177.2670 Release Kent 1887 1st April of legacies by the Devisees of Thomas Cobus deceased
177.2671 Release Kent 1758 14 September Thomas Hayward (1) Gervas Hayward (2) re the estate of Richard Hayward deceased of Sandwich
177.2672 Release Kent 1736 4 May Elizabeth Fellows and James Fellows (1) Gervas and Richard Hayward (2) re houses, lands Strand Street, Sandwich
177.2673 Administration Kent 1802 15 March re the estate of Daniel Rainier deceased of Sandwich to Peter Rainier
177.2674 Declaration Kent 1837 7 June of Revd John B. Bunce of St Dunstan's re the Rainier Family
178 2675 Will Kent 1835 9 June of William Curling of Sandwich
178.2676 Lease Kent 1736 3 May Ekizabeth and James Fellows (1) Richard and Gervas Hayward (2) re houses, land etc in Strand Street, Sandwich
178.2677 Abstract Kent 1837 of the title of William Curling deceased to land etc. in St Mary's Sandwich
178.2678 Abstract Kent 1860 of the title of Samuel Wraith deceased to land at Ickham
178.2679 Indenture Kent 1796 1st July Thomas Minter (1) William Minter (2) re Dennis Field and Taff Acre, Ickham
178.2680 Summons Kent 1796 William Patterson (1) William and Thomas Minter & Others (2) re Dennis Field and Taff Acre, Ickham
178.2681 Conveyance Kent 1796 1/2 July Thomas Minter & Others (1) William Minter (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickham
178.2682 Indenture Kent 1796 21 October James M. Poynter & Others (1) Thomas Fox (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickham
178.2683 Conveyance Kent 1796 21/22 October James M. Poynter & Others (1) Thomas Fox (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickham
178.2684 Lease Kent 1816 10 October Henry H. Whitmarsh & Another (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land at Ickham
178.2685 Conveyance Kent 1816 10/11 October Henry H. Whitmarsh & Another (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land at Ickham
178.2686 Deed Kent 1774 2 November H Marsh and Others to levy and declare uses of a fine re lands at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
178 2687 Mortgage Kent 1805 23 November Thomas Fox (1) Thomas West (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
178.2688 Lease Kent 1774 1st November Henry Marsh (1) Henry Minter (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
178.2689 Conveyance Kent 1774 1/2 November Henry Marsh (1) Henry Minter (2) re lands at Ickham and Wickhambreaux
179.2690 Assignment Kent 1816 1st October Thomas West (1) Henry H. Whitmarsh & Another (2) re land etc at Ickham
179.2691 Mortgage Kent 1809 25 February Henry H. Whitmarsh & Another (1) Thomas West (2) re land at Ickham
179.2692 Will Kent 1894 2 June of Elizabeth C. Boteler of Eastry
179.2693 Inventory Kent 1898 4 October of Cross Farm, Eastry on the sale by Thomas Medgett to W.J.C. Boteler
179.2694 Receipts Kent 1878 February of Westminster Fire Office to Miss C.G. Boteler re houses etc at Eastry
179.2695 Inventory Kent 1897 10 November of Cross Farm and Poorstart Fram, Eastry on the same by the executors of Pittock deceased to W.J.C. Boteler
179.2696 Accounts Kent Various dates re the estate of Sarah Boteler
179.2697 Conveyance Kent 1851 10 December Anna Hills (1) William Boteler (2) re Little Hay Farm, Eastry
179.2698 Deed Kent 1854 31 July of the partition of lands at Eastry and Ham amongst the children of William F. Boteler deceased
179.2699 Will Essex 1921 9 April of Annie J. de Hochepied Larpent of Stanway
179.2700 Will Kent 1918 4 March of Evelyn, Countess Stanhope
179.2701 Will Hertfordshire 1927 9 May of William D. Hoare of Welwyn
179.2702 Affidavit London 1906 14 December for estate duty purposes re Ellen Palmer deceased of Bayswater
179.2703 Recept Unknown 1868 1st October of Charlotte M.L. Rondeaux for the proceeds of sale of stock sold by the Trustees of the Watson Marriage Settlement
179.2704 Settlement Unknown 1889 16 July Egbert Fox (1) Charles H. Clayton (2) Robert Fox (3) re Elizabeth Meadows
179.2705 Assignment London 1925 1st May Alice Mitchell & Another (1)George J.Keetch (2) re 29, Culford Road, De Beauvoir Town
179.2706 Will Surrey 1927 14 January of Helen M. Bright of Maida Vale
179.2707 Surrender Surrey 1921 21 December John E. Ironman & Another (1) Thomas Terry & Others (2) re 432-436 Wandswoth Road, Clapham
180.2708 Account Unknown 1817/1818 of Robert Hosking to George Bushell
180.2709 Lease Kent 1828 16 June Josiah R. White (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land etc. at Preston next Wingham
180.2710 Conveyance Kent 1828 17 June Josiah R. White (1) Samuel Wraith (2) re land etc. at Preston next Wingham
180.2711 Lease Kent 1773 9 July Thomas Eastland (1) John Eastland (2) re land at Preston
180.2712 Conveyance Kent 1773 30 July Thomas & John Eastland (1) Isaac Eastland (2) re land at Preston
180.2713 Charges Unknown 1897/1899 John Forbes (1) Danby & Thomason, Solicitors
180.2714 Survey Unknown 1797 25 February of pasture owned by Thomas Hope by a Mr Carbrook
180.2715 Agreement Kent 1808 Edward Fowle (1) Peter Rainier & Others (2) re lands etc. at Sandwich
180.2716 Grant Kent 1811 17 October of land in Manor of Ickham to Henry H. Whitmarsh
180.2717 Will Kent 1867 11 September of Charlotte G. Boteler of Eastry
180.2718 Will Kent 1884 3 September of Mary Boteler of Eastry
180.2719 Will Kent 1856 20 November of Sarah Boteler of Eastry
180.2720 Receipt Kent 1885 28 October of Westminster Fire Office to Mrs M. Boteler re house etc. at Eastry
180.2721 Receipts Dorset 1879 September /October re legacies under the will of Frances Arden of Dorchester
180.2722 Account Dorset 1879 26 February for Inland Revenue re Frances Arden deceased of Dorchester
180.2723 Account Unknown 1875 1st July of Inland Revenue re duty payable on death of Louisa Meech on 20 February 1874
180.2724 Bond Lincolnshire 1825 11 October Edward Diggle of Sutton St Edmunds (1) William Bailey of Stamford Boran, Northants
180.2725 Bond Suffolk 1804 4 June Thomas Skoulding of Ipswich (1) Thomas Kent of Ipswich
180.2726 Bond Gloucestershire 1717 September L. Spazzy (1) (name unknown) (2)
180.2727 Receipt Cambridgeshire 1808 16 September of Thomas & Benjamin Clarkson for £125 from John Wing to redeem mortgage on lands at Whittlesey
180.2728 Account Huntingdonshire 1829 of the Stamp Office re duty payable on the estate of William Loveday deceased of Huntingdon
180.2729 Receipt Surrey 1871 7 December of Inland Revenue for duty paid on the estate of Harriet Longford deceased of Croydon
180.2730 Receipt Yorkshire 1865 14 October of Inland Revenue for duty paid on the estate of John Berry deceased. Tanner of Halifax
180.2731 Notices Unknown 1900 re various transactions concerning the estate of Louisa L. Lipscomb deceased
180.2732 Will Northamptonshire 1929 9 August of Gerald E.F. Phelps of Oundle
180.2733 Will London 1924 29 August of Anger Rosen, Estate Agent of 225 Whitechapel Road, Stepney
180.2734 Receipt Middlesex 1841 2 December of Inland Revenue re duty paid on the estate of Sarah Wilks of 1, Great George Street, Westminster
180.2735 Bond Lincolnshire 1793 16 February Samuel Coales, Plumber & Glazier of Holbeach (1) Isabella Frotheringham of Holbeach
180.2736 Bond Cheshire 1759 2 February Thomas Johnson, Glazier of Willaston (1) Thomas Harrison, Mariner of Great Noston
180.2737 Licence London 1902 17 February Charles Hodgkinson (1) George Hunnikin (2) re 116, Edgware Road
180.2738 Schedule Yorkshire 1908 13 October of deeds re estates at Hoohole and Cragg
180.2739 Afidavit Unknown 1771 12 December of Stevens Totten of Spital Square re Robert Young of Grenada. West Indies
180.2740 Affidavit Unknown 1804 3 November of Henry Pocock of Staple Inn as to due execution of a deed by John Roebuck, George Glenny and Alex. Donaldson
180.2741 Affidavit Unknown 1804 28 September