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Thursday 16th May 2019

IHGS is proud to be a sponsor of the AGRA Conference. We are sponsoring the pre-dinner reception so the Conference is assured of getting off to a good start! The Conference will be held on 27th and 2th8 September 2019 in Pembroke College, Oxford University. The conference dinner will be held on Friday 27th September in the medieval College Hall; Nick Barlay will be the after-dinner speaker. Nick has written four novels, including Scattered Ghosts, which tells the 200-year story of his Hungarian Jewish family through war, Holocaust and revolution to contemporary Britain. The Conference will keynote speaker will be Janine Ramirez who will give a presentation on “Personalities of the Past”. If you are thinking of registering then July is the month to do so. AGRA has reserved a number of rooms with the College until the 26th July. After that date rooms may be allocated to nonconference guests. 

Registration can be made using the following link: