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IHGS Diamond Competition Entry Framlingham Corn Merchants

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Wednesday 1st September 2021

We are pleased to make available the running up entry from our IHGS Diamond Essay Competition. It will also be published in the December edition of our journal Family History.

Framlingham corn merchants: the farmers' sons that built a business 1821-1939 by Elizabeth Walne  ©Elizabeth Walne, 

Nick Barratt's review:

This was a masterclass in writing the history of a family business across four generations, with social, economic and local history woven into the genealogy research, which provided the reader with a powerful insight into life in Framlingham through the ages. The contextualisation of the story with some of the key political events – the repeal of the Corn Laws, for example – gave the essay depth and credibility. It was very well written, with some lovely turns of phrase throughout. This was a highly accomplished piece of work.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for permiting us to publish her entry.

Please be aware that the essay is copyrighted and all rights reserved ©Elizabeth Walne 2021



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