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Tuesday 29th October 2019

It is easy when tracing your family history to get immeresed in vital records but there ar many other records that can give clues to ancestry tracing and add to the biography of an ancestor. An example is Post Office records which date back to the 17th century. 

The most useful of these for family history are the Pensions and Gratuities records for Post Office employees, which date from 1719 to 1959. Pensions were awarded to Post Office employees when they retired. Marriage gratuities were awarded to female workers when they left the Post Office and gave up work to get married. Death gratuities were also given to the families of postal workers who died while they were working for the Post Office. The information they may provide includes name, rank, date of birth, years of service, positions held, and amount of pension/gratuity awarded. However, records before 1860 generally only list senior officers as not every postal worker was entitled to a pension until 1860.

The Postal Museum (previously titled the British Postal Museum and Archive) holds the records,