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The Christmas Pudding

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Monday 9th December 2019

One of the greatest treasured family record is often a recipe book. Well worn, with anotations made over the years they can document a family through it's favourite foods and making the recipes can connect the past to the present. Refined over the years with the family's own personal tastes and adaptions the traditional Christmas cake or pudding recipe may have originated from a cook book.

Eliza Acton published the first recipe for "Christmas pudding" in 1845. Plum puddings date back to the middle ages but were originally a Christmas porridge called Frumenty which contained wheat or corn which was boiled in milk. Over the years other ingredients were added such as dried fruits, eggs, and meat and it became known as plum pudding.  As meat preservation improved and sugar became cheaper it gradually involved into the version we know today. By the 1830s, the round plum pudding topped with holly was shown on prints and was described by Dickens in the Christmas Carol.