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Two remote volunteering projects with TNA

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Thursday 9th April 2020

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We are currently running a joint collaboration between the National Maritime Museum and The National Archives, with the generous support of the Crew List Index Project team, to recreate the crew lists of Royal Navy ships for the First World War from service records of Officers and Ratings.

The project’s aims are to identify from service records which officers and ratings served in the First World War, their dates and place of birth, their occupation prior to joining the Royal Navy, names and dates of ships, submarines, shore establishment served in during their service, together with their ranks or ratings, what battles they served in, and cause and date of discharge.

The project team is looking for more volunteers to ‘work from home’ to create this online resource to be hosted by the National Maritime Museum.

If you would like to volunteer to help us with this project by transcribing these service records, please get in contact at

Ecclesiastical Census 1851

HO 129/1 Ecclesiastical Census 1851

We are running a project to index the records of the Ecclesiastical Census of 1851 held in record series HO 129.

This survey was run in conjunction with the 1851 census for England and Wales, to gather information on places of worship.

The records are available as digital microfilm and provide details of the religious denomination, date of foundation, and the size of the congregation.

Currently, the records are catalogued only by registration district, and this project will make them searchable by place and by religious denomination, which will be of great benefit to family and local historians.

If you would like to participate, you can sign in and begin transcribing immediately using this link.