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Women's National Memorial in York Minster

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Monday 11th May 2020

The Women's National Memorial in York Minster commemorates women of the British Empire killed in the First World War and is marked by the The Five Sisters Window. The names of the 1,400 women commemorated are inscribed on oak screens on the north side of the St Nicholas’s Chapel. This memorial carries by far the greatest number of names of any in the Minster, including that of Edith Cavell, the British nurse shot by a German firing squad in 1915 for helping 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium, and fourteen Canadian nurses who were drowned when the hospital ship Llandovery Castle was sunk by enemy action in June 1818. The window itself was re-dedicated after the Second World War to include female victims of that conflict too, but the names were not added. [Taken from IHGS newsletter April 2018, subscribe for free below]

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